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Good Morning

As I wake from a sweet slumber, I smile-you didn't let me go at all, and I'd been sleeping in your arms all night. Sighing happily, I snuggle against you, the warmth of our bodies together creating a cozy feeling in contrast to the air-conditioned room.

You begin to stir, and I look up at you; as you open your eyes, I see a smile tugging at the corners of your mouth. I lift my head and kiss your lips. You respond hotly, and as I break the kiss, I grin; your cock has stiffened. I kiss you again, this time slowly slipping out of my tight nightgown, releasing my breasts.

As I break the kiss, a low growl escapes from your chest. Your hands instinctively reach for my panties as I get on top of you, and my thong slips off with ease. My hands make my way to the waistband of your boxers and as I slip them off, your thick cock emerges. The mere sight makes my heart pound in my chest. I straddle you, my thighs on either side of your legs.

The very tip of your cock splits my pussy's lips and I draw in a sharp breath. As you enter me, a hungry gasp escapes me and your fingertips stroke my back, pulling me down onto you. My skin is flushed now, burning with desire. Your lips find my mouth and as we kiss yet again, you pull out of me and we switch positions.

With you on top of me, a shiver runs down my back. You smile, kissing me on the lips yet again. When you break the kiss, your lips find their way to my throat, my breasts, my stomach and my thighs. I begin to shudder in excitement, and just when I feel like I can't take it anymore your strong hands deftly bring my thighs wider apart.

My hands grab at the bedding under me in anticipation, and as your tongue makes its way to my dripping cunt I dig my nails into the sheets and my back arches slightly. I call out your name as you nibble on my clit and lick me clean of all the juices that had been pouring out, pausing only to kiss me on the mouth and to suckle on my nipples.

After awhile, you stop completely and before I know it your cock is in my tight, wet pussy. I cry out in ecstacy as your cock begins to slip and out of me, slowly at first then faster and faster. I bite my lower lip, groaning loudly as your cock pounds into me. With each thrust my breath quickens, my back arches and surges of pleasure rush through my body. I feel your cock swelling inside me, and that's all the prompting my body needs.

As you pull out of me I exudulate quickly, waves of hot, sticky cum coating your cock. Your tongue is immediately at my hole again, and as the last drops of cum spill out of me your cock enters me again. As you pump in and out, I feel it swell even more, and I know now that you're close to an orgasm. I raise my hips and arch my back in an effort to guide you along, and soon enough you exudulate like a dam into my wet sex. The feeling of your cum sends me into a tailspin; as you burst in me, filling me with your cum, I call your name over and over. I feel so good.

When you finish, you kiss me again, and as your cock goes soft in me, I wrap my arms around you, never wanting to forget this moment...never wanting to let you go.
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