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He has what she needs

I hope you like this, Jeffy!!!
Trena had talked to Jeff online for months before the conversations got sexual. Granted, she knew what he looked like and had sent him a picture of herself, too. They were friends. They had to be friends only she told herself every time they talked online.

Trena found herself thinking more about him, as the days went by. She even went as far as fingering her pussy to orgasm in the bathtub, with his face in her mind. It wasn't that her marriage was bad. In fact, her sex life had improved drastically, since meeting him. She seemed to be horny all the time, and no amount of fucking seemed to quench it.

She logged onto the computer and waited for him to sign in. Her husband was on the other side of the room, watching sports. He would be oblivious of her actions for the next 3 hours or so.

With a ding, Jeff signed in and said his usual greeting to her. Her heart jumped to see him sign in. Major butterflies filled her stomach, and she glanced over at her husband and felt a little guilt.

“Hey cutie!” he wrote.

“Hi yourself, sexy. Any dumb asses come into your store today?” she replied.

Trena loved to hear about his day. He was the ultimate smart ass, and it tickled her to hear about some of the stupid things he heard. They fell into a comfortable routine, as normal.

“Yeah...would you believe that someone came into the store today and asked if we sold paint? My manager overheard him ask ME that and was sitting on needles waiting to hear what I had to say,” Jeff wrote to her.

Trena laughed and wrote, “ What did you say?”

“I told them that the paint on the shelves was for looks, and that we were really a fake front for a Mexican Drug Lord,” came his reply.

“Oh my God! Did you get into trouble?” she said, grinning to herself.

“Almost. My manager ran to intercept him before I could do more damage. What about you?” he said.

“Well...I am training this new girl at work. She is a new grad nurse and is dumb as a box of rocks. She actually asked me the same question two days in a row,” Trena wrote.

“What was the question?” he asked.

“She asked me what was half of one milliliter. The first day I just looked at her and said ½. Yesterday, when she asked me again, I said that it was the same as before. Nothing had changed,” she told him.

They went back and forth like this for about an hour, when something came across the screen that sent chills down her spine and set her clit to throbbing.

“You know...I am going to be down your way next week,” was all he wrote.

Jeff knew where she lived, as she knew that he lived across the country from her. With shaky hands, she replied to his statement.

“Oh really now? What for?” Trena inquired.

“Convention,” he said, simply.

“Oh. Sounds like fun,” she wrote back.

Trena was excited. She wanted to meet him, but didn't know if he felt the same. Fearful, she needed a minute to gather her thoughts. Telling him that she would be right back, Trena darted to the kitchen to get a drink.

When she came back, she read his reply, which said, “I have to go. I will email you my hotel information. I want to meet you in person, then fuck you all night.”

Her heart fell down to her stomach. He wanted her! She was stunned. Her pussy drenched her panties. Trena rushed over to her husband. Her tight cunt ached, and she needed relief.

Dropping to her knees, she gulped his cock in one suck. Her husband was shocked, but happy. He began to fuck her face in time with her sucking. Unable to stand it any more, Trena straddled his rigid cock and fucked him hard. Her orgasm came fast and hard, but did not settle the ache.

The week seemed to drag by. Every day seemed twice as long as the day before, but eventually Friday showed up. He had emailed her with his information. Jeff was staying at the Holiday Inn in town.

She needed a story. Trena's husband was out of town. He was called out on an emergency call and would be gone until late Sunday night, but he would call. So, she called him up on the mobile and told him that she would be working tonight, then she called her best friend to cover for her.

She spent Friday night pampering herself. Shaving her pussy bare, Trena hoped that he would like it. When her whole body was free of unwanted hair, she washed and lotioned her body in her favorite rose scent. Now, the outfit needed to be perfect.

They made plans to meet at noon, when his meetings let out for the day. They would only have this day and night, before he left to go back to his life in Portland, OR. Trena spent all morning primping. She arranged her fiery red hair into a loose, messy knot on her head. With red curls framing her face, she carefully put her make up on.

