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Good Morning

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When I woke up on the third
When I woke up on my third day of visiting, I was surprised by the strong arms wrapped gently around my body, just beneath my chest. I could feel him breathing against me, his firm chest rhythmically moving up and down against my back as he breathed subconsciously. I could feel his breath on my ear as he let it out. Jeremy slightly snored, he was sleeping.

He'd come into the room I was staying in, maybe to wake me up, and decided to climb into bed and cuddle with me. Despite his best attempts, holding my sexy, soft curves, just slowly put him to sleep. Though, sometime after he'd fallen asleep, I'd woken up.

He must've been dreaming about me, because I swore I heard him moan, “Karen... ohhhh... Karen...”

Half-asleep, myself, I was turned on by him moaning my name into my ear. A tingle of fire spread down between my legs, a small amount of desire that slowly built up as I started to wake more. I could feel his hard dick inside the basketball shorts he'd slept in. I backed up tight against him, grinding my hard ass slowly into his delicious manhood.

He moaned a little louder and I felt his dick grow against my ass, pushing at the space between my legs. Subconsciously, his arms tightened around me, the flames of my own desire started burning hotter as I felt my pussy grow wet. That was when I remembered that I wasn't wearing anything but my red tank top.

Turned on more than off by the idea of me and Jeremy in the same bed, me mostly naked, sent fresh tingles through my spine as I ground my ass downward along his shorts, sliding them down just enough for his dick to spring out and nearly slap my naked ass.

He was still asleep, still fantasizing about me as I parted my legs and let his dick poke through, sticking out past my legs, the body of his member brushing against the length of my pussy. I moaned as I rolled my hips backward, rubbing my pussy along the length of his dick. The long muscle pulsed against my hot pussy.

“Karen... so... good...” He murmured in his sleep. His arms loosed up on me as I kept grinding up and down his dick.

Then I couldn't take it anymore. I had been torturing myself, I was past the point of pleasing myself, even if his dick was just my tool right now. I moved my body around gently so that I was facing him, my pussy on top of the base of his dick. His eyes were closed, lightly, and his face looked so remarkable right then.

I kissed him, lightly but passionately. Dipping my tongue into his sleepy mouth. His tongue greeted mine, sleepily, I think he was starting to wake up and realize what was happening because his arms cinched around my body again, pulling me tight.

As our tongues sexualized each other's mouths, I started to grind my pussy along his dick again. This time the wiry hairs at the base of his dick tickled my pussy each time my hips came back forward. I could feel the pressure building inside of him, he rolled over on top of me, our tongues still entwined, and started to push his dick along my pussy, teasing me in the same way I'd teased him while asleep.

His hands were behind my back, pressed against the bed, but mine were free. I used them to grasp his pulsing dick and place it perfectly so that when he thrust his hips forward again, it sunk all the way to it's base in my pussy. My tongue fell limp with pleasure as I moaned into Jeremy's mouth.

I moved my hands to his chest and grabbed onto his sides. I twisted with my body, hard enough to roll us over and then I arced my back as I brought my knees forward, straddling him. His strong hands slid down my body as I moved, stopping to grab hold of my perfect ass.

I rolled my hips back and forth, riding him quickly, as I felt the pleasure increasing to an untreatable limit inside my body. I came, viciously, and in a wave of pleasure I bent forward and sunk my teeth into his neck, leaving a purple mark as I sucked on his neck to stop from screaming out in pleasure.

Jeremy wasn't done though, and as I latched onto his neck, he rolled us over so that I was on bottom and started to pound into me so hard and so fast that my pussy felt like splitting into two different directions completely.

I was melting in ecstasy and desire as I sucked on his neck. His balls were slapping my ass so hard that I wouldn't be surprised to find a welt there later. At the moment, though, I couldn't think of anything more than how much I wanted to devour him and how much I wanted to be devoured.

Still high on pleasure, I let go of his neck and pushed on his chest. He was fucking my brains out, somehow, as I rolled us. When I was on top, I slithered around, so that my mouth went under the blanket and my burning lips came out.

Jeremy grabbed me by the ass and pulled my pussy down to his face just as quickly as I had licked down the entirety of his dick. I could taste my own honey on his dick and it made it all the lovelier. I licked back up his member, teasing myself before diving into the full meal.

The tip of his dick was so swollen that I had to stretch my mouth to new limits, just to fit it. I wrapped my tongue around the tip as I started to work him with my hands. Memories of the night before slipped into my mind, somehow reaching through the pleasure, I wanted to best myself. I wanted him to want me more than every before.

I slowly slid my lips down his dick until I could feel it at the back of my throat, then I went further. My own waves of pleasure coming back, all too quickly. I wanted to make him savor the moment, but the burning passion returned to my entire body as I rolled my hips and ground my pussy further into his mouth.

I moaned in pleasure against his cock as I started to move back up, so that I could brace myself and just ride his face. Something pressed against the back of my head though, his strong hands, pushing me back onto his dick. I obliged. I wanted him. I wanted him pleased. I wanted to please him more than ever before and that's why I let him use me.

He fucked my face as deeply as he'd fucked my pussy. His dick reaching a part of my throat that made me gag, but I held firm. I practically melted against him, motionless except for the bucking of my neck as he thrust into me and the rhythmic grinding of my pussy into his mouth.

I fell into a sexual trance as he kept going and going and I came into his mouth after what seemed like an eternity of oral sex. I could feel his tongue lapping up my juice as he plunged his cock deep into my throat. He started to shoot his cum directly into my stomach, but I couldn't breathe. I subconsciously bucked against his hands and he let me go. The last two blasts of his hot, yummy, sticky, cum struck my lips and right cheek, some shot into my hair.

He got on top of me as I fell down completely losing muscle control to the cloud-soft bed. I felt his still-hard dick poking into my ass checks and I blissfully awaited what came next.

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