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Good Morning Baby

Tags: smoke, oral
early morning wake up...
The aroma of smoke hits your nostrils as you slowly awaken from your deep slumber. The feel of a hot mouth engulfing your throbbing member stimulates your senses as your body starts to tingle in bliss. You open your eyes and find yourself still surrounded by darkness. As you continue to awaken, you realize that there is something silky covering your eyes. You reach up to remove the material that is denying you vision, but I reach up and stop you before you can. I remove your cock from my mouth and whisper, “Good morning baby. Leave the blindfold on, this is special just for you.”

You stop attempting to remove the blindfold, and lay back to enjoy my ministrations upon your body. Now since you’re fully awake, you start to moan and slowly move your hips as my mouth plunges onto your long, thick cock once more. I lick around the tip, flicking my tongue across your hole rapidly, before stroking my tongue up and down the sensitive underside. You groan as I lick my way down to your balls, taking them into my mouth one by one, caressing them softly with my tongue. I begin to suck them gently as I raise my hand up to stroke your cock in rhythm with my mouth. I use my other hand to stroke the sensitive spot behind your balls, making you thrust your hips up slightly. I remove my mouth from your sac, and ask, “Do you trust me baby?”

“Of course I do, love,” you reply breathlessly.

“Good, then trust me now,” I reply coyly.

Before you can ask me what I mean by that, I move a finger to the tight ring of your asshole; gently stroking my finger around your opening. You groan as the sensation sends tingles shooting to your balls and up your shaft. I remove my finger for a minute to wet it in my mouth, and put it back against your hole. I start to press the tip into your ass, going slowly, easing it in gently. As I push with my finger, I start to suck on the tip of your cock, swirling my tongue around the head as I do. The plethora of sensations assaulting you is too much. You start to growl and thrust your hips up as your balls tighten, ready for release. Just as you are about to go over the brink into ecstasy, I remove my mouth and hands from your body. Your breath is heaving our of your chest in big, gasping breaths.

“Why did you stop baby?” you moan.

“I don’t want you to cum, not yet…” I reply, a slight huskiness in my voice.

You don’t hear anything for a minute, can’t feel me anywhere either. Then you hear it, the unmistakable click of my lighter. Sure enough, a few seconds later the smell of smoke drifts to your nose again.
“Ohhh fuuuckkkk,” you groan out, knowing what I’m about to do.

I rip your blindfold off and you are treated to the sight of me, naked, smoking, sitting next to you. I have ruby red lips, glistening with cinnamon flavored gloss; your favorite. I smirk at you as you stare, transfixed as I lift the cigarette to my shimmering mouth and take a drag. As I exhale, your cock bobs a little, and I can see a bead of precum glistening on your tip. I tap the cigarette into our ashtray by the bed, then start to slither down your body; cigarette still in hand. I reach your cock and swipe the bead of precum off of it with my tongue. Your eyes widen as I take another drag off the cigarette, and they narrow as I lower my smoke filled mouth over your cock. I breathe the smoke out slowly, teasing you with my tongue as I do. The sight of my red lips over your cock with smoke coming out of my mouth, is driving you crazy. I continue my smoky torture until you practically yell out, “Baby! Please!!!”

I take pity on your poor cock and put your whole length deep into my mouth, my throat. Bobbing up and down fast and hard, I look up at you, your hazel eyes glazing over as you get closer to your release. I use my other hand to caress your balls as I suck your cock, which is now leaking a steady stream of your sweet precum. Your breaths get harsher, your hips thrust a little harder, and I feel your body tense as you reach the pinnacle.

“AGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!” you scream out as you cum.

Your hot, thick, creamy cum starts to shoot into the depths of my mouth, filling it with your sweet cum. You seem to shoot endlessly, stream after stream covers my tongue. I swallow as fast as I can, but your cum leaks out of my mouth anyways. When you finally stop, you look at me, chest heaving, and watch hungrily as I use my fingers to collect all the stray cum. I bring my fingers to my mouth, and suck them into my, now smudged, red lips. I close my eyes and groan at your taste, I love eating up all your cum. When the last drop has been swallowed, I open my eyes and look at you. The love is evident as you look back, smiling. I grin at you, and giggle a little as you sit up and take me into your arms. I drop the now dead cigarette into the ashtray as your lips cover mine, stealing a taste of your cum mixed with smoke.

“What a perfect way to wake up, baby,” you say against my lips.

We share a kiss, tongues dueling as we fall against the sheets, already ready to go for round two…

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