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Halley, Officer Peter and the Domestic Disturbance

It's her first night in the big city, and once Officer Peter comes to her rescue, things heat up.
I answered the door quickly when I heard the doorbell. It was only my second night at my new house in the big city, just outside Raleigh. I loved it here, the warmth, the beach within reasonable driving distance, being out of my parents’ house, having employment that utilized my college degree! And oh, the sweet southern accents that made my knees weak.

My knees were not weak because of the accents at the moment though, they were quaking in fear. My not-so-friendly neighbors had gotten into it. Screaming, swearing, breaking of glass or the like, I had even heard what I thought was a gunshot! So, call me a typical girl, I called the police. And then I went and hid in my bedroom, with a softball bat within reach.

“Hello Miss, the 9-1-1 dispatcher told us that you called us for your neighbors? I’m Officer Peter, from the police department.” I felt safer immediately, the hottest policeman I had ever seen on my front porch with a gun and a brilliant smile. Oh, and the accent…

“I’m Halley, yeah, I called. Are they okay?”

“Believe it or not, it’s not unusual behavior to hear those two going at it. They’re heavy drinkers, and they like to beat the hell out of each other, if you’ll excuse my language. They’re a common domestic disturbance around here, and now the husband’s under arrest for illegal firearms. You won’t be hearing them for a while; he’ll be going away for a while.” I must have visibly sagged against my doorway in relief, because his smile turned to concern. “Are you alright Miss Halley?”

“I was really scared.” I smiled meekly and let him take my arm and guide me into my small living room, onto the couch.

“You must be new to town. You don’t have nothing to worry about, Miss Halley, this neighborhood is pretty safe.”

“It’s only my second night here.” I noticed he was still holding my arm, even though I was securely on the couch. He must have only been 25 at the oldest, with a shock of blond hair and green eyes that in combination with his cute accent made my knees melt. I could feel his muscles in his tight uniform shirt, and felt secure now that I knew he was on the police force.

“Oh, where are you from?”

“Just a little town in Ohio.”

“Why’d you move here?”

“Work. I’m a photographer, and I got a contract.”

“Welcome to Raleigh. You all right now? You looked pretty shaken up.” He noticed my pink softball bat and his grin returned.

“Better, thanks. You probably think it was stupid to call you guys, but it’s the first time something like that has ever happened to me.” I tried to laugh, but its chocked semblance didn’t fool him.

“Oh no ma’am, it’s always alright if you want to call me. Anytime, day or night. Here’s my cell number, and don’t be shy. Maybe I could take you out sometime, show you the bar scene, all the good restaurants?”

“Thank you. I’d appreciate that. Have a good evening, Officer Peter.” He had stood after jotting down his number, and he let himself out. Once I saw his car drive away, I giggled to myself. What a way to meet a man! I must seem like a flake, all “desperate maiden in danger!” I hadn’t even thrown on a jacket over my thin tank and shortie-shorts and I noticed my breasts were highly visible, the nipples stiff enough to cut glass. Maybe that was the reason for his number.

I looked in my small kitchen, and was disappointed I didn’t even have alcohol in the house yet. I looked at the boxes everywhere, needing to be unpacked, the things that had to be assembled. Fuck it, I thought to myself. I went into my room, flopped on my mattresses on the floor (I couldn’t bring myself to try and build the bedframe yet) and pulled out my favorite vibrating dildo, a red 8 inch thick weapon that had been my solace after breaking up with my boyfriend and leaving my girlfriend back home. I rubbed my nipples slowly and closed my eyes, bringing up Peter's face, and let my fantasy take hold.

Peter was my hero, he led shaky me into my room. We had a murmured conversation about me not feeling safe enough to sleep alone and the remedy would be that Peter would spend the night. He stripped, his body more muscled that I had imagined, and then helped me out of my clothes. He gently pushed me on my bed, and his hands were everywhere. He cupped my face, and kissed me softly, his fingers tracing my bone structure. His lips replaced his fingers, and his fingers wandered down to my perky 34 C tits and massaged them. I whimpered under his touches as his tongue licked a line of fire to each nipple, and I felt his huge hard cock against my shaved smooth mound. He teased me with it, until I was begging him for it. When he rammed it in, I gasped and almost came right them. He roughly fucked me, just how I like it, until I came wildly, my hips bucking and my chest heaving.

I turned off the vibration and the light, and drifted off to sex fueled dreams about Officer Peter and his weapons.

I was unpacking my boxes of clothes to put in my dresser (thankfully assembled) when the doorbell rang. In the quiet of the house, I jumped. I got up slowly and made my way through boxes and piles of clothes. I was surprised to see Officer Peter on my front porch, with cups of coffee and a bag of donuts. He was out of uniform, and looked even more handsome than before.

