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Great sex to great music

A hot and heavy encounter to music with a heavy beat..leaving both parties breathless wanting more
I am standing at a mixing desk...with the music pumping..bass line fingers feeling the vibrations every time I touch the decks. I mix in a song which is one of my favourites, smiling at the sound of the first moments..beginning to nod my head to the beat and move my body to the rhythm. I don't notice that this whole time he has been leaning against the door frame behind me, watching me, scanning my figure, my back, my legs, my arse as I move to the music.

As he moves closer towards me I feel the air move. I don't acknowledge him but knowing he is there, I start to move my hips from side to side, teasing his eyes. He stands behind me and breathes into my neck..pushing his hips against my arse as I continue to move my hips. He kisses me on the neck and resists the urge to let his hands explore my body. I take my headphones off and reach my arm around to the back of his head, pulling his hair a little and bringing his head over my shoulder so he has a view down my loose top, still kissing my neck he notices I'm not wearing a bra. He gets excited at this and starts to nibble on my neck and I start to feel a bulge in his pants hardening.

He can't resist holding his hands back any longer and reaches his arms around me and his hands feel their way around my hips making a line towards my inner thighs, teasingly avoiding my hot mound. He applies pressure to my inner thighs with both hands, forcing me to spread my legs wider where I stand. He pushes his hard length up against my arse, pushing me forward so that my pelvic bone rests on the mixing desk, which sends vibrations through me with every beat.

With my legs spread he takes both of my hands behind my back and holds them there with one of his hands. With the other, he feels his way up my stomach towards my breasts over my tshirt. He can feel my nipples hardening through the material and lifts my tshirt up to get a view of them in his hand. He pushes me over at the hips, cupping one breast in his hand, while the other holds my hands behind my back. He grinds his hips into me and I let out a moan feeling the hardness of his cock and imagining it inside me.

He pulls my hair back and makes me stand up again, spinning me around so that I am facing him. He is still holding onto my hair and pulls my head back as he kisses me hard, still grinding his hard cock into me, the feel of it against my sensitive clit makes me shudder. He takes my shirt off and kisses down my body from my neck, stopping at my breasts and giving them some attention. He circles my nipples with his tongue and sucks on them hard. He kisses down my stomach and pushes his face into my mound over my pants. He finds my clit and rubs his tongue over it. He can feel me becoming wet through my pants so he slides them with my panties over my arse and down to the ground.

He licks the inside of my thigh..teasing me with his tongue. After licking and kissing gently for a bit, he bites down making me flinch. He touches my thighs with both hands..pushing them back so that I am resting on the desk. He moves his hands down my legs, rubbing them firmly before back up again on the insides of my thighs. He moves his head closer to me and sticks out his tongue..millimetres away from my swollen clit. I move my hips forward so that his tongue is just touching my clit. He gets a taste of my sweet juices and immediately wants more. He licks me hard from my clit all the way down to my hole..back up again to circle my clit. He tells me to take his head in his hands and ride his face the way I like it. With one hand I grasp the hair on the back of his head and guide it towards my wet pussy. I keep his head still as I grind my pelvis forward and back automatically in time with the music so that his tongue presses firmly on my clit and back down to my hole. He sucks my pussy lips into his mouth.

I pull his head back and bend over to kiss him hard...tasting myself on his tongue, his lips, his mouth. I let go of his head and lean back on the desk..letting him explore with his hands and mouth. As he continues to tease my clit with his tongue, he slides a finger in my tight hole slowly..making me rise, only to push back down on it, pushing it deeper. He takes his finger out and licks it before sliding it back in..and out faster, all the while holding me firmly against the desk and lapping at my clit with his tongue (Oh my..this is getting me so turned on..I can feel myself getting wet..mmm..back to it).

He stands up in front of me and makes me take his pants I bend over to take them to the ground, he holds my head infront of his big throbbing cock. He tells me to open my mouth for him and I do so obediently. He pushes my head onto his mouth engulfing it, making it slippery as he lets out a moan. He tells me how good it feels which turns me on even more and I suck it harder...moving from the tip to the base in one smooth movement. I come back up to the head of his cock and circle it with my tongue, sucking on it before he pushes my head onto him..burying his cock in my mouth, making me gasp. After his cock is all nice and wet he pulls me off it and kisses me passionately.

