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Heat Part 3

Things are slowly wrapping up, but the heat is nowhere near dissipating..
I bite my lip looking at him. He's stroking himself, eyes still heated taking me in. I feel his seed slipping out between my legs and sticking to my thighs. I lick my lips and let my gaze drop down to his still hard shaft. Nothing would please me more than to lick him clean and fuck him again. But knowing his cum was inside of me, leaving me wet, hot, and uncomfortable, I couldn't let him go back inside, not without getting clean somehow first. I try to convey this to him, but find my throat hoarse, and tight, and am only able to mumble.

He chuckles a little bit before moving back to me, kissing my lips hard and passionately. His bites my lower one and draws it into his mouth to suck and nibble on before thrusting his tongue into my mouth. I moan around it and shudder hard, needing him instantly with his kiss. His tongue duels with mine as he pushes me onto my back, grinding his body against mine. I flush, feeling it go all the way down into my toes, the passion of his kiss. I rub my tongue back and forth against his and whimper needingly.

Finally, he breaks the kiss and smiles a bit deviously. “You know, I haven't tasted you yet...and I'm sure you taste delicious with my cum still inside of you..” I flush darken at his suggestion and start to shake my head. But its too late, he's taken control once again. With talented and quick hands, he eases off the shorts he had been too occupied to take off before, baring my heated and wet slit to him. He grins up at me, before dipping his mouth down between my legs.

At the first long slow stroke of his tongue, I'm nearly begging for him to stop. My whole body was sensitive, hyper tuned to every touch and stroke. I dig my hands into the ground, trying hard to keep still. Jeremy never did this for me. Neither had anyone else. I wasn't sure what to do, but bit my lip to hold in the pleasure I was feeling. I let out little whimpers of pleasure as he stroked his tongue inside of my tight channel, licking and sucking up his juices and my own, groaning at the combined flavor.

I shudder hard and bite back his name, arching my back off the ground to look down at him. He grins at me, bringing his talented tongue out of me to flick and nibble at my clit. I shudder hard and start panting, feeling a tight hot knot below my belly button forming. He was going to make me orgasm, I thought, staring down at him with my large brown eyes. I squeal softly as he bites and sucks on the little sensitive nub and thrust my hips slightly. His big hands come up to grip them tightly, pinning me hard to the ground. I bite back a scream as he sucks harder on my clit and then lets his tongue dip back inside of me to suck up my flooding juices.

“Hunter..” I pant. “Please..I need do something..please..fuck..Anything..” I whimper, squirming under his firm grip. He pauses for a moment, looking up at me deviously. He moves quickly, turning himself around, straddling me. His dick hangs hard in my face, beading with pre-cum. I blink at him, and then feel his mouth lower itself back onto me and I shudder hard, whimpering. I reach up with my mouth and lick him, and hear him groan into my pussy. I pull him down a little bit further, and ease him into my mouth and start to lick and suck him eagerly, enjoying the remaining flavors of us on him, as well as his fresh pre-cum. The knot inside of me burns more hotly as he concentrates on my clit. I let out a low moan around his cock, my saliva coating him. I press it all the way down into my throat, swallowing hard around him. I feel him shudder as I do this and have to fight a grin.

Without warning, he latches onto my clit and starts to suck hard, rolling the sensitive nub in his mouth. I let out a low keening scream, and orgasm into his mouth. He chuckles, licking up my fluids again. I am unable to suck or lick him as the orgasm floods me, making my body buck and shudder hard. Finally, he withdraws from me, and pulls his cock out of my now slack mouth. Still chuckling, he turns back around, lining the tip of his pulsating cock up with my now clean and still wet pussy.

Feeling him nudge himself at my entrance, I come back to earth. I shudder and flex against him. He picks up my legs and throws them over one of his shoulders and then presses himself, deep inside of me. I throw my head back and moan, digging my hands back into the ground. The feel of him so deep was like magic. He starts slowly, dragging himself in and out of me slowly, feeling me cling and spasm around himself. He groans as he presses himself into the deepest point. “Is this your cervix, little one?” He says softly, opening his eyes to stare down at me.

I nod, feeling the small bite of pain mix with pleasure at the pressure. I move against him and whimper with need. He smiles widely and eases back out again and then slams himself into me forcefully, once, twice and then a third time before slowing down, easing himself in and out gently. I moan with need and try to move against him, but he's holding my legs too tightly for me to do much. He slams himself into me again, groaning, his eyes locked onto my face. I'm slowly turning redder and redder as he sees me lose myself in the feeling of him pushing so deep into me.

