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He ran into her in the elevator

Jay's bad day gets better in the best possible way.
Just a little something to tide everyone over until the third installment of the Meeting Derek and Jackie series is complete. As always this is a true story.

Jay was having a rough day. Working in IT for a large midwestern bank often had headaches. Today was more like a migraine waiting to happen.

The day started with the company issued mobile phone ringing as he stepped out of the shower. Still dripping wet he looked at the display and saw it was his boss. Jay hit the green answer button and held the phone to his head, “This is Jay.”

“Jay, sorry to bother you so early, but we have a downed location and Eric called in sick today,” his boss said in an irritated voice. “I need you to skip coming in and head straight over to location 1500. A service tech from AT&T will meet you there. We show no service and they say it's on our end. Hopefully it's just a bad modem and they can swap it out, and it can be done quickly.”

“Ok. I am just getting out of the shower. Give me about 20 minutes and I'm on my way,” Jay said into the phone while rolling his eyes.

“I'll have Jill reschedule any morning meetings you have,” his boss replied.

They said their good byes and Jay hung up the phone. He dried off and walked into his bedroom. There his sexy wife Sheila was crawling out of bed in the nude. She lept into his arms and kissed him while reaching down to fondle his dangling cock.

“Sorry babe, gotta go major crisis at work,” he said.

Sheila gave him her best fake pouty face and disappeared into the bathroom to begin readying herself for the workday.

Jay dressed and said "I love you" in the direction of the bathroom as he headed out the bedroom towards the garage. He started his car and headed to a convenience store to grab a drink for the drive ahead.
After fighting rush hour traffic for nearly 45 minutes, Jay finally arrived. He showed his ID to the branch manager and was directed to the room where the network interfaced. He checked to see if the network had been switched to the back up connection, and waited for the technician to arrive.

The morning dragged on into early afternoon. The technician showed up and tested everything numerous times only to find that the problem was in their equipment. Jay was irritated because he had suggested that right away, and the tech wouldn't listen.

With his morning shot he left the branch after everything was back up and running correctly and began to head for the office. He decided to swing through a drive through close to his office and grab a bite to eat, because his afternoon was now full of meetings that had been rescheduled from the morning.

He arrived at his office and was on the phone with his wife as he walked towards the elevator. The elevator doors opened and he began to step in. As he was stepping in a young lady was stepping out. They ran into each other causing Jay to spill the 32oz soft drink he was holding all over the front of her dress.

“Oh my god!” the young lady shrieked as she was doused with the cold sticky drink. It completely covered the front of her yellow sundress. Jay immediately got off the phone and began to apologize. He handed her napkins to soak up the liquid, he felt like such an ass.

Once the situation was under control, Jay finally took notice of the young lady. She was very attractive. She was about 5'6” maybe 125 – 135 lbs. She had ample breasts, he guessed a 36 or 38 C, and very tan skin. She had the most beautiful green eyes that reminded him of uncut emeralds.

Jay reached into his laptop case and pulled a business card and ink pen. He turned the card over and wrote his personal mobile number on it. He handed it to her and said, “I am so sorry, this was completely my fault and I insist on paying for the cleaning.”

“No it's fine, it was an accident,” she replied.

“I'm sorry I didn't get your name,” Jay responded.

“It's Sarah. Sarah Burke”, she replied extending her hand for a shake.

Jay took her hand and felt the softness of her skin as he shook her hand. “Well Sarah Burke, I wouldn't feel right spilling a drink on you and not taking responsibility for the cleaning.”

Sarah smiled and agreed to contact him about the cleaning bill. Jay pressed the elevator button and stepped into the next available car as he watched her walk away, noting her nice round firm ass. He pressed the button for floor 12, and rode up trying to refocus on his afternoon.

Jay attended meeting after meeting that afternoon, and had chalked the day up to a loss as he walked into his last meeting of the day at 4:00. He wasn't even sure why he was in this meeting because it had nothing to do with the networks that connected all of the branches to the corporate headquarters.

