Have a great weekend

By wayne_1971

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I wake up as you walk in the door, soaking wet from the rain outside. I offer to dry you off with a glint in my eye. I slowly undress you, taking your top off and kissing your neck as I do so. I slowly undo your bra as my lips touch yours, our tongues joining as my hands stroke your bare back, running up and down it. As we kiss harder I feel your nipples harden against my chest. My hands move round, stroking your firm breasts, feeling your nipples, how hard they're getting as I tease them with my fingers. I kiss your neck, nibbling it as I do.

You let out a moan as I squeeze your hard nipples. Slowly I move my hands to your skirt, slowly undoing it, letting it fall to the floor. My lips kiss your shoulders as my fingers run up and down your thighs, stroking them lightly. I feel your excitement growing as I stroke the outline of your panties.

Running my fingers over the top I feel your dampness growing as you feel my lips kissing your breasts. I take your left nipple into my mouth, sucking it, nibbling it. I feel it harden in my mouth as you press yourself against me. I feel your hips against my legs, my cock hardening as you rub against me. My hands stroke your legs as I take your right nipple into my mouth repeating the process. I suck your nipple long and hard as my fingers slowly take off your panties, exposing your beautiful pussy.

My fingers stroke the inside of your thighs as you open your legs wider, inviting me inside your wet aching pussy. I run my fingers over your wet pussy, slowly circling your clit, running my finger over it. You gasp, I slowly slide my finger deep inside your pussy feeling your wet juices sliding out. As I move my finger in and out your pussy, I feel you grind against my hand as I kiss your breasts, licking your hard swollen nipples.

I slide my finger out your pussy, stroking your clit, I rub it faster and faster, feeling you wanting to cum against me. I slide two fingers deep inside you, finger fucking you harder and faster, my thumb rubbng your clit as you take my fingers deeper inside your pussy as you begin to explode against my hand. Kissing my neck, you moan loudly as you cum hard.

I kiss your stomach as you lay beside me, slowly working my way down your body. I kiss your legs, running my tongue down the inside of your thighs, then slowly running back up. I stop at the top of your thighs, kissing them gently. I move my head to your pussy, kissing it at the top. I slowly run my tongue over your clit, I feel your legs open widely, wrapping themselves around my head, pulling me closer to your pussy.

Letting my tongue slide inside you, tasting your juices, licking them fast, as you begin to thrust against my mouth, I feel your clit rubbing against my tongue as we get more and more excited. I grab your ass, pulling you closer to me, taking you deeper inside my mouth. I lick your pussy faster and faster as you begin to explode over and over on my mouth, screaming as you cum again and again.
We shut the door, pressing you against it, kissing your lips passionately. My hands move over your body, feeling your breasts as I kiss you more, stroking your nipples, kissing your neck.Your nipples are rock hard as I tease them more and more. My hands run up the inside of your legs, as you open them wider I feel the outline of your pussy. I begin sucking your nipples, nibbling them as my fingers slowly stroke your pussy. I feel your juices over my fingers, then slide one deep inside your pussy as you hold me closer to you.

My fingers slowly fucking you, stroking your clit as they slide deeper inside your wet aching pussy. I begin to lower my body, kissing you slowly. I kiss your legs, then run my tongue over your clit, taking it into my mouth, licking it as you moan louder. Knelt before you, my tongue flicking in and out your wet pussy, faster, deeper, as your orgasm grows inside you, I stop, teasing you, wanting to prolong your orgasm, then slowly start again licking you slowly. I feel the urgency as you thrust your mouth against my mouth.

I stop again, undoing my jeans, and letting my throbbing cock get some air. You grasp my cock, running your fingers up and down it as I kiss your lips, then feel you taking my cock, and rubbing it against your pussy. Then I thrust it deep inside you, as I kiss your lips. I thrust hard and deep, fucking you faster, feeling your orgasm growing against my cock. My cock throbbing deep inside you, as we fuck faster, harder, deeper, as we cum over and over, my juices shooting deep inside your pussy.

I lay you back on the bed and tie your arms to the top corners of the bed. Then opening your legs, tie them to the bottom corners. I lean over you, kissing your lips, stroking your naked body. I kiss your neck as I stroke your nipples, feeling them harden as you moan lightly in my ears. I begin to kiss your breasts, licking them as I take your nipples into my mouth, sucking them harder as you lay there helpless. My hands run up and down your legs, teasing your pussy with my fingers.

I reach for an ice cube running it over your hard nipples and kissing them as I do so. I kiss my way down your body as I slide a finger deep inside your wet aching pussy, my finger slowly sliding in and out your pussy as you begin to grind against my hand. I kiss your legs, kissing my way down your left leg then running my tongue up the inside of your thighs as my mouth nears your wet pussy.

I slide my fingers over your clit stroking you faster. As you cum against my hand, I slide my tongue into you pussy, tasting your juices, then run my tongue over your clit, getting you worked up over again. My tongue flicking in and out of you faster and faster, my fingers running over your hard nipples, tweaking them as you cum against my mouth again.

My excitement building as you cum again, I feel my cock throbbing and want it deep inside you. I kiss your lips, letting you taste your juices on my tonuge, then I slide the tip of my cock into your pussy, letting you feel it inside you. Then thrusting deep and hard inside you, you feel my cock filling your pussy, throbbing inside you as your hips meet mine with every thrust. My balls slapping against your ass as I fuck you harder, faster, deeper my orgasm growing inside as I feel yours growing with mine.

