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Happy Birthday to Me?

I love surprises :-)
Heart guarded from pain

Walls surrounding all you see,

Scared to let you in.

My heart beats faster,

Breath quickens; body trembles

I need a release.

Now is not the time,

Too many complications.

Will you wait for me?

I should have turned after you. I should have followed you home, damn the consequences. Why do I always have to be the good girl, the one who tries to do the right thing?


Who knew that a random Monday night at the bar would have led to this? A few minutes of polite conversation and exchange of numbers has resulted in me lying in this bed alone trembling, wanting you here next to me. We were supposed to be friends. I was supposed to help you get over her by offering a shoulder to cry on and words of advice. We weren’t supposed to end up like this, doing this dance.

I wanted nothing more to hear you say the words though, to ask me to be yours; to ask me to give myself to you. With your situation, I know I cannot have you here; you can’t ask me that question, and I can’t give myself to you, at least not yet, and it’s killing me. I have promised to be patient and supportive until things are easier for you. Deep down inside though I don’t want to play fair; I want you all to myself and I don’t want to be patient.

Most of Thursday was a blur waiting on the bar. It was my 34 th birthday and you were meeting my friends and me at the bar to celebrate a bit later in the evening. You and I had been talking all day, both via text and on Facebook. We were sending pictures back and forth trying to entice the other person; I won with pictures of my lingerie. You spelled out moment by moment what you were going to do to me tonight, raising goose bumps on my flesh in anticipation and excitement. I was half excited and half scared I might get my chance that night, so I turned up the heat and teased you even more.

The payback was a bitch though; at the end of the night, you had me pressed against my car, your lips against my throat as my breath came in quick spasms. Every nerve in my body was on fire as you kissed my neck and ears. Feeling you pressed against me; your hard cock against my legs was almost too much for me. I was so wet, my jeans were soaked through and my panties were clinging to my clean-shaven lips. Breaking our embrace, my eyes locked on yours. You could see my chest heaving as I tried to catch my breath. My legs were like jelly as I pushed against the car to keep my balance. My hazel eyes danced in the light of the parking lot, your blue eyes were electric with hormones. The connection between us was powerful and growing more dangerous. I knew what you wanted, but it was left unsaid.

Leaving me with a gentle kiss on the lips you walked to your car; we both turned left out of the parking lot onto the main road. I watched your taillights ahead of me as we drove, my mind was still in shock and I was on autopilot. As we pulled up to the light, you turned on your right turn signal. I had a decision to make. You asked me to follow you home. Nothing will happen; that is what you promised, but you and I both know that is a lie. You and I both want the same things tonight. We both want the release; to scream the other’s name out as we climax. My breath quickened again as I weighed my options, one right turn would change everything.

I wish now things had been different. Four hours later, I am lying in my bed alone. My body is still shaking with an overload of emotion and excitement. I don’t know how you affected me so much so soon, but you have. My every thought is of you and how you would react. I am addicted to you and that smile. So now here I lay, alone in my bed wishing for the second time in a few short months that I had given in to my urges rather than thinking logically.

That was how my birthday night at the bar went. This is how it should have gone.


Kisses; breathless urge.

Want you, need you, impatience.

Are you mine tonight?

Your body on mine,

Mine on yours; breath mingling

Don’t stop yet, baby.

Pleasure is building,

Screams of ecstasy erupt

Panting, we come down.

I saw you as you walked in to the bar, your sparkling blue eyes locked on my hazel ones. I stood to greet you with an ear to ear grin on my face; my red sparkle tank clinging to my 36D breasts, showing just enough cleavage. I saw your eyes trace my form and settle on my 4” plush leopard pumps, looking back into my eyes, your eyebrow cocked as if to say really? Walking up to me you wrapped your arms around my waist and leaned in for a gentle kiss hello. You pulled me close to you and I could smell your cologne. My heart began melting almost immediately. You smelled so good, and the scent of you always set me at ease while exciting me simultaneously.

“How are things going tonight, birthday princess?” You asked, a sly grin creeping across your face. My birthday tiara flashed as the LED lights blinked on and off. I giggled at you, starting to blush. I remembered what you had said you were going to do to me when we talked this afternoon; just thinking of half of what you said made my panties wet.

“I’m good. I’m better now that you are here though.” I said, kissing you and pulling your bottom lip between my teeth and tugging.

It was your turn to blush now. “Really, just because I’m here, your birthday is that much better?” You asked.

“Something like that baby. You being here now and what is happening later according to what you said.”

I could see you weren’t expecting that comment because your eyes grew wide and I could see you processing that comment. You grinned at me and leaned in to whisper in my ear. “That is only if you’re a good girl tonight, bad girls don’t get presents.” Your blue eyes sparkled as you teased me.

