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Great night in

Reading Lush stories made us opt for a sexy night in of our own!
This is my first story, I hope you enjoy it as much as my husband and I do. It's a true story about a night between him and I, there is mention of how we moan loudly because we have thin walls and I'm pretty sure our neighbours heard us!! I'm thinking about writing some more, so feedback welcome!
I quickly run myself a bath, knowing I'm in for a hot night. Slipping into the hot bubbly water I cant help but run my hands over my soapy body, caressing my breasts and sliding down my body to between my thighs.... I imagine you watching me, getting turned on by what I'm doing. My fingers find my pussy and slowly start to rub along my clit, making it throb with excitement, I can feel myself starting to get wet which just turns me on even more. I dip a finger deep inside myself, softly moaning as I do so, then glide my juicy fingers around my nipples, making them reach out to be touched more. I am desperate to satisfy the pulsing between my thighs but I can't cum yet, I want you to tease me and build me upto my orgasm, you know the right things to get me there. As much as it kills me to do so, I finish my bath and try to ignore the throbbing from below....
I can hear you in the bathroom getting ready to come to bed with me, you dont know just how horny I am tonight, or that im wearing the sexy black, lace knickers you bought me... I lay on the bed on my front, making sure my boobs look full and sexy for you to see as you come in, I bend my knees and cross my legs behind me, making sure my ass is too tempting to resist.
Then you appear, kiss me and jump into the bed. You run your hands up my thighs and I feel goosebumps break out all over me, my nipples become hard and I immediatly gett wet under your expert touch. You always knows how to tease me, everytime you do I get goosebumps or a flutter in my stomach, and an aching in my pussy! You plant feather light kisses up the backs of my legs, combined with a very hot, but brief massage of my pussy through my knickers, which makes me stick my ass up to try to make you do more. You pull away back to my legs, knowing me well enough to know that as much as it pains me, I love the tease and flirt. You lie beside me and kiss me deeply, your lips are too perfect, as if expertly crafted to match mine, and as I feel your tongue, I can't help but fantasise about you licking down my neck, and nibbling your way further down my trembling body to work me into a frenzy by breathing hot air so close to my wetness that it sends chills all over my body, making my back arch and a moan escape my lips. The fantasy isn't enough, I need it to be real, but I want to pleasure you first.
We roll slightly so you're on your back, me with a leg hooked between yours. We kiss as you slide my hand down your chest to wrap my fingers around your hard cock, I love the feel of it, pulsing in my hand. I run my hand along it slowly, building the tension because I know you want me, I squeeze you tightly as I start to wank you faster and I hear you groan in appriciation. You moan that you want to fuck me, but I whisper into your ear that I want you in my mouth. Your cock twitches in my hand so I nibble and lick my way down your body, taking your balls in my hand, I lick my lips and wasting no time teasing, I plunge your length into my mouth making you gasp in shock and pleasure, pulling it out again, I swirl my tongue across the head while rubbing you with my hand, then continue to suck you, deeply and tightly, groaning while you're deep in my throat for you to feel the vibration through your erection. I love sucking you, I love giving you pleasure and making you beg me to fuck you.
I work my way back up your body so that I'm straddling you, just my now soaked knickers between my hot pussy and your long, hard cock. I grind myself against you while you kiss and lick down my neck, taking a breast in each hand, you gently squueze them while flicking your tongue across my hard nipples making me gasp. You gently bite the soft flesh around my nipples and slide my knickers down past my ass, I move so I'm lying next to you to make taking them off easier. As I kick them off you roughly rub your hand up my thigh, it makes the breath catch in my throat and a filthy moan escapes me as you rub your finger across my throbbing clit, circling it in a way I love, then quickly slipping two fingers inside me. You're driving me crazy and I need you to fuck me, I moan that I'm willing to go without my fantasy licking from you because I wanna fuck you so bad. With a horny grunt you re-position me so I'm straddling you again, this time no barrier between us. I'm so wet you slide into me straight away, so deep. We both let out a horny cry as we finally start fucking. I sit upright to get you as deep as possible and begin riding you fast, we are both so turned on we can't help but cry out loudly. I throw myself back and grip your thighs to hold myself steady as I push you deeper into me and grind myself against you. You thrust upwards into me making me weak at the knees and I collapse onto your chest kissing you deeply with my hot boobs squashed against your skin.
I turn onto my back and you are inside me immediately, filling me completely. I grab hold of the headboard behind me and lift my legs so I can tilt to get you deeper. You grunt in my ear and push yourself into me, releasing one hand from the headboard I scratch my nails down your back, making your groan. Grabbing me tightly you then flip me over onto all fours. I get into position on my hands and knees infront of you, excitement building in me, this is my favorite position and you know it, you play your cock along my pussy before pushing into me fully while I squeeze as tight as I can, holding you in place. I reach under myself with my hand, between my legs and grope your balls, gently squeezing them, then slide my hand to myself and begin to circle my clit as you had done earlier, I finger myself as you fuck me hard from behind. Your balls slapping into me turns me on more, building me towards the orgasm I've been desperatly for, but resisting since my bath. I know you're close too, so I push myself further, sticking my ass up to get you as deep as possible, I come while you're deep in me. My legs begin shaking, my breath turns to pants and I cant stop myself from crying out in pleasure, this must turn you on too because within seconds I can feel you grip my hips and dig yourself in deeper still before coming inside me and moaning out loud. We collapse to the bed, sweaty and satisfied, and out of breath....for now.....
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