He then forcefully turns me around and pushes me against the desk, telling me to bend over and present my pussy and arse to him. He kneels down behind me and pulls me back onto his face, burying himself in my soaking wet pussy. I feel his tongue, strong and warm push into my hole and it sends a jolt of electricity through my body. He holds his hand against the desk and pushes me onto it, letting me grind my clit onto his fingers as he tongue fucks my hole. He rubs the palm of his hand over my pussy, applying pressure to my clit and letting his hand be filled with my juices. He rubs his wet hand onto his cock and stands up.

He pushes me over again at the hips as he stops for a moment to take in the view, stroking his hard cock. He turns my head to the side and kisses me gently, letting me lick his lips to taste myself again. As we are kissing he directs the head of his cock to my pussy, rubbing up and down so that I feel it hard against my clit. I want it so bad by now so I tell him to fuck me. I want him to fuck me so hard. He slides his cock into my hole, just the head of it and holds me steady by holding onto my hips. I try to move back to get him inside me but he doesn't budge. He is teasing me because he knows how bad I want it. He tells me I'm a naughty girl and I'm going to have to wait for it now. He can hardly wait either but he resists the temptation to fuck me straight away and tells me I'm in for some punishment now.

The music still going, he steps back and to the side, rubbing my arse with his hand before taking it away and letting it fall onto my arse, making a perfect slap sound. He takes it further back and spanks me harder with his hand, fingers wide open. A few times on each arse cheek and it starts to become red with the pressure. He rubs his hands over my arse and gives me one last hard smack before telling me that should do for now. He steps up behind me again and holds my hip with one hand as the other rubs over my belly and down to my aching clit. He rubs it softly and positions his cock at the entrance to my hole. I am so wet by now and it's so easy for him to slide his hard cock into me, slowly and firmly, one movement until it's deep inside me. He holds it there and pushes a little bit deeper, making me lose my breath.

I am completely at his mercy as he holds himself up to me, holding my hips and pushing me into the desk. He starts fucking me slowly at first and builds up to a nice steady time to the beat. It gives me shivers feeling him go in and out of my tight hole listening to the music at the same time. So fucking hot. He pushes me over more and holds me by my shoulders..thrusting in to me harder..and deep, he is bending his knees slightly so the angle that his cock goes into my pussy is just perfect for the depth. He pulls me onto his cock by pulling my shoulders down. I let my hand fall between my legs and rub my clit from side to side..pushing against it hard. As I am bent over I look down between my legs and can see his big cock sliding in and out of me while my finger plays with my clit. The music picks up tempo and so does the speed of our bodies, fucking. At one point he slows down and takes his cock all the way out before sliding it in hard, letting me feel the contrast between having him inside me. He stops moving his hips and forces me to fuck his cock, backing myself onto him, using his cock as my personal fuck stick. Letting me do what I want with it. This turns me on so much that the walls of my pussy start to contract and I can feel myself getting close to orgasm. He feels my pussy tighten around him and holds my shoulders again, fucking me with deep, deliberate strokes. I'm getting closer and closer, our breaths together so heavy, our bodies hot and slippery with sweat. He tells me how bad I am, enjoying him fucking me, how hot I look in this state, naked, taking short breaths, my body moving to the rhythm of being fucked and the music and my body begging for pleasure. He can feel my juices running all the way down his hard shaft as he takes it out before pushing it in deep and holding it there..pulsating back and forth deep inside me as my pussy walls tighten even more and I let out a moans lost in the volume of the music. My whole body shudders and my legs turn to jelly...he slowly takes out his hard cock..which looks like it's about to explode. I get down on my knees, my body still tingling from the moment just before. I grab hold of his hard slippery cock and move my hand around it, gripping firmly, sliding it up and down and sucking the head in my mouth, lapping at it with my tongue. It doesn't take long before he lets out a low groan and I aim his cock at my chest, letting his cum fall over my breasts as I still hold his cock in my hand. Smiling up at him cheekily, feeling so good that we were both brought to ultimate pleasure together..knowing how good it felt for each other. Mmmmmmmm..I stand up and leave the music playing as we both go to the bathroom for a quick shower..soaping each other up and kissing in the water..our bodies letting off so much heat we hardly need any hot water.
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