Gym Membership

By VettiVecci

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How I became a member of my gym.
I lead a hectic life and that means that I do not have enough free time on my hands. The one thing I enjoy doing the most is working out. It allows me the opportunity to release my frustrations from my stressful job. I can’t think of anything better than to crank up my mp3 player, grab some free weights and get to work. The problem is my hours are so messed up that I don’t really have the time to go. My friends suggested I try his gym which is open 24 hours. He took me there one day and after taking a tour, I was given a free pass to come for one session. The gym is staffed 24 hours, so I can come whenever I would like.

Two weeks later I showed up at 2:30 a.m. It was completely empty which I like because I hate to work out in a full gym. There was no one at the front desk and after waiting for five minutes, I went to look around to see if I could find anyone. I heard some noises coming from the tanning booths and thought I would go take a look.


A woman peers her head from around a corner.

“Hello there. You can just scan your card and get started.

“I don’t have a card. I just have a free pass.”

“Oh okay, can you just give me a moment please.”

She has a slight accent. Hispanic it seems. From the looks of it, she had just stepped out of the tanning booth and was trying to get her clothes on. She stepped out moments later wrapped in a towel. Instant hard on. Oh my goodness she was hot. I slid my workout bag around to the front to hide the bulge in the front of my shorts. Very exotic looking. She has dark hair which she had wrapped up and out of the way, brown eyes and tanned skin. She had the towel wrapped kind of low accentuating her breasts. They seemed to be a large C cup at best and the towel just hugged her curves, framing her flat, mid section and sensuous hips. She’s tall, about my height, maybe an inch shorter. I’m six foot, which allows us to see eye to eye.

She walks up to me extending her right hand. We shake hands. “Hello. My name is Jessica. Sorry about the towel, you caught me at an awkward moment. No one ever comes in this late, or early, however you want to look at it. I only took this job at these hours so I can study in quiet away from my roommates.”

“That’s okay. My name is Jason. The towel adds a nice touch. At least you can pull it off. Not many people can.”

Smiling as she blushes, “You’re sweet. Can you do me a favor though and not mention this to anyone. I’m not really allowed to be doing this during my hours.”

“I won’t tell a soul as long as you wear this towel while you go check me in.”

“Oh, a little blackmail I see. All right, you’re cute so I don’t mind. Right this way”

I allow her to go ahead of me so I can watch her walk. Damn, the way her hips sway from side to side just drives me crazy. It’s been a couple of months since I’ve had sex, and let me tell you, it took every ounce of strength in my body to not pull that towel off of her, lay her over a bench and pound into that sumptuous ass.

She takes my pass along with some personal information. When she was done, she walked around the desk to front where I stood, informed me that this pass was only good for this one session, and when I told her I understood, she again extends her right hand to shake, but her towel slightly slips and her left breast is completely exposed. Holy shit!! I almost blew my load right there. She was able to catch the towel just in time before anything else was exposed.

Blushing, “Oh my goodness, excuse me. That was definitely not supposed to happen. I’m so sorry.”

“Please don’t be sorry. I quite like that look. It’s a lot better than your towel ensemble that you have going.”

“Sure. Than again, it’s not that you’ve never seen one before.”

“Oh I have, just not one as lovely.”

“Yeah right. Well, enjoy your workout. If you’ll excuse me, I need to get dressed.”

With that, she left. She quickly disappeared around the corner and into the women's dressing room. I went and put my things away and as I was leaving, I heard the shower being turned on in the women's dressing room. Would it be wrong to have just a quick peak. I mean, I’ve already seen something. After a couple of minutes of deciding which head I should think with. The little guy won in the end.

I quietly walked in trying not to make a noise. I wasn’t sure how she would react if she saw me. She seemed cool to me and I didn’t think she would make a big stink about it, but you never know. My heart beating faster, and my nerves beginning to take over, I began to think that maybe this really wasn’t a good idea after all. There she was. She still had her towel on and was testing the water for the temperature. I took another step and my bad knee made a crack noise. Not too loud, but enough to be heard. She paused for only a fraction of a second and I was sure I was caught. Instead she slowly slid the towel off and walked in. She didn’t close the curtain, so I took a couple of more steps and hid behind some lockers where there was a bench that I could sit down on and watch.

