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Happy Friendsgiving, Indeed!

It happened again

I retired to my room, shut the door, and replayed everything that had just happened. There was a lot of pausing and rewinding of Evie in my head. Those piercing eyes...soft body...sweet nectar...intoxicating scent...provocative words - they all made her an incredible fuck. Mmm, she had all my senses going.

Then a sense of guilt set in. I’m supposed to be the responsible, upstanding, should-know-better party. If we were discovered, it would probably be a disaster.

Where was this headed anyway? Maybe it was a once in a lifetime moment two people experienced, and that was it. Perhaps I might never see her again.

I snapped out of my funk and noticed the bed was still a mess from our sexual romp, so I straightened it out to conceal the evidence. As I tucked the sheets in, the aroma of our sex permeated the air, and the sheets remained very wet to the touch. It had been a while since I'd had any sex, let alone amazing sex, so I had to reflect again to savor it a bit more.

My daydreaming was interrupted by a knock on the door.

“Dad, can we host Friendsgiving tomorrow? Jenna is sick, so we can't have it at the Jensens anymore. And now my friends are voting for the house with the hot tub,” Laura stated.

“I guess so, sweetheart. How many people is it again?” I responded.

"I think it's about 24. But don't worry, it’ll all be catered."

Well, at least that was a relief. I wouldn’t know where to start if I had to cook for the thing. And if I wasn’t mistaken, Evie was part of that Friendsgiving group.

That Saturday I put the house in order for our young adult guests. Everything was put away and cleaned up. I made sure the hot tub was at the perfect temperature, and had the fireplace ready for when the wet partygoers moved back indoors.

I hurried to get in a shower, maybe even needed to take a cold one. I stood under the water wondering if things would be awkward. Was I hoping for more? Yes, I think. It was going to be an interesting party.

I put on some nice clothes and a hint of cologne, one that you might only smell if you were in my personal space. Look at me, acting like I had a possible date.

Everyone had arrived on time except for Evie. I began to have my doubts. It wouldn’t have surprised me if she was a no-show after the change in venue.

Appetizers were soon devoured and we couldn’t wait any longer. I was carrying the turkey to the dining room when I heard Laura announce in the hall: “Evie’s here, everyone!”

I set down the turkey and made my way back through the kitchen. I rounded the corner to see Evie talking to her best friend Taylor. She looked so desirable in her simple black dress. Before I got a chance to get her attention, everyone made their way into the dining room to eat.

I ended up eating by myself in the confines of the kitchen. Evie must have known I was around somewhere, but she hadn’t even made eye contact. After dinner, they broke off to watch college football while others went for the hot tub. I watched from inside as Evie looked like she just stepped out of a swimsuit magazine. I stayed away.

They all came in later with towels wrapped and they huddled by the fire, which was starting to lose some intensity. I asked for a volunteer to help fetch some more wood in the garage but the boys were too invested in the football game.

It was beginning to look like I might have to make two trips when I heard “I’ll help you Mr. Jones.” Evie was now following me out the back door. 

I didn’t look back at her and we walked into the garage to get to the wood pile. When I led her between the cars, I turned around abruptly and she ran into me.

“You smell nice,” Evie complimented in her irresistible manner.

“Blue dress, huh?” I teased in reference to the day before. Evie smiled and giggled. Then she took a step back and dropped her towel to the ground. She struck a provocative pose with her hands on her hips.

“Do you like what you see?”

I feasted my eyes on her. I wanted to do unspeakable things to her. I decided to see where this would go.

 “Yes, I do. But I want to see more.”

Evie’s face turned from her smiling, friendly one to a sultry, seductive one. She casually reached into her bikini top and pulled out her spectacular tits and fondled them. Her large nipples spiked from the cool air. She opened her mouth and licked her lips. As she pinched and pulled a nipple she moaned softly.

Fuck, I wanted her right then and there. Instead I said “More!”

Evie calmly sat down on her towel. She opened her legs and rubbed her hand over her crotch while she looked up at me. Her hand then curled under the outside of her bikini bottom and she pulled it aside between her legs, exposing her young pink pussy. She slid her fingers up and down her pussy lips as she moved her hips, enticing me.

I wanted to take her upstairs and fuck her brains out, but there was no way of getting away with that. Even a few more minutes missing could get noticed. But I was going to take advantage of this.

“Okay, on your knees and hands to your sides,” I directed. “No touching.”

“Yes, Mr. Jones.” Evie accordingly kneeled and stared straight ahead. Right at my crotch.

I unzipped my pants and let them drop to the floor. My boxers revealed some precum stains she had already teased from me. I slid those down my legs and my cock sprang out when released from the waistband. It dangled in front of her face.

I inched closer to her and leaned in. Evie intuitively opened her mouth wide and caught my throbbing head. She sealed her lips on my shaft as I continued pushing forward. She gagged a little when I reached her throat, but quickly recovered to swallow all of me. I slowly withdrew and she kissed as my head popped back out.

I leaned in again and this time after she caught my cock, she stared up into my eyes as I stuffed her throat. She moaned and I could feel the vibration on my cock. Evie wanted to please me.

As I pulled out a second time, I said, “Okay, now suck my cock.”

She sprang to action gripping my shaft and stroking it as she kissed my mushroomed head. The tip of her tongue tickled the precum oozing from my opening. She raised my cock to dive below and suck on my balls, taking each individually. They swelled from the suction in her mouth, anxious to empty their contents. Then she licked up the underside of my pole until she could again swalllow my head.  Her tongue swirled around it, making me as hard as I’ve ever been. 

I felt the urge to start thrusting my hips. Evie responded by stroking ahead of her mouth as her head bobbed up and down to my base. I grabbed two fistfuls of that beautiful hair and helped her. I was fucking her down her welcoming throat.

“Ohhhh Evie, I’m gonna cum!”

Evie pulled her head off of my cock. She tilted it back and opened her mouth wide, sticking out her tongue just below the tip of my cock. Her hand rapidly jerked my slicked swollen manhood.

The feeling started at my core and quickly intensified as it spread to the extremes of my body. As it reached my balls, it triggered my cock, and in no time thick, sticky cum spewed out all over her. The initial load landed between her eyes down to her chin, and subsequent spurts covered the rest of her face.  A final load hit her below the chin and slowly streamed down to her tits.

My head initially jerked back from the force of my intense orgasm, and then I ecstatically watched as Evie finished milking out my reserves. I loved giving her a nice glaze. Evie scooped the semen off her face with two fingers together and greedily deposited it in her mouth. She suggestively sucked her fingers clean, and then proceeded to do the same to my still sensitive cock.

“Mmmm,” I heard her purr as she gulped down my cum.

Evie rubbed the last shot into her tits, then used the towel to wipe her face and hair clean. She adjusted her bikini to cover herself back up. Then she pulled up my boxers and zipped up my jeans for me.

“I hope you enjoyed that Mr. Jones. Let’s not forget that firewood.”

We hurried and carried as much as we could back inside.

“Where were you guys? The fire’s almost dying out,” Taylor said.

This fire’s just getting started, I thought.


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