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Girl, likes it rough

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every little helps...

"Monday, Wednesday" he said loudly, and looked towards me.
"What?" I said, shocked.
"You where late" he replied, looking bored.
"Yes, sorry about that. You see, so where you..." I said, holding back my laughter.
"I was?!" he questioned, sarcastically.
"That's what happens when you fuck a student, sir" I said, biting the corner of my lip.

His coy smile spread across his face. It was obvious why I fucked him, he was so hot. Just thinking about what we did turned me on all over again.

"Will you be late tomorrow, Kia?" he asked, looking down at some paperwork.
"I don't know sir. Will I?" I asked, smiling.
"You could be early?" he asked.
"Yes.." I replied, thinking. "Yes, I could" I said, leaving him on the edge.

* (A few days earlier...)

My legs crossed underneath the desk, tight. I couldn't get him out of my head no matter how many calculations he instructed, the thought of him just sent my head and in between my legs into a fizz.

"What are you doing?" the guy beside me asked, looking at my legs crossed tightly.
"Nothing" I muttered, what a weirdo.
"Does he get you going?" he asked.

I turned to face him as he pointed to Mr Ryan.

"What?! Eurgh, no" I said, sarcastically.

Every sane girl in this college wanted him, none had had him. Yet.

"Time up!" Mr Ryan shouted.
"Have a good weekend all," he continued.
"Kia, stay behind please?" he asked, looking upwards at me as all the people left.

I collapsed my bag and put it on the desk.

"Yes?" I asked, approaching his desk.
"Is there a problem?" I questioned, looking at the paper he was holding.
"Actually, your exam..." he said, handing it to me.
"...was one mark short of an A," he continued, his hand now holding onto his chin as he leant over the desk.

I took a loud breath, tilting my lips to one side.
"That isn’t good, right?" I asked, handing the paper back.
"I know you could do better..." he said, looking at me.

I sighed. The last thing I needed when I was trying to seduce him was for him to tell me I sucked at his class.

"Next time," he said, waving the paper and nodding.

"Yes" I said, trying to smile.
"Could I..." I said, pulling the chair under the desk at the front forward, to sit against his.
"Oh, it doesn't matter" I said, shaking my head.
"I believe it does" he said, smiling.
"What is wrong, Kia?" he asked, his full attention now on me.

 Do it, do it now Kia!! My thoughts over-loaded.

"Sir," I said, moving closer to him.
"Mathematics" I said, the words coming out in between breaths.
"Is tough for some, yet..." I stopped to think, placing my hand on his thigh and moving it towards his crotch.

"Kia" he said, his hand now watching mine.
"Sir?" I replied, lowering my head and looking up with my eyes.

That’s it I thought. Expulsion sounded cool, I mean I'd get to do things that other college students couldn't. Well, they could do things I couldn't either. Like... work.

I wasn't expecting it when he grabbed my hand and pulled it so I was pushed against him, his lips smacking at speed against mine.

I paused.

"Sorry," he said, beginning to pull away.
"No, No" I said, lurching forward so my legs where pressed against his.
"The door," he said, his eyes watching it as though it was about to do tricks.
"I'll get it," I said fast, running towards it and slamming it closed. Twitching the lock so the bolt banged as it locked.

I stayed where I was, watching him as he watched me.
My hands ran up my body, past my short skirt and reaching the bottom of my vest, curling my fingers underneath it and lifting it up slowly, With every movement his eyes stayed locked.
I kicked my feet backwards, my shoes landing behind me as I walked forward towards him. I was a couple of feet away when I fell to the floor and leaned forward so my face was meeting his now bulging crotch.

I leant my hand forwards, unzipping his trousers. My hand pushed inside too feel the hardness underneath, I looked up at his eyes as I pulled his hard cock out in front of me. I didn't need to be asked before I flicked my tongue over the head, pre-cum already appearing as I licked at it. My mouth surrounding it as I nibbled softly at the curved edges, placing his cock deeper onto my lips and onto my tongue, before pushing him onto my mouth.
I pushed my head lower, so his cock went deeper into my mouth, touching the back of my throat.

"Uhh" he gasped.

I pulled away gently, and whispered to him.

"You have to make me," I said, smiling.

