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Having an Affair With My Sister's Friend Part 2

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The next day was Sunday and I got up a little early to make sure Karen was doing OK. I thought I'd just give her a call at about 8:00 or so. I dialled her number on my cell phone and got no answer. It was still a little early, so maybe she just didn't hear it. So I hung up and put the phone down. Then Jack scared me with a kiss on the cheek. Then he was laughing a little.

“Shit you scared me. That's not nice Jack. You shouldn't laugh at your wife when you scare her,” I said.

“I'm sorry sweetie, I couldn't resist,” Jack replied.

“If you are really sorry, then kiss me on the lips,” I said.

Then we gave each other a good morning kiss. We both got up and started to get dressed.

“So, did Karen not answer?” Jack asked.

“Nothing. It is early though,” I replied.

“I realize this may not be the best suggestion, but why don't you call Lee's phone?” Jack asked.

I knew what he meant. If I really thought something might happen, then that would be a good to find out. See if he answers.

“OK, if something happens, it's your fault,” I replied as he was putting on his shirt.

“You'll still love me, and you know it,” Jack said as I dialled.

Then it rang a few times just like Karen's with no answer.

“And I know Scott works a lot of Sundays by now. Shit. OK, Jack, I know this is out of the ordinary, but I got to go over there. I got to find out, or it's going to drive me nuts. Can you stay here with Jessica and make her breakfast?” I asked.

“So, you want me to let you go investigate this, which may be nothing, and I cook Jessica breakfast?” Jack asked.

“Do you think I'm nuts honestly?” I asked as I put on my bra.

“No, you are her best friend and are just concerned. I get that sweetheart, I'm just messing you, I can cook Jessica some mean pancakes,” Jack replied as I put on my shirt.

“OK good. I love you. And you would never ever cheat on me right?” I asked.

“I'd rather drive both of the cars off a cliff then break your heart. I love you too,” Jack replied.

“And that is correct. Thank you for playing Husband to an Insane Wife,” I said.

Then we both laughed a little and I kissed him as I was ready to go. But he stopped me first.

“Where's my hug though, you didn't hug me, my insane wife,” Jack said.

“Thank you for being so good to me,” I replied as we hugged.

“Well just don't get caught spying,” Jack said.

“I'll do my best,” I replied as I left the bedroom.

Then I headed out the door. I got in my car and went over there. I drove rather slowly because I as I got closer and closer my heart rate went up considerably. Maybe I really didn't want to know what was coming. But I couldn't help it. So as I got close I saw a small blue car. Then I was worried, Lee drove a small blue car. I got closer and it kept looking like his car until I got right in front of their house. His car was there along with Karen's and of course Scott's was gone.

“Damn, it's his car. Shit. Dammit Lee. She's fucking married. Now what the hell do I do?” I asked myself.

I was rather emotional at that point. I didn't want to do anything on impulse. So I called Jack to see if he could talk me down. I dialled and he answered right away.

“What is it sweetheart?” Jack asked.

“His car is here. I don't think I actually believed it until right now. What should I do Jack? I can't just walk away from this,” I replied.

“Well, I know you may not want to hear this, but nothing for right now. Even if it is happening and they are doing it now, they both know it's wrong. They'll come to their senses. So just come back home right now, I'm making pancakes for Jessica, we'll all have a family breakfast,” Jack said.

“But what if Scott finds out?” I asked.

“Well as I said, there may not even be anything to find out. They could just be chatting for all we know. And if Karen and Scoot are that unhappy, Scott could be cheating. There are too many variables we don't know right now. For all we know they could have been cheating for years now. But breaking in on them now may not be the best option,” Jack replied.

“OK I'll come home now. You are lucky I love you,” I said.

“I love you too sweetheart, we'll be waiting,” Jack replied as the front door started opening.

“Oh shit, Lee is walking out with a smile on his face,” I said.

“Shit. Well I suppose I can't talk you out of talking to him now he's out of the house, can I?” Jack asked.

“Sorry, sweetheart. I'll be home soon. Just remember you love me,” I replied.

“OK babe, talk to you later,” Jack said.

