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He Was Worth It

Why I hate vodka and why I love sex: nights out are just too much fun....
(For the purposes of this story, I shall be called Sarah. Not my real name, but an inconspicuous one nonetheless)

Having my boyfriend far too fucking many miles away from me was driving both my head and my body insane.

So when three of my girlfriends asked me for a girly night in (which inevitably ends up a girly night out), I could only agree! We got horny drunk sitting in my friend Alisha’s house, and were sitting around talking about nothing, so when Maria announced, “Fuck it, let’s go out!” we all drunkenly agreed that this was a fantastic idea. We got ready lightening quick, involving a few tumbles, and several run-ins with hair straighteners, and we were out the door.

We quickly crossed a couple of roads, and after 10 minutes of walking, we were at the front of a popular spot for students, flirting with the bouncers in our drunken stupor. As soon as we got in, we got rid of our jackets, revealing our skin tight dresses that we’d decided to wear. Mine was deep red, matching my lipstick, and my hair up in a high, tight pony-tail. I added black eye shadow so I had a hot, dark look going on. We got a round of Mojitos in, and drank and danced, drank and danced…

At this point, I saw my boyfriend’s best friend, Ross talking to his girlfriend Madison, who I know quite well.

“Hey, Sarah, how are you?” Ross shouted over the heavy beat of the music, which I could feel vibrating through me as I stood next to him.

He put his arm around me, pulling me into a half hug, and nibbled my ear as he said it. It was good to know I wasn’t the only one this horny.

“I’m good, how are you? Having a good night?” I shouted back. By the looks on Madison’s face, she wasn’t. I saw the car keys in her hand, explaining the reason Ross’ drunkenness was pissing her off so much.

“It’s fucking brilliant, I swear. Really good crowd and the drinks in here are brilliant! Can I buy you one?” Ross shouted, initiating a sigh and a dirty look from Madison.

That girl didn’t like me, especially after hearing a rumour that I had slept with Ross a few weeks ago, when my boyfriend was still in the country. The fact that it was true didn’t matter whatsoever, because in her eyes, her demi-god of a boyfriend could do no wrong. I however, was the nasty little slut who had tried to seduce her one and only. If only she knew he had been more than willing…

“Ross, I’m going to go home, get your own lift. I’m not feeling well, and the company isn’t exactly to my taste,” Madison shouted over the music, which I heard.

With a distasteful look at me, she got up and left.

“Fuck that!” Ross said, obviously stumped by what had got her annoyed. He looked at me and smiled, “Drink?”

“Absolutely,” I smiled back and walked with him to the bar.

We did some shots of tequila, progressing to licking the salt of each other’s fingers, and decided since we were in public, so calm it down, and go and dance.

The songs were so loud you couldn’t help but inhale them, feeling them all around your body, and I did just that. I turned around, grinding my ass into his dick, which I could feel getting hard. A great thing about Ross is the size of his dick…

I could feel him grinding on me so I started pushing my ass harder into his dick, sliding up and down, and I could hear him grunting, and I could feel him grinding with more force, as he grabbed my hips holding them in place. I was drunk, and drunk on him. We moved to the edge of the dancefloor, and found seats, where he sat down, and I sat down on top of him. I started to wiggle, and grinded into him, moving my ass to please him and I. All I could feel was his breath on my neck, and a kiss on my back, on my neck, behind my ear. I could feel my panties getting soaked by how wet I was, and I knew I needed him.

“We need to leave,” I said to him, and he lifted me up like I was a rag doll and walked both of us out of the club with the aim of getting to my house.

Unfortunately, neither of us could wait that long, and he pushed me into the alleyway beside the club. I could still hear the music, and in my drunkenness, I let him push me to my knees.

“You’re such a dirty slut, I’m going to make you pay, Sarah,” he spat at me, as he began slapping my face with his dick.

I tried to get my mouth over the head of his delicious penis, I could see the precum on the tip of it, waiting for me to lick it up, but he kept it out of my reach, teasing me.

