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Good Times At Cheddar High: Part Three

Richard's girlfriend excels at fellatio; Richard plays around
The banquet night continued: Richard gets some relief and Becky finishes the painting.

The Johanssons had not returned from their banquet and Becky had not fulfilled her promise. Richard continued to anticipate much more than Becky's original promise.

The evening in which the Johanssons were at the bowling banquet did not end with Becky trying out her new birthday present, Kong.

As I reached to shut off the buzz, Becky said, "Leave it on. I like the tingly feeling inside me. You know, Dick, that was the first time I had an orgasm."

"Are you sure you want to keep it on?" I asked in complete surprise.

"Yeah, just for a little while longer," she said.

"I'm gonna need to find you some back-up batteries," I joked, but my situation was no laughing matter.

Finally Becky calmed down from her sexual high and removed her birthday toy. She glanced at my stiff rod; she stood transfixed.

Her first words were, "My Lord, I think you are bigger than Kong!" Then she asked with a sly smirk, "I want to touch it again, okay?"

She didn't wait for an answer. It was a rhetorical question.

Taking the KY tube from the bedside table, she squeezed out a glob, smearing it on my hardened shaft. As hard as I tried, the events of the past hour had me too far gone to hold back.

"Becky, I can't wait. I'm at the point of no return!"

It didn't take a massage because as soon as Becky stroked my cock in her warm hand sliding it expertly up and down, my ejaculation came quickly. My cork popped like the champagne of a month ago, but with a far more powerful reaction.

Sir Isaac Newton taught us, ''To every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction." In this case, the reaction was not equal to the action. Sooner than Becky could have imagined, I nailed her with my cum squarely on her forehead. The force was electric and although Becky was startled, she held her ground. My second shot, a second later, zapped her on the nose and again she kept her composure. A third ejaculate covered her left ear as she turned away from the assault. A fourth, fifth and sixth volley fell on each breast.

I felt the joyful pleasure of release, but also embarrassment. My embarrassment came by cumming like an immature teenage boy unable to hold off his load for even a minute.

"I'm sorry, Beck."

"Sorry for what? I wanted to see you cum and you didn't disappoint me! There sure was a lot of it. Do you always cum like that, I mean like, there was so much of it and it squirted all over?"

"Not always but the thing is, I came too soon. I wanted to feel your mouth around my dick. I just couldn't hold it but I should be okay in a few more minutes. Are you willing to give me a second chance?"

"I guess so," is all she said. At that, Becky began licking her lips as the creamy fluid slid toward her mouth. "Hey, it doesn't taste so bad. It's a bit salty, but not bad."

Becky laid next to me with my cum splattered on her face and her womanly tits, which were still wet with multiple ejaculations. We both enjoyed the warmth of our naked bodies pressed together. A certain tranquility set in as we snuggled together. She had a dreamy look in her eyes, then she said in a sleepy voice, "Ya know, your squirts were like a laser, Dick. It's not at all like that in the porn flicks we watched."

"Nothing is ever the same as in the movies," I replied.

I was glad she liked it because I wasn't completely drained. There would be more to cum with the hopes that I would be squirting inside her cunt.

It took me a good ten or fifteen minutes to recover and in the meantime, Becky went to the bathroom to wash herself. Before leaving, the Kong was put away in the safety of the birthday box and stored away, hidden from her parents.

When she returned, she was totally refreshed looking more appealing than ever. She looked radiant. There was a nice rosy color to her cheeks. Her hair was pushed back with a ribbon holding it in a ponytail and she had put on a touch more of my favorite perfume. She was ready to take her first oral exam and I was the lucky teacher.

Becky put her arms around me looking into my eyes. "That was fantastic, Dick," she said convincingly. I think she was trying to bolster my self-esteem. Most females have an intuitive sixth sense and an instinctive nurturing ability. Becky had both. I hugged her and gave her another deep kiss.

"I'm ready for a little more love, Beck. You too?" I had to move this thing forward because it was already 10:30 p.m. and I had to be out of the Johansson house by midnight .

She said not a word, but went straight to her 'work'. First she nibbled on my nipples, startling me because it tickled. There must be a hard-wired connection from the nipples to the genitals because it had an instant effect on my pecker which began to awaken. Slowly, Becky kissed me along the way to my crotch. When she finally reached her destination, she lovingly caressed by shaven balls and kissed the knob of my penis.

That was all that was needed for a full erection. We both knew I was ready for the do-over. Licking my balls first and then working her tongue up the underside of my cock, she moistened my manhood preparing it for the promise land.