We move faster, my cock deep inside you as I begin to cum against you, your orgasm riding through your body as well as our juices mixing together. 

I lay next to you on the bed. I slowly kissing your neck, feeling your breasts against my hands as our kisses become more passionate, ready to start all over again. My fingers running over your nipples, teasing them as I kiss and nibble your neck. My mouth moves to your breasts, kissing them, taking your nipples into my mouth, sucking them, feeling them harden as I suck and nibble them.

I pull you closer to me as your nipples swell in my mouth, my hands running up and down your legs, feeling them open as I move me hands up your thighs slowly, feeling your body move against me slowly. Kissing your breasts slowly, my fingers running over your pussy, feeling how wet your pussy is, kissing your nipples as my finger runs over your clit. Hearing you moan as you feel my finger stroking your clit through your wet panties, sliding them off you slowly as I kiss your stomach.

My tongue flicking your belly button as I run my fingers over your pussy hairs, before sliding a finger deep inside your wet aching pussy. Feeling your juices on my hand, I lick my fingers, tasting you before sliding two fingers deep insider you, fucking you with my hand slowly. I kiss your thighs, my other hand stroking your clit as my fingers move faster and deeper inside your pussy, my lips wanting to taste you as you begin to cum against my hand.

Thrusting my fingers inside you as your orgasm comes over your body, then kissing the inside of your thighs, running my mouth up to your wet pussy, kissing it, running my tongue slowly over your pussy, flicking inside you. Licking your clit, taking it intoo my mouth as I suck and lick it, feeling your body beginning to move against my mouth. As I flick my tongue inside your pussy pulling your ass closer to me, as my tongue licks you faster and faster, licking your clit, wanting to taste you as you cum against me.

My cock throbbing for your pussy as you push me away from your pussy, onto my back, looking at my hard cock, both of us knowing the wanting between us, you slide your pussy over my tip, teasing me. Then sliding down as far as you can over my hard throbbing cock, you ride me faster and harder, wanting to cum over my cock, feel my hot spunk deep inside your pussy.

I feel your juices dripping on my balls as you slide up and down my cock faster, my finger stroking your hard nipples as you shake against me, your orgasm taking over. My cock feeling your orgasm, begins to jerk inside you, cumming deep inside your pussy cumming soo hard inside you. As you fall on top of me, our lips meeting as our juices combine together, my cock still hard inside you, kissing your lips, knowing that in a few moments, we will be cumming again in so many different ways.
I go to the kitchen to get some drinks, as you lay spent on the bed. However when I come back I take one look at you, and start feeling horny again. Damm, you're laid on your front naked. As I walk in, straddle you, you can feel my cock on the back of your legs as I slowly begin to massage your neck. You feel the warm lotion as I rub it in slowly, taking away all your tension from your neck as I work my way down your back. Running my fingers up and down your back, working my way to your hips, rubbing you gently, I feel you grind as I rub your ass, stroking it, pushing your cheeks together. Yyour pussy rubs against the bed as I move you slowly forwards and backwards, my cock stiffening slightly.

I run my fingers over your ass, sliding down, deep between your legs. I can feel your pussy juices as I move a finger over your clit, you moan as you feel my finger slide inside you. I continue massaging the backs of your legs, then moving my hands upwards, I open your legs slowly, massaging the inside of your thighs. Working my way up to the top of your legs, you lift your ass up slightly, teasing me with your pussy, I move upwards to you, sliding the tip of my now throbbing cock into your pussy. Slowly before thrusting deep inside you, my cock so hard in your wet pussy, I move in and out of you a few more times, then slide my hard cock out and move off you.
You turn over to face me, I move my hand over to the bottle of champagne, taking a mouthful of it, before kissing your lips, the fluid mixing in our mouths, I take another mouthful and take a nipple into my mouth, licking it, sucking it, feeling it harden as the champagne runs down your breast. I lick it slowly, feeling you arch your back as I suck your nipple again. I repeat it on your other nipple, both nipples rock hard, tasting of champagne. As you lay back, feeling more liquid over your stomach, my tongue licking it slowly, I drizzle some champagne over your pussy.

You feel it trickle over your clit. I slowly kiss your clit, tasting the champagne, before taking your clit into my mouth, sucking it, licking you, before licking your pussy slowly, lapping up the champage as you begin to grind your hips against my mouth. Your orgasm builds as I lick your clit faster, sliding my finger inside you. You cum hard against my mouth, my tongue licking your juices mixed with the champagne.
You lay back, your legs wide open as I begin to kiss your lips, before before bringing out a nice large banana. I tease it over your clit, sliding it back and forth as you begin to moan, I tease your pussy with it, before sliding it deep inside you. You feel the banana deep inside you, as it strokes your g-spot. You grind against me wildly as I move the banana in and out your wet dripping pussy.

You grab my cock stroking it fastly as the banana fucks you deeper, faster, your orgasm growing again. As I slide it in one more time, you cum. You feel my cock jerk in your hand cumming over your hard nipples as you cum hard against me. We both smile, as you turn to me, licking my cum off your nipples. Then taking my cock, you lick it slowly, licking the cum off my cock as I kiss the inside of your thighs, before we start again, this time with my cock wanting to be deep inside you, throbbing as I fuck you deep, hard and fast.
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