Then we both hung up. I was feeling bad about this, I really was, but I just couldn't help it honestly. Then I got out of my car and went over to confront Lee.

“What the fuck Lee?” I yelled.

“Shit. Amber what are you doing here?” Lee asked.

“I could ask you the same question. I ask you to stop starring at her ass. So what you come to stare at her bare ass?” I asked.

“No it's not like that sis, she just... wanted... to... fuck you know I can't lie to you. I never could. She's unhappy with her marriage. Scott probably is too. She's just someone that cooks for him and takes care of the house and John. That's it,” Lee replied.

“Well, unhappy or not, she is fucking married. You don't mess around with a married woman,” I said.

Then I noticed Karen looking out the window. Then of course she came out to talk to me. I was beyond disgusted at that point. Believe it or not, I was worried this would screw up our friendship.

“I know this is bad, Amber. We shouldn't be doing this. But look at this,” Karen said as she gave me a picture.

It was a picture of Scott talking to some woman at a bar. No real proof there.

“So this doesn't prove anything. He's just talking to her. Even if he was cheating, it doesn't justify you cheating Karen,” I said.

“That's his secretary. I know they are having an affair. I've known it for some time now. I guess I just wanted you to talk me down because I've been thinking about this for awhile now. I knew if you knew he was cheating, you would just say what you are saying now. And you have a good brother. After sex he doesn't just go to sleep and he was actually interested in talking to me. So I'm sorry, I really I’m, but this is what it is,” Karen replied.

“And this ends now,” I said.

“No, until we just get sick of it or Scott admits that he is a cheating jerk, this is going to continue. Lee is a great lover. So if you can't deal with that, then maybe this is it,” Karen replied.

“You would rather have an affair with my brother than be my best friend?” I asked.

“Well I'd rather have both honestly. And I know how happy you are with Jack, hell I've envied you two for years now. I know how you might feel. But is this really a deal breaker with us though?” Karen asked.

“I don't know. I don't like it at all. Whether if you are unhappy or not, you are not a cheater. This is bullshit Karen. Even if you had a picture of Scott actually having sex, then I'd still tell you the same thing. Simple as that. If you want to fuck my brother as a married woman, fine fuck him. When it blows up in your face I'm still going to be there, because I'm your best friend. So really you are screwing him and screwing me over,” I said.

Then I started walking back to my car. And as I got to the driver's door I had to ask another question.

“Just curious, which one of you started it?” I asked.

“Amber, we both wanted it. You are only so pissed because you have got a great marriage. If you knew Jack was cheating you wouldn't care so much. Admit it,” Lee replied.

“Well it doesn't matter, Lee. In the end you are signing the divorce papers. So not a word about this. I don't need my daughter thinking her uncle is someone that can't keep it in his pants when it comes to married women. And Karen, this will bite you in the ass,” I said.

Then I got in my car and I went back home. I couldn't believe it honestly. Why did I feel bad? I wasn't the one cheating. But on the other hand what if Scott really was cheating? But still I was pissed no matter what. Then maybe once I got home and talked to Jack, maybe he'd talk me down. I came in and they were just finishing breakfast. Jack saw the look on my face and he knew I was pissed.

“Jessica, can you give mommy and daddy a few minutes?” Jack asked.

“OK daddy,” Jessica replied as she hugged and kissed him.

Then she gave me a hug and kiss as well. I made sure to kiss her too. Then I sat down with Jack.

“So, they were cheating?” Jack asked.

“Obviously. Unbelievable really. She has some picture of Scott with some woman, supposedly his secretary. But they were just at a bar, it doesn't prove anything. And even if he was cheating, in what universe does that give her the right to just turn around and cheat? I'm sorry Jack, I'm just pissed. This is bullshit,” I replied.

Then he hugged me really tightly for a minute and gave me a kiss. We leaned back and just cuddled for a few minutes. Jack was seriously some kind of saint.

“I'm not saying she was justified but, this is coming from your husband that really just wants the best for you. I say just let this go. This is nothing more than a run out the clock situation. Not from experience obviously, but think about it like this: what's your favourite food or band?” Jack asked.

