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Golfers do it with yellow balls

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A chance meeting on the golf course leads to uninhibited sex.
This story is based on fact but it has been embellished somewhat. I am a keen golfer but being in a sexless marriage I am always on the lookout for someone who can help me with my predicament so I wrote this story after a chance meeting on the course. A sequel has already been written and will be uploaded given sufficient encouragement!

It was not a very nice day for golf but Ben was determined to have a game after several weeks without hitting a ball. He’d asked his fellow golfers if anyone was available but they were all too busy or so they said; he reckoned they didn’t want to play in the cold, damp conditions that prevailed today. Anyway, he hired a buggy and went out onto the practice green and tried a few short putts.

He noticed the woman who had just come out of the Pro Shop but paid little attention as he concentrated on improving his putting and tried a long one which died a few feet short of the hole.

“Oh bad luck” said a female voice behind him and he turned and saw that the woman had brought her trolley to the green and was preparing to do some practicing herself.

“Hello” said Ben and watched her as she slid a short putt into the middle of the hole. “Are you playing today?”

The woman looked up and gave him a small grin. “Yes, I thought I’d see how it’s going.”

Ben walked over to her. She was a good looking woman, early forties he thought as he studied her a little more closely. Ben was forty eight himself and liked what he saw. She was not fat but had a full figure with brown hair tinged with wisps of grey, a fleecy red jacket and grey trousers.

“Would you care to join me in my buggy?” said Ben, “I’ve got no partner today.”

“Why thank you kind sir” she said with a cheeky little grin. “I wasn’t looking forward to lugging my trolley round in this mud. I’ll take it back to the club house.”

“Here let me put your bag on the buggy.”

He lifted her bag of clubs off her trolley and loaded it onto his buggy while she wheeled her trolley back to the club house.

“Ready when you are” she said and Ben returned his putter to his own bag and climbed onboard, soon joined by the woman.

He held out his hand to her. “My name’s Ben” he said. “Ready to play?”

She took his hand. “The name’s Mary and I’m ready willing and able”

The first tee was some distance and Ben manoeuvred the buggy through the mud wondering if she was a competent golfer.

“Do you have a handicap?” he asked at last as they approached the tee.

“Oh yes” she replied and placed her hands under her full breasts and juggled them up and down. “These are my handicap.”

Ben laughed out loud. “My word,” he said at last. “I can see they might not help with a full swing but I bet they’re fun in other circumstances.”

“Oh you are naughty” she said in a parody of a well known television comedian. “Yes they are fun ‘in other circumstances’ as you so rightly say. Trouble is they don’t get too much fun lately.”

Ben pulled the buggy to a stop beside the tee. He took his driver out and offered Mary the first shot which she took with a most professional swing that sent the ball in a high arc and she gave a little shout of joy as it landed just to the left hand edge of the fairway, a drive of at least a hundred and fifty yards. While Ben’s tee shot was twenty yards further it landed in a bunker and he gave a gruesome grin as they set off. Mary’s next shot was straight and true and landed in the middle of the green. Ben’s attempted escape from the sand could only send the ball another twenty yards and he had to play again from the fairway.

“Good shot” crowed Mary as his ball landed on the green but still a long way from the hole and his long putt ended close so that he was able to hole it for a pathetic six. Mary’s ball disappeared into the hole for a good par for the hole and she turned to Ben with a delighted grin on her face.

“Well done” said Ben ruefully and as Mary joined him at the buggy he gave her a little peck on the cheek.

“Well, they didn’t seem to hamper you much” he said nodding down at her breasts.

She giggled. “You should see them under different circumstances.”

“I’d very much like to” Ben responded and felt a small surge of desire.

The rest of the game went well, neither of them really getting the upper hand although Ben won eventually by two shots. They returned to the club house and bought coffee for them both.

"Do you have any plans for lunch” said Mary. "I was going to knock up something quick after the game. Would you like to join me?"

“That's very kind of you. Thank you” said Ben and when they had finished their coffee they loaded their bags and Mary’s trolley then Ben followed her car through the village until they reached a nice detached bungalow on the outskirts and parked in the drive.

