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Heather and Danielle at the beatch

Danielle needed a boost. Heather suggested a photo session.
Heather wanted to cheer up her friend Danielle. What better way than have some glamor photographs taken. What woman does not want to be told she is pretty and desirable. She knew just the photographer who could do the job and maybe have some fun doing it.

I was that photographer. I had been doing photography for over 10 years and was good at my craft. People were not my specialty, but I had done my share of weddings and model shoots. So there was no reason not to do as Heather requested. She was a good friend and I would get to practice on some young pretty women who wanted to show off.

The beach was only a half hour drive from Heather’s apartment. We all met up there to put everything in my van. They would change their outfits in the van and I would be able to shoot the whole time. That was what I thought.

We arrived at a local state park and unpacked my equipment and the girls got ready. They brought their outfits down to the beach. We found a secluded spot where the sun was right and the wind off the water was calm. There was even a cutout in the cliff to make a changing area.

It started off with both ladies dressing up in gowns and playing together. Heather and Danielle had known each other since they were children. They grew up together in Hawaii. Danielle was a native Hawaiian and Heather moved there when she was 3. They were now in their early 30’s.

Heather was a tall 5’ 10” thin strawberry blond with a body that was just right. She was a bundle of energy. She loved to drink beer and work out. She also had two horses which she rode in dressage competition. I worked with her in the same company. She and I had spent some time together traveling as well as photographing her. I had been working on some portraits of her riding her horses and taking care of them. I knew what to expect from her, or at least I did.

Danielle was a petite tanned Hawaiian with a body that was magnificent. Her features were gorgeous. I couldn't’t wait to capture here face on film. Her breasts were a 40DD. She had a narrow waist and wide hips. She had a son who was 5 years old and had come to California to enroll him in school and to escape a bad relationship on the islands. She needed a boost.

Things were going fine with the shoot. We had done three changes and were starting to get into the bathing suits. They each brought a few suits with them. Heather had a white one piece that played up her figure along with her curly hair and freckled body. I was working with her on some driftwood logs playing peek-a-boo when her bathing suit “fell” down. She was exposing her breasts to the camera and playing with me. Being the professional that I am I kept right on shooting. Danielle joined in the frolicking. She came over nude.

Heather and Danielle started playing with each other. They were tickling, touching, feeling, hugging, kissing, and groping each other. This went on for about a half hour. They were getting turned on and started to become more intimate in their touching. Heather was kissing and sucking on Danielle’s large breasts. Her nipples had grown in length to about 2 inches and were very large. Danielle was moaning and had Heather’s head glued to her breast. Her hand was massaging the other breast. I kept right on taking pictures. It was getting hot. Danielle was really getting aroused and was trying to return the favors to Heather. Some beachcombers walked by and the girls stopped what they were doing and things went back to a calmer level. I could see there was a simmering undercurrent of lust still there. We went back to a bikini shot. We added a surfboard and continued to focus on the job at hand.

We ended the on location shoot with the two ladies sitting side by side with their backs to me nude. We started to pack up our gear and were on our way back to the van when we were stopped by a park ranger. He asked if we had been taking nude photography. We said no. Some people had reported that there were nudes on the beach. He told us if we wanted nudes, that 3 miles down the road was a nude beach. Gotta love it only in California.

Heather and Danielle were still turned on from the earlier bathing suit fun. We decided to go back to Heather’s place and continue with some indoor shots. Danielle was all for that. Little did I know that I was the next target for their lust. We got to the apartment, put away the gear I did not need and proceeded to model some more clothes. After the second change there were less and less clothes on them both. It turned into a lingerie session, with each trying to seduce me. I was finally feeling the heat. I was getting aroused.

Danielle was posing in a white see through negligee. She was moving it around teasing me with exposing parts of her beautiful body. I was getting more aroused. One of her breasts was exposed with a rock hard nipple. She offered it up to the camera. Then there were two offered. Her negligee had been dropped on the floor and she was now posing nude.

Meanwhile Heather had been hovering around me watching the proceedings. She had taken her clothes off and was standing close to me so I could see her body out of the corner of my eye. She was touching her breasts making her nipples react. I could see he curly flame red pubic hair glistening with fluid. As I was focusing on Danielle, Heather came up and starting stroking the front of my pants. She could see that I had been aroused and she wanted some of it. I tried to ignore what was going on, but the distraction was getting a bit much. Heather went just so far and stopped. It was Danielle’s turn now.

Heather starting strutting and posing for me. She took her breasts in her hands and offered them up to me. I kept snapping pictures. She wasn’t going to distract me if I could help it. She moved one of her hands down to her pubic area. It was massaging the curls there. Her moaning grew louder. She turned her back to me and bent over with her legs spread apart. Her hand was now rubbing her wet slit. It was moving slowly and dipping into the fold. She started to put one finger inside herself. I gulped for some air. I felt a hand slide up my arousal. It was seeking to get a grip on me. It was Danielle. She was moaning and salivating.