“You know both of those answers right?” I asked.

“Well, you don't just eat shake and bake chicken or just listen to Shinedown every day. You'd get sick of it. Obviously Karen is just been deprived of that chicken or Shinedown. The thing is, people get sick of it sooner or later. So she will at least get sick of this sooner or later too. She'll realize what a mistake this is before you know it. Then you will have your friend back and worst case scenario this comes out when John is getting married, way down the road,” Jack replied.

“But I'm not just pizza and Metallica. You are not sick of me are you?” I asked.

“Of course not sweetheart. And that's another human thing. When you find out someone else has been doing this, or had an heart attack, then you start worrying. But don't worry about it. We're happily married and have a wonderful daughter. Don't forget that,” Jack replied.

Then I gave him a hug and kiss. I knew Karen had to envy us now.

“Maybe you are right. I hope you are. She knows I'm still her best friend and if things go south I'm still going to be here for her,” I said.

“Well that's just the kind of person you are. You are sweet and kind to everyone. If you need to talk more about it, I'll listen to you. It does drive me at least a little nuts, but you are still my wife. I like to listen to you whenever I can,” Jack replied.

Then I felt a great big spark. I got really turned on.

“Are you as turned on as I am?” I asked.

“And how did we get on that?” Jack asked.

“I just love you, and now I want you inside me, because you are such a great husband,” I replied.

“What about Jessica?” Jack asked.

“We'll just tell her to come out here and watch Hanna Montana or something,” I replied.

Then we both got up and went over to Jessica's room. We told her to go out to the living room. She did willingly and we went in our room. We closed the door and I got naked. Being pissed does make you wanna fuck someone. And Jack was so great, he listened to me and gave his opinion too. As we were both nude and he got on the side of me. His stuck his dick in there that way as we were facing each other. I was still pissed, but I got less pissed considerably after a couple minutes. He put his hands onto my butt.

“Oh yes, make love to your loving wife,” I said.

Then we kissed a few times as he started thrusting his dick into me slowly. It felt even better with him going slowly and not being too rough. My boobs were going against him lightly. He really liked it. He put both of his arms onto my back and really made love to me.

“And you got a really sexy body too,” I said as I looked down at his body.

Then after I said that, we got even rougher. He began thrusting his dick in and out of me even quicker and that made me moan. I think a lot of it was just knowing I had a loving husband that wanted to have sex with me. But still as time went by, I got less and less mad, and got more and more sad honestly. I started to shed a tear.

“Are you OK angel?” Jack asked.

“Yes, I'm a little sad now. And really happy I have you,” I replied.

Then we switched positions to cowgirl. He knew I liked cowgirl, being on top was always a turn on for me.

“No fair, you know I love cowgirl,” I said.

Then put his hands onto my boobs and started playing with them. And he knew him playing with my boobs was a turn on too. Then I kind of forgot about them for a few minutes and really just started to enjoy the sex. I wasn't about to let them ruin my sex life. So I started bouncing up and down a bit.

“Oh shit, now that's having some fun sweetheart,” Jack said.

But I was having just a little too much fun. I started bouncing so fast and both of our orgasms got a kick. With me bouncing, him playing with my boobs and in cowgirl style, it was too much for both of us. And we both had orgasms simultaneously. Then as we were both breathing heavily I laid down.

“Sorry, we usually go longer than that. I guess I just had a lot of adrenaline in my system,” I said.

“Pretty much that,” Jack replied just before we kissed.

We just cuddled for a few more minutes. We kissed a few more times and then Jessica knocked on the door.

“Mommy, daddy, can I come in?” Jessica asked.

Then we both covered up.

“Yes, come in sweetheart,” I replied.

Then Jessica came in.

“Karen and Uncle Lee brought John over. They wanted me to tell you they were here,” Jessica said.

“Oh, OK sweetie, tell them we'll be out soon,” Jack replied.

“OK daddy, I love you,” Jessica said.

“We love you too angel,” I replied as she left.

“What? They decide to forget about it already?” I asked.

“We better go find out,” Jack replied.

Then we kissed again and went out there to talk to them.




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