“Good morning Officer Peter.” I opened the door and he grinned. I was self-conscious, with my hair in a messy pony tail and yoga pants and a sloppy tee.

“Please, call me Peter. Do you like coffee? I figured you still had a lot unpacking and assembly to do.”

“I do, yeah, come in. The living room in the only slightly livable room in the house today. Thanks for this I haven’t found a grocery store or the coffee pot.” I sipped the coffee. It was sweet of him to come over, but my cheeks flamed at the memory of last night’s fantasy.

“So, do you have a boyfriend or somebody to help you with all the assembly required?” He noticed my coffee table was really the box that contained the coffee table on top of the other boxes.

“Nope, just me in the big city.” He seemed to relax a bit and grinned wider. Under his tee I could see his defined musculature. We munched on donuts and sipped coffee in silence.

“Would you like some help with all this?” Now he was just perfect in my eyes. I was hopeless with anything that involved construction.

“You have no idea.”

“Great, I’ve got some tools in my truck.” He came back with power tools and a radio. He set it to country music, not my favorite but decent and got out his box cutters. He told me to go back to what I was doing before he got here, so I went into my room.

Peter turned out to be quite a pleasant singer, and an even better builder. He didn’t even have to read directions five times like I did. Soon my coffee table, TV stand, desk and desk chair, kitchen table and chairs were constructed. I would have normally felt uncomfortable with a stranger in my house, building my things, but maybe it was the sex fantasy that made me feel comfortable, even playful with him. That, and he was an officer of the law.

“Wow, this all looks great. And it’s sturdy!” I couldn’t help but smile. Had I done any of this, I would have needed a lot of alcohol and it would have ended in tears. He had even set up an air-conditioning unit for me, so the house wasn’t an oven.

“Glad I could help. Now, what else do you need done?”

“You’re spending your whole day here! Don’t you have something else you want to go do? I’m sure you don’t want to spend the entire day assembling my stuff and helping me unpack my billion of boxes.”

“There’s nothing I’d rather do.” I was suddenly aware of how close he was standing to me, towering over me, his breath smelling like bubble gum. He put his arms around me and my knees went weak for a good reason this time. He broke the embrace quickly and went into the kitchen. He got his box cutter out again, and soon my coffee pot and dishes were found, and then my silverware.

We must have worked for hours; the sun was going down when everything was done. He looked in my fridge.

“I know a good grocery store just down the road.”

We cruised through the store; he was the definition of the southern gentleman. At home, he turned on the grill, a gift from my father, while I prepared the steaks and potatoes and green beans. We both finished off a Bud fairly quickly, and were onto our second when the meat was searing. We both shoveled in the food, and after he helped with the dishes.

I looked at our empties, I was on my way to a hangover, and he didn’t seem to be affected the alcohol. We talked for a while; I cuddled up to him on the couch.

Then I was kissing him. I could feel the stubble on his cheeks, the hardness of his jaw. I kissed him like he was the last man on earth, if I could convey my desire through kisses. I think he got the message. He kissed me back, and his hands moved all over my body. I lost my shirt and he lost his belt before he carried me into my room. He playfully threw me on my bed and dragged my pants and panties off of me. He shucked his pants and shirt and pounced on me.

“I need to build the bed frame tomorrow.” He was grinning slyly, I don’t think he ever stopped smiling.

He started where he left off, kissing my neck, fondling my breasts. Then his lips captured my pert nipple and I moaned. He nipped at them, and sucked, until I could feel my wetness dripping out of my hole. He kissed down past my pierced navel, and spread my legs. I was putty in his hands; he explored my folds with fingers and tongue. He lapped at my clit until I was shuddering with an orgasm. I was all but begging to be skewered by his stiff, seven inch cock as wide as four of my fingers. Uncut, (my first) I slowly explored every inch of his penis and testicles. I sucked and licked and nibbled until he started to mutter about cumming.

I pushed him down on my bed and claimed my prize. I was soaking wet, and there was plenty of lube as I worked him into my small cunt, I was seeing stars as he rubbed my clit with his thumb as I bounced on his rock hard organ. I rode him hard, driving him deep to my cervix.

Less than a minute, I shrieked with pleasure as my orgasm overcame me. He rolled over and drove into me while I withered and clawed at his back. I started to have another orgasm as he thrust in and spurted his cream inside me. He nipped my ear and rubbed my breasts, half on top of me as our breathing returned to normal and he slid out of my cunt, now soft. My juice and his spilled out with him, and I was suddenly exhausted from our wild fuck.

I stroked his hip as he kissed my neck. I was almost asleep when he murmured in my ear.

“We make quite the domestic disturbance. I think the neighbors heard you. They might have to call the cops.”

“Oh good, we’ll let them know one’s already here.” His throaty chuckle continued as I drifted off.

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