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Having an Affair With My Sister's Friend Part 1

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I'm Amber and 30. I'm 5'1 and have a nice brother named Lee. One Saturday I went to the Colchester zoo with my brother, my 5 year old daughter named Jessica. My friend named Karen and her 6 year old son named John also tagged along. Our two husbands both had to work. We were all looking at the bears.

“John don't knock on the glass,” Karen said.

“OK mommy,” John replied.

Then we started walking again. We saw a bunch of different animals. Everything from tigers to monkeys. It was a nice day out. Karen and her husband had been having some mariatal problems. So she was relived to get out of the house for an afternoon. The kids were up a little ahead of Karen and I with Lee.

“So what's up with you and Scott?” I asked.

“I don't know. It could just be a rough patch I guess. Maybe it was because we got married out of wedlock and just weren't ready to have John I guess,” Karen replied.

“Well, maybe you just need to see someone,” I said.

“You mean a couples therapist?” Karen asked.

“Well if it comes to that, then yes,” I replied.

Then we were both just in silence for a few minutes. But we had caught up to the kids and Lee. They stopped at the horses. We came up behind them.

“So you kids having fun?” I asked.

“Yes mommy. I like the horses,” Jessica replied.

“I ever tell you I used to ride on horses when I was your age?” I asked.

“No, you got to ride a horse like that?” Jessica asked.

“Yes,” I replied.

But then Karen tapped my shoulder signaling to come with her so we could talk privately for another minute. So we went to sit down on a bench for a minute. But as we went to the bench I noticed that Lee was checking out Karen's butt. It was just a few seconds, but still I couldn't believe it. She was a married woman and he was checking her out? But Karen just needed to talk, so I kept my mouth shut for the time being.

“So what's up?” I asked.

“Well, just wanted to ask you, did you ever go through something like this being married to Jack? I mean this is just like horrible honestly. I mean we fight a lot and never ever have sex anymore. I almost think he's cheating on me. So do think there's really anything else we could do?” Karen asked.

“I don't know honestly. Let me ask you this though. Do you still love him?” I asked.

“Let's put it this way, if it wasn't for John, I think we'd have had sex a few times and go out a few times and that would have been it. So no I don't think I love him anymore,” Karen replied.

“Well do you think you could start to love him again?” I asked.

“I don't know honestly. I'm just wondering where we went wrong honestly. I have no idea,” Karen replied.

Then I leaned over and gave her a friendly hug. I did feel a little bad for her. Jack and I were very happily married and their relationship seemed even more on the rocks than I thought. Then she started crying a little.

“Oh don't cry, you are gonna make me cry,” I said.

“I'm sorry. I can't help it. Thank you for being such a great friend. Your brother is so there for you too. Making sure he's apart of Jessica's life. I'm a little jealous,” Karen replied.

Then I just thought about him checking her out. I still didn't say anything though. Then we both got up and went back over to the kids and Lee.

“What's wrong mommy?” John asked.

“Nothing angel, I'm just a little sad right now. But I'm OK,” Karen replied.

Then Karen picked John up and gave him a huge hug. Then Jessica came over to me too.

“Will you pick me up too mommy?” Jessica asked.

Then I picked her up too. Then we began walking again. We got towards the colder animals like penguins and polar bears. Karen still shed a few tears. And I noticed that Lee was checking her out again. What the hell? I couldn't believe it. He knew she looked upset.

“Hey Jessica, why don't you go catch up with them for a minute, I'm gonna talk to your uncle. I'll only be a minute,” I said as I put her down.

Then she ran up to Karen and John and I grabbed Lee's shoulder.

“What?” Lee asked.

“Why are you checking out a married woman?” I asked.

“What, you mean Karen?” Lee asked.

“No I mean wonder woman over there. Yes Karen. She's upset and you are checking out her ass?” I asked.

Then I think he was a little embarrassed. He was single though. Maybe he just couldn't help it, so he looked at her.

