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Graduation Present

After a troubled beginning a young man gets the grades and enjoys his graduation present
All characters named and any actions taken are fictional.

Graduation Present

90%, bloody hell, bloody fucking hell!! 90%. I had done it, I had achieved the percentage needed for the best present that is on offer, I was a grade 1 student!

Let me explain, I have been a total shit bag for a few years now, no qualifications and in trouble with the police pretty often. After a short stint in prison I was offered a chance to take part in a new rehabilitation scheme. This scheme teaches you a trade, gives you proper formal qualifications (not the type the government try to give offenders that are worthless but made to make you feel better) and dependent upon your final grade number get a special graduation present. With my 90% that puts me just in the grade 1 bracket! Chuffed was not the word, excited and horny more like.

The reason for my excitement is due to what the final grade meant:

Grade 4, 0% – 39% - Nothing. As this is a failure.

Grade 3, 40% - 69% - Basic pass. Free tickets to your local strip club with one free drink and free lap dance. No touching of course.

Grade 2, 70 – 89% - Good pass. 1 hour’s sensual massage and blow job at your local ‘massage parlour’.

Grade 1, 90% - 100% - Excellent pass. 2 hours with a fully paid up whore who is registered with one of the top three ‘escort’ agencies in the country.

(I would like to point out that females have their own version of the graduation presents).

So here I am two weeks after gaining my grade (and a job as a car mechanic) about to enter the hotel room where my graduation present was waiting for me. It is 8pm and the next 2 hours are just for me. I slip the electronic key card into the slot and watch the light turn from red to green.

My heart is pounding faster that I can remember and the palm of my hands are damp with sweat. I push the door open and walk into a small entrance hall which is dark, but I can see at the end the start of the living area of the room, the curtains have been closed letting in just a little light around the edges of them. The door quietly clicks closed behind me.

I slowly walk forward unsure of myself and what may actually happen. I am feeling hot and horny and my cock is fully erect as my mind plays over various ideas and scenarios of what is to come. I leave the corridor and enter the main living area and smell strawberries in the air and notice a number of candles strewn around.

As my eyes become more acclimatised to the darkness I notice a body like shape lounging on the rather large sofa in the centre of the room. I slowly walk forward towards the shape and can tell that it is a naked woman with a large smile on her face. Through the gloom I can tell she is about 5’ 8” tall, medium size breasts and long hair which spills over her shoulder.

I move to no more than a foot away from where her head is positioned and before I can take in any further details her hand rises up indicating for me to stop. Any bravado or ideas I had on entering the room flow from my mind and I just stand still. My heart which I mentioned earlier was pounding faster than I could ever remember somehow manages to outdo it self further. Slowly, lithely the woman sits up right in front of me. I can now tell she is about my age (I am 23) and reaches out her hand.

I feel her hand touch the obvious bulge in my jeans and begin lightly moving up and down. The other hand takes hold of my belt and somehow gets it undone quicker than I can do so myself with both hands.

I have been with quite a few women before and am normally the assertive one but for some reason I feel this time it’s best to be led. Seconds later my button and zip are undone and my jeans are pulled slowly straight down to my ankles. My cock springs out pointing straight forward as I have taken the liberty of not wearing underpants. My knob is probably slightly longer than average, about 7 inches, decent girth, with a slight upwards curve ending in a circumcised head. Her hands grip me on my buttocks and slowly pull me forward.

I shuffle forward, unable to move properly as my ankles are caught up in my jeans. I look down and see her lean forward, stick her tongue out and make contact with the tip of my knob. Slowly my cock slides over her tongue and into the opening of her mouth. I can feel the warmth of her mouth and the slickness of her tongue on the underside of my hard cock as it moves slowly in. Without stopping she pulls me slowly further forward into her mouth.

Her lips close around my cock encasing the end in its fiery heat. Further forward I am drawn until my mushroom shaped head touches the back of her throat. Up to now she has not uttered any noise but a small gagging sound slips out. She draws back slightly and once again pulls me forward and this time tilts her head to a slightly different angle. My cock hits the back of her throat but this time slides along, moving down into her throat.

I look down again and see her nose pushing into my pubic hairs and then touch my stomach. She pulls me harder forward and I can see she has me totally inside of her. Through all this my hands have been limply hanging by my side but she takes hold of them and moves them up the back of her head. I grip her hair with both hands and pull her forward a little bit further.

I can feel her throat muscles rippling around the length of my cock and I feel a little faint due to the sensations. I have never been deep throated in such a manner before and I find it truly erotic. I feel her pull her head back a bit and allow her to do so but quickly she pushes her head forward again.

