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Hard Night At The Gym

One night after a work out it gets a little rough.
With "Eye of the Tiger" blasting my ears as I run on the treadmill I look over to the clock with sudden realization it is 1:55 am. I look around me and notice that I am the last person here and the gym closes at 2 am. I see Zac's office lights on, 'Shit Shit Shit he is going to be so mad'. Zac is the manager of the gym and everyone knows how mad he gets when we are not out of here on time. I turn off the treadmill and wipe it down.

I could just walk out now so he can close at 2 am but I look down at myself to find that I am pretty sweaty. I don't want to put my street clothes on without rinsing off. I walk over to Zac's office, I find him typing away on the desk top and I couldn't help but admire him.

Zac is pretty good looking, he has a body that tells you he has worked hard for it and a smile that could light up a room. He is about 29 years old, 5'11 not too terribly tall and I would assume he is 175 lbs of masculine goodness. He has those type of chocolate brown eyes that make you want to melt in the center of them and brown hair that looks so soft you could just spend hours running your hands through it. But he can have such a nasty attitude sometimes.

Zac looks over at me with a question in those beautiful eyes of his.

"Hey Zac! I was just going to tell you I am going to jump in the shower and rinse off and head out," I chirped. 

"OK, Well just hurry up you should of been out of here by now!"

"Sorry, got lost in thought while on the treadmill, Ill try to make it quick."

He just nods and goes back to his typing. I turn and walk to the shower room, after 2 hours of exercising I could feel my muscles start to scream from the pounding they took today. In the shower room, I peel off my clothes and turn on one of the shower stalls and step in. The hot water feels amazing running down my sore muscles. I look down and watch the water flow off my D34 boobs. I let the water pound down over my head onto my body for a few moments and then grab some body wash and lather up going up my well toned legs to my shaved pussy, across my flat stomach and stopping at my breasts. I slowly rinse off wanting to relish the warmth of the water and how great it feels. But I have to face the music, so I step out of the stall and grab a towel. I quickly dry off my shoulder length brown hair. I wrap the towel around my body and fasten it as best as I can so I can gather my belongings and get dressed.

I walk into the locker room wrapped in a towel and grab some lotion. I squirted a little of the lotion into my hand before I can even start rubbing it in on my legs the locker room door swings open.

There is Zac, I feel immobile wrapped in a tiny gym towel. Zac's eyes rake over my poorly covered body, and he does not look pleased.

"What Britt you just taking your sweet ass time in here in is past 2 am!" 

"Sorrrryyyy," is all I manage to stammer with my brown eyes wide and a slight pout on my mouth.

A simple sorry did not seem to help at all, he does not seem to cool down. All he is doing is staring at me with his muscular arms crossed. Suddenly he starts walking towards me, I back away from him until I have my back against the brick wall and Zac isn't stopping his strides. When he reached me he grabbed a handful of my hair and yanked my head so I was looking him straight in the eyes.

"The sign says 2 am is closing time not 2:01 am or 2:10 am.. it says 2 am!"

Before I can even think of speaking, his mouth is covering mine in a deep kiss and biting my bottom lip. I struggle a little bit against him. I turn my head the best I can with the grip he had on my hair. His mouth is dislodged from mine but relocates at my earlobe I just presented to him by accident in my struggle.

"Zac I don't think we should be doing this." I let out in a pathetic attempt. His tongue feels like velvet on my earlobe, I can feel his breath on my neck and I am loving the feeling. I put up my arms and to try to push him back slightly so we can talk but my arms feel like jelly and Zac quickly has them pinned above my head 

Thoughts are racing in my head... 'I can't let this happen..oh but it feels so good' before I can do anything further my poorly wrapped towel comes undone and falls to the ground. Now that stopped Zac, his eyes greedily take in the sight of my my breasts. He looks me in the eyes and kisses me deeply and reaches to one of my nipples and gives it a gentle pinch.

"OHH!" I let out involuntary moan into Zac's mouth. My little pink nipples are very sensitive and sends a shiver right down to my pussy. 

Zac likes the reaction he got from the simple little pinch of my nipple he did it again except harder. This time I let out a high pinch moan and my body involuntarily pressed against his which causes his hard on to be pressed firmly in between us for a short period of time. He slowly takes his mouth off mine and smiles a moderately evil smile, he lowers his head and brings one of my nipples in to his mouth and starts to suck.