The moment of truth was at hand or should I say in her hands because Becky was holding my cock with her left hand and massaging my balls with the other. Taking a deep breath, she wrapped her ruby lips at the head of my meaty and fully extended sex organ. Her eyes glistened as she looked at me for approval.

"Ahhh, ohhh ...nice Beck. Take it in babe." She went deeper. "More, more, suck me." The bulge in her cheeks showed me she was giving it her very best. "Take it down my little bitch."

I was afraid that remark would make her mad, but instead she was mad with lust, engulfing my prick in her drooling mouth. She began working her head up and down massaging my cock with her lips and tongue. Becky was obviously a quick study because she needed no coaching. As I watched her head bobbing I was in ecstasy thinking she looked like a bobble head doll.

I held her head and gently pushed it forcing my cock into her throat. Her saliva dripped down her chin and onto my balls until she began to gag. She was trying her best, but my cock just might have been too much for her to swallow. Becky came up for air and then went back down as if determined to finish deep-throating to the very bottom of my throbbing erection. She had most of my dick deep into her mouth and down her throat.

"God Beck, you're unbelievable. Make me cum. I want to fill your mouth with an ocean of my cum."

This even gave her more inspiration as she hummed while licking and sucking at a quickened pace. By now my copulating muscle began to contract. She seemed to intuitively catch the rhythm of oral stimulation and wasn't backing away knowing I was ready to explode.

"Hummm ...mmm ...humm," she hummed on.

"Agh ...ahhh ...jeez, I'm cumming Beck. Here it is ... ahhhh."

She stopped humming and bobbing as soon as the first explosion hit the back of her mouth. She choked for a moment, but hung in there with me. The next shot must have hit the roof of her mouth because there was no choking. She grabbed the base of my cock starting to milk it as if to say,"Good to the last drop." Cum oozed out of the side of her mouth, but she took her finger and pushed some it back in.

"I like that, Dick. That was fun."

The "Hose" was starting to show signs of fatigue as I pulled back while staring at a girl-woman with cum drooling from her tender lips. Becky opened her mouth for an instant to show me it was all there, then gulped it down.

"Yum," she said with a wicked smile. "You know, Dick, the real reason I wanted to see you cum is because I wanted to taste it. Sally said it was yummy. She's right! Wanna taste some?" pointing a cum filled finger at me.

I licked her finger but I wasn't impressed.

My girlfriend had let me know she was as good, no even better than the porn stars she had seen and even better than her friends Alice and Sally. Whoever said that sex isn't competitive?

Giving good head is an art form and Becky had delivered. Indeed, she had mastered the art of fellatio on her first try. People say that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Of course not because it's in a part of his anatomy just below the belly button.

The smell of sex hung heavily in the air. Mr. and Mrs. Johansson would surely notice when they returned. Becky opened some windows to let in the fresh spring air and lit a fragrance candle. The next thing I knew Becky was in her PJ's telling me it was time to go. Glancing at the clock, it was nearly bewitching hour.

"How was your nap?" she said with a little giggle. 

I hadn't realized that I had nodded off.

"Look, it's done. What do you think?" While I dozed, Becky had finished the painting.

"It's fantastic!" Once again, Becky had demonstrated her unique artistic talents. She had made the ordinary into extraordinary. I wasn't much of an art critic, but there was no doubt this piece was special.

Her oil painting now had a very thin straight ribbon of intense white light radiating from the end of the penis as if the erect organ was a flashlight. Unlike a flashlight where the light fans out and dims, this beam of light was narrow from where it originated all the way to the end of the canvas. In addition, the light retained its brilliance from beginning to end. It was, well, breathtaking.

She titled it "Laser" and signed it, "by BJ." How ironic, I thought as I got dressed. A hug and a kiss sent me home. Technically, we were both still virgins, but just by a thread. I saw the Johansson Volvo in the rear view mirror as I drove away with the knowledge that I had slept through the most important opportunity in my life.

Cat's Away, Mice Will Play: Dick is seduced

We didn't see each other the following weekend. Becky and her parents were visiting relatives during Memorial Day weekend in Chicago and I was busy helping my dad build a deck at the back of the house. School ended the next week with graduation to follow. After the graduation ceremonies, we all met at the country club signing each others' yearbooks, drinking punch, and stuffing our mouths at a huge buffet. The guys stayed together talking sports and the girls were in little groups talking girl talk.

The first three weeks of summer vacation found me at the University of Wisconsin , Oshkosh for a summer basketball camp. When I returned, Becky was in Madison attending a two week art workshop. So nothing was happening between us for those first five weeks of summer. That didn't exactly mean nothing happened.