While Mary busied herself in the kitchen Ben went into the lounge. There was a huge television set on one wall and Ben saw a video box lying on the carpet near his feet. He picked it up and when he turned it over saw that the picture on the front was of a tall black man and a blonde woman having sex in very minute graphic detail.

Just then Mary came back in carrying a tray of coffee and she gave a cup to Ben. They sat quietly whilst they drank their coffee and Ben wondered how things were going to pan out; he knew what he wanted and he thought that Mary wanted it too but he didn’t know how to set the ball rolling.

After a period of painful silence Ben put his cup down on the side table and turned to Mary and took her cup away and placed it next to his then slowly placed his arm round her shoulders and kissed her softly. She responded eagerly and Ben's cock tingled between his thighs as he felt her full breasts pressing sensuously against his chest.

“Ben” she said at last, “I’m not sure about this. I’ve never been unfaithful to my husband before but just being with you has brought back all the happy memories we used to enjoy in our younger days. I have to admit that we enjoyed sex, we used to have fantasies about where we could do it and would then try to play out our fantasies. We did it on a bus once sitting on the front of the top of a bus with a man sitting about ten rows behind us. We even did it in a cinema once too.”

Mary paused but then went on in a quiet voice whilst Ben continued to circle her breasts with his hand. “About two years ago Graham had an accident and he’s been paralysed from the waist down ever since. He has no feeling whatsoever below the waist including his .....” She broke off slightly embarrassed. “What I mean is he cannot use his cock at all and although the doctors say that he may get some feeling back eventually it does mean that we haven’t ..... you know, we haven’t done it for over two years.”

“Have you tried anything with him” said Ben, “any sort of stimulation I mean?”

“Oh yes. I’ve tried oral on him many times and even tried some anal experiments but nothing works.”

Ben sat quietly his hand now gently kneading her breasts and she laid her head on his shoulder obviously enjoying his touch.

“I am so sorry” he said at last. “It can’t be a very happy time for you when you liked to enjoy yourselves so much and I quite understand how you feel. Why don’t we just sit here and have another coffee and you can decide what you’d like to do. You know how I feel by now but I don’t want to spoil things for you. By the way, where is your husband?”

“He’s in hospital having more tests. He’ll be there till six at the latest so we’re quite safe but what I’m worried about is that he will know when he sees me that something has happened. He can read me like a book.”

“Nothing much has happened” said Ben and took his hand away.

“That’s the problem” replied Mary quickly. “I want it to happen and I want it to happen now. I just can’t wait any longer and if it’s not with you it’ll be someone else.” With that she flung her arms round his shoulders and buried her head in his shoulder. “I want to so badly but I don’t know if I can.”

“What would Graham say if he knew that you had had sex with me? He might just be happy for you.”

“Knowing him he probably would but it’s going behind his back that worries me. We never have secrets from each other.”

“Why not tell him what you want to do. You can say you've met someone who is willing if you like. If he’s happy for you I’ll gladly come round and meet him first.”

Mary sniffed back her tears. “You’re too good for me” she said softly. “I’m going to do it like you ask. I’ll give him some fun tonight, get him really randy and then see if I can talk him into it. I will ring you tonight if that’s OK with you. Hope I don’t get your wife!”

“Should be alright. She goes to bed at nine so I’ll wait up for you. Take your time, have fun and I’ll keep my fingers crossed.”

“Thanks Ben, you’re an angel.” She reached across and gave him a kiss and ran her hand down between his legs. “Keep it warm for me” she added with a grin.

Ben gave her a hug and let his hand wander down her backside and slipped his hand between her legs before releasing her.

“I’d better go or I might end up doing something I didn’t ought to” he said.

He left her then and made his way to the nearest pub and had a pint of beer before driving home.

His wife went to bed at her usual time and Ben sat in front of the television not seeing what was being shown but visualising sex with Mary so that when the phone rang just after ten his hand shook as he answered.

It was a man’s voice and his opening words made Ben shiver with frustration. “So you want to shag my wife?”

“Who is this?” said Ben feeling that all was lost.

There came a distinct chuckle. “Relax Ben. This is Graham Sandwell. Mary has told me all about your games today, both on and off the course. I understand she has told you all about us and what she wants to do.”