Stepping back, she looked at her face. He always said she was a cutie, but right now, she looked like a siren. Her brilliant blue eyes were sultry and smoky. Her lush lips were painted a subtle pink, not taking away attention from her eyes. Lightly tanned skin covered the rest of her short frame.

Stepping further back, she evaluated her body. Would he like it? Her plump breasts set high and perky for someone 36 years old. Capped with a light brown nipple that always stayed erect, her chest narrowed down to a small waist, then her frame flared out to full, lush hips.

Being only 5'1”, her legs were not long, but they were tight and muscular, as was her ass. Trena hated her ass. She always thought it was too big, and her husband always made comments about the roundness of it. It was the classic bubble butt.

She slipped into her black dress. The silky material clung to every curve, and the bodice was tight enough that she was able to go without a bra. She felt so sexy. Her nipples were visibly hard through the halter top of the dress. Her back was bare.

Trena encased her legs in sheer stockings that attached to a black lace garter. Matching panties were put on last. She slipped her feet into a pair of 4 in black high heels.

Stopping at the door, she put on her long black coat, in order to hide from the rest of the world. She had to be careful. Every one knew her husband.

Trena drove to Jeff's hotel. Parking in the deck, she made her way to the reception desk and asked for the key that was left there for her. Room 312. The third floor was reserved for special patrons. It had the best rooms.

Exiting the elevator on the 3 rd floor, she noticed that her steps had slowed down. Her hands were shaky, and her palms clammy. Trena was breathing so fast. Her heart, beating frantically, felt like it was about to jump from her chest.

Leaning against the wall, she leaned forward to catch her breath. She took deep breaths to clear the black spot in front of her eyes. Lost in meditation, she didn't here the foot steps coming up to her side.

“Trena?” the very male voice asked.

Startled, she jerked her gaze upward. The quick movement made her unsteady, and she began to lose her balance. The man's strong arms caught her around the waist, holding her steady and very close to his hard body.

“Yes, you are Trena. The face is the same cute one I have been seeing every night,” the blonde man grinned.

“Jeff?” she asked, timidly.

"The one and only,” came his usual smart ass reply.

She wrapped her arms around his neck. Immediately, her scent enveloped him, sending him into a haze of lust. He tightened his grip for a second longer, then released her. Jeff tried to hide the obvious erection straining to escape his dress pants.

“Room service or restaurant?” he asked.

“Let's do room service, so we can be alone,” Trena winked at him.

Laughing at her poor attempt at subtle flirting, he led her to his room. Once the door was closed behind them, the air was filled with a thick sexual need, as well as awkwardness. He shrugged off his dress jacket and loosened his tie.

“Are you cold?” he asked, nonchalantly.

“Cold? No. Naked, maybe,” she taunted, looking back over her shoulder at him.

“Naked, huh? Kinda dangerous when eating soup,” he said, trying to remain playful, but failing.

Jeff's interest was piqued. She was even lovelier in person. Trena's quick wit always made him smile, and he loved the fact that he was eleven inches taller than she. At six feet, he was strongly built.

He walked over to her and gently eased the coat from her bare shoulders. His cock twitched violently at the thought that she was naked and hardened when he saw the black halter top dress. Turning to hang the coat up, he took a minute to regain his control.

Trena was fighting her own battle. What was she doing! She was married, but there was something about Jeff. She needed him, hoped that he could slack this need in her.

She felt his warm, tanned hands on her bare shoulders before she felt his lips brush the back of her neck, sending shivers down her spine and making her nipples harder, if possible. Jeff massaged her silky skin, relishing it's softness, then reached around and boldly cupped both of her breasts.

He pulled her back against him, so that she was able to feel his rock hard dick twitching against her lower back. Her eyes watched his every move, as he slipped a hand inside her halter and squeezed her milky globe. When he rolled her nipple between his fingers, her eyes rolled back and then closed.

