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Hard-Working Secretary: Part 2

Hard-Working Secretary: Part 2

Tony had worked in the same job for years, but he enjoyed it. He loved chatting to customers, especially if they were as young and beautiful as Charlotte. Although he had worked with her company for years, he had only started fantasising about her over the past couple of weeks, ever since he came in with a delivery and saw her shopping for sex toys on the computer. She had no idea that he saw, but thanks to the reflection on her window... Tony smirked, remembering the exact toys she was looking through. Big, thick vibrators with clit stimulators, and more surprisingly butt plugs and other toys for anal play... She seemed to be far naughtier than her original first impression implied. Charlotte had those large innocent eyes that he pictured looking up at him while gagging on his cock like a dirty slut.

Tony liked the young, pretty girls in their 20s. They reminded him of his youth, where he spent most of the time seducing the sweet and innocent girls, taking their virginities and turning them into confident, sex-hungry women.

He had always had a reputation, a rugged bad-boy, the guy who had the thickest, most skilled cock in the city. He could easily make a living off of it, but Tony was a guy with simple needs. He didn’t want glamour or money, just an easy job with loads of fucking in his spare time. He loved women, loved to seduce them and especially loved getting them to open up to their deepest and darkest desires.

Seeing her looking at the biggest dildos money could by, Tony knew how much she’d love to ride his hard cock. He might not have his youthful good looks any more, but he knew how to charm women. He knew how to please women. He knew how they liked to be fucked.

He spent the next couple of weeks looking forward to seeing Charlotte, watching her bend over as she picked up the heavy boxes, her stockings occasionally peeping out from under her skirt. Her ass was incredible, and Tony often stroked his cock thinking about sliding inside her from behind. He knew, though, that Charlotte never paid attention to the handsome guys who walked into her office, so what would make her look at him in a different light?

He decided to get to know her better, keep the friendly conversations going, maybe waiting for a large order then “forgetting” to give her one of her boxes as an excuse to come back after work hours to see her. After a few weeks planning and waiting, he decided that this was the perfect day for it.

What he didn’t expect was to hear soft moans as he opened the door to her office. He looked at the door of the small room linked to her office, and noticed it was open. Quietly, Tony stepped over and looked inside to see Charlotte, head thrown back in ecstacy, her hair wild as she sprawled on the table with one hand down her lace panties and the other aggressively pulling at her nipples. Tony’s mouth fell open as his cock grew hard, every single one of his fantasies fading to nothing compared to the sight of Charlotte touching herself. He watched the slick movements of her fingers gliding in and out of her pussy, her panties obscuring the view in the most tantalising way.

Tony unbuttoned his shorts, letting his large cock spring free as he spied on Charlotte, stroking his shaft in time to her delicate, nimble fingers pumping inside her. He could see how wet she was and could even hear the sensuous noise of her soaking pussy each time both fingers worked their way in and out with increasing speed. With a moan, Charlotte treated Tony to a full view of her pussy as she rested both of her stockinged feet on the table, spreading her legs wide while rubbing her clit ferociously.

“You dirty girl...” Tony mumbled, grasping his cock harder as he watched her add another finger to her sopping wet cunt. This girl really knew what she wanted, and Tony was more than happy to give it to her. Charlotte’s cries grew louder as she fucked herself harder, the sounds of her drenched pussy filling the room with her sensual moans. Tony pumped his cock faster, thinking about how good it would feel to fuck that sweet, tight pussy and lap up all of the juices dripping onto the table. Greedily watching her breasts bounce with each movement, he focused his hand on the tip of his cock, stroking it faster and faster as he thought about cumming on those perfect, perky tits and watching her lick off all of his spunk...

Charlotte tensed suddenly, her back arching as she came.

“Oh god, fuck me!”

Tony groaned at her words, feeling his orgasm rise through his cock as he watched her remove her fingers, erotically sucking off her juices.

Then their eyes suddenly locked, and Tony stood there frozen as Charlotte gasped.


Tony watched as Charlotte’s eyes moved down to his cock, thick, veiny and oozing with pre-cum. Her eyes widened as she stared, clearly taken aback by the sheer size of it. She blushed bright red but didn’t move to cover herself, simply staring at Tony’s hard cock. Her eyes darted back up to Tony’s face, who was now smirking at Charlotte’s reaction. He knew just from that look what she was thinking, so he wasn’t going to waste any more time.