The day after I returned from Oshkosh , Alice called to invite me to a small party at her house. The last weeks of June are a great time for parties in Wisconsin . It is warm enough to be outside until late and someone usually brought a keg if parents weren't around. Having been out of town, I hadn't heard about Alice 's party. Usually, the news of a party got around pretty quick in our town.

I was in my basketball shorts and a tank top when I rang her doorbell. I heard her say, "The door's open."

When I went inside, it was weird. No one was there. Maybe everyone was around back. Looking out the back window, I saw no one. "I'm in my room," yelled Alice.

"Am I early?" I yelled back.

"No," she said, "I said it was a small party," as she appeared at the bedroom door with a suggestive smirk.

"Ya mean, you and me, right?"

"Well, ya, but I wanted to talk to you about something, Laser."

"What's on your mind and why are you calling me Laser?"

"That's what you're called, right?"

"Only once by Becky," I said in an irritable tone of voice.

"Not anymore. The whole school knows you are Laser-dick."

"Why's that? What happened when I was at basketball camp?"

"Nothin' ... just what your girlfriend painted," she answered in a very annoying voice emphasizing the word 'girlfriend'.

"You saw it!" I exclaimed in shock.

"Becky showed us at her pajama-party the week after school let out."

Obviously, Becky had found a loophole in our agreement. She didn't show the selfies we took, just like she had promised, but nothing was ever said about her art work. Now I had a new nickname and another reputation to live down.

Alice asked, "So can I see it?"

"See what?" sounding more annoyed than ever.

"The laser, dummy!"

That's when I decided to turn lemons into lemonade. "Sure. Take off your clothes and let's get started." That wasn't much of an eloquent response, but eloquent or not, it sure was quick thinking.

"You ...are ... kidding!" Alice said measuring her words.

"Nope. That's the deal."

"I'll show you my boobs, but that's all, okay?" was her first offer.

My counter offer was, "Naked and I won't touch you." We were seriously into negotiating the agenda for her so called 'small party'.

"Topless and a blow job and that's my final offer," and she meant it.

"Done," and that was all that was needed to be said.

Why go into the details except to say that Alice might have conquered the gag reflex but she came up short. Although Alice had a cavernous mouth like Julia Roberts, she had eaten only the first three courses of a five course meal. It left me with a little more to be desired. It left me wanting Becky.

I didn't exactly keep my side of the deal with Alice, but then Alice wasn't completely faithful to her purity pledge as I had learned on Beaver Hill. Pinching her nipples just made her more active as she slid her mouth up and down my hardened shaft. With her tits bouncing with each stroke, I thought, "What the hell. I'm gonna fuck this hot bitch."

Nope. She was an AO member, in theory. "Come on, Alice . You'll love it!"

"I can't." She quickly changed the subject and offered a compromise, "Let's see if you really have a laser."

"Alright, but give me a hand job now and keep your mouth open. Don't turn away."

Alice didn't fully appreciate that she was ready to press the hair trigger on my fully loaded gun. She dribbled saliva on my rock hard prick and began rubbing it faster and faster. Waiting with her tongue out and a wide open gaping mouth, she looked just like the 'models' in adult movies. My release was explosive and potent while firing off bullets of semen. My aim was poor splattering Alice's face with one blast hitting her eye. Only one squirt managed to land on her outstretched tongue.

The taste of cum seemed to please her, but her eye burned as she tried to rub away the stinging sensation. All of a sudden, Alice burst out laughing. This wasn't a mocking laugh, or a chuckle, or a snicker, but a full blown belly laugh.

Preparing to enroll in the Witness Protection Program and go underground, I asked, "What's so damn funny?"

"You are everything Becky said you are. I can't believe it. This is so fantastic. I can't stop laughing! I'm sorry but you are the eighth wonder of the world."

I didn't know who the first seven 'wonders' were but asked, "How'd you like to feel this 'wonder' inside your pussy?"

"You're a real stud, Laser, but come on, you know I can't. Maybe if you weren't Becky's boyfriend I'd let you do me but not now."

"Oh, so it's about Becky. Thanks for nothing," and abruptly left before Alice could clean my spunk off of her plastered face. I was really really pissed as I drove off wanting to forget the whole thing.

But it wasn't the only evening like that. I was being passed around like mashed potatoes at the dinner table. The next day I got a call from Sarah. She wanted to talk. She and her boyfriend had a fight and she wanted my advice. It was a setup deal. Sarah said she wanted to check out the, "Laser rumor."

Tina called a few days later and asked if I would like to join her for pizza. It wasn't a pizza she wanted, but the sausage, mine. Tina had the best sense of humor among all of Becky's friends. After a stroking me into another powerful eruption, Tina said, "Dick, you should have a concealed weapon permit for carrying an explosive device."

