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Heather Picks the Photos

Heather had to pick the prints but Connie was there and not happy because of Danielle
When last we saw Heather, she and Danielle had been together with me on a photography trip and an unplanned marathon sex session. It was time to review the pictures I took. I was to be at her place at 9 on a Saturday morning. I was early. What I found was quite a surprise.

I walked up to her place and knocked on the door. All I heard was the quick scurrying of people. I had interrupted something. Heather came to the door all disheveled. Her curly strawberry blond hair was all fly away. She was out of breath. Even better was she was wearing a skimpy bra and matching thong.

She let me in and offered me a seat at her table in the dining area. I put the packet I was carrying down along with my equipment. As a photographer, I always have my camera with me. She offered me a beer and took one for herself. Trying to act as if nothing happened, she sat down with me.

I apologized for being early. There were two sets of clothes strewn on the floor. It looked like either a fashion show or a marathon sex session had been in progress. There was even a primal smell of passion and sex in the air. Heather was glowing but also seemed disappointed.

I heard the toilet flush and the water run as someone else was here with us. The bathroom door opened and in walked Heather’s ex-roommate, Connie. She was in the same state as Heather. Her hair was messed up and all she was wearing was bra and panties.

“Did I miss something?” I asked.

“No, we were just running a little late,” Heather said.

Connie sat down with us. She got a drink of water. We made small talk about what was going on and tried to make things a little calmer.

“Shall we look at the photos?” I asked.

Heather took the packet and opened it. I had set up two copies of each print. I kept one as reference and she got to select prints she wanted to enlarge or reproduce. She got to keep the second set to share with Danielle. We looked at each print commenting on them. Connie was looking, too. She was looking as if she was a fifth wheel. There was a hurt look on her face.

Connie was not happy. Even though Heather and she had separated, there was still a lot there. She did not like Heather being with Danielle. She was starting to show some stubborn anger. I could see it. Her attitude had changed.

She got up from the table and went into the living room and turned on the TV. A porn DVD was playing of two women having make up sex after arguing. Connie put her head in her hands and was feeling miserable. She really wanted to be back with Heather.

We finished looking at the pictures. I had a list of copies to make. I looked over at Connie. She was still miserable. I picked up my camera and took some pictures of her. She tried to hide but I was persistent. One of the things I had perfected was the ability to take candid shots of people without them knowing it. I was doing that with Connie. As I snapped away, she was getting into the mood and having some fun.

She got up and came into the dining area. She pranced around and played with me and the camera. She really wanted to be part of the collection.

I told her to go and get some other clothes on and clean up her makeup and hair. In a few minutes she came out dressed in the sexiest outfit she had with her. She was gorgeous. She posed in a few different positions. She was showing a little skin and teasing the camera.

She took off her top and revealed a red lace bra which barely covered her dark nipples. She put her hands under her breasts lifting them up to the camera. She turned sideways and backwards. She reached around and undid her bra. She turned and faced the camera holding her bra to her breasts. She let it fall. She was giggling at the fun. I was amazed at the change in her.

All thoughts of what had happened earlier had been pushed away. She was now playing for the camera. She was showing off to get Heather’s attention. She had mine. The bottoms came next. She slowly peeled them down her long legs. It was very stimulating to watch. I was getting turned on. She was having the same effect on Heather.

Connie was a beautiful woman. She was 5’ 10” tall. She was an olive-skinned beauty. Her hair was dark brown of strong coffee and straight to her butt. Her body was toned from time spent at the gym and playing tennis. She had 36C-23-35 measurements and really long legs. She was a pleasure to behold. She carried herself well. She had gone to private schools where they taught not only academics but poise and posture classes. She was the total package.

Heather had been watching this all happen. She had started to moan a little because she wanted Connie. Heather went in the other room and primped herself up as well. She came out still wearing the skimpy bra and thong. Her hair was fixed up and she had put on some makeup. She wanted to get into this shoot with Connie.

She joined Connie and started to hug and cuddle with her. I kept taking pictures. They were really getting into it, completely oblivious to me being there. I was getting aroused again, just as I had with Heather and Danielle.

Heather touched Connie’s breasts. Her dark nipples puffed up and grew. Heather licked them and sucked on each in turn. She nipped at them and Connie moaned. Heather was rubbing her breasts. Connie just loved the attention.

Connie turned to Heather and took off her bra. Heather’s breasts bobbed free. Her nipples were pink and coming alive. They were pointing to the sky. Connie grabbed each breast and ran her fingers over them. She paid attention to the nipples pinching them. Heather was moaning now. Her breasts were getting slick with the saliva from Connie’s mouth. Each woman was getting really turned on.

As Connie was working on Heather’s breasts, Heather was moving her hands up and down Connie’s back. Her hands went down to the band of the panties Connie was wearing. They moved further down over the curve of her butt. She was squeezing and massaging Connie’s butt. She slid one hand up and down the butt crack. Connie moaned louder. Heather’s hands did not stop

Connie stopped playing with Heather’s breasts and basked in the glow from what Heather was doing to her. She was enjoying the moment. She did not want it to stop. She decided to return the favor to Heather. She started to attack Heather’s butt. The thong did not leave any imagination about what was there. Heather’s butt was exposed and ripe for the taking. Connie took it.

Heather had stopped her massage and moved her hands to the waistband of the panties. She was pulling them down over Connie’s butt. Heather got on her knees facing Connie. Her eyes were level with Connie’s womanhood. As the panties passed over it the fine hair on her pubic area blossomed out. It glistened with the fluid from Connie. Connie was really wet. It was running down her thigh. Her panties were wet and now on the floor.