Tony pulled his shirt roughly over his head and threw it onto the floor, revealing a slightly muscular torso decorated with tattoos. He kicked off his trainers and pushed down his shorts, his large cock prominent as he strode over to Charlotte. Standing in front of her, she yelped in surprise as he pulled off her bra, tore her thong from her hips, then dragged her whole body forward until her bum slid off the desk. The yelp turned into a groan as Tony quickly lowered to his knees then wrapped her legs around his neck as he slowly ran his tongue up her slit. He lapped at her pussy, still wet with her cum, licking up every drop.

“Fuck, you taste good.” Tony said hoarsely, making Charlotte giggle with pleasure. His tongue moved to her ass, hearing her gasp as he licked over her naughtiest spot. She loved it too much to make him stop, but the pure intimacy and dirtiness of this man licking her ass and pussy was making her blush. How did he know how much she loved her ass being played with? He moved back to her slit, dipping his tongue inside her then sucking on her clit, teasing her as he started giving her the best oral of her life. She started to moan louder as his skilled tongue danced over her cunt, her hands running through his hair as she grinded onto his face. His fingers pushed inside her tight wet hole as he sucked hard on her clit, making her cry out.

“Yes! Just like that, oh you’re gonna make me cum, don’t, please don’t stop!”

A low, guttural moan escaped her lips as she pushed Tony’s face onto her pussy, his fingers thrusting against her g-spot as she came. Standing up, Tony dipped his fingers into her open mouth so she could suck off her own cum, making her suddenly bite down on them, her moans muffled as Tony pushed his thick, hard cock straight inside her.

Groaning in pleasure, Tony felt her tight, wet hole adjust to his girth as he held her throat and lightly squeezed, his other hand grabbing onto her waist as he began to thrust into her, hard. The table banged against the wall with each powerful thrust, Charlotte screaming in ecstacy as she held her thighs, lifting them so he could fuck her soaking wet pussy even deeper. He felt the walls inside her start to spasm and tremble as Charlotte came loud and hard, struggling for breath. With a satisfied grin, he lifted her shaking body so he could flip her over, her body laying face-first across the table.

“Are you going to let me play with that pretty ass now?” he murmered into her ear, gently stroking her swollen dripping pussy as she nodded vigorously. She loved being treated like this, a man taking advantage of every hole she had to offer and making her feel like a naughty sex goddess. Tony moved her hands to her ass, making her spread her cheeks wide. He coated his fingers with her juices, then slowly pushed one finger to her tight hole, flexing and rotating it until she adjusted. Charlotte gripped the sides of the table, groaning as he added another finger, filling her slowly and oh so perfectly. He began to frig her ass, making her arch her back and pull her cheeks further apart. She felt so sexy and dirty, letting him touch her as she lay obediantly on the table, ass spread wide and willing to give him whatever he wanted. She felt his thumb replace his fingers, rotating it in such a way it made her juices drip down her legs.

Looking over her shoulder straight at Tony, she watched his eyes narrow as he bit his lip. She looked so fucking sexy like that, bent over the table in her stockings, holding her ass open to him, her big eyes innocently pleading with him as her mouth hung open. His thumb still inside her, he slid his hard cock back into her pussy, feeling his thumb pressing against his shaft as he fucked her, thrusting his thumb into her at the same pace. Charlotte spread her legs wide, holding her ass as she gave way and leant completely onto the table, overcome with pleasure as Tony spanked her hard, watching her ass bounce with each thrust. Her cries echoed around the room with the wet sound of her pussy as Tony fucked both her holes, pleading him to keep going. His balls smacked hard against her clit, bringing her to the edge as she came, throwing her head back and screaming his name as she dug her nails into her flesh.

“Cum inside me Tony, I want to feel you cum!” she begged, her words coming out in half-sobs as her pussy tensed once more over his thick cock.

As her cunt gripped around him, he lifted one of her legs onto the table and leaned across her body, pinning Charlotte down completely as he fucked her hard, pushing his cock deep inside her, feeling his orgasm building higher and higher before he finally came with a loud groan, his spunk filling up her pussy before oozing down her legs.

They lay like that for a few minutes, catching their breath before Tony eased his softening cock out of her well-used pussy. Tony slowly dressed, looking at the beautiful sight of Charlotte laying on the table, exhausted and satisfied. He chuckled to himself, then kissed her tenderly on the lips before closing the door behind him.

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