My eyes locked on yours and I gave you a sly grin “That isn’t true. Bad girls get everything they want; sometimes they just have to take it by force.” I winked at you as I walked to the bar to get another drink and settled back into the booth to talk with my friends.

Most of the night passed quickly without incident. Friends came and went, wishing me a happy birthday and sharing a drink or two. From time to time I would catch your eye from across the table and when I did, you were always looking at me. With every glance my heart surged and I felt butterflies.

As many of my friends wandered off to other bars or their homes, it was just you and I left around the table and our mutual friend, the DJ in the room. You asked her to play a certain song for my birthday present; a lap dance to You Can Leave your Hat On. You leaned in closer to me, your breath hot against my skin. I felt goose bumps rise as I silently willed you to touch me; anywhere. Your lips brushed my collarbone and my back arched off the back of the booth. My nipples instantly went hard from your touch. My breath grew quicker as my arousal grew; I squirmed in the booth trying to get closer to you. My eyes were squeezed tight, and when I opened them, you were inches in front of me. Your lips quickly brushed mine and then pressed hard against them. My lips instinctually opened and your tongue entered my mouth. Kissing you passionately, I wrapped my hands around your neck and pulled you closer to me. I felt your breathing grow quicker as our kiss became more passionate and aggressive. Your fingers wound in my hair as our tongues darted in and out of each other’s mouths.

I broke the kiss to catch my breath and regroup for a moment. I looked your way. You were as breathless as I was and it was hard to tell which of us was more flushed at the moment. Your eyes met mine and I could see the passion burning in them. I motioned to the waitress to bring my tab and stood to grab my coat. I was more intoxicated than I thought; standing so fast accentuated the alcohol’s hold on my system. Looking over my shoulder at you, I giggled. “I think I’m drunk baby.”

You knew that was your chance, I was too drunk to drive and you would have to drive me. “Baby, you can’t drive like this. Let me take you home so you can be safe. We’ll get your car tomorrow.”

I looked at you and nodded. I also knew this was the moment to seize. If I asked you to take me to your house instead of dropping me off at mine I knew you’d take it. “Take me home baby.” I had brought my overnight stuff, fully anticipating the need to sleep on someone’s couch for the night. “I just need to grab something from my car.” I said as we walked to the parking lot.

Thankfully I was just too intoxicated to drive but nowhere near unable to control myself. You pushed me against my car before I could grab my overnight back from the backseat. Before I realized what was happening, your tongue was deep in my mouth and your thumb was tracing the outline of my hardened nipple. My back was arching off the car as the stimulation ran straight to my clit. I wanted you and I didn’t want to wait, but I wasn’t about to do anything in the parking lot. Your kisses moved to my earlobes and neck, and you quickly followed them with sharp nips with your teeth. I was getting wetter and wetter and just wanted to feel you inside me. Sucking air in between my clenched teeth, I arched my back more, pushing my chest nearer your mouth.

Grabbing a bunch of my loose auburn curls in your fist, you pulled my hair hard enough to both make me gasp in a combination of pleasure and pain and tilt my head back to gain access to my creamy pale neck again. Biting and kissing your way back up to my ear, you whisper to me “I’m going to take you home and fuck the shit out of you, right now; get in the car.” I saw your blue eyes dancing as you glanced back over your shoulder on your short walk to your car.

My eyes widened as I realized what was happening; I quickly grab my bag, lock the car, and run after you as quickly as my 4” pumps will allow in the crappy parking lot. My hazel eyes were dancing as much as yours as I jumped in the front seat of your car, tossing my bag into the back. Not a word was spoken on the short drive to your house, but with your hand in mine as you drove, I felt safe and protected; despite the obstacles ahead of any relationship we attempted, I knew tonight wouldn’t be a mistake.

You quickly unlocked the door when we arrived at your house. As I crossed the threshold, your lips were on mine, our tongues wrestling back and forth. Your hands quickly pulled my jacket off, then my sweater. Kissing your way down my neck, you slowly slid the straps of my tank top off my shoulders. You guided us toward the bedroom as we kissed, deftly opening the door with one hand without breaking the kiss.

“You are pretty good at that, have you done this before?” I teased

Smiling down at me you said. “Nope, I’m just a natural.” My legs bumped the edge of the bed and I fell into the lush mattress. “Now then, we have arrived at our destination. Please keep your hands, arms, legs, and feet inside the ride at all times and remain seated until the captain has turned off the seatbelt sign.”

