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Hard Body

Hard Body

The best stress relief is found at the gym.
My stress level was at maximum after a few years of dealing with every disaster imaginable. Family illnesses, personal injury, natural disasters and to top it off a six month fling with a man I thought was heading for divorce, who suddenly moved out of town back with his wife, who used to be my good friend, all of which had me more than on edge. I was fucking done. Emotional toast, brain fried. What could possibly happen next! I needed some stress relief and bad. With my stud muffin gone till the next blow up with his wife the only thing that was working to blow off some steam was a hard work out at the gym, so off I went gym bag in hand to pump some iron.

I usually didn’t work out late in the evening as it keyed me up too much to get to sleep at a decent hour, however this day I was running late for everything so I did not get to the gym till an half hour before closing.

“Hey Dave how’s it going?” I asked my neighbor Dave at the gym’s check in desk.

Dave replied sarcastically, “Just great the front desk girl called in again so I’m missing the kids play at school.”

My neighbor Dave was the owner of the gym and the poor guy always had to cover for missing unreliable employees. I told Dave about my day from hell and how I needed a hard workout and long soak in the whirlpool so if he’d like I would be more than happy to close and lock up the gym for him so I could stay a little longer.

“Thanks a million Bunny I’ll get the keys from you tomorrow morning. There is only one guy in the back finishing up. He’s harmless, a big teddy bear of a guy named Steve I’ve known forever. See you in the am.” Dave relayed on the way out the door.

I stowed my gear in the women’s locker room then headed out on the floor to hit the crunch machines. I always started any work out with a heavy session of high reps on two different crunch machines to keep the muffin top at bay and get my blood flowing. I casually glanced at the back of the room where this Steve guy was working on his arms doing some curls.

“Why haven’t I seen him before?” I thought to myself.

Well I was seeing him now and getting an eye full of something that was making my panties moist. Holy crap what a body. He was glistening with perspiration, muscles flexing with every move. He had the kind of look I like in a man. Very muscular but not to the point that he looked like he’s pumping more steroids than iron and handsome in a dangerous way. Here I was, looking all a mess in my tight black yoga shorts and a pink baggy tea shirt with a sports bra under. I didn’t think I’d be turning anyone’s eye at that particular moment. I finished my crunches then arm day for me too so I headed back to hit the free weights near where this hunky Steve guy was.

“Hi Steve, I’m Bunny, Dave told me about you. I will be closing up for him tonight.” I said as I introduced myself to Mr. Hunky while thinking about all the things I could do with a body like his.

Steve looked up with a mischievous smile and in a southern draw that surprised me replied, “Nice to meet you Bunny, only about ten minutes before closing I guess we better hurry up.”

That was it I couldn’t take it anymore. I just love southern men and his chiseled jaw line with those soft alluring gray eyes looking me up and down made something in my head snap. Maybe it was more like something in my shorts! Maybe it was the hungry way he was undressing me with those pretty eyes. Maybe it was all in my imagination and I was about to make a fool of myself but I blurted it out with no finesse at all.

“I need a good soak in the whirlpool after I finish my arm routine, since Dave said I could stay a while after I closed up how would you like to join me?”

Without any hesitation at all Steve accepted my offer and we continued our arm routines. As I was sitting on a bench doing curls with my measly fifteen pound weight Steve came up and sat down right behind me, legs straddling the bench as he got close enough I could feel the heat radiating off his body.

He said softly in my ear, “Let me show you how to improve your form to get better results my little Bunny.”

I leaned back into him, looked into those eyes and said in my I want to fuck you to pieces voice “Show me what you know Steve, maybe I can show you a few things as well, as soon as I lock the front door.”

I proceeded to turn the main overhead lights off and lock up so we wouldn’t be disturbed because I just had this feeling I was about to get me some of that hunk!