She pulls her head back again a little further this time pulling my cock out of her throat. Once again she quickly pushes her head forward while at the same time using her hands now back on my buttocks to pull me forward. My cock slips seamlessly down the back of her throat again and I feel her muscles clamping down on my mushroom head.

I take the hint and begin rocking backwards and forwards, my cock slipping nearly all the way out of her mouth before I pull on her hair and slip it back down into her throat. I continue doing this feeling the heat of her mouth and the velvet smoothness of its interior caressing my cock.

Small moans begin to seep out around my girth which causes her mouth and throat to vibrate a little, adding further to the sensations I already feel. I grip her hair even tighter and begin rocking harder backwards and forwards steadily. I can feel the heat of her breath pushing out of her nose over the top of my cock. At no time does she try to stop my movements, it is as if she is enjoying this encounter just as much as I am. I continue moving like this for some time until I feel a slight tingling in the bottom of my cum laden balls.

I begin slowly building up my speed; pulling my cock head out of her squirming throat and forcing it back down again. I continue building up speed, her hands gripping my buttocks, pulling harder now to the point where I can feel her long nails beginning to dig deeply into my skin. The sensation in my balls spreading slowly ever upwards, my temperature rising higher as well. Faster and faster I rock, my cock covered in slick juices moving seamlessly in and out of her mouth and throat.

Without warning I can feel my seed racing upwards and pull her head hard in against my stomach. My cock begins to twitch against the clamping walls of her throat and an eruption of pent up seed floods out of the end. I feel her head jerk back a little as the first string hits the back of her throat but she quickly recovers and pushes forward further herself. String after string of slick cum hits the back of her undulating throat and flies down into her stomach. My legs turn to jelly and I struggle to stand as I feel this amazing woman is sucking the life force out through my cock.

I allow myself to pull back a bit and let go of her head. As I move backwards I fall, she tries to keep me in her mouth and follow me down but my cock escapes. As the head leaves her mouth it grazes her tight lips and I give forth a groan due to the incredible sensitivity of the end. I have barely hit the floor when her mouth once again encompasses my cock into her warmth and devours the last of my sperm. We lie on the floor for a couple of minutes, me on my back still fully dressed but with my jeans caught around my ankle and this naked oral goddess clamped onto my half mast cock slowly running her tongue around cleaning me off.

Finally she lifts her head up and I can see her beautiful face beaming at me, opening her mouth to show me a small amount of my seed on her tongue and swallows it down. With a bashful look upon her face she looks me straight in the eye and introduces herself to me as Heather.

Five minutes later we find ourselves in the over sized shower washing each others body. Once we have rinsed off I kiss her for the first time. Her bright red lips taste of cherry and her tongue slips into my mouth and we duel. My hands slide down her back and grip her beautiful bottom pulling her towards my fully recovered erection. I can feel her pushing herself hard against me, the nipples of her breasts like small bullets drive into my chest. I slide my hands further down between her legs and let my fingers slide over her tight rose bud and touch her shaved wet pussy.

Without any problems my middle finger slips through her outer lips and the tip penetrates into her hot wet hole but no further. Even with just this small length inside I can feel her body try to pull more in and a groan slips from her into my mouth. I pull my head back and slowly turn her round facing away from me. She places both hands up high on the tiles above her head and sticks out her rear. The hot shower water cascades over her back and run down the cleft in her buttocks. From my angle I can see her dark star and just below that her swollen pussy lips coated in her thick vaginal juices.

I slide my cock from one end of her lips to the other as she wiggles her bottom side to side and up and down in a provocative manner. Without any help the head of my cock nestles into the entrance of her love canal and I push forward as slowly as I can manage. My mind is telling me to pound her hard but I find myself taking my time enjoying the sheer eroticism of the moment. Her pussy hole is tight, tighter than I expected due to her chosen vocation and her walls grip me as I push my cock deeper into her cavern. Even through the shower water I can feel her juices slowly dripping out and gathering around the base of my cock and on to my ball sack.

I take hold of her breasts and gently caress them, finger and thumb rolling her erect nipples around slowly. Both of us begin moaning as we commence the oldest dance in the world. Once again I rock my body again, except this time I am the one in control rather than the minx that brought me to the floor. Her head falls forward with a long drawn out sigh as my cock drives as deep as I can get into her tight wet hole.