“Oh” responded Ben. “I have to say, Graham that Mary is a wonderful woman and when she suggested that I help her out I wouldn’t be sane in the head to refuse but she obviously loves you which is why I suggested she tells you everything.”

“I appreciate that Ben. I think Mary told you that this paralysis could go away and I was thinking that if I knew you were with her, and I do mean fucking her, it might help me too as I have had some tingling sensations when she sucks my dick.”

Somewhat bemused Ben replied. “I leave it up to you to decide. Just give me a ring and perhaps I could buy you a drink and we could have a chat.”

“OK. How about coming round tomorrow afternoon. Mary will be out for a while so if you could make two o’clock that would give us time for a chat.”

“Fine” said Ben. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Ben was early the following day and Graham met him at the door in his wheelchair.

When they were settled Graham threw a can of beer to Ben. “This is really an unheard of situation mate” he said. “It’s not often that a man asks a comparative stranger if he would fuck his own wife. I’ve told you all you need to know but I need you to tell me about yourself.”

“Fair enough” said Ben. “My name is Ben Martin and I am married to Pat who is a bit older than me. We have never had what you might call a good sex life and indeed she has really virtually given up. I have a distinct feeling that she’s a bit of a lesbian at heart but I can’t really put a finger on why I think that. Anyway, I’ve always wanted a lot of sex and I do have a married lady friend who can manage to meet me on far too few occasions so I am always on the lookout for a new partner. Meeting Mary on the golf course was pure chance and after a few jokes about balls and holes I came to the conclusion that she was, shall I say, possibly available. At that time I didn’t know she was married nor about your own circumstances so that’s how the situation is at the present time.”

“How do you feel about me being around?” asked Graham.

“I’m not sure what you mean” replied Ben. “Do you want to be there when .....” He broke off not wanting to say it.

“No, not in person. That would not be a good situation for you. I would be in the house of course. Does that worry you?”

“Not really if I know for certain that you approve” said Ben.

“I’m willing to let Mary decide then” said Graham. “If she agrees I want your word that nothing is said outside this house and that you treat her .... let’s just say well.”

“You have my word of honour” replied Ben feeling his heart pounding at the thought of the situation he was going to be in.

They sat chatting for a while until they heard the front door opening and Mary came in, her cheeks flushed as though she had been running.

“Hi guys” she gushed, “have you been talking about me?”

“We certainly have” said Graham. “I’m going into my room now and you two can have a little talk and decide what you’d like to do.”

“Do we need to talk?” asked Mary and Ben noticed that her hand was shaking.

“Not really. I think we both know what we want. I know I’m UP for it.” Ben smiled self consciously feeling the effect in his pants.

“Me too” she replied and stood up and took his hand. She led him out the door, along a short corridor and opened another door into a large bedroom, the most noticeable thing being the king size bed and the mirror that covered most of the area above the bed.

Ben closed the door behind him and grinned at Mary. “Boy oh boy” he murmured and turned to Mary. “Do we have to be quiet? Is Graham likely to hear us?”

“Forget about Graham. He’ll get his kicks just imagining us in here. I just want to fuck.”

Ben lost all his inhibitions and grabbed Mary round the waist and found her mouth with his while his hands caught both breasts and as they kissed he explored her body relishing the full flesh. Mary’s hands went behind him and clasped his buttocks and pulled his body tight against hers so that his erection pressed against her thighs. They stayed like that for several minutes and it was then that Mary slid one hand down between his legs and explored the outline of his rigid cock.

Ben released her and moved back slightly and as he started to unbutton the top of her dress Mary unzipped his flies and opened the front of his trousers which sagged down exposing his shorts and his hard cock which pressed against the material. He stopped fiddling with the buttons when Mary bent down and slipped his trousers down to his ankles which she then removed completely and tossed them to one side. Before standing up she then slid his shorts off too and laughed up at him as she reached under his shirt and took his prick into her hand.

“Lovely” she said softly and stood up so as to allow him to continue with her dress. His fingers seemed to have a mind of their own but at last he undid the last one and the dress fell open giving him a sight of her full tits covered only by a white bra. Mary moved back and pulled the dress over her head and tossed it aside and allowed him to remove her petticoat then her shoes and finally her tights all of which fell away onto the pile of clothing on the floor. Ben finished undressing and when he was naked he reached for the clips of her bra and eventually managed to undo them and drew the bra off. He gave a small gasp when her gorgeous breasts tumbled free and immediately reached down for her panties, the last remaining item of clothing between them. He looked up at Mary and saw her lips quivering and quickly covered them with his own, pressing his body against her so that her breasts came softly into contact with his chest and his prick came into contact with her thigh.

