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Happy Trails - Pt 2

What to do when a handsome stranger crosses my (hike) path
“Please Ma’am! Don’t be afraid,” a deep, gravelly voice spoke gently. “I’m not going to hurt you. I’m one of the park staff here.”

His voice galvanized me into action, despite my protesting muscles. I quickly got to my feet but my legs still felt weak and I would have fallen if he hadn’t caught me. I gasped as I grabbed his arms to steady myself, feeling the large muscles in his biceps and forearms. While holding me with one arm, he reached out and pulled my shirt off the branch. Righting myself and jerking myself out of his grip, I grabbed my shirt and held it up to cover myself and took a couple of shaky steps back.

“I’m sorry if I scared you,” he said as he also took a step back. “I was out doing a trail check and heard some noise. When I came through the brush, I saw you but heard some other hikers coming this way.” He took another step away, still sensing my agitation. “I went back and headed them off, sending them in another direction higher up towards the falls.”

“But you came back,” I said, getting a good look at him, angry now and wondering just how long he had been watching me. He was so tall, easily 6’5” and large which surprised me. He’d moved very quickly to catch me and I wouldn’t have expected that from a man his size. At the irritated tone of my voice, his eyebrows furrowed and he chewed his lower lip, thinking a moment.

Then he straightened his shoulders and lifted his chin. “Yes Ma’am….I did. But I won’t apologize for that. No man in his right mind would have stayed away from such a delightful view.” The corner of his mouth pulled up to suggest the slightest hint of a smile. His eyes leave my face, slowly travelling down my body as he was clearly remembering what he had seen. His eyes stopped at my crotch and his lips parted slightly and I realized that my shirt wasn’t covering as much as I hoped. A thought popped into my head and I made a quick decision, letting the shirt drop to the ground.

“This seems pointless since you’ve seen just about every inch of me there is to see,” I said, trying to sound as nonchalant as I could with my hands on my hips and thrusting my chest out slightly. Looking up at his face, his shocked yet pleased expression gave my confidence a big nudge. He shifted his hips slightly and used his hand to adjust the waist of his pants but there was no hiding the obvious bulge. I smiled at the thought of that and when I looked at his face again, he was smiling back. I took a step forward, then another; he didn’t move but his deep, gravelly voice spoke softly.

“Ma’am, I certainly did and I’m very grateful,” he said, taking another long look as I took another step towards him, getting closer.

“Just HOW grateful might you be?” I asked, now directly in front of him. I have to tilt my head back to look up into his eyes; a striking grayish-blue. He shrugged off his backpack and reached to stroke my face, then brushed my air over my shoulder with his long, thick fingers, lightly caressing my shoulder. He pulled me to him, pressing his mouth to mine and forced his tongue between my lips, engaging my tongue in a seductive dance.

I responded by grinding my body up against him, my hands on his shirt feeling the hard muscles of his chest. And I groan in his mouth when I feel his large erection pressing firmly against me. I leave one hand caressing his chest as my other finds its way down to the front of his pants, feeling his cock through his clothes. Holy shit!! That’s REALLY big!

Just as I’m starting to get nervous about the monster I have awakened, he releases me. He quickly undoes the buttons on his shirt as he pulls it out from his pants and tosses it towards the tree branch. And before I know it, he’s stripped off his pants and boxer briefs to expose one of the largest cocks I have ever seen. It’s not even fully erect and it’s at least 9” long and I look up at him with wide eyes.

He grins and pulls me back to him, his cock pressing against me and his mouth devouring mine. He lowers me onto the blanket and takes a moment to gaze at my naked body once more. I see his cock twitching and I smile as he lies down beside me. He reached for his backpack and took out a bottle and a cloth which he wetted and then gently began to wipe my torso. While I was a little confused, the softness of the wet cloth feels good on my skin and he gives special attention to my breasts. When he reached down and slowly wiped between my legs, I close my eyes, not caring what the reason is.