Jeff was drowning in her scent. He continued to plant kisses and licks down the back of her neck, before using his teeth to undo the halter strap. Trena watched the filmy black material float down to her waist. She was able to watch his hands manipulate her breasts. What a contrast the site was. His tanned hands working her white flesh.

Jeff turned her around to face him. He lifted her into his arms, telling her to wrap her legs around his waist, so that he could kiss her. Trena's spell was broken, as she felt his cock nestled close to her almost bare pussy.

She grabbed Jeff's face and devoured his lips. Taken aback, he was immobile for a short second, then went into action. He forced his tongue into her mouth, searching every crevasse for it. Her sweet tasting tongue battled his, until they were both out of breath.

Her lips tasted of strawberries, and Jeff could not get enough. He knew that he should feel guilty. This was another man's wife, but for fuck's sake, he wanted her. He had wanted her for a long time.

They continued the scorching kiss, as Trena pulled his tie free and threw it in the floor. Trying to contain her impatience long enough to unbutton his white shirt, she managed to only rip off 2 buttons in her haste.

Soon, he was as bare chested as she, and his lightly haired chest brushed against her breasts and tickled her nipples. Trena broke the kiss to trail tiny nips down the strong column of his neck. His male scent smelled so good.

Unwrapping her legs from his waist, she slid down his body, kissing her way down. Pausing at his tiny, brown nipples, she sucked one into her mouth and flicked her tongue across it and was rewarded with a shudder from him.

Lower she went, stopping at his navel to dip her tongue into it, then swirl it around the skin. She looked up at him. His eyes were squeezed closed tightly, and his head was back. She undid his belt, then his pants, and slid them down his hips. Delighted, she noticed that he was in silk boxers. Reaching inside, she pulled his erect pole from the boxers and looked at it.

Jeff's cock was much bigger than her husband's and thicker, too. She gripped the shaft with her hand and pulled it out from his body. Jeff inhaled, sharply, as she cupped his heavy, full balls with her other hand.

Trena slowly moved her hand up and down the thick shaft, all the while massaging his sac. A tiny drop of pre cum escaped from the slit in his plum shaped head. Unable to control herself, she licked the drop away, savoring his salty taste.

After one taste, she was addicted and needed more. Wrapping her lips around his purple head, she sucked gently. As her hand squeezed his shaft in an upward tug, she sucked downward, taking his whole cock head into her mouth.

Her tongue swirled around the sharp ridge, flicking rapidly. Jeff gasped, loudly. Grabbing her hair, he worked his cock in and out of her wet, mouth.

Trena's pussy was drenched. She loved the taste and texture of his dick and continued sucking furiously, until Jeff's couldn't take it anymore. It was the hardest thing for him to pull his cock out of her moist mouth, but he did.

“Wait! Wait! You're gonna make me cum, and I don't want to just yet,” he said hoarsely.

Hearing her delighted laughter, he pulled her up to her feet and shoved her onto the bed. Practically ripping the rest of her dress off her body, he stopped to survey the sight in front of him. Laying there in her black lacy panties, garter, and stockings, she was beautiful.

Feeling so horny, she lifted her hips and pulled her very wet panties off and threw them at him. Jeff caught them and lifted them to his nose. Inhaling her musky scent, he groaned, then flicked his tongue over the wet crotch. She tasted like a woman should, sweet and tangy.

Dropping her panties to the floor, he grabbed her legs and opened them widely. Her pink pussy gaped open, glistening in the low light. She was wet, and he could see the drops of her nectar oozing from her pussy, like warm honey flowing from a jar.

Jeff hooked his arms under her legs and went for gold. His tongue captured her swollen clit. Flicking and probing, he teased her folds unmercifully. Trena nearly screamed. She could feel his rough whiskers abrading her soft thighs. His breath was hot, and his tongue strong.

When he probed under her clitoral hood, she screamed out his name. He wanted her wild with need. Jeff brought her to orgasm many times, only to deny her release.