“Tell me how bad you want it,” he said, grabbing my pony-tail and pulling my hair back.

“I want your dick in my mouth. Please, give me it,” I said, with my hands around his thighs, trying to pull him into me.

“You asked for it,” he said, and shoved his whole dick into my mouth, making me gag.

He started moaning, and I knew I was doing well. He began grunting and fucking my face, holding my throat with one hand and my pony-tail with the other, making me nothing but his little fuck toy.

“You see this face? I own this face,” he said, shoving his dick all the way down my throat and holding it there.

I could hear his moans, and it turned me on so much I started playing with my clit, making me moan and giving him vibrations all over his dick.

“Did I say you could fucking touch yourself? Fucking look at me, whore!” he said, and I looked up, his dick still in my mouth, and he was angry. Yummy.

“I’ll fucking show you pleasure, if you think you can do a better job,” he said, pulling his dick out of my mouth, we both moaned and I gasped for air.

He pulled me up by my hair, my legs weak from being on my knees, and slammed me against the wall. He rolled my dress up over my hips, and as the cool air touched my legs, I shivered. He pulled my panties down, slowly, tantalizingly slowly, kissing from my pussy down to my ankles, and threw them away. He worked his way back up, kissing, nibbling, licking every inch of my legs, and my pussy. Everywhere but my clit.

He licked my juices that had spread to the insides of my thighs, “Hmm, you’re so sweet,” he whispered, and kept licking, kissing my pussy lips, but never pulling them back to reveal where I wanted his tongue.

He hitched my leg over his shoulder, spreading my legs further.

“Please! Do something,” I panted, and I began grinding my pussy into his face.

He licked my pussy lips, and lapped up my juices. Then he began nibbling on my clitoris, driving me slowly mad. Just when I thought I was going to go crazy, without warning, he rammed two fingers into my pussy, curling them and began finger fucking me so fast, so suddenly, that I came, all over his face and his hand. My moans had gotten quite loud, and he stood up, looking straight into my eyes.

“Shut the fuck up,” he said, and, grabbing my throat with both hands, spat into my mouth, which tasted like my juices, and he kissed me roughly, forcing his tongue into my mouth, sucking my tongue out of mine, and biting my lip. I was panting, kissing him back and grabbing his hair to bring his face ever closer to mine when he grabbed my pony tail and turned around, so my ass was on display to him, with my face against the wall.

“I love it when you’re on show,” he growled, grabbing my hips roughly, and slid one finger in, then two into my pussy, which was already dripping wet.

“You know how much of a slut you are? Thinking you can go out dressed like this and thinking that I wouldn’t fuck you. I’m going to show you how you deserve to be treated. Like the little slut you are,” he whispered into my ear, bent over me.

“Please, Ross, fuck me. I need your dick inside me, please fuck me now,” I whimpered, desperate for his dick.

“That’s it, beg. Tell me how much you need me to fuck that pretty pussy of yours,” he whispered, biting my neck, and grabbing my breasts with his other hand. I couldn’t even see straight, I was that horny.

“Please just fuck me!” I cried, desperate for him to fill me up, and I started to move with his fingers, crying out as they hit that perfect spot.

Pulling his fingers out of my pussy, he turned me around and shoved them in my mouth, “Lick them clean, you little slut. Lick your juices off my fingers,” he said, pushing his fingers down my throat, making me gag slightly, and pulled them out, spit covering them. He cleaned them on my face, “You deserve this, hunny. You deserve everything you’re going to get.”

He held onto my ponytail the whole walk home, making it look like his arm was around my neck to passers-by. I could feel my pussy lips slick with juices, and with no panties to cover them, the cold night air was making me feel supersensitive. Walking felt like hours, all I could picture was his dick inside my pussy, and I made us hurry home quicker.

My house was open (some flat mates weren’t out that night) and as soon as I opened the door, he threw me against the wall in the hall, so my ass was ready and waiting for him again.

