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Hannah's Good Vibrations

Hannah gets more than just pleasure from her new toy.

‘Wow!’ Three orgasms in just one hour. Am I lucky or is this the kind of pleasure I’ve been missing out on all this time? I can’t believe I’ve never used anything like this before and it only cost me under £40. Perhaps I should have invested in a vibrator earlier, but then again I didn’t need one this time last year.

I pick up the ‘Erotic Rabbit Vibrator’ and admire its design; who would have thought something like this would be able to produce such a strong reaction from me. Still panting from the pleasure of the vibrations I sit myself up. I should really be getting on with my day but I just couldn’t wait to try out my new toy; as soon as it was delivered I ripped it out of the packaging and darted up the stairs.

I should really thank my best friend Kerry for the advice after telling her about my sex life – or rather lack of it. She’s always been so open about sex and is extremely confident in herself. I on the other hand am more reserved; even the thought of talking about anything intimate makes me blush an unrealistic shade of red.

There’s a ringing coming from the phone downstairs; I’ll just let it ring off and go to voicemail; I don’t have the energy to get up and answer it. After my third, earth-shattering orgasm I don’t think I’ll even be able to walk without my legs turning to jelly on me.

The phone stops ringing and beeps to start recording a message. ‘Hey Hannah it’s just me, Kerry!’ I should have thought so; nobody ever sounds as bubbly and excited as her. ‘Just got all my new toys through from the sex shop and thought yours would have come through as well. Give me a call back later. I wanna know if my expert advice has rocked your world like I said it would.’ I can almost hear the arrogant smirk cross her face. Is there anything this girl won’t leave on an answer machine? Anyone could have been here in the house, my parents, my other friends, work colleagues. I’m glad I’m the only one here right now. It’s just me, just me lying in bed stark naked and exhausted.

It’s almost lunch time and I haven’t moved for about an hour and a half. I need to wake myself up and have a shower, shake off this post-orgasmic daze I’m in.

The water feels fantastic; like little sparks of freshness pouring over me. I squirt some body wash into my hands and lather it up before washing myself. The bubbly foam is silky, soft and I spend a lot of extra time just savouring the feel of the soft lather as I rub over my breasts, stomach and thighs.

I can still feel the evidence of my orgasm as I massage away my natural wetness; I’m still over sensitive and every touch makes me almost fall to my knees in frenzy. I finish off as quickly as I can in the shower, any more friction on my skin and I’ll become a paralysed mess on the floor before long.

I step out of the steamy cubicle and wrap myself in a heated towel from the radiator. I quickly towel dry my hair before looking in the mirror. The girl I normally see isn’t in the reflection; instead it’s a woman. Her eyes are wide and glistening, her lips are plump and full of colour – she bites down lightly on her lower lip looking unbelievably sexy. I drop my towel as I try to lean in closer to see this woman in my bathroom mirror a bit easier.

Her skin is glowing, she looks radiant and fresh; she has masses of thick dark hair which falls down covering her breasts. It’s wet yet still looks beautifully waved. I look into her face as her eyes meet mine; she looks cheeky and sexy at the same time. I can’t help but hold her gaze, it’s almost hypnotic.

I get a shock as I hear the front door knock. I turn on my heel and catch a glance of the woman in the mirror as she does the same out of the corner of my eye. I get to the bathroom door and look back seeing her long, slender body just about to leave the room she’s in. She’s naked and I catch her eye again as she looks deep into mine with a sultry stare.

‘Hannah!’ The front door is still getting a thorough pounding from whoever lurks behind it outside. I quickly wrap my robe around me before opening the door. ‘Aww thank god you answered!’ Ahh its only Phil, Kerry’s younger brother. Before I even have a chance to say hello he’s pushed past me and practically sprinted straight upstairs. My face flushes, I hope my bedroom door is closed or he’s going to see my new toy in full view on my bed.

‘Sorry Hannah I’ve been bursting to go for the past half hour’. As ever Phil is always a gentleman and very modest - not.

‘I’ll just go and put the kettle on shall I?’ I have to shout to make sure he can hear me from the bathroom. I can’t hear a response but I’ll put it on anyway; my mouth is rather dry from all the panting earlier. I can’t help but grin at the thought of my morning shenanigans.