She reached up, pulled something from her hair and let it fall down till it reached her shoulders and began by letting the water careen down her body. From the nape of her neck, down to her lovely toes. Her back was facing me and she was looking up while she let the water run down her front. I just stood there and stared at her lovely ass and some nice side boob action. It was a nice big ass and I’m sure it would jiggle just right if I pounded it hard enough. She turns around, exposing her breasts in full view and a lovely shaven pussy while she lets the water run down her hair. I couldn’t take it anymore and I had to pull my dick out because it was hurting from straining against my shorts.

When she was done, she began to rub soap on herself. While still facing me, she began by soaping her neck and slowly working her way down to her breasts. She spent some time here just really soaping those tits up just right before working her way down to her stomach and finally her pussy. She turned around to face her back towards me and stepped to the right a bit to get away from the water. She began soaping the back of her neck, working her way down her back until she got to her ass. Now she bends over, and her soapy pussy lips protrude just slightly from the back of her thighs. She works her way down lower and lower making her lips protrude even further. She stands up and begins to shampoo her hair. As she runs her fingers through her hair, her breasts sway side to side and I notice her nipples are getting hard. Without realizing it, I’m slowly starting to stroke myself.

She gets under the water to wash off and lets the water run down her body again. This time she starts rubbing her tits working the soap off and I distinctly heard her moan. She now moves one hand down to her pussy and starts to rub herself. She stops to wash her hair out, and when she’s done, she goes right back to rubbing her pussy some more. This is driving me wild and I begin to increase the speed of my stroking. Her nipples are hard now and she’s bucking her hips against her hand. Faster and faster she goes and her moaning turns into a screeching. Watching the water run down her breasts and pussy while she’s rubbing on herself is one of the most exotic sites I have ever seen.

All of a sudden she opens her eyes and looks directly at me, “Well are you just going to continue to stroke that cock of yours, or are you going to come over here and join me.” I don’t know how I did it so fast, but my clothes were on the floor within seconds. I walked right into that shower stall, knelt down and she quickly threw her leg over my shoulder and I buried my mouth deep into her pussy.

“Oh Fuck!!! That feels good Jason!! Fuck yes, eat that pussy Papi!!” I buried my face between her legs and made out with her pussy. I tongued every inch of her pussy up and down. I worked my way lower and stuck my tongue deep into her and let her fuck my tongue. She worked her hips faster and faster all while pinching her nipples and crying out my name.

“Oh Fuck Jason, please don’t move. Please Papi don’t move I’m about to cum!” She reaches down and furiously starts to rub on her clit. “Fuck, Fuck I’m cccuuummmmiiiinnngggg!! Fuck, Fuck yeah!!!.

I couldn’t tell if the splash of wetness that hit my face was her pussy juices or the water from the shower head. Either way, it was a great feeling. To look up at her chest heaving and her body shuddering, was a great site. She grabs my hair and pulls me back. She swings her leg off of me and kneels down to kiss me. First softly, and then it quickly escalates to a full on make out session. She pulls away and literally starts sucking and licking my face. My cheeks, my chin and then my neck. Wherever she squirted, she wanted to lap it up.

“Damn that was great. I really needed that. When I stuck my head out and saw you for the first time just standing there and me being naked got me wet. Then when my towel slipped accidentally and you saw my tit, I enjoyed how you stared. I got even more wet knowing you enjoyed what you saw. I had to come in here to get myself off and I hoped you would come in to watch. Now it’s your turn for me to milk that cock of yours all over my face.”

She stands me up and leans me against the wall. She gently licks the tip of my cock, lightly flicking her tongue. Then she lifts my cock up and begins to suck on my balls. I love to have my balls licked and sucked and she seems to be enjoying herself. First one nut, than the next nut and then both of my nuts in her mouth while she swirls her tongue around them. She likes to suck on them and pull away till they fall out of her mouth making that pop sound from sucking so hard. She then starts to lick up my shaft and then strokes it a bit until she finally sticks it in her mouth and takes my large, stiff cock all the way down her throat. Holy shit, it’s like she has no gag reflex. Back and forth she goes taking me all in. She pulls out, spits on my cock and strokes me a bit.

“You like that Papi? You like me being a nasty, dirty little slut don’t you? What do you want, huh? You wanna fuck my face?”

“Yeah I do!”

“Then go ahead, Papi. Fuck my face.”

