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Handling Sara the right way

Handling Sara the right way

Sara thought I wouldn't be able to handle her, I think I handled her just fine
I met Sara in 12th grade, my final year of high school. Sara was the happy go lucky type, she never let others bring her down. The more I got to know her I notice she had a naughty side to her, basically she was kinda a flirt. Sometimes in the locker room when I would be there getting ready for P.E., I would hear some of the guys talking about her, and how they would have a blast with her. I became curious and I started to wonder why she never asked me to hang out? I mean we had been friends for a long time, and we always talked and hung out at school, but recently she hadn't been calling me much. But one day during spring break Sara called me.

I was kinda surprised to see that it was her calling I answered and said, "Hello."

She asked how my spring break was going, and how I was doing.

"Good, good," I replied.

She notice I sounded bored, so she asked what was wrong, "Nada," I said. Then I asked why she never asked me to hang out, outside of school?

She replied with, "I didn't think you could handle me like that." She then explained she wouldn't wanna do that to me, and that I was way to good of a friend for that. I thought about what she was talking about, then it hit me, all I could do was shake my head. I don't know why I didn't realize it before, but I also saw how much Sara valued our friendship.

She said we could hang out tonight if I wanted to, I said, "Yes," right away. She started to tell me about a party at a friend of her's house and she would bring me as her date.

I said, "Okay," and she said she would come by my house later.

After an hour or two, she called me asking if my mom was home. I said, "No." Less then 15 minutes later she was knocking at my door.

I opened the door and Sara was looking so fucking sexy, wearing a bandeau lace up strapless dress.
She gave me a smile and asked how I thought she looked.

"Good, very good," I said, as I stared at her mature curvy body. The dress fit her so perfectly, she came in and stood close to me pressing her 36DD breast on me.

"So, you think you can handle me?" she said, as she smirked at me and started rubbing my boner.

"Feels like you might just be able to," Sara said, as she licked her lips.

I took her hand and we went to my room. Sara kissed me deeply on the lips. She took off her dress and asked if I could put it somewhere for her. I hung it in my closet. I saw she was not wearing panties. She looked down at her pretty pussy, then back at me and smiled.

"I planned for this Alex, you're in for a treat," she said, as she unhooked her bra. She grabbed my hands and put them on her breast. I started to massage her tits then we started to kiss.

She slowly pulled my dick out of my jeans and boxers. She went down and licked her lips. She took my whole dick in her mouth and gave me a awesome deep throat, down to her uvula, and brought it back out. She then began to suck on the tip. As I stood there in a daze. Sara was moaning softly, I was ready to fuck her brains out and wanted to move to the bed. I asked her if she would mind if we moved on to the sex, but she ignored me and kept sucking me off. I asked her a second time if we could move on to something else, because I didn't want to cum. But Sara continued to ignore me.

It was no use as I was going to cum, but Sara kept her wet mouth on my chocolate pole. I busted my load in her mouth, and she sucked every drop and swallowed it all. Sara then looked up at me and asked,"Was that your first time cumming in a girls mouth?"

I laughed. "Yes it was," I said, as I smiled at her.

I stepped out of my pants and went in my closet and took out my bottle of absolute vodka and two shot glasses that I keep hidden from my mom. Sara's eye's open with excitement, as she was surprised that I would have something like that in my closet. I poured some vodka in the small glasses and we both took three shots as we settled on the bed.

She jumped in my lap with her pussy resting on me. She kissed me on the lips, as she pushed me back and started to grind and rub my dick against her pussy that was beginning to get really wet. I was into it and had both my hands on her ass, I spread her ass cheeks and started to rub her Latina hole. "Oh! That feels good," Sara moaned, as she continued to grind on me.

She moved her body so she could grind on me better. Our kisses were passionate. After a few minutes of passionate kissing and me rubbing her hole, she got up off me she made a smooch face at me and said,"Fuck me Alex, I'm ready for you to go balls deep in my pink love cave."

She winked at me. My penis was at it's hardest and I couldn't wait to put it in her pussy. So, I stood up and picked her up and laid her on the bed. She looked up at me with her legs wide open. I got on top of her and pushed my thick stick deep in her pink twat, she wrapped her legs around my waist. She said I was hitting the right spot. I had the rhythm and speed going. I then leaned down and kissed her pretty lips. When I did she nibbled on my lip and sucked my tongue.

I was surprised that I was able to hold my second load for this long. I wanted to cum, but Sara asked if I could try and hold it a little longer. I pulled out, my penis was soaked from being in her pussy for so long. Her pussy was leaking with her juices. Sara quickly sat up and went down to suck to clean me up.

Sara then asked me to sit in the chair I had in my room. She licked her hand and rubbed her pussy. I sat in the chair, and she got on me facing me and started to ride my dick. I was really enjoying the feeling of Sara riding me. She fucked me this way for a few minutes, then when she started to cum more.

She lifted her pussy off my dick and slipped it into her ass slowly. I held her waist as she bit her lip while sticking my magic stick in her tiny ass hole. Sara moaned to me how much she loved the feeling of having sex with me. She arched her back and got my pole in her ass. Now I was in her ass she leaned forward pressing her breast on me. I wrapped my arms around her back, as she slowly moved her ass up and down. She squeezed one hand down to her clit, while the other one was wrapped around my neck. I started to move my thick stick up in her ass more, she started to let out a pleasurable moan and screamed,

"Alex!! I love you, fucking me in the ass!" Her moans got louder, as she pressed her forehead to mine. I was loaded and ready to cum. She looked at me and kissed me and told me it was okay to cum in her ass.

With my arms wrapped around her, I held her close and busted my load in her asshole. She really felt it a lot because she was clinging on to me like a baby clings to its mother. When I was done, she looked at me and just laid her head on me. I kissed her forehead and we just sat there. I could feel the cum and her juices sliding out her ass.

We where too exhausted to move.

Sara and I still had our friendship and use having sex didn't change anything. But, it did make us closer because now we are friends with benefits. We have sex most days out of the week, mostly on weekends when my mom is out of town. I have a feeling things will change a lot for me for now on.

Thanks for reading, until next time.

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