I set the two mugs on the kitchen table and sit myself down to have a sip. It tastes good, just the right sweetness, two sugars with milk. ‘Mmm’ I set the mug down and look up to see Phil standing in the doorway smirking with his arms folded. His eyes are a dazzling blue that stand out remarkably with his dark spiked hair. He’s wearing slouch jeans and a black t-shirt; he’s looking very casual, then again all students seem to look this way.

‘What are you so smug about?’ I hear myself say as he looks me up and down with his crooked smile.

‘Nothing. You just look quite cute humming while you sip your tea’. There he goes again, always with the cheeky flirtation.

‘There’s one here for you too. Sit down’. I point to the cup of tea on the table beside me offering him to make himself at home. He moves from the door to the seat beside me all whilst continuing to ogle me with that same cheeky smile. ‘Drink’ I say, pointing to his mug; he looks like he could do with a drink after sprinting to quick up my stairs and knocking on my door like a policeman in a raid.

‘Sorry about barging in, it was rather rude of me’.

‘It’s fine. If you’ve got to go you’ve got to go’. I can’t quite hide the sarcasm is my voice. ‘How come you’re over this way anyway?’ He laughs lightly at my response, sensing my sarcastic tone by the look on his face.

‘I went to go and see my sister but there was no answer at the house; I tried to call her too but her mobile was turned off. I thought I’d give her a surprise visit since I’m leaving for Spain in a couple of days’.

Oh that’s right. Phil’s going to work over there through the summer; I almost forgot all about that.

‘I’m sure I could hear music coming from her upstairs bedroom though’. I smirk whilst trying to hide my face under the mug of tea. I’m sure Kerry was home, she did call me just before Phil would have gotten there after all. Its suddenly dawning on me that Kerry would have been in her room doing exactly the same I was this morning; using the music to drown out the sound of her new gadgets. I smirk again trying to hide my face under the mug once again.

‘Are you laughing at me missy?’ Phil lifts my chin with his thumb and index finger so that I’m looking straight into his eyes. It’s hard not to burst out laughing knowing what Kerry was up to while her brother hung around outside her house thinking that maybe someone had gotten in. He would have never thought for a second of her sinful play-times.

‘No, I’m not laughing at you’. I’m trying my best to look normal but I can tell his eyes are questioning my face; trying to work out what I’m hiding. He’s looking at me like I’m a giddy school girl hiding notes from the teacher, or maybe that’s just how I feel right now.

‘I think Kerry said she was re-arranging her bedroom today. Maybe she couldn’t hear you if she was moving heavy furniture around and had the music going as well’. Okay, I know this is a bad lie but I could have come up with something worse. I could have told him the truth and scarred him for life but I don’t think he would appreciate me telling him his sister was pleasuring herself with some kinky vibrators.

‘Moving her furniture you say?’

‘Aha’ I keep it short and sweet and flash him a reassuring smile. ‘I don’t think she’s ran away or anything Phil; the battery on her phone has probably ran out’.

‘Yeah you’re probably right. You know Kerry though, she’s so much of a free spirit she could be anywhere and no-one would know’. There’s a slight twist in his voice now as he mentions nobody knowing where she would be – it’s painful almost.

‘Hey. Phil are you okay?’ His expression has changed from his normal flirty self to one of sadness. I’ve never seen this side of him in so long. He looks deep in thought; I’m almost scared to try and get him to talk. I rest my hand on his arm and rub it in a soothing motion.

‘Yeah. Sorry Hannah. It’s just that Kerry’s ran away before, when we were younger. Sometimes I just worry about her that’s all. I’m probably just a drama queen about not being able to get in contact with her now’. Damn I forgot she had run away before; me and my stupid mouth. Why did I say that?

His cheeky smile creeps back over his mouth although his eyes still look glazed with memories. ‘Kerry wouldn’t run now Phil. She’s happy here, times have changed. It was hard for her back then, she told me about your uncle and what he did but she’s strong and has moved on from all of that. Believe me’. I’m trying my best to reassure him of how well his sister has been since moving here, away from their childhood village.