I grab her head and slide my dick back in until I can’t go any deeper. She’s taking my 8 inch rock hard cock with no problem. I pull out and begin my assault on her throat. I thought I was being a little to forceful, but she grabbed my ass and pulled me in telling me to fuck her face harder. My balls are banging against her chin as I continue to fuck her throat. I feel my balls tightening ready to release my load down her little throat. She sensed it was coming and she grabbed my balls and began to massage them as the first shot flies down her throat. She gags as two more loads empty pass her throat and down into her stomach. Two more spurts shoot out and she has to pull back because she can’t handle how much she has in her mouth. The sixth and seventh hit her on her face and she moans as my warm, sticky cum runs down her face. She swallows every drop and reaches up to wipe my last two loads and puts her finger into her mouth to suck off the last of my cum.

“Damn Papi. That was a fucking load. It’s been a while, hasn’t it.”

“You can say that.”

“Well, you did good. Real good.”

She stands up and kisses me. She’s still stroking me and she positions herself right in front of me and stands on her toes so she can use my cock to rub her pussy. I finally get a good handful of her tits and I can’t help but lean down to get one of her nipples in my mouth as she rubs my cock on her clit. I’m so ready for more and I turn her around and force her to bend over under the shower.

“I’ve been wanting to fuck you from behind the moment I saw you walking in front of me.”

She reaches between her legs, grabs my cock and guides me in. Holy shit she was tight. I had to stop half way through because I was getting the sensation that I was going to cum again. I spread her ass cheeks and continued to go in until I was all the way in. She put her hands against the wall to brace herself as I quickened the pace. The shower was pouring down her back and running down her ass as I pounded into her splashing water all over the place. I was right. Her ass jiggled just right as I kept fucking her. Harder and harder I pumped as she screamed and begged for more. I can see from behind as her tits flap against themselves and flap out. Back and forth her tits go as I grab her hips and drive my cock deeper and deeper.

“Holy Shit! Holy Shit! I’m cccuuummmmiiiinnngggg!!

Her whole body shudders and convulses as her orgasm rocks through her body. I don’t stop and continue pounding as the water continues to pour all over us. Her legs start to give out a bit and she spreads them for more leverage. My balls are now slamming hard against her pussy and she just begs for more.

“Holy Shit Papi! I’m about to cum again oooohhhhhhhhhh Fuck! She pulls out and falls to her knees as her body convulses with her third orgasm.

“I’m sorry Jason. I just couldn’t stand anymore. You are fucking me so good.”

She turns around and grabs her tits and begins to jerk me off with her tits. “Fuck those titties. Fuck ‘em real good.”

She looks down and sticks out her tongue so she can lick the tip of my cock as I fuck her tits. It felt good to have my balls slam into her while I fucked her tits. After a couple of minutes, she stands up, turns off the water and leads me to a bench where she lays me down, straddles me and sits down on my cock. She didn’t even try to take her time. She went in for the kill. She ground into me really hard. Grabbing my chest for leverage, she rode my cock first, back and forth and then up and down slamming her ass into my thighs. I felt myself getting to that point and what I really wanted to do was drench her tits with another load.

I grabbed her hips and leaned her back and stood at the same time without coming out of her. I lifted her legs high and put them together so I can see her pussy as I fucked her. Her moaning was getting louder and she kept begging for my cum. It’s like she knew I wanted to cum on her tits.

“Cum on my tits Papi. I want that cum. Please give me that cum Papi. I want it bad.”

I spread her legs apart as she pushes her tits together. Watching them jiggle as I fuck her was bringing me to that point.

“I feel it coming Papi. All over these tits. Please, Please all over my big fat titties.”

That did it. I pulled out, climbed up and unloaded all over them. Squirt after sticky squirt covering both tits.

“Oh, yes. Give me that warm cum. Fuck yeah.”

I sit down out of breath as she rubs my cum all over her tits. I just watch her as she smiles giggling like a little school girl. I can tell she really enjoyed herself. We’re both spent as we try to catch our breathes. After a couple of minutes of silence, she sits up and gives me a sultry look. She comes close and kisses me.

“That was great. You fucked me like I’ve never been fucked before.” She looks down at herself and smiles. “I see I need another bath. Care to join me?”

I felt myself getting hard again.

“Hell yeah I do. I can go for another round.”

“I can see that. Looks like he wants to come back out and play.”

“Hello!! Anybody here?”

“Crap. Sounds like somebody is here. Hold that thought mister.”

She wraps up in a towel, goes and peeks her head out. “Yes I’m here. Just scan your card and get started!”

She comes back with a pouty lip and once again lowers her towel in a seductive way showing me my cum glistening all over her tits.

“Looks like we have some company. I’ll have to take a rain check.”

“Damn. I only had a one session pass. I’m not a member.”

“Then I guess you’re going to have to do something about that.”