“Well, I'm just attracted to her I guess, sue me. I know you said she's been having problems with her husband, but I'm sorry. I'm a guy,” Lee replied.

“Well, maybe you are. But quit starring at her ass. She maybe having problems, but she is still married. She thinks you are a really good guy and you are. I'd like to keep it that way,” I said.

“OK Amber,” Lee replied.

Then we both we up towards them again.

“You two OK?” Karen asked.

“Yes, we're fine,” Lee replied not looking at Karen.

“Are you OK Lee?” Karen asked.

“Yes, I'm fine. Amber just wanted to talk to me real quick,” Lee replied looking her this time.

“OK then. Well let's keep walking,” Karen said.

Then we all started walking again. Once again the kids and Lee went out in front of us.

“So what was that about?” Karen asked.

“Nothing don't worry about it,” I replied.

“Do you smell that? I think I smell bullshit,” Karen said.

Then she knew something was up, and it wasn't just her and Scott.

“Well, it's nothing. So let's just drop it,” I replied.

Then she stopped me and just looked at me.

“When you say 'drop it', that means it's something that makes you uncomfortable. You are my best friend. You just listened to my problems with Scott, now the shoe is on the other foot. So will you tell me what's going on?” Karen asked.

“Fine, Lee has checked you out at least twice today now. And you are having relationship problems,” I replied.

“I know. It's not cheating if you are looking or being looked at. If your brother is interested, then what ever will happen will happen,” Karen said.

I couldn't believe my ears, it seemed like she had one foot out the door of her marriage. Was she really that unhappy?

“You are not considering cheating are you?” I asked.

“Well if I catch him cheating I definitely will at least consider it. It's not like he tries to get the day off to spend with his family. No, he just wants to work and work. I've heard from some of his friends that he doesn't work that hard. So what the fuck is he doing? Maybe he is cheating,” Karen replied.

“Well, I told him to stop looking at your ass. So, that should kill temptation,” I said.

“So you are saying you'd never cheat on Jack?” Karen asked.

“Yes, I never would, even if he cheated,” I replied.

“But on the other hand you love Jack. Jessica was planned wasn't she?” Karen asked.

“Well yes, but you can't just compare your marriage to someone else's marriage. You just gotta work through it,” I replied.

“Well Amber, I love you like a sister, but you don't anything. I've been working through it and it's getting me nowhere,” Karen said.

“Well it sounds like you are sold already. So let's forget it,” I replied.

Then I started walking away, but Karen grabbed my arm.

“What?” I asked.

“Well, I guess I just wanna say thank you for being such a great friend. I know this isn't the first time Scott and I have had problems an you still listened. So thank you. And maybe I'm just pissed,” Karen replied.

“Maybe,” I said.

Then we hugged once and went back to Lee and the kids. We had a decent day with the kids and Lee. It was needed, especially for Karen. Then we got to our cars all went home. We had some fast food on the way home. We got home and Jack was there. I sat down with him on the couch as he was watching TV. Jessica went in her room to play.

“How was your day sweetheart?” Jack asked.

“Long,” I replied just before we kissed once.

“That's it? Just long?” Jack asked.

“And I found something out,” I replied.

“What?” Jack asked.

“Things with Scott and Karen are even worse than I thought. She thinks she is just on the edge of divorce really. She didn't actually say that, but still. And to make matters worse. Lee has the hots for her. And she knows it,” I replied.

“Did you confront him about it?” Jack asked.

“Yes, I told him to stop starring at her ass. But who knows if that will happen,” I replied.

Then we just cuddled for a minute. Maybe it was really just she was missing, Scott not listening and cuddling with her. I don't know.

“Well, if she really is that unhappy, maybe divorce is for the best. In the end it might be better for John. But she is really your friend and I've only met Scott a handful of times. So I can't say anything really. But just give them time. If it'll work out, then it will,” Jack said.

“But that's just it, she is out of patience. So who the hell knows what will happen,” I replied.