‘She told you about him; that scumbag that called himself family? I swear to god if he ever gets out of prison I’ll be going in myself for murder’. His mouth stops in a hard line after his words left. He looks frustrated and makes a fist before resting his forehead on it. He looks lost; like a predator that’s lost its’ prey. I have the urge to cuddle him and protect him with warm words but I know nothing I do will stop the memories coming back from the trial against his uncle. The memories of his sister running away every chance she got.

I can’t say anything to bring back fun and flirty Phil; instead I just move my hand up from his arm and stroke his cheek. He grasps my hand with his own, keeping it in place as he nuzzles his face into it before kissing my palm and looking into my eyes with a subtle smile.

‘Hmm, how come even saying nothing can say so much? I’m glad Kerry has you here, it gives me and my family a bit more peace of mind’.

‘Just relax Phil, Kerry’s fine now. I’ll look after her like I always do. Mind you it’s normally her that has to carry me home from the bar’. And there it is; that cheeky smile of his. His eyes are warmer and there’s more colour in his cheeks.

I unlock my eyes from his and take a small sip of my tea. Yuk; it’s gone cold. ‘What’s that scrunched face for?’ he chuckles at me.

‘The tea; It’s gone cold. You want another cup? I can make a fresh’. I pick up the mugs and dart over to the sink, feeling Phil’s eyes follow me as I start to move around. I put my hands in the sink and fill it up with bubbly water. I place the mugs into the soapy water when all of a sudden my fingers are being unravelled from the dishes and entwined into another set of hands.

‘Leave that Hannah’. Phil’s mouth is right next to my left ear; he’s so close I can feel his breath as he speaks in a husky voice – a tone I haven’t heard him use before. It’s tantalising and makes me weak at the knees.

He places soft, wet kisses on that soft patch of skin in front of my ear; I can feel his breath becoming heavier, warming me up from the inside as he pulls my hands from the water. I can’t speak; there are no words to describe my shock and sudden rush of excitement I’m feeling coursing through my veins. I’m suddenly aware of my own breathing becoming more rapid and coming from deeper inside me. My heart is racing, I can almost feel every beat as it sores through my whole body.

His hands now wet from my own, move slowly up my arms, caressing my skin along the way with the most gentle, electrifying touch. They continue to move; one still on its journey up my arm and the other travelling around to my stomach.

He pushes a stray piece of hair back behind my ear and tilts my head to one side, leaving my neck completely exposed. His mouth is flowing down, continuing those soft, wet kisses along the length of my neck. It feels exquisite, who would have known Phil could have such a gentle, tender kiss.

His right hand pulls on the belt of my satin robe allowing it to fall open exposing my bare stomach. His expert hands continue to rub and caress my skin, making my breathing even more frantic. I’m still in shock, do I dare to turn around and face the man that is my best friends’ younger brother while he touches me in this tantalising way? I don’t even have the chance to think about it as I feel one of his masculine hands push under my panties.

I cannot contain myself; I let out a sigh that almost hypnotises us both. Phil continues to kiss my neck and travels his mouth back up whilst licking my skin ever so slightly; I feel the slight graze of his teeth that almost sends me into overdrive. I need his mouth now, on my lips, on my body, or wherever else we can think to put it. I turn my head and push my lips hard against his; he is even more delicious than I had anticipated. His lips are moist, warm and plumped out – divine. I force my tongue through his parted mouth and massage his own as they roll around together in perfect sync.

‘Mmmm’. I hear his low moan as it releases itself into my mouth from somewhere deep inside him. I can feel his hands move again in my panties while our lips are still locked. His fingers brush over my skin; then move themselves lower down until I’m certain he can feel that pooling of wetness at the base of my crotch.

They move again, this time with firm pressure over my swollen clit, they move over me in mini circular motions making my quiver from the inside out. I grab his head in my hands to keep me from falling to my knees out of pure pleasure. I pull his hair into my hands deepening our kiss even more to try and supress that loud noise that wants to escape my mouth.

Before I can even try to release myself from our kiss to see the man doing this to me in my own kitchen, I feel the length of his fingers enter me; sliding in with ease – in and out. He grabs me tight with his free hand to hold me steady, knowing that if he didn’t I would probably collapse with the ripples of pleasure that are pumping through my body.