“Sunscreen….I don’t like the taste,” he whispered in my ear as he wet the cloth again and started over, paying even more attention to my breasts and pussy. The cloth was soon gone and his tongue in my mouth again, teasing my tongue mercilessly and I feel his fingers making their way across my skin to my left breast. It’s dwarfed by his huge hand but he doesn’t seem to mind as he massages it gently. When he played with my nipple, I moaned as it was still sensitive from my early brutality to it and he graciously moved to the other one.

His mouth and tongue now made their way down my neck and they took over for his hand. He swirled my nipple in his mouth, flicking it with his tongue. When he used his teeth, a sharp hiss escaped my mouth and my back arched. His hand had been busy; slowly making its way down to my crotch and his fingers gently stroked the smooth, shaved skin and tickled the insides of my thighs. My legs seem to spread of their own accord to make sure he had all the access he needed. I could feel him chuckling as he sucked my breast and his cock pushed against my thigh.

Now that got my attention and as much as I was enjoying what he’s doing, I wanted to see this amazing specimen up close and personal. With great effort, I sat up and tried to push him on his back. He wasn’t eager to stop what he was doing but I whined and he reluctantly gave in. I straddled his waist, feeling his cock poking me from behind and I leaned down over him, now pushing my tongue into his mouth, teasing his like he’d done mine while his hands found my breasts and continue tugging and pinching my nipples.

I moved from his mouth to his neck, slowly making a wet trail and when I gently bit him at the base of his neck, he groaned and his cock twitched against my ass. I slid further down his body, lifting my ass slightly so that his cock slid up and along my pussy. I stayed this way, moving my hips back and forth, caressing him with my pussy lips, delighted to hear him groan again. I tickled and sucked his nipples, making his cock twitch against my pussy, sending shivers up my spine. I want to keep this up but now I was way too eager.

I slid further down his body, holding my breasts together pushing his cock up between them. I saw drops of precum on the head of his cock and licked them; they were sweet, sticky and I wanted more. I slowly licked around the head, enjoying the sensation of the smooth yet hard skin against my tongue. I’d never sucked a cock this large before but it’s one of my favourite things to do. I took the head in my mouth and the base in my hand, sheathing my teeth with my lips and started to work my way down.

My lips were stretched to their limit and I felt my gag reflex starting to kick in but I stopped, taking a deep breath in through my nose and pressed down. I was more than halfway down and the head of his cock was already at the very back of my mouth. If I could have grinned, I would have. I looked up to see him watching me, his eyes wide and his mouth open, panting. I slowly pulled back, letting my tongue massage the underside. He closed his eyes and groaned loudly. I go down on him again, letting my mouth and throat grow accustomed to his size, taking a little more of him in.

He reached for my arm to pull me up but I didn’t want to let him out of my mouth. I looked up at him with pleading eyes and he motioned me to change my position. I gladly did so, giving him access to my pussy which he eagerly wanted. His fingers spread my lips and he raked his tongue from my clit up to my ass. He began to lick my pussy, occasionally sticking his tongue inside and wiggling it. I moaned loudly, even with his cock in my mouth and when he latched onto my clit, sucking it hard for the first time, it causes me to spasm, craning my head back and forcing his cock all the way in.

I paused for a second, trying not to panic at the thought of choking – this had never happened before. He was frozen, his body rigid with anticipation. I took a small breath through my nose, relieved that I could still breathe and thrilled at the sensation of my full throat. I slowly pulled back about halfway and then pressed forward again, eager to try once more. I heard him gasp as he entered my throat again and I held still for a few seconds, savoring that sensation more. I pulled back all the way to the tip and was even more aroused thanks to my accomplishment. But I wanted more and continued at a very slow pace, deep-throating him again and again, revelling in the feel of his cock. I held his cock steady with my fingers at the base and gently fondled his balls with my other hand.

He showed his appreciation by pulling my crotch back to his face, licking my clit furiously while plunging two long fingers into my pussy. He started playing with my ass, using our fluids to lubricate it. Slowly, my hole relaxed and his large finger slid in up to his first knuckle. The combination of his fingers fucking both my holes and his tongue flicking my clit was more than I could take and I pulled his cock from my mouth. “I….I…I’m going…going to come,” I panted, barely able to get the words out when my legs started to shake and I sucked his cock harder than ever.