The kiss lasted a long time but when at last they parted Mary’s cheeks were red and Ben’s heart was pounding with desire for her.

“Let’s get on the bed” he whispered. “I need you.”

Mary turned and went and lay on the bed and Ben followed but sat down beside her for a second before leaning over her body and started to kiss and fondle her breasts whilst his hand slipped down her stomach and started to explore the hair around her pussy. For a second Mary did not respond but then she suddenly moved and her legs slowly parted allowing him to see his ultimate goal, the pink lips and the tight little hole of her arse. Ben’s mouth left her breasts then and he trailed wet little kisses down her stomach until he reached the lips of her pussy and let his tongue slide across her clit.

In the room next door Graham, lying naked on the single bed, heard her little scream and looked down at his own flabby cock and willed it to stir, even just a little, but it remained soft and unmoving. He badly wanted to see what was happening but didn’t know what effect this would have on their love making.

Ben meanwhile had slipped a finger into Mary’s moist pussy and was gently moving it to and fro making her gasp with pleasure and when he slipped his other hand down to the other little hole Mary groaned so loud that Ben paused for a moment wondering if Graham was likely to appear and make sure he was not hurting his wife. Nothing happened however and now he used both fingers to play with her body realising that this was definitely not the first time she had had anal fun.

“My turn now” whispered Mary reaching down between her legs to pull his fingers away from their ministrations and Ben reluctantly allowed her. “Come on” she said, “lay down beside me and let me suck your lovely cock.”

Ben couldn’t wait to feel Mary’s lips wrapped around his cock. Her head moves down to his thighs and she gripped the base of his prick firmly, making him throb with pleasure.. Then her mouth enveloped him and she began sliding the flesh between her lips. She watched Ben as she sucked him gently, waiting to see his breathing change so that she knew that she was doing alright. Her tongue flattened against the swollen head of his cock and she lapped very slowly.

She released her grip momentarily then slid her hand down to his balls, and took them into her mouth. When she finally pulled back, thick pre-cum surrounded his prick. A few quick breaths and she returned with a vengeance, sliding her face up and down his cock before she broke for air again. This time she ran his cock over her face and said "I want to taste your cum." Ben could hardly stand the feeling of her hand as it started moving impossibly fast around his erection, twisting and pulling until his orgasm began with a tremendous shudder. Mary’s eyes brightened as she heard Ben’s loud moans, and felt the first spurt of cum erupt from him. Her mouth formed a tight seal around the head of his prick and the sucking and swallowing continued afresh.

Ben rarely came twice in the sex sessions with his wife but he knew that he wouldn’t be able to hold out for long and put his hand down to his cock to try and stop Mary’s ministrations.

“Mary” he gasped, “please stop. I want to fuck you.”

Mary stopped and looked up at him with a smile on her face. “Spoil sport” she said with a laugh but leant back and allowed Ben to struggle up.

“Lay across the end of the bed so that I can watch my prick. I love doing it like that and I can get my hands on your tits at the same time” he said and watched her as she shuffled her body so that her legs dangled over the edge.

Ben moved in between her legs and used his hand to finger her cunt lips. Gently he parted the lips and slid a finger all the way into her. Mary gasped at his touch but what thrilled her more was the desire for his cum-covered cock. He finger-fucked her for several seconds, pleased that she was so wet already. Then he used two fingers to keep her cunt lips parted before she felt his cock pushing against the parted lips.

His cock was not going to be deterred, and Ben heard Mary grunt with satisfaction as with one big thrust he entered her. She screamed from the shock of his entry but sighed when he started sliding his cock in and out of her tight pussy. At first the sensations were amazing, a mixture of pain and pleasure and she started to cum. After a couple of small orgasms Mary started to feel better because his cock started to glide in and out of her cunt much more easily. It still felt tight, but it was much more the pleasure that she remembered from the times in bed with Graham. . Then the fucking got stronger and suddenly Ben was pushing so far into her that his chest was banging up against her tits.