Suddenly after what seems like a lifetime of teasing my body with his fingers he takes his hand out from my underwear and stops kissing me. I’m left standing a panting, shaking pile of raving hormones at my kitchen sink. He pulls back from me and runs one hand through his hair and sighs. ‘We shouldn’t be doing this Hannah. I’m sorry I got carried away’. No! I don’t want him to stop, I want him, I haven’t wanted anyone like this in so long. Why is he stopping after teasing me like this, it isn’t fair. I want some release, hell I NEED some.

My body is aching, tingling and longing for this man all at once. He’s turning to leave the room but I don’t want him to go. ‘Wait!’ I practically beg as I move forward to meet him in the doorway. ‘Let me take care of you today, come’. I put out my hand for him to take and cradle is cheek with the other one. He nuzzles into it and opens his eyes to meet mine.

‘Are you sure?’

‘Yes’ a whisper leaves my mouth as I stand still holding his gaze and breathing heavily. He closes his eyes once again and when they open they burn a hole of passion straight through me. Oh my! I’m stunned by that look of pure lust. He lifts me from the back of my thighs and slams me hard into the wall of the hallway. My excitement bursts out of me as I grab fist fulls of his hair and push my lips hard against his. Our tongues entwined together and our bodies pushing in closer to feel one another’s arousal.

I wrap my legs around his waist steadying myself; I can feel hi erection pushing hard against his zipper. His breath is hot as it moves down my neck and over my colour bone. His hands push my stain robe over my shoulders allowing it to fall to ground below us. They slide again, unhooking the clasp on my red lace bra. My breasts fall free and before I know it his mouth is lower again, massaging and caressing my nipple whilst his left hand teases and takes care of the other one. ‘I want you Phil’ I whimper into his ear as he continues that magic massage on my breasts.

At the sound of my voice in his ear he lifts me again and carries me back into the kitchen. He holds one hand under my ass to keep me up and uses his other to push everything clear from my kitchen table. He pushes me down so my legs hang off the bottom and without hesitation he kneels down and slides my red lace panties down over my legs. His hands push my legs apart and I grasp the sides of the table as he starts to trail soft wet kisses down my stomach and along my inner thighs.

I’m whimpering already. His tongue ever so gently trails up until it meets that area that is now so swollen and sensitive. His tongue licks me from top to bottom before circling around my clit. I moan although trying to contain myself. My fingers are digging into the table even harder and I can feel that familiar fire ignite inside me. ‘Now Phil. Please’. I plead him for some release; that fire inside me getting hotter and hotter.

He stands over me and I notice the evidence of my arousal in small beads of moisture on his lips. He runs one hand over my torso as he unzips his jeans releasing the part of him that I want so badly. He pushes his jeans down along with his boxers and pulls my legs so only my back is on the table.

‘Wrap your legs around me Hannah’. I obey is command as he whips of his t-shirt and I see for the first time that body I hadn’t realised he possessed before. He’s finely bronzed with well-defined abs and an erection that’s there ready and waiting only for me. I bite my lower lip and as soon as he sees what I’m doing I feel every inch of him possess my body. He pushes into me slowly at first, savouring the feeling of my sex hugging his erection tightly. He fills me beautifully and I long for more friction as my fire builds up.

‘Harder’ I hear myself moan as he slides in and out of me and as though on cue, he picks up the pace and slams into me harder; every thrust bringing me closer to that feeling I desire. I let out a crying moan from deep inside me and hear that masculine growl come from Phil’s throat. I’m close to coming – my fire almost bursting out of me, I can feel the tingle all over my body, like small electric pulses on my skin.

Phil’s breath sounds deep and husky, his eyes are hungry and I can feel him as he pushes into me with more force before he stills; his warm liquid pours into me and I feel my damn break as the sounds of my orgasm fills the room. My back arches and I lurch forward from the table with my head thrown back. My inner walls are contracting mercilessly, pumping intoxicating sensations through my veins.

Without warning Phil slides out of me and rotates his fingers over my already over-sensitive clit. A flood pours over my burning skin and I feel another orgasm ripple through my body leaving my legs shaking and my mouth screaming. ‘Arghh fuck!’

As Phil goes to leave he places a soft kiss on my cheek; ‘maybe we can pick back up when I get back from Spain’. And on that note I flush with excitement for our next encounter. But until my new found lover returns I always have my vibe to keep me company.

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