“This is fucking mine,” he growled, grabbing my ass cheeks roughly and running his hands over them.

He pushed my dress up around my waist, and peeled it down below my breasts, so they were pushed against that cold wall. He ran his fingers up my slit, soaking them with my juices, and played with my clit. He toyed with it, bringing me very close to the edge, and just when I thought I would be able to come, he slammed them into my pussy, taking the attention away from my desperate clit. He curled his fingers inside me several times, hitting that one spot that had me moaning.

“Please put your dick in me, Ross. Please,” I gasped, as he held my head against the wall, so I couldn’t even look at him.

“You’re mine tonight, Sarah. This is all mine,” he said, taking his fingers out of my pussy and forcing them into my mouth again, which I gladly sucked clean.

Just when I was about to ask him to fuck me, I felt him slam into me, without warning, and I screamed out. I kept moaning, his thrusts feeling better every time, and I could feel an orgasm building.

“Shut the fuck up, I’ll tell you when you can speak!” he said, letting my face and my hair go, so he could grab my hips.

He stopped having sex with me, and started fucking me. I could feel his hips slamming into my ass, his balls slapping my clit as he fucked me, thrusting in and out, filling me up and making me moan. He built up a rhythm fucking me fast, and roughly, letting my breasts slam against the wall, and I had to put my arms against the wall to steady myself. He knew he was pleasuring me too much, fast and rough is how I like it, so he withdrew, until just the head of his delicious dick was inside me.

“What the fuck are you doing? Be inside me, please! Get inside me. Ross, please fuck me!” I begged, wanting him to bottom out and make me feel whole.

So he did, slowly, very slowly, inch my inch. I could feel him filling me up, “God your dick is good,” I moaned, feeling him fill me up inch by inch, stretching my pussy and making me feel sensations I hadn’t felt before.

Then he withdrew.

“You’re driving me fucking crazy, just fuck me!” I yelled, desperate for something tangible, something I could hold on to, not these hints of thrusts.

“Shut the fuck up. You’ll take what I give you,” he said, slowly entering me again. “And you’re going to fucking love it.”

He withdrew and rammed into me, unexpectedly, sending my whole body into the wall, and he stayed inside me, but began hard thrusts, deep thrusts, moving inside me by moving his hips. The wave I had felt beginning to crash over me happened, and I started coming, and I started screaming.

“Fuck me harder! Harder!” I begged, my body slick with sweat and wanting more. But he wouldn’t do it, he bottomed out and stayed still.

“If you want it, come and get it,” he said, and ran his hands over my breasts, grabbing the nipples and pulling them, as he was bent over my back.

I started fucking myself on his dick, bouncing my ass off of his hips, wiggling my hips so I could feel his dick moving inside me.

“Oh, fuck,” he grunted as I worked my pussy on him.

He was moaning as much as I was, and I felt his hand move up from my breasts to my throat and squeeze. He bent over me and whispered, meaning I could feel his breath on my neck, giving me goosebumps.

“You fucking deserve this, you dirty slut. You’re going to be punished,” and with those words, I started fucking him faster, and he began to thrust back.

Tiny thrusts, but it was enough to drive me over the age for what seemed like the tenth time that night. I could feel my pussy walls convulsing, tightening around him, making him grunt. I knew he was close to it.

“Fuck me in my ass!” I panted, wanting to have felt him everywhere before he came.

He pulled his dick out, leaving me hot and bothered, and knelt down, licking my clit, then the rest of my pussy, then he moved upwards, and licked my ass. I gasped as I felt the cool air after the moisture of his tongue on my ass, and as I felt two fingers slide into my pussy, getting soaked in juices and he took them out, and began playing with my asshole, getting it ready for his huge dick.

