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Halloween House Party

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Party goes a little far.

I swear, Halloween is the best time of year for horny guys like me. Girls seem to love dressing up as sexy pirates, sexy devils, or sexy anything, really. The following story took place that night… but it’s not scary at all.

My friends Michelle and Cassie and I decided to do a group costume this year for some frat Halloween party. The girls dressed as two schoolgirls and I made myself up like a strict teacher—shirt and tie and ruler.

Michelle, Leigh and I have been friends since Freshman orientation in the drama department. They were both performing arts majors, and although I’ve hung out with them for more than year, we were never anything more than “friends,” until tonight…

When Michelle showed up at my apartment, just as I finished straightening my tie, I gotta say, I was floored.

Michelle dressed as a “slutty” schoolgirl: She’s half-Asian, about 5 feet tall, with a surprisingly big rack and a perfect round ass. Seeing all that accentuated in VERY short Catholic schoolgirl skirt, fishnet stockings, fuck-me pumps, and a white shirt open halfway to reveal a hint of a lacy black bra had me seeing my conservative friend in a new light.

“Damn, you look… great,” I managed as I took in her perfect legs, her flat stomach and her thick, soft lips. She spun to give me the 360 view.

“Wait til you see Cassie,” She laughed.

After a bit, Cassie walked in. She’d gone with the “innocent” schoolgirl look. The tall, skinny blonde was rocking a knee-length skirt, a pair of white knee-socks, patent leather shoes and, best all, pony tails with pink ribbons.

The party was lame: Too many people, too loud, just not my thing, so we cut out of there early (after downing a few free beers, of course) and walked across the dark campus.

We ended up cutting through an academic building, and without thinking, I blurted: “Let’s duck into a classroom and really get into character.”

The girls giggled and walked into the room. “I’m game if you guys are,” Michelle said.

“Now, class, take your seats,” I said as I walked toward the board.

“Oh, yes, Mr. Thompson,” Cassie said, sitting in front row next to Michelle..

“Miss…Simone,” I said, pointing my ruler at Michelle. “Have you finished the homework assignment?”

Michelle turned sideways in her chair and allowed her little plaid skirt to rid higher up her thigh. I swallowed when I saw she was wearing a garter belt to hold up her fishnets.

“Mmm…Mr. Thompson,” Michelle cooed, really getting into playing a bad girl. “I left it at home. Is there some kind of make-up assignment I could do?”

“Come up here, miss.” I said. ‘I’ll show you what happens to bad girls.”

“Ooh, kinky!” Michelle laughed. But I stayed in character as she stood up and, chomping gum, walked up next to me. She began to unbutton her white shirt, leaving it open and revealing cleavage and a lacy half-bra that barely covered her nipples.

“You’re a walking violation , miss.” I said, looking her over. “You’re wearing way too much make-up. That skirt is too short…and are you wearing a garter belt? Lift your skirt and let me see.”

Michelle pulled her skirt up to reveal her creamy thighs and the edges of her black lacy panties. I felt my cock stir in my chinos.

“This will not do at all. Miss Simone, assume the position. Hands on the edge of my desk, bent over.”

Almost to my surprise, Michelle did as I said, spreading her muscular legs and leaning against the desk.

“I want you to see this, Cassie… pay close attention.”

Cassie sat in her desk, her eyes wide, and nodded slowly. I reached up and grabbed Michelle’s skirt, lifting it up over her waist. She gasped and wiggled her perfect round ass.

“Do your worst, sir,” She whispered. “You know I like it kinky.”

I couldn’t resist running my hands over her satin clad cheeks, feeling her muscular thighs. She gasped…then I brought my right hand down and slapped her ass—hard. Michelle jumped, then sighed.

“Count them out, Michelle.”

“Y-Yes, sir…one.”

Slap…I spanked her again, enjoying the sight of her flesh rippling against my hand.

“Two…” She said. SLAP

“Three…” She said through gritted teeth as I spanked her cheeks harder.

I looked over at Cassie. She’d sunk down in her seat, and was sitting with her legs spread revealing a pair of white panties. I looked her in the eye.

“Do you see what happens when you come into my class dressed. Like a little Slut?. Now get a good look, Cassie.”

I grabbed Michelle’s panties and pulled them up, hard, revealing her reddening ass cheeks. She squirmed as the satin ground against her pussy.

SLAP I laid another hand across her cheeks.

“Seven…” Michelle moaned. I reached between her legs and felt her pussy roughly. She was hot and wet.

“You like this, don’t you, you little slut?” I said, while rubbing her pussy and spanking her ass with my other hand. She grasped the opposite edge of the desk hard.


“Answer me!”

“Yes. Yes I like it. Please…” She said. I glanced at Cassie. Her skirt was around her waist, and she was rubbing herself over her cotton panties

“Not only are you out of uniform, but, your slutty ways have made me hard,” I said, grabbing my hard-as-steel cock through my pants and fondling it. Michelle turned her head to see.

“Turn back around, slut.” I ordered, laying another slap on her ass. “You can’t have any of this until you’ve earned it.” I grabbed her panties and pulled them halfway down her legs, revealing her luscious round ass, now pink.

“Stay like that, slut. Cassie, come over here,” I said.

Cassie walked up to me, breathing heavily. “Yes, Mr. Thompson?”