His hand reached forwards and onto my hair rushing it forwards as my lips caved around his cock again, going deeper than before. His moans turning me on even further, I couldn't just let it be, so I moved my other hand towards my own wetness. As my hand touched my panties I felt the wet coming through onto them, my fingers curled under them and onto my bare wet pussy, gagging for every inch of his cock. I touched myself, rubbing my fingers back and forth, vibrating my fingers almost. Soon we where both sharing our moans, about to cum.

"Stop" he said, just before I was about to climax.
"Can I fuck you?" he asked, his face exhausted.

"Please" I said, hinting towards a beg.

His arms wrapped around my shoulders as he pulled me upwards to sit on top of his legs, his cock throbbing and twitching as I sat centimetres close to it.

"How..." he said, pointing to my wet pussy.
"Girl likes it rough" I said, almost laughing.

A smile plastered across his face as he moved my hips towards his, tugging his hips forward I felt my pussy lips get closer to his cock, slowly he moved. I was so wet that it was easy to go inside, he slipped in causing me to moan as he did so. He looked down, as though to check everything was where it was meant to be before pushing his face towards mine. His lips locking onto mine as he grinded his hips at speed, before pumping his frame upwards.

"Deeper" I moaned.

He did as he was told, with each thrust he pushed deeper inside. Moaning escaping both our lips as we kissed hard.
I could feel his throbbing cock slipping in and out of me with every lift he did with my hips. The excitement getting more and more, his face and moans turning me on completely.
His hands slid across my ass as he continued to grind and thrust against me, our moans becoming stronger with every thrust. His hand slipped over my ass cheeks, before going further in between my legs, his finger raised upwards slipping into my wet pussy with his already throbbing cock. Mr Ryan's eyes rolled as his finger went deeper inside, his head thrusting backwards, pulling our kiss with him.
I didn't want it to end, he was too good. Thrusting faster I could tell he was about to cum, my hips being pushed harder down onto him.

"Stop" I said, repeating the words he had earlier.

His eyes stopped, his face lurching forward.

"Are you okay?" he asked, puzzled.

I smiled, lifting myself off him. A slight moan leaving my lips as his cock and finger left me. I turned towards the desk and flicked the papers with my hands off it, leaning down onto it.

"Hmm" he said, I couldn't see him but I could tell he was smiling from his voice.

I pushed my chest down onto the desk, lifting my legs upwards so my knees where balanced on the drawers. My legs spread wide and my ass in the air.

"Oh yeah" he said, walking towards me.

He bent down, his lips crossing my back and his tongue trailing down the base of my back. Softly, his hand wrapped around my hip, the other holding the back of my hair, he moaned softly before moving in towards me.

"Oh fuck" he said quickly, moving away.

Not even touching me I could tell he was about to cum, so I waited in silence. He had stopped moving and was breathing heavily. I waited.

Nothing prepared me for his tongue sliding in between my pussy lips, my moan vibrated through the room.
He went at speed almost too fast, but my body couldn't stop as I pushed back onto him.
Then he stopped, again... I waited.

His stomach rubbed against my ass, his body moving upwards, I gasped. With one last thrust he pushed his cock into me, it was hard, wet, and gagging for pussy. Mr Ryan replaced his hands where they were before, pushing me onto him with every thrust, going deeper each time.

"Tell me" he said, his voice out of breath.

A few more thrusts and my legs began to shake, my head lurching backwards.

"Now" I said, breathlessly.

My moan scraped towards the walls and glass windows, his moan caused vibrations through my body making me cum and orgasm all over again.

His thrusts slowed down, before slowly stopping. Staying still he seemed to get his breath back before pulling out, allowing me to get down off the desk and turn to face him.

"Wow" I whispered, a smile creasing my cheeks.
"Very much, wow" he said, his eyes like space balls.

He looked down at the sheets on the floor, picking them up and examining them.

"Well..." he said, picking up a red pen and popping the lid off by his teeth and crossing out a line on the sheet.

I noticed just then that it was my exam.

"A*" he said, smiling towards me. The pen lid balancing on his lips, in-between his teeth.
"I didn't do that for that" I said, pointing to the desk then the sheet.
"Oh I know you didn't" he said smiling.
"But every little helps..." he said, smiling back as a smile rose on my cheeks.



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