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Good Liquor

Meeting my lover in a hotel bar
We are standing at a dimly lit crowded bar. I have my back to you. You've pulled me against you so I feel you hard cock against my back and buttocks. I push back against you to feel you better. I take a small sip of my drink and your arm winds its way around me under my jacket, just under my breast. Your thumb moves up to feel a hard nipple through the thin shirt and bra. You move the thumb back and forth against my nipple as I push my backside against your cock.

You lead me out of the bar to the elevator and this time when the door closes both your arms are around me and both thumbs caress my nipples. You lean down and press your mouth just under my ear, then lick the flesh right there. The doors open and you take my hand and lead me to the room.

As soon as the door opens and closes behind us you take my hands and hold them up against the wall above my head and kiss me. I open my mouth and suck your tongue. I taste a little like good liquor. I am just a little bit tipsy (it doesn't take much). I can't move much because you have my hands pinned against the wall. We are only touching at the mouth and I start trying to move toward you because I want more. You are busy exploring my mouth and teasing me. This is making me really hot because I haven't been thoroughly frenched for a long time. I start to feel a pulse between my legs and a rush of warmth there. I am getting very wet.

All of a sudden you let go and pull me over towards the bed. You sit down and pull me over to sit on your lap facing you. You pull my shirt over my head and then start kissing me on the neck and tops of my breasts. I put my hands behind your head in your hair and pull you closer. You unfasten my bra and put one nipple in your mouth and suck it hard while you move your thumb round and round the other one in circles. This goes on for a while until I'm making lots of gasping noises. You stop just for a minute to push my jeans down a bit. Then you lean down again and suck the other nipple hard while you put your finger under the underwear and in me. I gasp and have a mini-orgasm which you can feel against your finger.

This just makes me even hotter and I'm dying to have something inside me. You stand up and sit me on the edge of the bed and start pulling off my boots and jeans the rest of the way. I'm sitting there naked except for damp bikini underwear and you put your hand on top of the underwear and move your finger around the damp part. I pull your shirt out of your pants and help you take it off. You take off your shoes while I start unbuckling your belt and un-zipping your pants. I pull out your cock which is standing up very tall and stroke it.

It feels very warm and smooth and hard. You step out of your pants and put them on the bed next to me. I lick all around it just under the ridge. The pre-cum tastes slightly salty. I take it in my hand and spread the drip around the front of the ridge and on top. Then I pull your briefs down to your knees and feel up your legs and butt. I put both hands around your cock and put it in my mouth and lick all around it inside my mouth. You step out of your underwear and move closer to me while I suck you hard moving up and down again with my other hand moving between your legs.

When I take a breath you pull my panties off and run your finger around my clit. I start making noises again. You decide you want to be in there where it is very hot and wet. You take a condom out of your pants pocket and put it on. You push me back and further onto the bed. Then you move your finger round and round my clit, up and down the sides of my slickness, slowly in and out of my opening, until I start saying please. You raise up on your arms above me and push in very slowly and pull out slowly a few times. I ask you to go faster and harder. Instead you put your head down and slowly lick and suck me until I am gasping and sighing again. It is so hot when you put your warm tongue right into my entrance.

I am very frustrated and very, very aroused when you move your mouth to slide further up the bed again. You slide a pillow under my butt and raise me up to your favorite angle. Kneeling, you slide your firm cock into me oh so slowly so that I can feel it fill me and stretch me. You start going in and out slowly and then faster, watching yourself disappear into my pussy, which is so wet it is shiny. As you start to groan I can see you lick your right thumb. You place your palm on my triangle and slip your thumb just to the side of my clit above where your firm shaft is entering and leaving me faster and faster.. Gently then more firmly you press your thumb just under my clit and stroke side to side, then around and around. This makes me twitch in arousal as jolts of sensation emanate through my whole cunt. Don't, don't, don't stop! I gasp... I am so close to the edge that I feel all my muscles go tight as I try to move your thumb to just the right place as you stroke my insides. Yes! You touch the most sensitive place! and I let out a small scream. The crest breaks and I feel my lower body twitch in response to the strong contractions around your cock. You watch me shake and it arouses you so much that it puts you right over the edge with a groan of pleasure as you cum with great force. You roll to one side, still in me, and laugh as I come down, as limp and relaxed as possible, to feel the warmth of your body against me.

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