“You may undo my slacks,” I said, standing back and putting my hands on my hips. With shaking fingers, she undid my belt and slid my zipper down. I unbuttoned my shirt as Cassie slid my pants and underwear off, revealing my hard, throbbing cock and my muscular frame. She ran her hands over my hairless chest and I gasped.

“Ooh, that’s good,” I said, backing against Michelle. I pressed my ass between her splayed legs, and hearing her soft whimper. I grabbed Cassie and pulled her to me, kissing her hard and rubbing my cock between her legs.

My tongue found hers and we kissed deeply. I felt her breath quicken as I pulled her towards me even harder. I fumbled with the buttons of her shirt and dropped it on the floor. I unlatched her white bra as I kissed her, revealing her creamy white breasts topped with pink, hard nipples like pencil erasers.

Cassie thrust her cotton clad pussy against my naked cock and I felt the wet spot. I gasped and stripped, slowly dropping her plaid skirt to the floor. She stood before me in just her virginal socks and black leather shoes.

“Let’s move over here so Michelle can see what she’s missing,” I said, maneuvering Cassie in front of the desk.

“Turn over on your back, slut, and watch what good girls get.” Michelle moaned and rolled over onto her back, hanging her head over the desk and watching as I knelt in front of Cassie. “You may touch yourself, slut…but don’t you dare cum.”

Michelle moaned, then moved her hands between her legs and began playing with her pussy. I kissed Cassie’s flat belly, and began trailing my tongue down…I licked her thighs, getting oh. So. Close. To her fragrant, hot pussy.

Cassie groaned as I licked her whispy, blond pubic hair.

Cassie hissed “yes” as I found her slit with my tongue and tasted her sweet pussy. I licked her hole up and down as I knelt between her legs, then concentrated on her hard clit. She gasped as I nibbled it, and began licking it with a steady rhythm, grabbing her ass cheeks and pulling her into my face.

I lapped at her like that until she moaned and quivered, then I heard a whimpering from the desk.

“Please…sir…” Michelle said. “May I cum?”

“No,” I shot back, then turned my tongue back to Cassie’s sweet little pussy. The tall blond clamped her thighs hard around my head and began moaning rhythmically

“Ooh. Yes. Ooh, God, yes…” She said. “I’m gonna…cuuuuummm,” Cassie howled as I felt her pussy spasm and her legs twitch. I grabbed her ass and pulled my face into her crotch, letting her cum all over my face.

But I wasn’t done with her yet. My hard, swollen cock was throbbing with excitement, and I stood up behind her, and she braced herself against the chalkboard. I glanced over at Michelle. She was frantically manipulating her crotch with both hands, staring at me desperately. Her face sweating, red, and upside down, her black, straight hair hanging down…

“Pleease…please…please,” She said.

“Please what?” I answered, while stroking my cock next to Cassie’s perfect, creamy ass.

“Please… can I cuuum?”

“No,” I said as I thrust myself up to hilt in Cassie’s pussy. Cassie screamed, then bucked against me, thrusting herself backwards, fully burying my hard cock in her silky, wet, hot tunnel. I felt her insides twitching, massaging my cock.

“That’s it baby,” I said grabbing Cassie’s hanging tits and playing with her nipples, “Fuck me hard.”

She answered with a moan and began slamming my cock in her pussy, again and again, faster and faster. I stood back and didn’t move, letting the lithe blond do all the work of fucking me.

“Gonna. Cum. Again.” She moaned, punctuating each word with a powerful thrust. I felt her pussy muscles clutch at my cock, spasming around my hardness as she gritted her teeth and came, shaking and spasming.

“Mmmm… God, yesss…” I said. I was close to my own orgasm, ready to fill Cassie’s pussy with my hot, spurting cum… But I pulled out of her warm hole and moved towards Michelle.

“Open your mouth,” I whispered hoarsely, jerking my thick, 8 inch cock just inches from her face. She opened her mouth and I slid just the tip of my cock between her lips.

“Taste her juices, slut. Lick them off.” Michelle ran her wet tongue all over my cock head, slurping and licking the head in circles. She was fucking herself with four fingers and rubbing her clit at the same time, bucking her hips up and down on the desk, desperately fucking her hand.

I felt Cassie’s hand on the base of my cock, stroking it up and down fast as Michelle licked my cock head, jerking me off into Michelle’s mouth. The blond bent her head down and lick my cock and Michelle’s mouth, now fisting me even harder. I moved my hips in, gently feeding Michelle my cock, seeing how much she could take, I then began fucking her face as Cassie licked my heavy, swinging balls.

“Are you ready to…cum for me?” I said between moans. Michelle answered with a strangled groan and her hips bucked up and she shrieked an ear splitting yell and began vibrating all over the desk.

It was too much for me. I pulled my cock from her wet mouth, and with a hard pump from Cassie, I exploded all over Michelle. Jet after jet of hot, wet cum spurted from my hard cock, covering her face, neck and tits in my hot sperm. The last spasms of her orgasm shook her thin frame as she moaned “yessss”

Later, after we calmed down, it was agreed… ever year, we’d meet for Halloween with different costumes to enact a different fantasy…next year, the girls are going dressed as dominatrixes…I can’t wait.

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