Good morning.

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She lies there listening to the birds sing. She is just waking up. She feels him turn over and place his arm over her. She loves laying there while he spoons her. She turns to face him.

They don’t speak. They don’t have too. She leans in and kisses him. They kiss for a long time. Their tongues dancing with each others. She places her leg over his legs and pulls him in tighter.

She rolls herself over and lands on top of him. She stops kissing him just long enough for him to remove her top. He begins to kiss her neck.

She sits up a little so that he has full access to her chest. He sucks and licks her nipples. Even bites them a little. He is cautious but she isn’t in the mood for that.

“Harder,” she speaks.

He does as he is told and sucks her erect nipples hard. Her moans fill the room.

She stops him and moves down his body. He is already topless so it is easy for her to kiss her way down his body.

She gets to the top of his pants and kisses along it. She slowly puts her hands under the waistband and begins to pull them down. She kisses his legs as she goes down. As she comes back up she can see his rock hard cock in front of her.

She avoids it. She kisses around it and his legs. Even licks around the base of his cock. She can feel the tension in him growing.

She moves her body back up his and she can see the disappointment in his eyes.

She stands above him and slowly and seductively removes her pants. Looking down at him the whole time. She lowers herself onto his face so that he can taste her wetness however she doesn’t stay there long. She places her cunt at his cock and lines it up so his cock is lengthways along her cunt. The tip of his cock hitting her clit. She begins to rock back and forth.

She is moaning and she can tell he likes this. The wetness of her cunt dripping over his cock. They kiss again. Their tongues eager for each other.

She stops and once again moves down his body. She stops at his cock and takes it in her hand. She begins to stroke it. Slowly at first. She feels him squirm. She licks the tip of his cock as her hands work up and down it. Gaining speed with each movement. Intensely licking the tip of his cock. Allowing her tongue ring to rub on the tip of his cock.

He begins to squirm more. She keeps rubbing but now covers his cock with her mouth. As she moves her hands down she covers his cock with her mouth. Her hands and mouth work as one going up and down. She can taste herself on his cock and it only aids her excitement.

She begins to taste his precum and she stops sucking. She doesn’t want him to come yet.

She moves off him and lies beside him and pulls him onto her. He kisses her neck and then quickly goes to work on her breasts. Sucking them, licking them and biting them. She knows how much he loves this. His hard cock is touching her cunt. She pushes him down and he begins to kiss her stomach and legs. He works his way down to her toes. He sucks them. She moans loudly. She loves that.

He comes back up and stops at her cunt. He touches it lightly. “Lick me”

He doesn’t hesitate. He opens her lips and licks her. Along the length of her to start with and then he focuses on her clit. He sucks it and licks it. She is moaning loudly from the pleasure.

After awhile she stops him. And she replaces his tongue with her fingers. She begins to rub her clit as he watches. He sticks a finger inside her and begins to finger fuck her. He gets his finger lubricated and then moves it to the rim of her arse.

She gets more excited. She loves it when he touches her arse. He begins to stick it in her arse a little. She has never been fingered in the arse before. He slowly pushes it in further and further until it is all the way in.

It is the most incredible feeling. It isn’t long before she is rubbing her clit harder and harder.

“Faster, faster!” she screams.

As he continues to fuck her arse he leans forward and licks her cunt. Tongue fucking her cunt.

She rubs her clit faster and cums all over his face.

He continues to fuck her arse. But she pulls him onto her.

“I want you!”

He moves between her legs and sticks his cock into her wet throbbing cunt.

He starts slow.

“Harder. Fuck me harder.”

He does as he is told and is soon really fucking her. He stops after a little while.

“Get on your knees.”

She does so. He grabs her hips and begins to fuck her hard and fast. He slaps her arse and plunges deep into her.

“I’m going to cum!” he yells.

She tightens her cunt and feels him squirting into her. He lays his chest on her back and kisses the back of her neck.

They move and lay onto their backs.

“Good morning,” they say to each other while smiling.