Graham couldn’t stand it any longer and quietly wheeled himself out of his room, down the corridor and stopped outside the slightly open door where the couple were entwined. He pushed the door slightly wider so that he could get a good view of the bed and when he saw Ben with his prick buried deep in his wife’s thighs he went a bright red in the face and put his hand down between his legs. He saw Ben pumping harder and harder and all of a sudden he felt a twitching feeling in his hand and he was sure he felt his cock suddenly harden just a fraction.

So engrossed was he in watching his wife being fucked that he failed to stop his wheelchair suddenly move forward slightly and in the room both Ben and Mary heard the little sound from the door. Ben stopped in mid-stroke, his cock buried deep in Mary and they both looked round to see Graham watching them, his naked body sweating and his hand holding his prick.

“Don’t stop” groaned Graham. “Something’s happening to me. Go on, Ben. Let me see you really fuck her.”

Ben looked down at Mary and she smiled. “Don’t stop now you idiot.” She said and then waved to Graham. “Come a bit closer love” she said.

Ben was a little uneasy now but waited until Graham was beside the bed then turned his attention back to Mary. He began to fuck her again, slowly at first but he started to build up speed as he felt his orgasm starting to rise. Then he came in a surging rush of cum that made his whole body heave and made Mary scream out loud with joy as she felt his seed spurting deep within her cunt.

It lasted many seconds but when his cock started to subside he relaxed with his hands around Mary’s tits and kissed her. Then he turned to Graham and awaited his reaction.

“It worked” he gasped, his hand still holding his cock which was tinged with red from his wanking. “It definitely worked; I can feel an erection starting ... only just but it is definitely different.”

“Can I do anything?” said Mary struggling to her feet.

“Please darling, come over here and see if you can help it a bit.”

Mary went to him and bent down in front of his wheelchair and reached out for his prick. Gently she took the flaccid flesh into her mouth and began to lick and suck him while Ben lay back on the bed and slowly played with himself.

“I think it works better when I watch you fucking” said Graham at last. “Do you think you can manage it again Ben?”

“I’ll try” he replied. “Are you up for it Mary?”

“OK” she responded. “I can see that you’re already up for it too.”

She got up and before Ben could move she climbed onto the bed and lay down on top of him allowing his mouth to find her tits while she grasped his erect prick and guided it into her waiting pussy. She began to ride him and the sight of her arse moving up and down on Ben’s naked body sent a shudder through Graham as he continued playing with his prick. Mary’s moans reached a crescendo and Ben felt his own orgasm beginning again and he came in a warm spurt of cum that had his own moans join Mary’s.

“Oh fuck” groaned Graham. “I’m getting a hard on. I really am.”

“Let’s try something different” said Ben and they both scrambled up. “Quick, lay face down” he added.

Mary did as he asked and she felt his body cover hers again, his prick sliding between her parted legs. She spread her legs further apart and then suddenly his hands were pulling the cheeks of her arse apart and his cock touching the puckered hole. She quivered as he gently started to probe her arse with his cock until she felt it ease its way inside, very slowly and gently. It had been many years since she had enjoyed being shagged like this and she started moaning as he delved deeper, his cock seeming to fill her.

“Yes” she moaned as he started moving within her. “Yes please”

Ben had never cum so many times in one day in his life before and he shuddered as he pounded away. Graham too was moaning aloud as well as his cock started to expand under his hand and he knew, he just knew, that he was going to cum soon. He kept watching his wife’s arse as he continued wanking and when Mary screamed and Ben cried out as he shot another load of cum deep within her Graham felt his first orgasm for years as his cum spurted out and splashed onto his knees.

As if by magic all three of them sagged back and for several minutes no one spoke.

At last Ben released himself and rolled over onto his back and lay beside Mary still breathing heavily. Mary lay quietly for a while and then slid off the bed.

“I think we all need a drink” she said and made her way out of the room.

“Ben, you old bastard” said Graham. “You’ve fucked my wife and made me cum for the first time in years. We’ll have to do this again some time. Are you up for it?”

“What do you think mate?” replied Ben grinning down at the naked man.

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