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Heat Part 4 (The Final Chapter)

Heat Part 4 (The Final Chapter)

The heat between us never dissipated...
A warm lapping tongue woke me from a nearly dead sleep. Little jolts and fissures of pleasure rolled up from the warmest part of me, and I peered down the length of my body to find my boyfriend flicking and rolling his tongue insistently against the swollen bud of my clit. I let out a small shuddering moan, moving against his mouth and his strong hands grab my hips to keep me from moving. I love it when Hunter does this to me, and my dark eyes watch him in the dark, making love to me in the most intimate of ways.

It had been almost four months since the fateful camping trip. Since then we have been inseparable, fucking each other like rabbits, taking one another to new and dizzying heights, and exploring each others fantasies. The heat between us never dissipated, and slowly grew from a dizzying passion to a deep and sweet love. I let out a shuddering cry as one hand wanders to slip inside of my aching wet pussy and I push my hips insistently as he finds the sweet spot inside of me and flexes his fingers against it. His tongue is warm, rough, flickering back and forth over the jumble of nerves and he nips gently at it with his teeth, sending the shock of pain I found made my orgasm so much more intense. The feeling rips me over, and I orgasm, hard, juices coating his fingers.

Any embarrassment I had over these orgasms was long gone. He had taught me so much in the past few months. He slips his wet fingers out and in the almost dark I can see him lick them clean, eyes never leaving my face. I feel a small smile form on my lips as I crook a finger at him. He doesn't hesitate, and meets my eager lips for a long, slow, but passionate kiss. I can taste myself on his mouth and lick his lips eagerly for more. He thrusts his powerful tongue into my mouth and I suck on it, my teeth gently nipping as he groans, loving the way my mouth searches out my own flavors.

I stop sucking and our mouths dance intimately, as he parts my thighs, settling himself against me. I can feel him, hard, pulsing, hot through his boxer shorts. His mouth breaks away from my own to trail kisses down my jaw to my ear. I shiver, knowing what's coming. The dark side in me loved it when he talked to me as we fucked. “Mmm, my girl is extra sweet today for me and nice and juicy. You didn't get enough earlier did you, my little slut?” I feel my body clench in response to the words that are tumbling, lowly into my ear.

I grind my body against his, my slit warm and wet, wetting the front of his boxers. He chuckles softly. “You never do get enough of me do you, my little whore? That's what I love about you...” his head turns and finds my mouth and I moan into it as I feel his hands run down my chest. I slept nude these days, especially when he spent the night. I found it was easier after the sex we had not to put clothes on. His tongue strokes at my lips and I part them for him. I couldn't deny him anything.

I wrap my legs around his waist, pressing the line of my body against his. His flesh is hot, as always, and mine chilled. Using my leg muscles I work his boxers down until he springs free. He pants into my mouth, breaking the kiss and using only his hips lines himself up with my hot wet entrance. He pushes just the tip of himself in, and I whimper softly. He chuckles again, staring down at me, his eyes burning with need.

Looking up at him, I feel glad we had finally crossed the line...glad that he was the father to my unborn child. I break the gaze to glance at my gently rounding stomach, proof of our coupling. I didn't know if he knew, and if I was honest, was a little afraid to tell him. My eyes find his again, alight with love, and he grins. “Good to know I have your attention whore. Now then, has my little slave have something to tell me?” He slides himself in, pushing himself slowly and deeply inside of me, stretching me. I whine softly, loving it when he does this, and dreading it at the same time. It drove me insane as I would try to work my body around him, and he would hold still. Maddening, every time.

My hands reach up, digging into his shoulders as I cry out his name pleadingly. “Hunter!” He chuckles in response again and shakes his head, pressing hard, until I feel the tip of him press against my cervix. I gasp as the pain rockets through me, followed by a deep sharp wave of pleasure. I twist against him, crying out what had truly become his name to me in the past month of exploring our darker tendencies. “Master!!” The word tumbles from my lips as he withdraws agonizingly slow.

He presses forward again, allowing the line of his body to press against my own, one hand gripping my ass, pushing my leg up higher around his waist, the other finding my hard nipple, pinching and tweaking it slightly before brushing back and forth lightly over the swollen bud. “Yes my little love that don't love it when Master stuffs his hard cock into your tight little pussy...” He murmurs, his lips finding mine again.

Without warning, he surges forward into me again, quickly this time, and hard. I whimper against his mouth as he fucks me relentlessly. My body can't take it and breaks first, orgasming hard around him, clamping on him, squeezing him with need. But he is stronger, and always is. He keeps going, torturing me for a little while, taking my pussy so slowly, so tenderly, it almost brings me to tears before ravaging me again. All the while, he kisses me, or finds my ear, licking and nibbling into it, breathing soft words of encouragement, or scolding me for orgasming without his permission.

