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When the storm rages in your heart, there is nothing you can do to quell it.

The heat crackles between us. Like static electricity we react to one another, arcs of light jumping from my skin to his. We are a thunderstorm, building, in the growing darkness. All the time we have spent, admiring one another from afar, have culminated in this stormy night. Under a cloudy charged sky, we stare at one another, the stars our only witnesses, the trees themselves silent in a hot wind.

My hand reaches for you, wanting to make that move, cross that space between us. But it falls just short, as it always will. I am never that girl, the one who chases the man. I tuck my newly shorn hair behind one ear, a blush settling on my cheeks. His eyes seem to pierce my soul, and I have to look away, or I will succumb.

A hand, slightly roughened, so much larger than my own, brushes across my face. I turn, and look up at you, my dark eyes framed by thick lashes, my lower lip quivering. I need you to kiss me, my face says, my passion building to a peak, my cheeks darkening to crimson. My tongue brushes over my pink lips. And his face is there, his lips pushing hard against mine, the line of his mouth that has teased me so long, unyielding. His hands slide, hot, hard, pressing through my hair, dragging me closer. My chest brushes against his, and I whimper in my throat.

His tongue dances lightly over the line of my mouth and my lips part for him, a sigh of need passing between us. This was how a kiss should feel like, lips hot, hard, needy, teeth nipping, tongues dancing in a ritual as old as time. He thrusts his tongue into my mouth, stroking and swirling, and my own tongue responds in kind. I let my hands come up to rest on his shoulders, my blunt nails digging into his skin, making another small noise in my throat. I suck on his tongue, and I feel him shudder before his pulls away from me, letting his lips come up to press against my forehead. We are the perfect height, my breasts crushed to his chest, his hands smoothing down my back to grab my hips. He grinds himself against me, letting me feel the extent of his excitement, as his heart beats against his chest loudly.

I want nothing more than to drag him to the ground and kiss him into oblivion. He tilts my head up and with a shaking, ragged voice questions me. “What about him?”

There is nothing to say here. I am taken, someone else's. And yet, here I was, in the forest, in this man's arms who I secretly dreamed and desired. I knew he felt the same, felt the same licks of hunger as we passed by each other, almost unable to hold an entire conversation. My boyfriend was back at our campground, sulking, being depressed at being torn away from his computer to enjoy the great outdoors. But really, I was here for him. Only for him. I needed to know, needed to feel. And so, with shaking fingers, I slip my hands up to his hair and drag him back down, capturing his lips with a needy, passionate kiss. This is the only answer I can give. He hesitates, before giving into his passion, returning my kiss almost tenfold.

Our tongues continue to duel as I slide my nails and hands down his back, and ease them up under his shirt. His skin is hot against my cooler hands. The stars are our witness as I step past another line and ease his shirt up and off, breaking our kiss. Under my hands, I feel his heart stuttering, beating hard. I ease my own shirt off, our eyes locked together in a battle for dominance. Feeling the wind touch my bare skin, my nipples tighten against its caress, my eyes fall to the side, face flushing. I never needed a bra, unless I really wanted to wear one. His gaze drops for a moment to my small chest and I feel the urge to cover them. As my hands come up, his captures them, and cages them in one hand, pushing me backwards, pressing my naked back against a tree. The bark bites in my skin.

“So sweet..and tight...and mine..” he growls softly, his mouth trailing down my neck. I can't speak, the heat of his mouth searing my skin. I wouldn't correct him if I could. Having his mouth against my skin, tongue dancing lightly on my throat, before his teeth nip and suck over my pulse, I am his. In this moment, his hands skirting down my chest, brushing my peaked nipples, before coasting to touch my waist, to grip my hips and press himself tight against me, I am only his. Finally, his mouth finds my nipple, and its like lightning striking across the skin.

I let out a low moan, digging my nails into his back. I can't wait anymore. His tender romance was too much to bear, and not needed. I shove him hard, and he stumbles, falling, almost in slow motion. I shimmy out of my tight shorts, pulling down the black lace panties I had picked out so carefully this morning. Standing naked, under an almost storming sky, I feel rather than see the lightning crack against the sky, illuminating me. I let my body sink over his, my nails scoring his chest before easing them past his pants. I undo them quickly and he eases his hips off the ground, unable to deny me.

Seeing him bared before me, I can't help but let out a low groan. I have wanted this for so long, I think, staring at him, pulsing, hard, thick, for me. I lick my lips and his eyes linger on my face. With trembling hands, I stroke down his length, cupping, cradling, tracing each vein, each twitch of his muscle. His voice is low, as he lets out another growl. Without thinking, I kneel closer, and brush my tongue against the bead of pre-cum on his shaft. He shudders, feeling my hot, wet tongue against him. I can't hold back, feeling that shudder.

