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Hard days work

The rain is hitting the window pain softly.  Making me wish that you were here with me. I've been thinking about the night before all day long.   I feel the tingle in my pussy lips, and the lunge in my womb.  I need to feel you inside me.  I feel the slick texture of my shaved pussy lips, glide together, as I walk to the window, yet again, looking for your truck, awaiting your arrival.  I can hardly stand it anymore. I run my fingertips along my bare stomach.  I'm wearing your favorite outfit.  The one that you picked out.  Little white terry cloth shorts, and a white ribbed tank top, that is a little to short, and small. My tiny nipples hard, poking into the soft cotton of the material.  The touch of my abdomen, sends shivers through my body, and again, straight to my sex.  I cup my ample breast in my hands, feeling you, and your large calloused hands.  You called earlier, and told me that you had gotten off work early due to the rain, and you wanted to come home and warm up.  The five minute conversation that we had on the phone, was enough for me to run my fingertips across my slit, already wet, and wanting.

I just keep seeing the image of you above me, with my knees pinned to my shoulders, and watching your fat cock disappear deep inside my wet pussy.  The slick sound of sex.  My pussy wet, and slick, tight. Watching your glorious handsome face, that is half animalistic, and on the edge of loosing control.

"Touch it baby,"  you say huskily.  In that lustful rough voice I love to hear, when we are fucking.

I completely oblige you and am happy to touch that wet button, just above the space that you are engorging.  Its hard, and it sends a shiver through my body.  I briefly look into your eyes, that follow my stomach down, and watch my fingers pinch and roll my clit.  My fingers working in fast circular motions, knowing that I can bring that orgasm to myself fast and now, knowing that I don't need to.  You have no problems, hitting that g-spot, and making me cum.  Cum so hard, I squeeze you out of me.  You are rock hard, and it never ceases to amaze you, that I can squeeze that fat cock right out of my pussy, with a gush of  my orgasm. But only you can do that to me.  No other lover, has ever been able to make me cum like you do.

The door opening, startles me back to reality.  I turn and look at you, your dark hair wet, from the rain, your clothes soiled from a hard days work.  Your hands a dark shade of muddy.  I smile at you.  You have a smear of mud along your strong sexy jaw line.

"I was hoping you didn't start without me."  You say to me playfully.

"I was about to."  I walk straight over to you, I take your dirty calloused hand in my own, and push your hand into my shorts, and push your finger in between my slit.  You close your eyes, and breath out slowly. "Fuck your wet"

You open your eyes, and I see the slivery pools of lust.  I know by looking into that gorgeous face, that you are wanting me, and ready.  I look down, and can see through your car hart pants, your engorged member.

"Let me take a quick shower, I really am muddy babe,"  You say through impatience.

"No, I'm not waiting."  I kneel in front of you, knowing that you don't need anymore coaxing. But I want to feel the bulbous head of your cock, pass over my lips and down my throat.  I love the feel of your cock in my mouth.  Feeling the veins, solid and strong as they pass over my lips.  "I want you dirty."  I say as I unzip your damp pants.  "Your cold and wet, lets get you out of these clothes."  I look up at you with my big brown eyes. Flirting with you.  You run your hand through my long blonde hair, as I pull your cock out, and satisfy part of what I'm wanting.  I moan softly, as the feel of your solid member enters my mouth, passes over my tongue. I close my eyes briefly and look back up at you. You smile seductively at me, and lay your head back. I watch some of the tension ease out of your shoulders as you sigh.  The sounds you make, get me hotter.  I love hearing that what I'm doing pleases you.  I run my hand softly over my pussy.  The terry cloth shorts are soft.  They have ridden up a little more, my finger grazes the side of my pussy lips.  It sends and exhilarating shiver through my sex again.  I can feel the juices from me, start moistening the shorts. I pull them to the side a little, and let my finger slide inside of me.  I moan onto your cock.