“You’re nothing but a whore, you do know that? You’re a fucking dirty little slut and you’ll be punished for this. What if Craig finds out? What will he think? Do you think he’ll like his girlfriend bent over for me?” he spat at me, making me feel wonderful and dirty. “You’re not allowed to come from how good I’m going to fuck you, not until I say so. You hear me, whore?” he said, slowly sliding his dick into my ass, allowing me to accept him in, bit by bit, until he was completely inside me.

I felt like I was clouded, I was drunk on alcohol and drunk on sex. He started to move, slowly building up a rhythm, with both of us grunting and moaning. He knew I love it when men are noisy. I started fingering my pussy; I was desperate for that release. I felt my arms be pulled behind my back. He held both of them in one hand, and grabbed my hair with the other.

“You think I’m not fucking enough, you slut? I’ll show you pleasure. You dirty bitch,” he said, and began pounding my ass.

The slaps of my ass onto his body had me moaning, and pretty soon we were both grunting with the effort. I couldn’t catch my breath, every time I went to inhale he thrust into me, shocking my body and making me gasp again.

“Fuck yes, Ross! Fuck…” I panted, unable to do anything but moan.

He put his fingers into my pussy and built up a rhythm that had me so loud, and so horny I was screaming his name. He started moaning loudly as well, and I felt so turned on in that moment, I thought I was going to pass out from sensations.

“This is your fucking fault! You made me do this to you, you whore,” he grunted, pulling my hair back further. “You’re going to be fucking punished if you make me come. You’ll be sorry,” he moaned, and I could feel his thrusts getting deeper and faster.

I thought being sorry sounded pretty good, so I started pushing my ass up to meet his thrusts, harder and faster. He began moaning as loud as I was, ramming his fingers into my pussy as hard as he was ramming his dick into my ass. I started screaming, feeling an other orgasm overtake my body. I could feel my pussy convulsing, squeezing, and my ass getting tighter around his dick, milking him for what I wanted.

“Fuck. FUCK, SARAH!” He grunted, fucking me with short, deep thrusts, and he began to pump his cum into my ass. “You bitch, I told you not to do that. You’re in trouble,” he said into my ear, and I could hear how out of breath he was, how turned on he was…

He pulled out of me, and turned me around, so I was facing him with my back pushed against the wall.

“You ready?” he smiled, evilly, and he grabbed my throat and kissed me roughly, biting my lips. He moved down to nibbling my neck, “Are you desperate enough yet? Beg for me, Sarah. I want to hear you beg,” he said quietly, as he was kissing and nibbling his whole way down my body.

“Please, Ross. Please more. I need more, Ross. God!” I gasped, as I felt his tongue on my clit, but with his hands on my hips, keeping me pinned to the wall.

I couldn’t push my pussy further, making his tongue hit the rest of me, and he knew it was driving me insane. He stood up, grabbed me by my throat and my waist and brought me over to our stairs (directly opposite the front door) and laid me down, opening my legs at the same time. It was hard for me, since I was still quivering from my orgasm, and he started lapping up my juices, from inside my thighs, right up to my pussy lips.

“God, you taste so good, Sarah,” he moaned, languidly lapping at my pussy, occasionally nibbling at my lips, making me squirm. I could feel him licking further down, reaching my ass, and kissing my asshole, he started to force his tongue in, slowly, licking his own cum out of my ass, which he did until his mouth was full.

He came up to my face, grabbed my throat, and stared at my mouth, opening it with his other hand. When it was fully opened, he spat his cum into my mouth, and kissed me, swirling both of our tongues in it.

“Swallow that, whore,” he smiled at me, which I did, gladly.

Panting and out of breath, we both fell asleep, half naked, on top of each other on the stairs.

“Sarah you slut, get the fuck up!” I heard later, and saw my flat mates standing in front of me, with an impressed look on their faces. “You’re blocking the staircase! I hope he was worth it, if Madison finds out , you’re fucked,” Lisa said, shaking her head as she climbed past me.

“Don’t worry,” I said, shaking Ross to get up, “He was worth it.”

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