I laughed as I crawled toward the center of the bed and motioned to you. You straddled my legs and pulled your shirt off over your head. You started kissing my face and neck, slowly working your way down my body. You gently kissed the tops of both my breasts as the strained to remain covered by the tank top. You pulled the bottom of the tank top up and kissed and bit at my stomach while your fingers wandered up to caress my breasts through my bra. Pulling my tank top off over my head, you slowly slid the straps of my bra down my shoulders, allowing my breasts to spill out of the black silk cups. With you kissing and biting at my nipples, I quietly began to moan from the pleasure you were causing me. My back arched toward you every time the tip of your tongue or teeth touched my nipples. The feeling was electric and I was having trouble starting to stay quiet.

I pulled at your belt, unhooking it and unbuttoning your jeans. I whispered to you. “You have been teasing me for two days about this bathtub, why aren’t we in it already?” You looked up at me with a teasing grin and quickly bounded into the bathroom. I heard the water start and soon smelled the scent of jasmine. Looking at the door, I saw you peaking from behind the bathroom door motioning me to follow you. As soon as I entered the bathroom, you came up behind me and slowly undressed me.

The first thing to hit the floor was my black silk bra; you kissed up my spine and gently nipped at the side of my neck as you cupped my breasts in your hands from behind and slowly teased my nipples. Next you pulled my pumps off, one at a time, tickling the soles of my feet to make me giggle. I pushed back into you as your fingers walked their way down my stomach and unbuttoned my jeans. You slid them slowly to the floor, exposing my leopard print thongs. I could feel you hard against me through your jeans as you grabbed my hips and pulled me close to you. I moaned into your mouth as you turned me around to deeply kiss me. I used this opportunity to pull at your jeans, making them fall to the floor. I stroked your hard cock through the fabric of your boxer briefs, teasing you.

I pulled my panties down and slowly stepped back into the bathtub, motioning for you to follow. I sank into the bubbles as they covered my entire body. You slowly pulled your boxer briefs off and joined me in the tub. Reaching behind me, you pushed the button to start the jets and the bubbles began multiplying and spilling over the edge of the tub. You pulled me close to you, and I straddle you in the tub, kissing you deeply. Your kisses were full of hunger, full of longing; as if everyone until this moment hadn’t mattered at all.

I felt the head of your cock rubbing against my entrance, and with the position we were in, it was only a matter of a slight movement to bury you deep inside of me. I gently repositioned myself so you could slide inside me inch by inch. I felt so full, both physically and emotionally when you were fully inside me. It was like this moment was planned for far longer than just a few days. You held me close as we slowly rocked back and forth, letting the pleasure build slowly. Both of us were working to the same end, but neither of us was in a hurry to get there. With as much anticipation we had built over the previous days, neither of us wanted the moment to come too fast for fear of missing it.

Feeling my muscles begin to tense around your hard shaft, you knew my first orgasm was nearing; you adjusted our position and speed to let it begin to subside, you intended for this to last. Breaking our kiss, you push me up onto the tiled surface surrounding the tub. Pushing me onto my back, you slowly kissed your way up my leg. As you reached the apex of my thighs, my back arched off the tile in anticipation. You gently cupped my hips in your hands and pulled my body closer to you. Your nose gently rubbed against my clit while your tongue gently probed between my folds. Your tongue ravaged me to multiple orgasms, and my screams got louder with each.

After nearly an hour, you scooped me up and carried me to the bed. Looking up at you and grinning I crawled on my hands and knees to the edge of the bed; you took your opportunity and grabbing my hips, buried yourself deep inside of me. Using your thumb to stroke my clit, you slammed your hard cock into me over and over again, making me repeatedly moan your name. Pulling away, I pushed you down on your back on the bed and straddled you. Lowering myself slowly onto your swollen gland; I rocked my hips in sloppy figure eights, teasing and tantalizing you simultaneously. Gripping my hips, you pushed yourself up into me, fucking me from beneath. I felt your speed increasing and knew your orgasm was impending. Pulling myself off you I kissed my way down to your happy hard cock. Taking your entire length in my mouth, I swirled my tongue around your shaft as I sucked you deep. My hands cradled and teased your balls as my mouth stimulated every nerve ending. As you got closer, I began stroking you while still sucking and licking your cock. Gripping my hair tightly, your moans became more insistent and I knew it was only a matter of time. I sucked you deep and hard into my mouth as you exploded and released your seed directly into my mouth. Swallowing everything, I kissed my way back up your stomach and chest to snuggle in your chest. I teased your nipples as you came down off your orgasm and regained your composure.

We made love all night, and neither of us slept a wink. As the sun crested the horizon, filling the sky with bright pinks and oranges as day broke; you buried yourself deep inside of me and screaming my name, filled me for the last time that night. Fully spent, you rolled off to the right and attempted to catch your breath. Cupping my face in your hands, you gently kissed each of my eyelids and whispered. “Happy birthday beautiful.”

Now that I have told you how my birthday night should have gone, when do we get to rectify this situation and make each other scream?

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