I lasted another 5 minutes. My professional distraction layer dropped. I wanted to be part of the party going on. I put the camera down and joined the girls. Danielle had unbuttoned and unzipped my pants. They plus my tidy whiteys were at my ankles. Heather was removing my shirt and t-shirt. All that was left was my socks. They moved me to the bedroom and pushed me onto the bed. I lay there totally at their mercy. My cock was pointing straight in the air. It looked like a raging stick of fire. I had grown to 11” with a 2 ½” girth. Both girls were just standing there looking at me.

Heather asked Danielle, “Who goes first?”

Danielle replied, “I don’t know, but that is sure one big piece of meat.”

I looked up and said, “Come ladies there is enough for both of you.”

They did not have to be told twice. They jumped on the bed and fell to devouring me. They had their hands on me in seconds. They were kissing, licking and running up and down my length. I was just lying back enjoying the attention. Danielle worked her way up my body to my nipples which she nipped and rubbed. She moved a little higher and started to kiss me. I kissed her back probing her mouth with my tongue. We dueled with our tongues for a while. Heather had taken over my cock and was still licking and kissing it. She started trying to suck it into her mouth. It was a little big but she was determined to take it in. Her head was bobbing and her hands were stroking.

Danielle and I were still busy with our tongues. My hands were moving on her breasts taking big handfuls and massaging them. Her nipples were huge again and they seemed to be straining to get felt. I broke off kissing her and she moved her breasts to my face. I took one in my mouth. She pushed it further in. I was in my glory. I had two beautiful women savoring my body as I did theirs. We were exploring each other and reaching a new plane of arousal.

With my free hand I reached down Danielle’s stomach to her soft black triangle. It was really wet. I rubbed the dewy hair there and she started to moan. I found her slit and put a finger there moving up and down. She started to shake and shudder. I hit her clit and she let out a little scream. A small gush came out of her. She had an orgasm. I moved down her slit to her entrance. I put one finger inside. She moved to swallow it. I felt her inner walls massaging my finger. She was ready to go. I put another finger in and starting to move in and out. She rocked with the motion and I could feel her getting to the edge. Danielle moved off my fingers and pushed Heather aside. She wanted my cock inside her NOW. She raised herself up spread her legs wide and lowered her pulsing body onto me. She cried a little as I was so big but she managed to get me inside. Once inside she moved slowly up and down. In less than a minute there was a load moan and a flood of cum from her love canal. She didn’t stop but kept right on moving. She wanted more.

Not to be outdone Heather had moved up to my mouth. She put one of her breasts there. I slurped on it. Her nipple got hard and I bit it. She moaned and yipped. She started to kiss me. We started to play ‘tonsil hockey’. I took my hands and put them on her small tight ass. She moved higher on me. Our mouths came apart. I guided her ass closer to my face. My tongue moved onto her ass. I circled here hole and she started to cry out and wiggle around. I moved to her flaming womanhood. It was really wet. It tasted so good. My tongue was searching for her slit. When it found it I moved right in and traversed it up and down. She was going wild. I found her clit and nibbled on it. I started sucking on it. She moaned louder and louder. Suddenly a gush of fluid came out of her. She had her first orgasm. I stuck my tongue inside her and brought her to another orgasm in seconds. Not to be outdone she now wanted my manhood to herself.

Danielle had had several more orgasms around my manhood. She was slowing down and needed to take a break. She yielded to Heather who jumped up at the chance. She did exactly what Danielle had done. Spread her legs, positioned herself over me and slowly lowered herself down. She was tighter than Danielle but managed to take all of me in. As the shock became bearable she rode me up and down. She had several ever increasing orgasms and was starting to make me ready to explode. I announced the impending event and both ladies wanted to get some of it. I stayed inside Heather until the last moment. I pulled out and spurted my cum in both ladies’ mouths. They eagerly lapped it up. Then they proceeded to lap up all the excess they had missed and the length of my manhood. I was totally spent.

I got off the bed and went into the kitchen and brought back three beers. We drank them and just rested for the next round. I sat back and watched the ladies go at each other. I thought it might be good to capture that on film but didn’t move. I just wanted to watch. Eventually we all came together again. We spent about 4 hours just canoodling and having fun.

When I was leaving to go home and work on developing the film, Heather and Danielle both kissed me and thanked me for a wonderful photo session and the after session party. They wanted to do it again.

Danielle told me that she now felt more like the woman she is and that I had done more for her in this day than anyone had done in a long long time. I guess sex and friends are good for what ails you. Heather and I have had many more times together and occasionally Danielle will join when she’s in town.

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