Heather buried her lips into Connie. Connie grabbed Heather’s head and held it there. Heather’s tongue was slurping up the liquid. The tongue was moving up and down the slit trying to keep up with the flow. Eventually Heather found the clit and sucked on it lightly. The moans were getting louder and longer. Connie was lost in the moment. Heather nipped the clit. She put a finger inside of Connie. Connie jumped and swooned. She was getting close to going over the edge. Heather added a second finger. This pushed Connie over the edge. The first orgasm came in a rush. Connie screamed in ecstasy. She was so happy.

They had forgotten that I was there. I was snapping photos of the whole scene. As much as I am supposed to be detached from what was going on, it had its effect. I had a raging hard-on. It was uncomfortable. I decided to remove my pants and shirt to get comfortable. Heather had seen me naked, so it was not the first time. It felt good to be free. I was standing at attention, and it felt good.

Connie had taken Heather’s thong off and had buried her mouth in the red patch of curls. It was almost as wet as Connie’s had been when Heather started. Her tongue was very busy slurping up the wet. She was moving up and down the slit. Her tongue was big and it was firm. To Heather it felt like a short cock. She loved it. When it found her clit she went wild. Connie rubbed it hard and nibbled on it. Heather grabbed Connie’s head and roughly pulled it against her pussy. Connie started to cough from the lack of air. She moved her hand into the pussy. Instead of one finger, she started with two. This put Heather over the edge. She screamed louder than Connie had and had the most intense orgasm.

Both women heard the camera and saw the flash. They looked at me aghast. They had forgotten that I was there taking pictures of the scene. They looked angry with me. They looked at each other and started to laugh. Heather pointed at the tent in my boxers. Connie whispered to Heather. They got up off the floor and came after me. I was a captive now. I had to put down my camera and defend my honor.

They took off my t-shirt and ripped my boxers down. I was pushed onto the floor where they proceeded to ravage my body. Connie looked at Heather as if to ask “Can I have his cock?” Heather nodded. Connie attacked. Heather started to kiss me.

She put her lips on my ear and whispered, “Thank you. You have done it again. You saved the day. I love you for it. You are my very special best friend.”

We kissed for a long while letting our tongues explore. Our mouths were all over each other’s faces and heads. We kissed eyes, ears, necks, cheeks and lips. It was so good. Heather crawled over me so that our faces were upside down to each other. She moved down to my chest kissing it as she went.

I was presented with Heather’s breasts. They were covered with my saliva as well as her sweat from the earlier activity. I licked it all off. I sucked on the nipples. They got hard and were leaking a little liquid. I knew Heather was not pregnant or nursing. I guess she has lactation when she gets really stimulated. It tasted good. I lapped it up.

Connie had taken my manhood and was toying with it. She had wrapped her hands around it and was exploring its uncircumcised length. She had her hands stacked on it and there was still some of it left. She was stroking it. It was getting harder. She wrapped her lips around the tip and was pushing up and down.

She removed one hand and put it further in her mouth. Her tongue was licking and traversing its length. It was standing at attention waiting to be used and abused. From all the activity earlier Connie’s pussy was ready for action. She swung her legs over me as if she were mounting a horse. She held me as my penis pushed into her. It was slow going as she was very tight. She was ready and plunged me into her as deep as I could go.

She stopped at this point and just relished the feeling of having her pussy full of a man. She was coming to another orgasm and wanted to hold it off. She slowly rose up almost removing my penis, but went back down. It was a slow trip but it felt oh so good. She did this for about seven minutes. She started to pick up the pace. I could feel her insides starting to contract and squeeze my penis. She was coming to the brink. So was I. She made one more trip up and slammed back down with the strongest orgasm. She was spraying as well as me. We were both lost to the sensation.

While all this was going on with Connie, Heather had moved her pussy to my mouth. I could taste her pussy juice and it was as sweet as the liquid from her breasts. I slurped it up. My tongue was moving up and down her slit and through her red curls getting all the excess fluid. I discovered on one of the trips up her slit that her clit had emerged from under its hood. I flicked it with my tongue. She squealed. I started to spiral my tongue around it making it grow larger. She started to slide on my face. I nipped her clit and she stopped. She was in the moment.

Heather leaned forward to put her arms around Connie. They started kissing and caressing each other. I was attacking each of them from below and they were attacking each other from above. There was a lot of love going between them. Both were moaning and enjoying the activity. They were at home and so in tune.

When Heather moved forward I lost contact with her pussy. Now I really went to work. I stuck one finger inside her. I worked it around and in and out. I found her g-spot. I was rubbing it softly. I inserted a second finger. She started to buck on me. I was now going to go after her g-spot and give her a squirting orgasm. To add to the excitement I moved my thumb over to her ass. I did not insert it but rubbed around the area. This drove her crazy. That coupled with the two fingers inside was bringing her to the brink. I started moving my fingers faster and putting my thumb on the entrance to her ass. I was probing her a little. She screamed, lifted up and squirted all over my chest.

This all happened at the same time Connie and I exploded. The three of us had climaxed at the same instant. The feeling was so intense that both Connie and Heather fainted. They both fell to the floor. I caught them both and cradled them in my arms. I was sated. I just basked in the afterglow of lovemaking.

When they woke up they were giddy. They had never had that much pleasure from one man or each other. We got up off the floor and took a break. We sat around the table drinking a beer and just basking in the heat of the moment. Connie and Heather looked at each other and you could see the love flowing between them.

They looked at me and said “Thank you!”

I looked down at my manhood and looked at them.

“Want to go again?”

We all eagerly nodded and quickly got up and went to the floor again for a repeat performance.

It was a good day for us all.

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