I couldn't help myself, not with his hard hot thickness jammed tight inside of me. Finally, I'm sobbing for his release. And he grins down at me, laughter falling from his handsome lips.

“Of course my little slave, all you had to do was ask...” he murmurs to me, easing up off of my body. It wasn't often we kept to one position for so long, but tonight, he had seemed content on watching my face as he tore orgasm after orgasm from me. He pulls himself all the way out, save for the tip and I bite my lip, holding back the cries I know would come if he pulled out all the way.

He grabs me by my legs and I know what's coming. He twists my body, manhandling me, making me feel so small and delicate. I love it when he does this, watching him as I turn obediently onto my side slightly. He puts one leg between his own and holds the other straight up and down, pushing himself back into me. I let out a low whimper as he nudges my cervix hard in this position. It wasn't one we did often, him being as large as he was. It would often leave me sore the next day. But, the look in his eyes, it was more than enough to convince me this was the position we needed to finish together.

He withdrew slowly and then pressed forward. I shut my eyes halfway, a long shudder rolling down my body, my muscles contracting tightly around his hard length. He laughed a little and squeezed the thigh he held onto. “Ready for me, are you my little whore? Ready for another hot load of my creamy thick cum into your wet little pussy?” He says, his voice low, almost growling the words at me.

I turn my face to him and nod before hoarsely whispering the words he wants to hear. I can feel the tension in his body as they slip between my lips. “Always, my Master...”

With the last of those words, he pushes deep and starts to fuck me like a madman. He's rough, and hard, and it hurts a little bit the pleasure more than makes up for the pain. He slams into me, over and over again, his eyes shutting, little moans of his own pleasure spilling from between his lips. It always surprised me to hear him make noise, but it made me wetter too. I cry out with him, feeling another orgasm building. I couldn't help myself. Every time he made me cum, it seemed like a million times before he was truly satisfied. I loved that about him. He was generous, unbelievably so.

As his body rocked against my own, I rolled my hips, moving against him. He groans got deeper, louder, and I felt the bed move under us. “Yes...thats right...Oh..unng. God. My little slut is so fucking tight and eager...” he groans, eyes half hooded as he looks down at me. I nod my head furiously, knowing I want to say the words only for you, but I can't manage them. “Yes. Fuck. The look on your...I'm gonna...” He groans, and I feel him swell inside of me. My body locks around him, and he cums, hard, shoving himself right against my cervix and pumping it against it. Each shot was hot, and I could feel it filling me to the brim and then some. My own orgasm happened sometime during his, milking more of his cum out of his throbbing pulsing length and into my waiting pussy. This was what I loved the most, orgasming together.

Finally, he pulls away from me, gently dropping my leg and moving to lay next to me. I waste no time in rolling into his side, snuggling under his arm. I can feel his cum dripping from between my legs and onto the sheets again. I would have to clean them in the coming morning, but it was worth it. He smiles, tiredly at me, and hugs me tightly to him. “Have something to tell me, little one?” He says, his voice still husky as I look into his face.

A blush erupts on my cheeks, and I try to sit up, knowing this is my chance to tell him. But his chuckle stops me and his hand finds my face, stroking my cheek as his lips kiss my forehead. “I'm so glad you're carrying our child.” The words freeze me as I look up at him, and bite my lower lip..

“You knew?” I say softly, my hand running down my nude body to cup the slightly swollen part of my stomach. His chuckle and smile is quick and I feel his lips brush against my forehead again.

“I knew the first time we had sex you would get pregnant. Jeremy told me you went off your birth control a while ago because it was making you have weird periods. I only hoped...” His voice trails off for a moment before he clears his throat, his gaze locking onto mine. “I only hoped I got there fast enough to actually claim you as mine.” Seeing his small shy smile, something that didn't happen often until he let me inside, made butterflies erupt in my stomach. I felt tears prick my face.

“Its definitely yours. Jeremy and I weren't intimate for a while before know. I just...I felt silly trying to keep it from you, but at the same time I was a little scared you would run.” My hand reaches out and finds his, and our fingers lace together. I look up at him a little shyly and then smile widely. “I'm almost 4 months gonna be okay with me getting bigger?” I say, the words trembling out of my mouth.

His loud laughter surprises me as does the passionate kiss he presses on my lips. I return the kiss eagerly of course, but end it quickly, confusion written on my face. He looks down at me, amusement written all over his face. “Of course. Did I never tell you I love pregnant women?”

The shock on my face more than spoke my emotions. Something told me the rest of my pregnancy would be very interesting with him around. And I couldn't wait.

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