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Giving Myself To You

Giving Myself To You

A story written and performed by Jayne33
I stand completely naked; waiting. I’m waiting to give myself to you.

I feel you come up behind me. You don’t say a word; we don’t need words. Even though we have never met before this moment, you know me so well.

You slip your arms around my waist. Your strong, domineering grip of my body lets me feel your power, but it only makes me feel safe and happy to finally be in your embrace.

Your fingers glide lightly across my pale, white skin, which sends shivers of delight around my body. (Sound of a soft moan)

I know you’d enjoy the struggle, to see my feisty side, but to finally feel the hot touch of your skin against mine renders me powerless.

I am your dirty little slut. I am ready to be used for your pleasure, ready to give my body to you, so you may toy with me as you please.

My body sways when your hand grasps around my slender neck. You squeeze, letting me feel your restraint, teasing me with the delights of what is to come.

Gliding your fingers across my soft lips, they part for you, welcoming you to explore the hot, wet tongue that sucks eagerly at your fingers. (Sounds of sucking and moans)

You trail your wet digits down my naked skin. Lightly coating my nipples; you make them gleam from my own saliva. I lean my head back against your shoulder. Closing my eyes; I release a moan of pure delight. (More moans)

Hearing my delight, the beast stirs. Your grasp on my breast tightens, causing my moans to include the shocked cry of pain. (Sounds of pained moans)

Spurred on, you slap my breasts. (Sounds of slapping and cries) The sting sends tingles of pleasure that radiates around my lust filled system.

I can feel your hard cock pressing into my back through your trousers. We should probably take our time, really explore, but we've waited so long.

With one hand savagely mauling at my breasts, you bite into my neck. My cries are pained, but still with the unmistakable sound of desire. (Sounds of a pained cry) Your other hand cups my smooth, soaked pussy, pulling me harder against your solid dick.

"I have still to look into your eyes. I know when I do, I will be lost forever. I am ready for you. I am ready to give my body to you after waiting so long."

Your fingers push my pussy lips apart. I grab hold of your suit and brace myself, breath held, my legs spread wider for you.

"I want to feel you inside me, for our bodies to become one."

You collect my juice with your finger-tips, carefully transporting my liquid desire; you return your fingers to the lips of my mouth. You coat them with the sweet essence of my lust.

Turning me, our lips meet; our first kiss. Your hand grips my jaw and my pulse beats wildly beneath your fingers. Your tongue glides across my bottom lip. I moan when your grip tightens, the taste of my pleasure fueling your burning need to take me. (Sounds of moans)

I open my eyes. I see my beast for the first time. Looking deep into your eyes; so much is shared with one look.

You push me backwards until I am pressed against the wall. I can see from your expression that you aren't going to make me wait any longer.

I grab your cock through your suit and grasp you tightly, there’s a cheeky grin on my face. You slap my face, whipping that grin clean off, but only for a moment. My pained cries turn to dirty giggles. (Sound of a slap and dirty giggles)

My tongue slowly traces across my lips. I look back at you, challenging you for more.

You unzip your fly and release your cock from the confines of trousers. I see your cock for the first time. My breathing stammers when I see what I have longed and ached for. (Sounds of breathlessness)

You rub your shiny headed dick across my saturated pussy lips. I lean back against the wall, glad of its support. You hoist one of my legs, raising it to support it with one arm.

I am completely open and exposed to you. It feels so right.

Your free hand comes up and your fingers trace across my face. I look deep into your eyes. My body is shaking with the anticipation.

“Please, please!”

You grab hold of my throat. Your grip; a lot tighter than before. You feel my body relax beneath you, submitting myself completely to you. You slide your cock deep inside me.

(Sounds of Pleasure)

The world feels like it has stopped spinning, time stands still. There is nothing apart from the two of us and the feeling of being as one. 

I kiss you. The kiss is filled with all the passion and desire I have.

Matching my force you pull your cock from within me, before slamming it back into my depths.

(Sound of lust filled cries)

Finding your brutal pace and force you fuck me hard; just like you’d always promised. My body finds any way it can to express my pleasure. I scream from the bottom of my lungs.

(Sounds of pleasure)

“I’m going to cum! Say I can cum.”

You grunt your approval through furious thrusts. Your eyes fixed on the face of your dirty little slut. I open my eyes and fix them onto you, as my body shakes and clamps around your cock.

You release your load inside me, filling me with your cum.

(Sounds of her cumming)

“I am yours. I will always be your dirty little slut.”

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