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He Won

A Meeting Under the Moonlight Shows Her Who is Better
It took a couple hours, but the phone finally vibrated in her pocket. The quick two second shock moved through her hips and up her spine, into her breasts, causing her nipples to harden. She knew who it was before she even reached towards her pocket. 

A few minutes later, she pulled the phone from the rear pocket of her skin-tight jean-shorts, and hit the power save button. The message icon said '1' and she clicked the little green icon open. It was from him, and all it read was "What time, and where? ;)" She punched her answer onto the small letter keys, hitting the power button and slipping the phone back into her ass pocket.

Three hours later, she found herself walking to her SUV, unlocking the car from ten feet away. She pulled the visor down, checking her make up. Her bright neon green eye makeup was still immaculate, and her Hazel irises were looking even more green than usual, highlighted by her choice of eye shadow. She looked in the mirror and cursed at the time.

Twenty minutes later, she found herself steering her SUV down the winding road. She was almost there; Left on Thompson Road, straight for 3 miles, left after the third big rock, veer onto the gravel road, and through the brush at the end of the rocks.

Her headlights illuminated the area in front of her as her vehicle pushed the brush aside. She drove 15 feet and finally popped through the brush, into the clearing and saw his old, rusted truck already there. The lights were off, and the driver's seat was empty. She threw her 'Solar Yellow' X-Terra into park, and shut the engine off.

She popped her door open, and stepped into the soft earth. Her camouflage Converse shoes sank an inch or so as she slammed the door shut and stared. She couldn't see anyone, and didn't hear anything. She heard the sound of the door shutting echoing through the open space. She took a few steps forward, calling his name.

She gasped when she felt a hand on her throat. She tried to scream out loud, but couldn't. She tried to figure out who was behind her, but a second hand covered her eyes.

She was almost in tears when the voice was whispering a violent 'Shush!' into her ear, and the hands were removed. She felt the same set of hands rapidly turning her around. She fearfully opened her eyes, and saw him. All the fear drained from her body and was replaced by anger as his features became clear. She reached her right hand all the way back into Tennessee and slapped him across his face.

The force behind the hit was strong, and his whole upper body went along in the direction of the slap, as to ease some of the pain. His cheek still stung when he turned towards her smiling and laughing, uttering his apologies. She went after his smirk with another open hand, and this time he caught it in his right hand.

His hand caught her wrist and he held it firmly down to her waist. The other hand moved to her shorts, and he slithered them towards the button of her denim. The puzzle of her jeans was easily manipulated by his skillful digits, and her shorts were over her shoes in no time. He raised his hands to her collarbone and pushed her back a few feet against the hard, cold metal of his truck.

She stumbled back a few steps and felt her back hit the cold metal of the grill on his truck, at the same time her small hands moved to his warm cheeks. She violently shoved her bright red lips to his, biting the upper as they made contact. She tasted his blood on her tongue, and she shoved the wet pink muscle into his mouth. She let go of his face and moved her hands to his hair, grabbing handfuls of his curly locks and pushing his head down. His mouth landed on top of the cloth covering her chest. His lips and teeth pushed into the old, soft, weak material biting; his hands moving to the bottom of the pink fabric, pulling at it.

She stared up at the moonlight at the dead-end road, feeling the cold of the metal against her back. She looked down and saw his face moving down her chest and towards her waist. His hands reached up towards her barely there T-shirt, and instead of trying to pull it up over her head, he grabbed it in both hands and pulled the shirt in two. The cloth fell from her pale shoulders, and her perky breasts were revealed.

The brightly colored art inked over her collarbone was highlighted by the blue hue from the moonlight. He stopped and stared at the ink, digging his face into her cleavage, planting his lips and tongue on the surface piercing over her sternum, flicking his tongue around the jewelry. He dragged his lips back and forth from each of her stiff, pink nipples, biting and tugging on the rings stuck through her nipples until she screamed out in pleasure.

His lips moved further down her torso, stopping only to trace his tongue around the outline of the tattoo inked down her side. His mouth reached her mesh panties, and he drove his tongue to her slit, tasting the juices flowing easily through the fabric. He sucked her pussy lips into his mouth, tangling his tongue in the fabric. He gripped her panties in his teeth, and jerked his head until he heard the fabric rip, and pulled it away from her skin.