Abandoning her clit, he pushed his entire tongue up into her wet cunt and felt her muscles contract around it. Her juices were flowing so rapidly that his face was shiny. He wanted to suck her whole pussy into his mouth and devour her whole, but his dick was feeling left out.

Jerking her upright, he lifted her small body up. Trena wrapped her legs around his waist, again, but this time, he arched his cock and slid up into her pussy in one quick thrust. Her tight cunt enveloped him like a velvet glove. Every spare piece of skin was engulfed by her hungry pussy.

She screamed at the thick invasion to her tiny hole. He was so big that the pressure was overwhelming. Her pussy twitched and rippled. He could feel her milking his cock. Backing them to the nearest wall, he pressed her against it and began to fuck her hard. Now was not the time for romance, he needed and wanted this fuck.

Gripping her ass cheeks tightly in his hands, he nailed this woman with short, fast, hard strokes. His ball sac slapping her ass, as the sounds of his flesh slapping hers were loud, as they echoed throughout the room.

“Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!” Trena chanted.

“Your pussy's so tight! Fuck, baby,” Jeff growled into her ear.

It was difficult to walk, as he did not want to stop thrusting into her pussy. Jeff managed to get them to the bed without dropping her. He dropped her onto the soft mattress.

“Get on your fucking knees. Now!” he said, in a voice not belonging to him.

A thrill went through her, as he pushed her head to the mattress. Her round ass was high in the air, as he opened her ass cheeks to reveal that tight slit he was addicted to. Jeff pushed his thick plum into her pussy.

He was able to watch every inch disappear into her canal. Her brown little ass hole clenched and unclenched, as his length was swallowed by her pussy. Jeff licked his thumb, getting it wet with saliva.

Pressing it against her puckered starfish, he gently worked it into her super tight ass. Groaning, he could feel his cock moving in and out. He wiggled his thumb back and forth, stroking his cock through the thin lining of skin separating them.

“Oh shit! I can feel my dick in your pussy. Fuck!” he rasped.

Trena was unable to voice any opinion. Trying to fill her lungs with air, she could only gasp and pant. Her ass was a virgin. She never knew the feelings that stimulation there would cause. The burning feeling from the friction from his thumb only added to the pressure in her pussy. She was close to cumming.

“Play with your clit, baby. I'm close and want to feel your pussy explode all over my dick,” Jeff crooned to her.

Trena pushed her hand under her body. Sliding it down to her dripping, but very full cunt, she found her swollen bud and rolled it between her fingers. She knew her body, and right now, she wanted it rough. Pinching it hard, she pulled down on her clit and let it bounce back.

The rough treatment caused it to swell more. The extra blood filling the area made her pulse. Electric shocks coursed through her pussy and ass. The familiar tingling and buzzing, that began in her clit and spread throughout her groin, was rapidly beginning.

“Gonna cum, Jeff. Oh God! I'm gonna cum!” Trena screamed out.

Her fingers moved back and forth on her twitching clit, rapidly. She could not control her breathing. Suddenly, her whole pelvic region started twitching. Trena arched her back. All her muscles went still, before she came hard, convulsing frantically.

That was all it took to set him off. Pulling his thumb from her ass, he grabbed her hips and pounded away. The need to driver deeper and harder into her was the driving force now. Her tits bounced furiously, as his hard strokes pummeled her pussy.

The sheets below them were soaked from her cunt juice and getting wetter, as the oyster colored juice dripped from her, copiously. Jeff felt his cock harden even more. A second later, his sac tightened, and he felt a rush of hot sperm travel the length of his shaft.

After another 3 or 4 deep thrusts, he pulled out of her pussy. Jacking his shaft, his cock spurted jets of ropey, white cum all over her ass. Jeff watched it running down her cheeks and join the pool of her cum on the bed.

Trena's need was dulled, but she needed more. Reaching back, she rubbed his cum into her skin. Her ass was tingling. She wanted to explore that area more. Her pussy swollen, but still in need.

“Jeff?” she began.

“I know. We have all night,” he answered.

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