Then we kissed once and just sat in silence for a little while. Before we knew it, it was about 9:00. So we went to tuck Jessica in. But she was already asleep. So we both went in quietly and gave her a kiss on the forehead. Then we went back to our room. We turned on the light and shut the door. Then as soon as it shut I gave Jack the biggest hug I ever gave him before.

“What's with this?” Jack asked.

“I just wanna thank you. You love me and take care of me and Jessica. You are like a saint. I just listened to Karen, and I guess I realized how lucky I'm,” I replied.

Then we kissed again as we stood in front of the bed.

“Well, you know what? I'm the lucky one, I love you Amber,” Jack said.

“I love you too Jack,” I replied.

Then we began making out for a minute and then I had laid down on the bed. His hands started to go down south towards my crotch.

“Hey, I didn't say we were having sex,” I said.

“I didn't say that either,” Jack replied.

Then he started undoing my pants. He pulled them down along with my underwear.

“Did you take any birth control today?” Jack asked.

“Yes, we're safe for tonight,” I replied.

Then he undid and took off his pants and boxers. I took off my shirt and bra while he took off his shirt. Then he got on top of me and inserted his dick into me.

“And we still have sex too. She said they don't anymore,” I said.

“Well, we're both lucky then,” Jack replied.

“I'm sorry. I just can't get them out of my head,” I said.

“Don't worry about it. We can still have good sex,” Jack replied.

Then we kissed once. He began going in and out slowly.

“OK, you can be a little rougher than that. Jessica is out,” I said.

“OK angel,” Jack replied.

Then he got a little rougher with me. He began thrusting his dick in and out of me a little quicker. I was so happy that we had a healthy sex life even after Jessica was born. Always after seeing someone worse off everything doesn't seem as bad.

“Oh shit Jack. I've been waiting for this all day,” I said.

“Me too sweetie. I'm glad we're here now,” Jack replied.

“I'm sorry but I'm tried and just want missionary or maybe cowgirl right now, is that OK?” I asked.

“Any sex with my lovely wife is great,” Jack replied.

Then we just wrapped our arms around each other and made out very passionately for a minute. He really leaned down on me and made love to me, maybe that's why we were so in love. Even when we just did it missionary, he was still passionate about it. He also really liked my boobs, so he grabbed both of my boobs. I especially loved it when he played with my boobs. My heart rate always jumped up a great deal when he played with me boobs.

“If I wasn't already ready to fuck you, I'd be more than ready now. I love it when you play with those great boobs. Squeeze them for your wife,” I said.

“For you?” Jack asked.

“For us then,” I replied.

Then we switched to cowgirl style. But I had leaned down. I put my boobs right over his face and he stuck his tongue out. My boobs were only B cups. But he still loved them just the way they were. He grabbed both of them and licked and sucked on them as well. It tickled me a great deal.

“Shit that tickles,” I said.

Then he smiled a bit and kept going at it. Then it was more clear than ever, you don't have such great sex without being in love. Then I climbed back down with his dick still inside me. I kissed him. I started on his forehead and very slowly made my way to his lips. Then we started making out again as we both put our arms around each other. He started slowly going in and out and I felt like I was about to cum already.

“Oh shit, you are gonna make me have an orgasm already,” I said.

Then I got off him and just put like a foot between us and I came on him as I was breathing heavily. It mainly got it on his dick. Then I got down and started blowing him.

“Oh shit Amber, I love it when you blow me,” Jack said.

Then I just kept blowing until he was about to cum. He loved my blow jobs. It was almost like a secret fetish he had with me. He always loved it when I blew him. He thought I had really soft lips, and loved them around his dick. After about 4 minutes, he just couldn't take it anymore.

“Shit, I'm gonna cum now,” Jack said.

Then I backed away a little and he shot his load everywhere. Then I laid down with him.

“Well, that's what I think they don't have. Great sex,” I said.

“Well, like I said just wait it out a little longer. Talk to her some more tomorrow,” Jack replied.

“I will,” I said.

But would Karen really make a move with Lee, I would have to find out.

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