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Hanging Out with Jake

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She didn’t think that she would be capable of going through with anything that...
Casey had been in a long term relationship for some time. She found a new confidence and it began stirring something inside her. She began to have fantasies about other men and women.

Being with a woman sparked her interest, but her desire was building to find another man. She didn’t think that she would be capable of going through with anything that would potentially destroy her loving relationship, but the risk made her want it even more.

She stumbled across her old high school friend, Jake, on her college campus one day and they exchanged numbers. Little did Jake know, he would become a part of her first betrayal. Slyly messaging Jake, she began to toy with him, eventually getting him to admit that he wanted her. But her mission was only half accomplished.

They set up a day and time to meet so they could “hang out” and “catch up”. Casey’s head was stirring with ideas.

Getting prepared was the easy part. Casey’s full D cup breasts and curvy build were only a sampling of her best assets. She had short wavy hair that framed her cute face and her sultry hazel eyes were striking even without makeup.

She slipped into a plain black t-shirt bra, her favorite pair of Victoria’s Secret boy-cut panties and her most comfy boyfriend jeans. She topped it all off with a fitted, purple, v-neck tee.

She was ready.

After checking the time twice and realizing that she could have put off getting ready another half hour, she decided to but in a vaginal film for back up. She wanted to make sure she didn’t cut any corners or hinder her affair.

The fifteen minute drive to Jake’s apartment calmed her down a bit. She was so excited and felt her panties getting a little wet. She parked across the street from Jake’s apartment, applied some chap-stic and turned off her phone. No one would be interrupting her plans for the evening.

Jake answered the front door with a smile. He was dressed in old sweat pants and a white t-shirt. He went into the kitchen while she grabbed a bag of skittles and headed for the couch.

“Do you mind turning off the air?” Casey called towards the kitchen. “It’s a bit cold in here.”

“It gets pretty uncomfortable when I do,” Jake responded. “You can grab a blanket from my bedroom if you’d like.”

Kicking off her flip-flops, Casey headed toward the back of the apartment. “Where is your bedroom?” she called.

Jake appeared behind her in the hall and opened the door on the right. He grazed the small of her back with his hand as he passed her going into the room. Jake’s touch sent shivers throughout Casey’s entire body.

Blanket in hand, they walked back to the couch. Flipping aimlessly through the channels, Jake teasingly grabbed the blanket.

“You have to share,” Jake said slipping underneath the blanket.

Jake put his hand on her thigh. That did it for Casey. She relaxed her legs and let them fall open.

Grazing Casey’s inner thigh with his thumb, Jake began to feel his cock grow in his sweat pants. He gazed into her eyes and leaned in to kiss her. It was passionate, hard and Casey kissed him back. She found his cock with her wanting hands.

Stopping for air, she took off Jake’s shirt and kissed and bit his neck softly. His moans, filling her ear made her want him so bad it ached.

He pulled off her shirt and stood her up, kissing his way down to the zipper of her low-cut jeans. He pulled her jeans down slowly to her ankles and Casey stepped out of her jeans and felt Jake’s hot breath on her crotch. He could see that she was wet and ready for his wanting cock.

Casey caught her breath and tugged at Jake’s sweat pants. Sliding down, they revealed a long, thick, throbbing cock.

Before she could get to her knees, Jake went for Casey’s breasts. He removed her bra, taking her full breast in his mouth and clamping down hard on her nipple. Casey moaned in response. Jake’s hands squeezed Casey’s full round ass.

Casey was in heaven!

Pushing her onto the couch, Jake stood in front of Casey. She took his cock into her hands and began to stroke slowly, picking up momentum before taking the head into her mouth. Slowly, she took the rest of his cock into her mouth, making Jake shiver. As Jake placed his hands on Casey’s head, she began to pump his cock with her mouth, faster and harder.

Jake stood Casey up and kissed her hard. He bent her over the back of the couch and peeled off her soaked panties. He kneeled behind her and buried his face into the back of her pussy. He sucked on her pearl and licked around her folds, slurping everything that dripped out of her wet pussy. He sent Casey spiraling into bliss.

After Casey shuddered through an intense orgasm, Jake managed to get her to his bed. He pulled a condom over his thick cock and laid her on the bed. After giving her pussy a teasing lick he pushed his hungry cock through Casey’s wet slit and pounded her as hard as he could.

Casey begged Jake to bend her over. He roughly dragged her to the edge of the bed and stood her up. He grabbed a handful of her short hair and pulled it while he pounded her from behind. Squeezing her hips, he picked up his speed as his cock twitched into an orgasm. Casey unleashed a flood of an orgasm on Jake’s cock as he thrust into her one last time, cumming.

Jake carefully pulled out of Casey. He helped her to the shower and brought her clothes to her. She showered quickly, wondering what her alibi should be. She waited for a wave of guilt that never came. She got dressed and found Jake in the kitchen.

“Text me for round two,” she called as she walked out the door.

Her fantasy was fulfilled, but she lusted for more.

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