During the meeting he received a text from Sarah. She explained that the dress didn't need dry cleaning. Jay said he still felt bad and offered dinner as payment instead. Sarah agreed to a steak dinner and the time and place were agreed on.

Jay left his meeting and finished some paperwork. He called home and told his wife Sheila of the days events. She was grinning ear to ear as she thought of her husband seducing this young woman and coming home to tell her the details.

Jay finished up at work and checked his appearance in the bathroom mirror before heading to the elevators and down to the parking lot. He drove the short distance to the restaurant and put his name on the waiting list. Sarah arrived shortly later. She was wearing jeans and a spaghetti strapped tank top. She had chosen six inch heels as shoes, which only accentuated her shapely legs and firm ass.

Jay told her that it would be a few minutes until the table was ready and they moved into the bar to have a drink while waiting. As they walked Jay noticed that Sarah wasn't wearing a bra and her nipples were obvious underneath the silk tank top she wore.

They made small talk as they sipped their drinks, then were called for their table. They talked more and more through dinner and both Jay and Sarah felt a chemistry. Sarah finally let out a secret. She was out of work and was in his building meeting with a recruitment agency. She was following up after interviewing for a graphic designer position at a large advertising firm in the city.

She admitted to Jay that she had gotten the job and wanted to celebrate, but didn't have the extra money to do so. She admitted to using Jay to get a nice dinner and a few drinks. She also said that now she felt guilty for using him and wanted to buy him a few drinks, but didn't have the money to do so. She offered to have him come back to her apartment where she could make them a few drinks and continue their conversation.

Jay agreed and paid the check. They left and Jay followed Sarah to her apartment. They entered her apartment, Sarah made them drinks and they sat on the couch drinking and talking. After Jay finished his first drink Sarah made another. When she went to sit she stumbled a bit as she was getting tipsy. Jay reached to catch her and pulled her into his arms. As he did his hand brushed her right breast. He felt the hardness of her nipple against his hand and Sarah let out a little moan.

Jay leaned in and they began to kiss. Sarah opened her mouth and their tongues locked in a passionate embrace. His hand remained on her right breast, and he applied pressure and began to massage her nipple with his hand. Sarah moaned into his mouth and her hands went to the back of his head pulling it down to her chest.

Jay slid the small straps of her tank top down her shoulders, exposing her breasts. He gently took the right nipple in his mouth and began to lick and suck. His left hand began to massage her left breast and Sarah's head dropped back and she sighed in pleasure.

Jay moved so that he could lay Sarah in a half sitting position, and he got on his knees between her legs. He went back to kissing and licking her amazing tits as his hands slid down to the button of her jeans. He began to undo and unzip her jeans. His hand slid inside to find no panties. Instead of panties Jay found a baby soft and completely smooth mound.

Jays fingers began to explore the lips of her pussy to find them wet . He dipped a finger between the folds of her lips and Sarah sat up. She removed her top and lifted her ass off the couch allowing Jay to remove her jeans all of the way. She leaned back holding her tits together inviting Jay to finish what he had started.

Jay wasted no time and began to kiss his way from her hardened nipples to her stomach as his fingers returned to stroking her pussy. Soon his lips met his fingers and Sarah gasped awaiting his tongue on her love box. Jay raised his head, smiled at her and lowered his head, taking in her scent before his tongue attacked her wet slit.

Sarah shrieked as Jay's tongue assaulted her pussy. Her hips bucked and she squeezed her tits and pinched her nipples. She could feel an orgasm building as Jay wrapped his lips around her clit and sucked as his tongue flicked over the sensitive nub. He slid two fingers inside of her and stroked her gspot.

Sarah arched her back and let out a low guttural moan as a powerful orgasm racked her body. Jay slowly slowed his tongue and fingers, bringing her down slowly. Sarah shook with wave after wave of orgasmic aftershocks rolled through her body.

Soon he raised his head. Sarah grabbed his face and pulled it to hers. She licked all of her juices from his face, and kissed him. She smiled and rolled him to his back. She began to quickly remove his clothing as she slid to his lap. She was happy to see his 7 cock spring into view. She quickly took it into her mouth swirling her tongue around the head lapping up the precum that was leaking from the swollen mushroom head.