Every time I slide out I allow the bottom of my mushroom shaped cock head to pull just out of her pussy entrance then glide back in at a steady tempo. Our bodies slap together, forcing the gathering shower water to spray off in all directions. I can tell this technique is affecting both of us just the same, for me this being the most sensitive bit of my cock. Due to the amazing blowjob I have already received I am able to keep up this relentless pace comfortably for quite some time. Every now and then I lean forward through the water spray and gently bite her shoulders and back while tenderly tweaking her nipples.

At some point I can feel she is getting tired in this position so I pull her upright and onto my body, my cock just staying inside her slick hole. I gently turn her round and we both move down carefully on our knees, this time the hot water spraying against my back. In this position I can tell she is more comfortable and begins pushing back against me more forcefully. I in turn push forward more vigorously into her hot hole but this time gripping onto her shoulders. We soon find the right rhythm and begin thrusting against each other with more force. Our groans become more vocal and the slapping of our wet bodies together make the whole thing feel deliciously dirty.

Within minutes we are banging our bodies against each other as hard as we can and on a whim I lightly slap her right buttock, leaving a slight red hand shaped mark against her beautifully pale skin. This brings a loud moan and a pushing up and back of her bottom. I slap the other cheek a little harder and get the same reaction but this time with a small yelp.

Noticing how this is affecting her I begin to smack her bottom in a slow tattoo, each time I make contact her pussy walls spasm and grip harder onto my stiff cock. I up the speed and strength of my slapping and watch as her bottom turns a deeper red with outcrops of finger shaped marks splaying out from the centre. Through all this she keeps her head up, loudly moaning with an edge of sobbing beginning to creep in.

I cease the slapping and lean forward over her, now ramming my cock into her hard and fast, her body still pushing back hard against my own. I once again place my hands on her breasts but grip hold of her nipples hard. I pull back a little, pulling her nipples with them and start fucking her like the whore she is. Through all of this tender enjoyment I had not forgotten that she is a present to me for my hard work and achievements and decide to make the most of my good fortune. I move my legs up closer to her body and push myself up into the squatting position and begin banging her ass as hard as I can forcing my cock into her tight fuck hole.

It becomes harder to hold onto her nipples due to the new position so I let go. I look down to see my cock slamming in and out of her and once again notice her rear entrance. I move one hand onto her shoulder pushing her head down to the bottom of the shower and the other one I use to caress the outside of her rear opening.

I gather some of her copious juices and lather it around her opening and slowly push my finger into her. I can see her hole slowly open up and let my finger slide in easier than I expected. Without taking a break from pounding her I pull my finger out until it is just inside the opening and push another finger inside of her rear passageway.

For the next couple of minutes I slide my fingers in and out of her bottom in sync with my pounding cock. By now my legs are burning and my balls are beginning to boil. I push forward into her body as hard as I physically can, all this time my whore is pushing back hard against me, using her hands to hold her in position against the warm tiled floor. Her moans begin to pick up in intensity and I can feel her pussy walls beginning to literally roll up and down over my invading cock. This feeling begins to push me over the edge as my balls once again begin to tingle.

We are both absolutely drenched in sweat and water as we slam our bodies against each other on the hard shower floor, shouting out inarticulate words and noises. I feel her throbbing love tunnel begin gripping my cock as hard as it has ever felt and I struggle to keep sliding in and out but force myself to do so, as the feeling is even better than the one I had when I was in her tight throat.

Within seconds she screams louder than ever before and I feel my cock once again lose its fight and begins spraying her insides with my hot cum. Just like before I hold myself deep inside her gripping pussy and unload everything I have. Seconds later I feel as if I am about to black out and let my weight fall over her pinning her to the floor.

Seconds, minutes, hours, I’m not sure as I come around and find myself laid on the floor of the shower, my head nestled in my whore’s lap the steam still swirling around in the cubicle. She once again looks into my eyes and states that she is glad that I am back in the land of the living.

Minutes later we are dry and lay in bed under the heavy duvet caressing each other’s body, gently kissing each other’s face. She turns away from me and pushes her bottom against my flaccid cock. I draw her back to me with the intention of continuing our little adventure but find my mind foggy and my body tired and regretfully fall to sleep.

I awake hours later to an empty bed. I look around and see that she is no longer there, her clothes are gone and all I am left with are my memories of our time together and her smell lingering in the bed.

Ten minutes later I am fully dressed and heading out the door. As I walk down the corridor I cannot help but thinking carefully about what my mechanic tutor said to me just before I finished my course, “If you work hard, try hard and succeed then the rewards will surely come” and they have.

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