Margaret was more direct. She simply said, "I want to see it! Oh, I mean I want to see you. Sorry for the slip," but I knew what she meant. So after dinner, I picked up Margaret for a Coke at Berger King. She wanted to ask me about the rumor going around town. Margaret was the aggressive type with no subtleties. She said, "Take me up to Beaver Hill."

Within minutes she had her blouse and bra off and her hand on my zipper preferring to suck on my cock rather than the straw in her drink. I have to admit Margaret had the biggest tits of any of the girls and I took full advantage of them as Margaret sucked the juices out of me.

This added attention was fun while it lasted, but Becky would be home in a few days and she was probably going to hear the gossip as soon as she got back. Anyway, none of the girls wanted to put out, I mean none of them let me fuck them. They were all AO girls and their bond was much stronger than I'd figured. The real story was not about AO but their allegiance to Becky. There seemed to be an unwritten commandment that said, "Thou shalt not fuck a friend's boyfriend."

Two days before Becky returned, I was at 7-Eleven picking up some milk for my mom. Rachel, the cashier, said, "Hi."

At first I didn't recognize her. Oh yes, I remembered. She is that shy girl who lived a couple of blocks from us. However Rachel was no longer the little girl who played hopscotch on the Mulberry Street sidewalk. She was a senior last year and in the drama club at school. Rachel still seemed painfully shy and was almost invisible, yet she looked hot in her store issue uniform.

"Hi Rachel, what's up?

"I've been working here this summer trying to get some money for college."

"Where are you goin'?"

"UW, LaCrosse."

"Oh, sounds good."

"Dick," she said as I paid for the milk, "I need a ride home after work. Could you stop by and pick me up. We only live a couple of blocks from you."

"Sure. What time do you get off?


Rachel would be the least likely girl to add to my recent good fortune but there was something about her body language that said she might be interested in more than a ride home. Maybe it was the pheromones I'd been reading about. Maybe she was looking to take a ride on my cock. Okay, I've always had a vivid imagination so I was dreaming again.

I got back to 7-Eleven a little after eight and Rachel had already started walking home. I could see that womanly gait as her hips swung from side to side, her skirt swishing to and fro. It was a rhythm that was so seductive. Opening the car window, I yelled, "Still need a ride?"

"Sure," she said.

"Wanna stop for a beer and catch up?" I asked once she was in the car.

"Sure," she said.

We didn't have much of a conversation while at Mike's Pub 'n Suds just outside of town. Rachel didn't have much to say so I told her about basketball camp and how I hoped to make the team in college. It was a stretch, but thought it might impress her thinking I might be playing basketball on TV someday. The truth was that my grades were average and tuition expensive, so I enrolled in the local two year community college. My goal was to go somewhere a long way from home after community college.

"Let's go," she said before finishing her drink.

"Any place special?" I added with a smile.

"Any place but here."


I paid for the beers leaving Mike's tavern with my mind spinning. "Have you been to the McNally's old barn?" I inquired.

She asked, "McNally's what?"

"It's a pole barn where the McNally's used to store hay and farm equipment, tractor and stuff, before they moved into town. They no longer use it but everyone parties there. Let's check it out. Maybe there's a party goin' on."

"Good. I'm ready to party," was all she said.

Fifteen minutes later we drove up to an empty barn.

"No one is here," she said as we took a look inside.

"Let's go inside. It's kind of dark but a good place to make out," I said testing the waters.

Surprised she said, "Really?"

Apparently, we were on the same page. Once in the coolness of the barn we could smell the bales of hay stacked on the upper level. There were a few opened bales scattered around, perfect as a place to get laid.

"I want to go look up there," she said.

"Wait, I've got a blanket in the car. Meet ya up there."

I was out of my mind with an urgency to hump that shy chick's beaver.

What followed was not my proudest moment. After some small talk and obligatory kisses, we did the usual fumbling with clothes. I couldn't believe she was wearing a crotchless thong! Both of us were very naked except for her thong as we fondled each other's genitals lying on a soft bed of hay.

Rachel didn't have the slimmest body, but she also wasn't fat. Her hips were mature and showed she was ready to bear fruit, so to speak. Her breasts were plump with large nipples. I quickly became addicted to them. My excitement was moving rapidly toward the 'happy ending' stage. It wouldn't be long before I was releasing the energy swelling inside my balls.

"Wait," she said. Rachel reached into her nearby purse where, to my surprise, she pulled out a condom. Quickly and expertly she took it out of its envelope and rolled it down my throbbing cock as far as it would go. She rolled me on my back with my soldier standing at full attention. Then she put one leg over me ready to mount my waiting hose. As she leaned forward, her tits swung in front of my face and I desperately tried to tongue her erect tits.

