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Going Down the Fire Road

First entry. Based off of imagination.
Going Down on the Fire Road

A few weeks earlier Tom had just gotten his new, to him, Jeep. He was so anxious to take it four wheeling. His girlfriend has been busting on him about how it would be show and no go. But was talking about him or the Jeep?

Finally on a Sunday morning he called Tracy up and told her that today was the day. He was going to be by her place in an hour or so and had her pack a cooler.

Tracy was 23 and had the girl next door looks. She had brown curly, shoulder length hair, brown eyes and a vicious smile. Tracy had a charm all her own. Sharp witted, direct and sarcastic, but under that is a heart of gold.

Tom was 22 and of average stature. Just graduated college with a computer science degree, we was on the nerdy/geeky side. Perhaps he was just insecure.

It was a typical New Jersey summer day, hot and humid. Tom and his brother and taken the top off the Jeep the night before. When Tom showed up at Tracy’s, she was surprised and the day was looking good to go topless, at least riding in the Jeep.

Tom and Tracy had been seeing each other for only few weeks and were introduced by mutual friends. Tom was a little slow as relationships go. Tracy knew this, but knew he was a good guy.

They were cruising down the road, listening to tunes. Tracy sat back, with her sunglasses on, and relaxed. Until Tom found a sandy road and decided it was time for a little adventure. He slowed and down the road he went. Tracy quipped about he really is going for in the Jeep. The road had ruts and bumps and hot was getting hot and dusty. Tracy reached behind her and pulled out a bottle of water for each of them. Just as she was drinking it, Tom hit a big rut which caused her to spill some of the water down the front of her. This caught Tom’s attention.

Tracy looked down and around. She saw him giggling as he joked about her having a drinking problem. So she just decided to take her top off. This was Tracy. There she rode for a short while in just her bright pink bra. Tracy had nice C cups. Tom just looked over at her and just stared. Tracy reminded him to watch the road. She also caught him looking at her. She decided to cool him and poured the rest of her water over his head and neck.

Tom finally stopped. He was overheating, so to speak. He bent over and began to kiss Tracy. His hands immediately went to her bra. He fumbled around the back until he finally got it. Tracy found his clumsiness endearing as she knew he was not’t just another jerk that she had the habit of attracting. Once released, Tom stopped and stared some more. He finally reached over and every so softly, caressed Tracy’s nipples with his fingertips.

Tracy was enjoying this on many levels. Her mind because he really liked, and being in the middle of nowhere. Her body was turned on, because he had the "touch” for her.

She bent into Tom and began to kiss his neck and ears. She decided it was time for him to be topless too, as she reached down and pulled his shirt off.

Up until today, there was not’t much sexual contact. Some kissing and fondling, but that was about it.

As she pulled his shirt off, she look down and could clearly see his hardness in his shorts.

Tracy wiggles her finger to Tom and told him to “come here”.

Tom straddled her in her seat, they kissed deeper. Their hands glided over each other. His hands were caressing and groping her chest.

Tracy’s hands reached around and felt his firm ass. This was making his confidence grow, amongst other things. He told her how excited he was. Tracy had this figured out on her own.

Tracy told him to stand up and hold onto the roll bar. At face level was the bulge in his shorts. She unbuttoned them and pulled his boxers down. Tom was already hard. Not long, but he was a good 3 inches thick. Tracy took just the head in her mouth. Slowly she worked in all in. Then she began licking the underside as she played with his balls. She felt herself getting wet between her thighs. But she wanted his cum. She sucked harder and faster.

Tom’s legs and ass got stiff as he released into Tracy’s mouth. He was groaning yet he had short breathes.

Tracy looked up at Tom and just said “Fuck me”.

Just the words he wanted to hear, although he thought it would be a more romantic location.

They both got out of the Jeep. Tom kissed Tracy more. He could taste himself. As they kissed Tracy’s body pressed hard against Tom’s. He slid her shorts and panties down together. He saw her trimmed pussy, so inviting.

Tracy turned around and braced herself against the side of the Jeep. Tom slid in behind her. He was semi hard. Sliding against her wetness energized both of them even more. Tracy finally told Tom’s cock and guided in it her. Tom slid all the way in. For Tracy, it was so filling to have such a thick cock.

For Tom, still being a little awkward, Tracy wanted him so badly. She could only utter “Fuck me, hard!”

And that’s what Tom did. Sliding almost all the way out and back in again, he was making a slapping noise.

Tracy would rotated and grind against him. She wanted to fill was much of his cock inside her as should could. Soon Tom was just fucking her like an animal. Tracy loved every second it. Soon she was overcome with desire, passion and lust. Her pussy gripped down on Tom. Her body tightened. Her orgasm was more intense than she ever experienced before.

They then just leaned against the Jeep as they kissed and caressed each other until it was time to move down the road and back home.

“Next time, I’ll have to bring a blanked” Tracy said. “I love 4 wheeling”.

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