Its too much for the both of us, I realize, looking up at him. His own face was trembling, the groans in his throat spilling out of his lips. His thrusts are becoming harder and more erratic. I flex tentatively around him, and he shudders, his eyes shutting for a moment before opening, their color darkening. “That's right little know what you are doing to me, don't you? Tell me, do you want my cum again? Beg me for it...” He says, his voice low and husky as he drops one hand from my legs to reach up and brush against my erect nipples. I bite back a cry, letting my eyes squeeze shut, shaking from the mix of sensations.

“Please..Hunter..Master...please..fuck. My pussy is so tight..and wet..I need..I need more of your cum to fill me..” I say, panting the words, stuttering slightly. My whole mind was frying from him fucking me. I rotate my hips slightly and feel the shudder roll from him into me. He pants a little and shudders hard again, and starts to slam himself into me even more forcefully, not playing with me anymore. His body is shaking, as is my own as we tremble on the edges of our respective orgasms.

With one hard long thrust, he groans my name, his eyes rolling back in his head slightly as he throws his head back. I feel him swell inside of me, just before he spills his hot, hot cum inside of me again. The feeling sends me spiraling over the edge, and I screech his name as I orgasm, bucking under him, moving hard and fast against him, grunting and groaning, my whole body twitching. I swear, he is still filling me as I come off my high, shuddering hard.

The rain starts back up again and I blink up into the sky. It is slowly lightening and we are tangled together, him between my legs now, stuck inside of me, unable to move. I whimper under him and flex around his softening dick. He grunts and looks at me, before capturing my lips, hard and passionate and hungry. Each touch between us starts a fire that we know will never be quenched.

I hear footsteps coming through the forest. I ignore them. I couldn't care less now if someone discovered us. He owned me. He could take me whenever, wherever. I would always bow to his will. He had more than proven himself. Besides, feeling some of his cum slip out from between us, he probably had just given me his child. That meant so much more to me than anything else. I slip my hands through his long hair and kiss him back, trying to be gentle to his passion, but I get swallowed quickly into the kiss, fighting, dueling, and letting him win. He rolls, bringing me with him, until I'm on top of him, kissing him for all I am worth.

“You fucking whore.” The words spill from Jeremy's mouth, startling Hunter and I. I break the kiss, looking up at him. The betrayal on his face, the tears starting to form in his eyes. This was not a man, standing before me. This was... I wasn't sure what this was, looking at him, still connected to Hunter, feeling him firm back up inside of me. I look down at Hunter, and then back at Jeremy. Jeremy turns his back on us, his shoulders shaking with tears. All of the emotional shit he had put me through, somehow he forgot all of this, feeling I betrayed him.

Technically I did. By fucking Hunter, I threw away everything and found everything I ever wanted. I smile down at him and stroke a hand across his face before slipping off of him. I find my shorts, ignoring his cum sliding down my legs. I go to Jeremy and touch his shoulder, and when he turns to look at me, I can feel all the fury I've held back for months now boiling up inside of me. It must have flashed in my eyes because he takes one step back.

The feeling is like nothing I've felt before. He opens his mouth to speak and Hunter, having gotten up, takes a step forward, looming over him . He backs up and trips over a tree root and I roar with laughter. I put my foot on his chest, my eyes blazing in my face as my laughter rings out, a little cruel and maybe a little crazy too. “You listen here, you little maggot. You are nothing compared to me. You are so below my notice, its ridiculous. So go fuck some other girl to cheer yourself up, I'm sure someone else is waiting. Because I'm done with your emotional baggage and bullshit. I'm happy with Hunter. And nothing is going to change that.” I take my foot off his chest and turn away from him, crossing to Hunter.

Hunter blinks down at me and I smile up at him. Hunter's lips curve into a smile as we turn away from Jeremy, still sputtering on the ground. "You were never anything more than a common trailer trash whore anyway!" He finally manages, sounding like the weak pathetic worm he was. But the words never seem to reach me, as Hunter drapes his arm over my shoulder and I lean into his warmth. I make no effort to go into the tent I had shared with Jeremy, and simply follow Hunter into his.

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