My mouth plunges down on the length of him, swallowing him from tip to base, unable to ease him into me. I'm too eager to please him, and pleasure him. And this, feeling him hard, and thick in my mouth, real, throbbing with desire, was the way I wanted for now. Pressing my lips to the base of him, I come up off him slowly, feeling my mouth drip on him. I ease a hand to his uncovered base, and circle around him, stroking him up into my eager waiting mouth. I bob my head up and down with skill and ease, taking his size in stride, never pausing for a moment, my tongue rolling against the head of him. He grunts and groans, his hips shoving off the ground, pushing himself deeper into my mouth. Knowing I am not the only one who is eager, it makes my passion burn hotter.

Inhibitions shredding with each move, I twist my hand around his thick hard cock, as I continue to lick and suck on the head of him. I pump him a little, my eyes searching his face. His face is twisting in need, a painful agony I only let my own pillow witness as I touched myself at night, longing for him. Finally, I can't take it anymore. I let go of him with a loud pop, and move up his body, pressing my heated slit against the length of him.

“Inside,” I whimper, rubbing against him, feeling myself wet with my own juices. He can feel my need, hear it in my voice. With an ease that surprises me, he slides his big hand between us and adjusts us slightly, until the tip of him is pressing against my entrance. I nearly sob with relief, wanting to press myself down on him. His hand stops me, eyes searching.

These eyes. They always search mine. Always question. “Are you sure?” he said, his voice thick with lust, body nearly quivering under my own. It had been too long for him, and I knew if I said no now, there would be going back. We could never be close again. I had to take this moment. Shoving his hand aside, I slam my body down on his, my pussy wet, hot, and almost unbearably tight around him. I let out a strangled gasp at the fullness of him invading me. I throw my head back for a moment, biting my lip, feeling tears tingle just under the line of my eyes.

He was the biggest man I had ever been with. It felt like he was trying to split me in two with his length and width. But the pain, fleeting as it was, only honed my desire, and my need. I move against him, and he groans, grabbing my hips. I need to ride, and move, but he's so thick and hard, its hard to move. I slide up off of him slightly, and he whimpers in his throat, eyes rolling back in his head. I slam myself down again and we both moan. I lean forward, dragging my breasts against his chest, and I shudder, the pleasure coursing through me. I would not last long, feeling him so deep. My mouth sought his, as his sought mine. Fireworks exploded between us as we kissed, attached so deeply, not moving.

Finally, I felt myself relax just enough to slide more easily along him. With small movements, I move on him, rolling my hips one way and then the other, bringing myself off of him slightly, and then more fully. Soon, I've built a steady rhythm, and under me, his teeth bite into his lip. I stare into his face, knowing we are both so close. The tension builds, when he suddenly digs his hands into my hips, and starts to slam up into me. I feel pain blossom, but fade into a delicious throbbing need. He eases his back off the ground slightly as he thrusts harder and harder into me, his mouth attaching itself to my neck, biting hard. I keen softly, and reach around him, grabbing onto his shoulders, digging my nails into him. He fucks me roughly, my own hips matching his. He groans and growls against my neck, murmuring my name over and over again.

I could feel him stiffening, hardening inside of me, and knew he was close. Knowing I had brought us to this point, knowing that there would be no turning back after this point, I shut my eyes and let go of everything. My orgasm overwhelmed me, causing me to stiffen, and arch my back, pressing my body against his more tightly. My pussy clamped down hard on him, juices pouring over him, as I screamed his names to the heavens, just as the rain started to pour down on us. With a shuttering yell, he came, deep, hard, inside of me, filling me past the point of acceptable. He pulsed hard and deep inside of me, still thrusting until the last of him spilled into me. I dropped my head on his shoulder, sweat beading across my forehead, my whole body tingling with release. He breathed hard under me, and planted little kisses across my neck.

Never had I been so fulfilled, and so wanton in my sexual pursuits. With cold setting over me as the water splashed around us, soaking us both, we kissed, passionate and wanting again. Until finally, we disengaged from one another, our souls seemingly retreating into ourselves, eager to be let free again. We dressed, our clothes sticking to our skin and walked back to camp, his seed slippery and hot inside of me. I had forgotten a condom in my need, and wasn't on the pill. I wasn't sure if he knew or not, and at that point didn't care. Catching his gaze once more, and seeing the fires not banked, I knew, this would not be our last meeting.

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