Time to just go for broke so I went up to Steve, ran my fingers over his flexing bicep and seductively took his hand and led him to the women’s showers under the guise that we needed to rinse all this sweat off before getting in the whirlpool. Steve’s shit eating grin was a green light that my amorous advances were going to be more than well received. I could feel him watching my ass as we walked into the locker room.

Upon entering the dressing area I turned around threw my arms around his neck, looked him in those pretty eyes and said “Steve I’m a no BS kind of girl and I am ready to eat you alive are you ready to go on this ride?”

Before I knew what happened I was tackled, swept up in those powerful arms and told just before his lips touched mine, “I will take an all-night pass for that ride baby.”

The kiss was soft but powerful just like this big strong teddy bear of a man was. Filled with the same passion and need that I also had bound up inside myself like a too tightly wound spring. It was a slow dance of untethered desire as we explored each other mouths with our seeking tongues, sweaty bodies sliding against each other. Hands wandering and exploring as mine naturally went straight to his fine tone ass and grabbed each cheek to pull him into me. I could feel the stirrings of his cock through his thin nylon gym shorts and see his nipples hardening not being hidden at all by his body builder style skimpy wife beater.

I sat Steve down on the dressing bench and did a little strip tease for him running each piece of my clothing over his body as I gyrated in front of him. Then piece by piece I slowly undressed him, gave his lips a big kiss and his cock a little squeeze and hopped off to the showers. I could feel him watching my ass as my new stud muffin followed along closely. I adjusted the water temperature and we entered the shower stall. As the warm water cascaded down our bodies I took a palm full of body shampoo from the dispenser on the wall and began to soap up Steve. My hands were in slippery heaven starting at the top with his broad shoulders rubbing and exploring. Working my way down his body as he did the same to mine was building up the sexual heat between us. I felt his hand go from massaging my breast and pinching my nipple to slipping down my stomach to between my legs. I opened them slightly to give him access to my waxed and perfectly trimmed little pussy. My breath quickened as I felt his fingers caressing the bare folds of my skin heading for my clit while his cock was growing in my hand. It wasn’t but a few strokes of my clit by his thick fingers, when I had to release his cock and hold myself up by his shoulders as I felt the first orgasm rip through my body.

“My, my Bunny you are a filly with a hair trigger aren’t you?” he said to me in that sexy southern accent as my legs trembled.

I sat down on the ledge of the shower stall, which made me eye level with the manhood of my newly found conquest. I had to taste it and with water dripping all over I placed my tongue on the tip and looked up to see his reaction. Most guys just groaned and closed their eyes at this point, but not Steve he was wide eyed watching my every move. All at once I grabbed his ass cheeks and engulfed his thick penis, balls deep to a moan of surprise. Looking up at Steve with his cock buried in my throat, almost made me cum again. I love sucking cock, and I was going to give this hunk the blow job of his life. I released his throbbing cock from my mouth, to hold it up and stroke it so I could get to his balls. Sucking one testicle entirely into my mouth, I teased and played with his hard cock, paying attention to all the most sensitive spots like just behind the head under the rim and the little hole on the tip with my wet finger tips. I ran my other hand up inside his butt crack, teasing his perineum and inching my way closer to his ass hole.

Lost in a moment of lust, I swallowed his other testicle and stroked his cock faster. Releasing his balls from the grip of my mouth I swallowed his cock again, this time working it all over with my swirling tongue. Up and down the shaft with my mouth, as one hand massaged his balls and the other rubbing his tight ass hole gently working my finger into it. I think Steve was lost in the moment as he did not try to get away when I slid my finger into his ass and attacked his cock with my mouth, like a starving women. I knew my finger in his tight ass was hitting the spot when his cock was flowing pre-cum like a river so I increased the intensity, sucking harder as I fingered his fine ass. His balls tightened up and his ass was squeezing my finger when his cock exploded in my mouth. I swallowed the first shot like a hungry kitten lapping up milk then took his cock in my hand and aimed it so the rest of his load landed all over my round, soft breasts as I looked up into his eyes and watched his face.