"Okay," you say a little breathlessly.  You bend down, and put your hands under my arms and pick me up.  I wrap my legs around your waist, and you grab the back of my head, and force your solid mouth to mine.  The tiny scratches from your neatly trimmed beard exhilarate my mouth further.  Roughing the soft texture of my lips.  You start walking down the hall.  Carrying me.  One hand holding onto my ass, the other firmly clutched into my long locks, making sure my mouth cannot leave your passionate kisses. You lay me down on the bed, and push my shirt up, exposing my tanned breasts.  Your tongue circles on hard nipple, while your hand kneads and massages both breasts.  You suck, and graciously give to each nipple equally.  Gently biting, and sucking harder. I run my fingers through your silky hair, and start to pull at your clothing.  You are still fully dressed.  Your hard throbbing cock, is the only skin exposed.

"I want it baby"  I breath into your ear.  You need no more encouragement.  You grab a-hold of my hips and pull down my shorts. Your motions are quick, and its clear that you want satisfaction as well.  You push my knees down to the bed, you hold your cock in your hand, and run the head along my clit.  Sending wave after wave of pleasure through me.  Teasing my hot wet hold, with the fat head of your cock. 

"You want this?" You tease.

"Yesssss"  I beg.

You lean back, and continue to stroke that hard solid member.  Knowing that your teasing me, and you know how I love to be teased.  I start to lean up and pull on your sweatshirt, I can't take anymore, but before I can, you thrust into my tight hole, in one fast quick motion.  It's painful as your large member finds its way deep inside me.  It causes me to suck in breath.  My pussy so wet, you have no problem doing so.  You stay deep inside me, as we both revel in the pleasure.  You steal another passionate kiss from my mouth. Hot and hard.  Your mouth greedy, and you take from me.  You start to move.  Slowly at first, you pull half way out of me.  The twinges inside of my pussy already growing.  It wasn't going to take much to make me cum.  I knew this.  You dive inside me, harder this time.  I cry out.  Knowing that you have hit bottom.  The sensation is one of pain and pleasure.  Your teeth find my neck and bite down, as your pace increases.  I pull at the bottom of your sweatshirt, and help it over your head.  Your pace slows only slightly.  I need your skin, I need to see your solid stomach and arms.  Feel your warm flesh beneath my fingertips.  I look into your eyes again, you pull out of me. I pout.  You tease my hot opening again.  Just barely placing the head of your cock inside.  Knowing that you are driving me wild.  Again, in one thrust, you are deep inside of me.  I cling to your chest with my fingers, and arch my back, and lift into you.  Pushing you deeper that my body will allow.  You suck my breast into your mouth, hard.  Again, a wave of pain and pleasure.  My core is burning, and I feel the orgasm is eminent.  Your pace starts to quicken.

"I can feel that pussy getting tighter.  Cum for me."  You demand.

My hips rock to meet yours.  My hands groping and searching for anything to dig into, its cuming. Oh yes its cumming.  Your teeth on my nipple, biting hard, are the final blow.  My body releases.  My pussy clenching your cock hard.  I moan out loud.  On the verge of blacking out. My neck back as far as it will go, my back arched, giving you the best angle for depth.

"Fuck"  You breath hard.  "Yes, squeeze that cock baby"

I cum hard.  Feeling the juices flow out of me, and as your pumping hard into me, they are splashing up onto my pussy lips and down your balls.

"I'm gonna cum baby,"  Your pace quickens, and as if I need anymore thickness in my throbbing hole, I feel you tighten, knowing your release is coming.  You suck my breast into your mouth again, and I feel your body get tight. Your paces slows just a bit.  I feel the first pump of your cock as your dumping your hot load inside me.  I feel the second pump as your breath is caught in my neck. Your quiet grunts into my ear.  I love hearing your cum.  One more final push deep inside of me, as the last of your hot spunk is expelled deep inside me.  You collapse on me, holding your weight on your elbows.  Looking into my eyes.  "Now, why can't I just get paid, to do this to you all day."  You smile at me, and kiss me.  You roll onto your side, and envelope me in your arms.  We drift off for a short nap.  And no, I think to myself, I'm not done with you yet tonight.  You'll need your rest, for round two.  I smile and peacefully fall asleep into your arms

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