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Maybe this will happen one day. I am still dreaming.
The plane was about to land. All I could think about for the last five hours was Gina. I kept thinking about what she would be wearing and what she said the last time we met.

Gina is about 15 years younger than I. She worked for me a few years ago when I hired her right out of college. I will never forget her first day in the office. She was wearing an off-white blouse with a short navy blue skirt along with 2 inch heels. Her brown hair glistened and her smile could light up a room. I always felt we had a connection even though I was her boss. She would share stories about her love life along with her friends. Sometimes it was hard listening to the stories, I really wanted it to be me she was talking about, not some new boyfriend.

Gina only worked for me for a couple of years but we stayed in touch. She took a job with the government and got posted to an overseas position for two years in the tropics. We continued to stay in touch and she sent me pictures of her vacations. It seemed she was always wearing shorts and a tight top that showed off her nice boobs. Sometimes the pictures were close-ups and I could see her nipples. I always looked forward to those pictures.

I had just seen Gina a month ago before she was returning to DC to work state side. We had lunch. She was still carefree and excited to be back in the States. I asked her about her dating life overseas and she said it was non-existent. She wasn’t attracted to the local men and the expatriates all dated the local women. She said the story she heard among the women who returned to the States was how fast they all found a boy friend. They said after being without a man for so long, almost any guy looked good. Maybe, I could be good enough.

I remembered her talking about how lonely (horny) she was as the plane landed. It was making me horny just fantasizing about the possibility of me being able to sleep with her. This was my chance. I had a business trip to DC and I was able to leave home early so I first had the weekend with Gina. She was so kind to offer her guest bedroom to me for the weekend. That seemed to make my fantasy more possible.

There she was at the terminal. It was early Friday evening and she was still in her business clothes. It almost seemed like her first day at work. She had on a red silk blouse that was unbuttoned down the front, tantalizingly close to her bra. Her skirt was black and mid-thigh in length. She also had on a pair of fishnet stockings and higher heels than she would normally wear. She looked business like but in a very sexy way. My mouth was getting dry just looking at her.

We hugged for a long time and I told her that she looked good and smelled great. My cock was beginning to stir. I wished that she didn’t notice, but I the same time, I hoped she did.

The ride to her house was uneventful except for two things. She told me that she had a crazy day at the office and her skirt kept riding up as she was driving. I don’t think she knew how much she was driving me crazy.

She showed me around her house and offered me a drink. We chatted a while and then she took her shoes off. I offered to rub her feet which she gladly accepted. I put one foot on my lap and slowly massaged her feet while she sunk lower into the sofa. My cock was now fully erect and just inches from her foot. Again her skirt rode up and I could see the top of her stockings. It was tough talking as I was taking in her smell and looking at her. I am not sure she noticed my growing excitement.

My hands massaged her foot. I spent time massaging each toe, her heel and the ball of her foot. A low moan came from Gina. “That feels nice.” I took that as encouragement as my hands roamed up her leg. Dare, I massage past her knee? Gina’s legs parted farther and her skirt moved up more. She was almost lying down on the sofa but her head was still tilted up looking at me.

I chickened out and started on her other foot. This time she put both of her feet on my lap. The foot I was massaging was in my hands but her other foot was practically touching my cock. I saw a mischievous smile cross her face. Then she said, “I think you need a massage also.” Just then her foot started massaging my cock. A moan left my mouth.

Gina continued to massage my cock as my hands freely roamed up her legs. I was just about ready to explode but first I wanted to make Gina come. I wanted to give her an orgasm that she would remember.

“Let’s go to my bedroom so we can be more comfortable.” Gina then got up and literally pulled me by my cock to her bedroom. We started to kiss standing up. Our hands were roaming over each other’s body. My hands cupped Gina’s tight ass. It felt so good. My cock was touching her tummy.

Her hands slowly unbuttoned my shirt and pants. My underwear already had a pre-cum stain on them. She kneeled down and took my underwear off while kissing my pulsating cock. I wanted to cum so badly but I needed to wait.

Then it was my turn. I slowly unbuttoned her blouse revealing a red and black lace bra. Her nipples were hard and pushing out of the thin material holding them back. I kissed her neck, I nibbled on her ears. Her smell was wonderful. I caressed her tits and released them from her bra. I started to kiss her breasts paying extra attention to her nipples. “Fuck me. Fuck me hard.” “All in good time”, I said.

I pushed her down on the bed. She fell on her back. I literally tore off her skirt and was staring at her black lace panties. I could smell her arousal. I needed her. I wanted her badly. I pulled her damp panties off. I smelled her aroma and licked my lips.

I pulled her legs wide apart. Gina’s pussy was glistening. Her lips were puffy and inviting. I started to kiss her all over now. She kept grabbing for my cock. I kept pulling away. I was kissing her everywhere except where she wanted to be kissed. “Eat me, please!”

I could wait no longer. I started to kiss her pussy. First, I kissed her outer lips, and then I kissed closer and closer to her clitoris. I put a finger in her pussy. She was so wet and she tasted so good. I couldn’t get enough of her. I felt her orgasm building. She pushed my head tightly against her clit. I just kept licking, faster and faster. “That feels so good! I Her legs and hands were holding my head close to her pussy. The moans continued for a few seconds more.

Now, it was time. I turned her around and she got on her hands and knees. My cock plunged into her wet tunnel. My hands had a breast in each hand. I was rolling her erect nipples between my fingers. I was sweating and just trying to enjoy the moment. Gina’s was moaning loudly now. The moment I was fantasizing about for years was about to happen. Gina met each and every one of my thrusts. “Harder! Faster!” I felt my orgasm building. Gina reached around and grabbed my balls tightly. It hurt but it delayed my orgasm. I felt it building again. I pulled all the way out and paused for a second.

Gina turned and looked at me. I smiled, kissed her neck and then pushed completely into Gina. I could feel Gina’s pussy tightly around my cock. It felt wonderful. I looked up and for the first time noticed the mirror. I got a great view of her tits swinging and the look on her face was one of pure pleasure.

Then I came. Gina came a few seconds later. That drove me over the edge even more. We fell into each other’s arms.

I awoke the next morning thinking it was all a dream but then I felt a warm set of lips around my growing cock….

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