“Did you like that?” I asked as I stood up into the stream of the shower watching the hot cum dripping off my titties.

“Hell yes,” he replied in such a sexy breathless way I just wanted to take him again.

After our final rinse I took his hand again and led him naked in all his glory to the big sunken whirlpool. We entered the whirlpool and as I was about to sit down in the water I was unexpectedly picked up by the waist, and sat down on the side of the whirlpool. In one forceful move my legs were spread open, and Steve’s head was in between them. He was devouring my hot cunt like a mad man and I loved it! Licking my bare pussy lips, then sucking my clit, flicking it with his tongue then driving it into my aching hole. All it took was feeling his hot tongue snaking in and out of my depths to make my legs clamp around his head and one orgasm after another poured out over his handsome face.

I don’t know if it was eating my sweet pussy, or the warm water of the whirlpool that he was standing in but that big, thick cock of his was erect and throbbing again. I liked watching it jerk and dance around, made me want to suck it. Boy was this guy smooth. Again before I knew it he me lying back on the whirlpool deck with a towel under my head and my legs up on his shoulders as he stood in the whirl pool. I was so wet from cumming all over his face so many times his thick, hard cock slid inside me meeting only the resistance of my walls clamping down on him.

As I grabbed my tits, twisting the nipples I threw my head back and moaned, “Fuck me good you stud I want you to pound me hard.”

Grabbing my thighs he practically lifted me off the whirlpool deck and just bounced me off his cock for a while getting me loosened up so he could fuck me deep. Once I was opened up he leaned over top of me and mounted me like a stallion. Propped up on his big arms, I watched his face as he fucked me hard and deep. Every so often he would slow down to control his orgasm and kiss me as passionately as he was fucking me. My body was on fire, reeling from the orgasmic bliss this muscle bound stud was giving me. Watching his prime body move above me made my orgasm racked cunt grab onto his cock like it never wanted to let go.

I put my arms around his neck and said, “Stand up stud muffin.”

This brought me to a sitting position and I hopped into the whirlpool, spun around and bent over with my big round butt in the air.

“Fuck me like this I think you will enjoy the view,” I teased my stud.

I loved the feeling of him grabbing my hips and pounding me so hard his balls slapped against me making that lovely smacking sound. I could listen to that and him all day. His ragged, heavy breathing as he fucked me and especially those deep moans when I swallowed his cock and prodded his prostate drove me crazy with lust.

As I was cumming on and milking his pulsing cock inside me he groaned, “I’m going to burst, here it comes.”

I immediately spun around and swallowed his pussy juice covered cock deep as I could and grabbed his balls. Right, I know, a total porno move but my motive was really more keeping Dave’s whirlpool floater free than being sexy or some shit like that. I felt his rod jerk in my mouth as he released his load down my throat in pulse after pulse while I sucked and rubbed his balls. Hearing his grunts and moans just made me suck all the more fiercely till I drained him dry. We both collapsed in the whirlpool all snuggled up me against his big, firm chest.

After a nice soak in the whirlpool and a sexy, soapy shower we dressed and exchanged contact info. I locked up the gym and he walked me to my truck.

“That’s Steven with a V,” he said, right after he gave me a delicious kiss and bear hug good bye.

I wasn’t a block down the street when my phone went off with a text from Steve saying, “I loved meeting & fucking u can’t wait to do it again wanna do dinner fri?”

Well that was quick, first date set and I hope it is a repeat of tonight and more!

First thing in the morning as promised here comes Dave for his keys.

“So girlfriend how did you like my buddy Steve?” he says almost laughing out loud.

“I liked him a lot Dave. So what did you have to do with that?” I replied sarcastically.

Then Dave told me about how he had known Steve from college, what a great guy he was and that he knew my last so called stud muffin was a total dumb ass so he thought I needed an upgrade. I think Dave will be getting a good Christmas present this year!

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