She straightened up holding my firm muscle in her hand using it to rub her clit and outer pussy lips. Her inner moisture began to lubricate my cock as it strained to reach the glory land. Already I was leaking pre-cum and ready to explode. Before she let me slam my rod in her donut hole, I let loose a powerful spray of jizz, filling the reservoir tip of the sheath that caught my first ejaculation.

"Agh, ahhh, Good Lord in heaven," I cried out. "Thy rod and thy staff they comfort me," came storming into my brain.

Rachel quickly moved to my side, pulled off the squishy condom, and engulfed my raging cock into her warm sensuous mouth. There was plenty of me left. Rachel didn't lose a single drop sucking and sucking like she was the farmer's daughter harvesting crops.

I go to church, but I'm not particularly religious so it got me wondering why Bible verses kept popping into my head. Maybe I had died and gone to heaven. "For whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap." Rachel had done the reaping and couldn't hold all the globs of fluid without it dripping from her lips. It wasn't the happy ending I had counted on, but a pretty nice ending at that.

I was totally spent and embarrassed for cumming so quickly again. She kissed me with her cum filled tongue swirling inside my cheeks as if to share the bountiful harvest. Finally Rachel swallowed and licked her lips like she had just finished a double dip vanilla ice cream cone. She noticed my disappointment and said, "Don't worry, Dick. Lots of guys do that. Now I want you to eat me out."

The words, "lots of guys" rang in my ears. Who had she been fucking? There was no gossip circulating at school that Rachel was a whore, yet she had the experience of a gal with history. Maybe she was screwing guys at the local community college. I made a mental note to check it out.

So she wanted some tongue. I owed it to her. Rachel was no novice at getting her pussy eaten. First she put her hands under her ass to raise her hips to meet my face. Next she spread her legs wide apart with knees bent. This allowed her to wiggle her ass getting the best sensations from my flickering tongue. I had seen how to give a girl head looking at porn, but never when her pussy was embroidered with crotchless apparel. As it turned out, the material was easy to stretch in order to gain full access to her magic door.

Rachel wasn't fully shaved, only trimmed. I could see a triangular mound above her clit as I made a move to satisfy her lust. First, my tongue slid slowly over her hood hoping to see or feel a little rounded pebble. After several more tries, my tongue touched the pleasure button and Rachel's heavy breathing told me I had found her jewel. My lips encircled her sensitive organ with my tongue massaging her most vulnerable spot. As I sucked, her clit extended itself into my mouth and it was easier to start her on her way to an earth shattering orgasm. Feeling her wetness, my fingers danced in her love tunnel.

"Oh, oh, oh! That's sooo good. It feels so good. More, please more," she demanded.

I gave her more of what she demanded until she cried, "Put your tongue inside me!"

Taking my thumb and forefinger, I spread her pussy lips apart to look into that sweet honey box. I took aim and pressed my tongue deep into the center of the target. Tongue fucking takes some dedication, but she wanted us to keep at it for what seemed like an eternity. It was getting pretty sloppy in there with my saliva and her cunt juices, but I kept on. She couldn't get enough.

Rachel was wiggling her hips frantically until I felt her kegels begin to tighten around my tongue. Her climax was powerful as wave after wave of pleasure extended her orgasm. Her legs pressed against my head. Her ass gyrated uncontrollably and then a steady flow of liquid filled my tongue.

"I'm there! I'm cumming, cumming, cumming!" Rachel couldn't stop saying it until finally she throttled down and eased into a calmer mood. She had a dreamy and serene look while recovering from supreme ecstasy.

They say eating pussy is an acquired taste. I hadn't acquired it yet.

All of a sudden, Rachel raised her head and demanded, "Take me home!" It wasn't a request or a suggestion. It was a command.

"Hey, Rachel, we just got started." I argued.

She was determined and grabbed her clothes, quickly dressing and stepped down the ladder disappearing into the car. I joined her several minutes later. Rachel didn't seem angry or happy, in fact, she had no expression at all while we drove to her house. She said nothing. Her only words were, "Good night," as she opened the car door and walked up the steps to her door. No kiss, no hug, no thank you, just "Good night," and she was gone.

Once again, I was close, but no cigar.

The next day I called my buddies at the community college to ask what they knew. Apparently, Rachel was well known among the basketball players. She had fucked nearly all of them at one time or another and the most unbelievable rumor was when she got laid by the point guard before a game and by the coach after the game. It seemed she just couldn't get enough cock. Okay, that was only a rumor but hey, it really wasn't hard for me to believe.

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