"Fuck!! Ohhh.." I let out as I feel my pussy start to get wetter. Zac gently bit on my nipple and it sends an electric bolt straight to my pussy. I fight my arms out of the grip his one hand had on my above my head and bring my hands down to lace my fingers through his hair and hold his head right there. 

'What am I doing? I should be getting him off of me not holding his delicious mouth to my tits.' Suddenly, I receive another bite to my nipple this time harder which causes me to let out a quiet scream and I hold his head tighter so he won't move away from my nipple as his right hand worked on my left breast squeezing it in his firm grip.

Every gentle squeeze and bite sends chills to my pussy which was now soaked. My body seemed to be going back to primal instincts, I was moaning loudly and grinding my body against Zac's. I was so close to cumming and he had not even laid a finger on my tight wet pussy. Suddenly, he clamps down on my nipple sending me into a hard orgasm.

"Aww Ohh Fuck!! Zac!! Fuck!" Zac pulls his mouth from my nipple and looks at me with humor in his eye as I stand there shaking from muscle pain and an intense orgasm. Me legs were giving out I couldn't support myself any longer. Zac realizes this and picks up my 5'7 140 lb frame like it was nothing and looks deep into my eyes.

"Oh, baby.. You are just so gorgeous.." He says in his deep voice with those chocolate eyes just melting me.

He then carries me naked into his office and sets me down on a chair and tells me to stay and he leaves his office. Like I have another option, my legs won't carry me half way out of his office let alone to run out of the gym but by now I didn't even want to leave.

He comes back minutes later with 3 XL yoga mats and stacks them neatly in top of each other on his office floor and shuts the door. He lifts me off the chair and sets me gently on the mats and props my legs wide so he can see my pretty pink tight pussy. Within seconds he has his mouth all over my pussy licking my clit ever so slowly in such a torturous way and looking up at me watching me squirm around. I am grinding my pussy against his face wanting more. He takes his mouth away suddenly.

"Oh no! Please!" I beg as he smiles at me.

"Oh, Baby Doll you are a greedy one aren't you?" he cooed.

Then he went back to his lovely assault on my pussy. Then he shoves in two fingers deep into my pussy and started finger fucking me hard while biting and sucking my clit. My body goes wild squirming under his sweet torture.

"Oh fuck Zac, fuck fuck..." I screame as I grab my tits and squeezed them hard. His finger fucking me harder.

"Oh yeah Zac, Oh I'm cumming hard!" I let go into a beautiful orgasm. All I see are stars in my vision and it seems like an eternity just laying there having my body spasm over and over again.

Out of nowhere it seems, I hear Zac chuckle lightly and I open my eyes and come back to reality. I look down and there is Zac just kneeling in between on my legs. His hard on causing a tent in front of his shorts and he is smiling so joyfully over what he has done. He is adorable.

I wasn't done yet, my body wants more now. I crooked my finger at him beckoning him to come closer. As he climbs up in between my legs I strip off his shirt. Damn, I could kiss and lick his abs all day long but right now is not the time. Then I grab the waist band of his shorts and force them down letting this thick seven and a half inch cock spring out. I want to taste it so bad but right now I just want him inside my pussy. I use my foot to force his shorts and boxers the rest the way off. I grab his neck and pull his mouth down to mine as I wrap my legs around his hips as he takes his time trying to find my tight entrance. After a few frustrating moments I reach in between us and position it right at my wet opening. 

Slam!! He is balls deep so hard and so fast it feels like he tears me. He continues slamming hard into my pussy and damn, I love it.

"Come on big boy, harder!! Fuck me harder Dammit!!" I scream at him. I look into his eye and it seems as if he says, "Your wish is my command," as he fucks my tight pussy even harder. 

"Oh fuck, oh fuck!! DAMMIT!!" I moan and scream. He reaches in between us and pinches my nipple which is heavenly. I could feel my pussy starting to clench his thickness and felt my orgasm building up fast. He starts breathing faster and fucking me faster, he is almost there.

"Oh oh oh Baby I am going to cum... ohhhhh!!" With that I feel spurts of cum filling me up which sends me right over the ledge.

"Aww fuck," my body bucks against his as I scream with pleasure, waves and waves of pleasure fill me.

I pass out from the extreme pleasure of climax and exhaustion.

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