She felt his stiff tongue slip into her wet pussy for only a moment. The warmth disappeared from her cunt and appeared again on her right nipple, with teeth pulling at the ring protruding from the flesh. She felt two fingers roughly enter her wet cum hole, and push deep into her, causing her organs to jump.

She moaned and panted in his ear, pulling his hair, biting his neck, begging him to fuck her. His fingers felt great fucking her wet cunt, but she wanted to feel his cock inside her. She wanted to be a toy, she wanted to be used. She wanted to make him cum. She wanted to know it was because of him playing with her that he was turned on

Her words burned in his ears, and he freed his rock-hard cock from the confines of his pants. He pushed it to her cunt, forcing the head into her, pushing her harder against the front of his truck. She was screaming in lust, and he pushed the full length into her until he couldn't see his shaft anymore. Once he was fully inside her, he started to fuck her with as much power as he could.

His cock powered into her over and over, forcing her juices to squirt with each thrust. He laid his weight against her body, pushing her skin into the folds of the metal vehicle, and causing soon-to-be-red abrasions to her Snow White toned flesh. He felt her teeth on his neck, her lips on his ear, her breath on his skin... 

She laid against the front of the truck, powerless to move, and loving every moment of it. He was taking charge of her, and making her feel like a slut. She. Loved. It. And she came with just that simple thought. She moaned hard, grabbing his shoulders, digging her pointed nails into his skin creating scratches down his upper back.

He felt her nails digging lines into the surface of his skin, and it drove him to fuck her even harder. He refused to let her win. Not this time... He pulled his cock from her pussy, and grabbed her shoulders and forced her to turn around and face the truck. Her hands reached up, and she tried to anchor herself before his next barrage on her pussy.

Her hands slipped on the dewy surface of the hood of his truck, and her face slammed into the smooth, chilled metal, causing her tits to harden as her mounds pressed through the front grill. His cock was pushing against the opening of her asshole, and she resisted. She moaned "No" while giggling.

"Yes," he whispered, reaching a hand to her face and guiding her to face him. He leaned and to her her ear, rubbing his cheek on her neck and kissing the nape. The only soft touch she would receive from him. She moaned her acceptance back into his ear, and bit his neck hard before turning her head away from his face, and presenting her ass to him.

His angry, purple cock head pushed against her asshole. He spit on his cock, and pushed himself inside her tight backdoor. He started pounding her ass, trying to punish her. He heard her screams, but he wanted her to give in. His hand reached to the back of her head, pushing her face against the wet, cold surface of the metal truck. His other hand wrapped around her waist, and his fingers slipped into her pussy.

She was using all her strength to keep her legs from giving out underneath her. Her face was being held against the truck, and at this point he had quit playing with her cunt, and grabbed both her arms and were holding them behind her back, using them as an anchor while he continued to slam her asshole. She felt all her senses going haywire, and she couldn't feel her own lips and her fingers were tingling.

She started screaming when it hit her. His cock was stimulating her g-spot through her ass, and she lost it. She felt her pussy spasm, and her legs finally gave out on her. Her 110 lb form went limp again, the only thing holding her up was the her weight against the truck, and her hot, sweaty skin sticking to the metal.

He felt her cum gush, he knew she squirt on occasion. It dripped down her legs, and he reached his hand back to her clitty to tease her while he got ready to unload himself inside her ass. Her dead-weight was heavy, and he reached up and grabbed her under the arms, lifting her further up onto the hood. She laid there moaning, and begging for him to keep going. She didn't want to let him win. 

Grunting hard in effort, he thrust himself into her asshole a few more times before he felt his cum reach a No-Holding-Back point inside his cock. He put his hands on her waist and started fucking her with the small amount of strength he had left. Moments later, he felt himself explode, and starting shooting spurts of his hot cum-load deep into her asshole. He heard her cry out one last time as he drained himself into her ass.

He moaned in satisfaction as he pumped his last few dribbles into her. He pulled his cock from her behind, and watched her slide down the front of the truck and collapse on the ground. He stood for a moment, regaining his strength and picked her up off the ground. He walked over to her X-Terra and opened the door, placing her in the driver's seat. He went back to the pile of clothes consisting of her shorts, and ripped top and panties, and picked them up, walking back and tossing them over her and into her passenger seat.

He walked to his truck and got in the driver's seat. He started the engine and flicked the lights on. H rubbed his hands over his face and pushed his hair out of his eyes before he pulled put the truck in drive and pulled forward, giving her a last look before driving through the brush and heading home.

This time, he knew that he won.

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