“Oh God…, yes,” he moaned and I felt the pulsing of his shaft. He sucked my clit between his lips again, harder than before, pulling out his fingers and I came all over his face just as the head of his cock swelled and filled my mouth, one huge spurt after another. I tried to swallow his sweet-tasting come as quickly as I could, distracted as I was by my own stellar orgasm but it overflowed and dribbled down my chin. I wiped it off with my fingers and sucked them clean.

We lay there for a few minutes, gasping and trying to calm our breathing. I had collapsed on his body with his emptied cock just inches from my face, completely exhausted. I don’t know how he did it but he reached down and pulled me around so that my head was now on his chest. I could feel his heart beating quickly as his breathing returned to normal and we just lay there, hot and sweaty from our exertions and the sun.

I don’t know how much time passed but he gently eased me onto the blanket and rose to his knees. I was astounded that he had the energy to then pick me up in his arms and stand. With my arms around his neck, he carried me down to the water and slowly he waded in. I grimaced when the cold water hit my heated skin and hugged him tightly. He laughed and slowly bobbed in the water, letting our skin adjust to the temperature.

He motioned me to lie on my back and with his arms supporting me, slowly moved through the water, letting it flow over my skin. Then he pulled me to him; I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck. Suddenly he dipped us both beneath the water and came right back up. I let go of his neck to wipe the water from my face and push my hair back. He pushed me down on my back, with my legs still wrapped around him. He supported me with both hands under my back as he moved backward pulling me through the water.

The water felt heavenly rushing over my skin and I closed my eyes. The water was soon replaced by one of his hands; he ran his fingers along my skin, across my chest and my breasts, tickling my nipples and making them harden. He loosened my legs from around his waist, pushing me away and with his hands firmly under my ass, bent his head down and lifted my pussy to his lips. I gasp at all the sensations; the water on my skin, his tongue exploring the soft folds and his fingers kneading my ass. His tongue found my clit and flicked it softly. I couldn’t help but moan in delight.

When he pulled me back up into his arms, I protested but he kissed my mouth softly, his tongue teasing mine. I felt his now stiff cock rubbing up against my ass. I pushed my body away so his cock would be between us. I pressed my body back against him, wrapping my legs around him and slowly rubbing my pussy up and down the length of his cock. He closed his eyes and hugged me tighter, pressing his cock harder against me as I kept up the motion.

But he wanted more, lifting me higher with one arm and using his other hand, pressed the tip of his cock against my pussy lips. I shifted my hips slightly forward and the head of his cock pushed inside me. We groaned in unison. He pushed down on my hips and went in deeper. I tried to moan but the size of his cock filling me took my breath away. There was no way I could get all of him inside me but he didn’t seem to care as he started pumping steadily.

“You are so tight,” he murmured as he impaled me on his massive cock. The water seemed to do little as far as slowing his thrusts. His hands gripped my hips almost painfully now. “Squeeze your nipples for me,” he panted, his hands clearly occupied. Holding tightly onto his shoulder with my left hand, I used my right to grab my right breast and tug on my nipple. “Harder,” he growled angrily and I pinched my nipple as hard as I could, crying out from the delightful pain and causing my pussy to clench his cock.

I grabbed his shoulders as he plowed mercilessly into me now, hitting my cervix causing delicious waves of pleasurable pain. My orgasm came quickly and I cried out again and again. He crushed me to his chest, pausing for a moment and then pumped his cock once more, then again. His entire body shuddered and froze as his cock exploded inside me.

We stayed that way for several minutes as his erection subsided and then he lowered us down to our necks in the cool water. He let me go gently and headed out of the water, making his way to the blanket, giving me the most amazing view of his gorgeous ass. I expected him to quickly dress and leave but instead, he pulled a large towel from his pack and walked back down to the water, motioning me to him. He smiled slightly as I struggled to make my way out the water on rubbery legs ….again.

He draped the towel around both of us and hugged me to him, my face just reaching his chest and I smiled, wondering how we had managed despite the height disparity. The towel covered far more of me than him but he didn’t seem to mind. I looked up to see him smiling down at me and I smiled back.

“Very nice to meet you Ma’am,” he said softly and I had to agree with him.

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