She then plunged her head down taking him all the way in her throat. Jays hands went to her head slowly guiding her head up and down his shaft. Jay was amazed. His wife was an amazing cocksucker, but Sarah could give her a run for her money.

Sarah removed his cock from her warm wet mouth and stood over him. She fingered he wet pussy as she straddled his lap. She took his cock in her hand and lowered herself onto it. She loved the feeling of the thick hard cock separating her labia and filling her hole. She began to slowly ride him knowing that she would soon be cumming on his dick.

Jay lowered his head to her ample chest and began feasting on her tits. Sarah held his head into her breasts, as she began to bounce faster and faster. She was approaching her second orgasm, and she was loving it. Soon she slammed down on his shaft and held him there as her pussy spasmed while her second orgasm ravaged her body.

When the waves subsided she looked Jay in the eyes and said, “Take me how you want me. Fuck my cunt into submission!”

Jay lifted her off his lap and led her to the end of the couch. He bent her over the arm and lined his swollen member up to her waiting pussy. He eased into her and took her hips in his hands. Slowly he started to thrust long hard strokes in and out of her. The noises of her sloshing wetness and her continuous moans and yelps as he fucked her.

Jay took his right hand and sucked his index finger, getting it very wet with his saliva. He reached down and ran his finger along the crack of Sarah's beautiful ass. Sarah went rigid and moaned. She arched her back and pushed her ass towards Jay's finger. That was all the encouragement he needed. He began to massage her tight little rosebud with small circles.

Sarah whimpered and bucked her hips trying to get Jays finger into her ass. He was teasing her and she was loving it. When Jay was sure she had had enough, he inserted his finger. He began to slowly finger her back door in a rhythm opposite his cock stroking her pussy. Every time his dick plunged in, his finger slid out. When his finger slid in, his cock slid out.

Sarah soon erupted in her third and hardest orgasm of the evening. Jay could feel the walls of her pussy clamp down and hold his cock in place. Around his finger, her ass contracted and released. He quickly removed his finger, intensifying her pleasure.

As her pussy released his shaft, Jay began to fuck her hard and fast. He pummeled her pussy feeling his own orgasm building as his balls began to tighten. He announced to her he was about to cum. Sarah pushed back against him hard with her hips dislodging him from her.

Sarah dropped from the couch and spun so she was staring at Jay's dick. She looked up at him and said, “Fuck my mouth. Shoot your cum down my throat baby.”

With that she grabbed the backs of Jay's thighs and impaled her mouth on his shaft. Jay took her cheeks in his hands and began to fuck her mouth in long stokes that ended in her throat. Sarah moaned around the cock that violated her mouth. Jay felt the vibrations from her moans reverberate along his shaft. That was all it took. He pushed forward and held Sarah's head still as he exploded. Volley after volley of his sticky sweet seed flooded Sarah's mouth. She swallowed what she could, but a large amount spilled out around the base of his cock and rolled down to her chin. Sarah pulled her head back and scooped the loose cum from her chin and began to rub it into her hard nipples.

After the two lay there panting for awhile, holding each other. Sarah moved first. She stood and went to get her robe from her room. Jay stood and dressed. Sarah returned and pulled Jay in for a kiss. She then led him to the door. She opened it and stood in the doorway as he exited.

There was an awkward silence which she broke, “Call me or text me next weekend. Maybe we can get together and have dinner again, this time my treat.”

“Sure,” Jay replied and kissed her again.

“So it's a date?”

“Most definitely.”



Jay turned to walk to the car and she closed the door. As he opened his car door, he reached for his cell and dialed Sheila.

“Hey baby, I'm on my way home.”

“Got a good story to tell me when you get here?,” she asked.

“The kind you love the most. Should be home in about 30 minutes to tell you about it.”

“Ok, I'm putting the kids to bed now, I'll be in bed. Waiting.”

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