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Heidi and the Headmaster

You are, without a doubt, the sexiest naughty schoolgirl I have ever seen
I am sitting at my desk in our home office. I hear a little tap on the door frame.

"Mr Headmaster, Sir?"

"What in the...?" As I start to look up from my paperwork, I see the patent leather shoes with the silver buckles, the white knee socks. Your beautiful bare thighs. The shortest, sexiest little plaid skirt. A crisp, white button-down shirt, tied just above your naval. The top two buttons of the shirt are unbuttoned, revealing the white lace bra underneath. Judging from the amount of cleavage, it can barely contain your breasts. Your shiny, silken hair is tied in dog-ears on either side of your head. The fingers of your right hand are twirling one of them shyly.

You are, without a doubt, the sexiest naughty school girl I have ever seen. Surely your skirts weren't that short back in high school. I quickly glance at the calendar on my desk. No, it is not Halloween. How could you have known that this has always been one of my fantasies? I have never written this one down. What the hell, I'll play along.

"Uh, Yes?"

In your best little girl voice, "Sister Mary said I should come see you. She said I was a very naughty girl."

I stand, move from behind my desk. I get a straight back chair from against the wall and place it directly in front of my me. I lean back on the edge of the desk. "Close the door and have a seat. Tell me what happened."

As you turn to close the door, you lean forward from the waist just enough to reveal the sexy little white satin panties stretched tightly across the globes of your sexy little ass. I can feel my cock start to harden at the sight. You sit on the chair directly in front of me. " Okay, Heidi, now tell me why you are here"

Well, Sir. Dickie Johnson asked me if I wanted to, like, share lunch with him. I said sure 'cause he is, like, kind of cute. He said to, like, meet him behind the bleachers on the football field. After we ate our lunch, Dickie asked if he could, like, see my bra. So I showed him, like this."

You unbutton the last button on your shirt, slip the shoulders down to reveal the little lace bra underneath. It is one of those bras designed more for show than support. It can barely hold in your firm, full breasts. I can see your dark, round nipples through the thin fabric.

"What happened next?" I ask.

"Well, then he asked if he could, like, see my boobies. Well, he is real cute, so I pulled my bra down like this so he could get a quick peak." You slip the straps off your shoulders and let your full breasts pop free of the flimsy little bra. Your nipples are fully erect, as is my cock, at this point. "Then Dickie touched them like this."

You raise both of your delicate hands to your breasts. You roll each of your nipples between your fingers. You close your eyes for a split second and I hear a sigh come from your lips.

You continue with your story, "Next, Dickie asked if he could see my underpants." You open your legs to show me your tight satin panties. I can see the outline of your sweet pussy lips through them. "Dickie seemed to like them a lot. He said they were really pretty. Then, he asked if he could see my kitty."

"And did you pull your panties down and show him your... kitty?"

"Oh, no Sir. I know that pulling your panties down in front of a boy is naughty. I told him I didn't know about that. Then he said he would share a very special lollipop with me if I show him. So I showed him my kitty, like this." With that, you slip a finger inside the crotch of your white panties and pull them aside to reveal your smooth, freshly shaven pussy. You have gone all out on this little story. The swollen lips glisten with your dew.

I swallow hard. My cock is so hard it is beginning to ache. It is straining to get out of my pants. " Then I told Dickie he could pet my kitty, if he wanted to," you continue. "He petted it really softly, like this."

You gently touch yourself, rubbing your clit and then slipping two fingers inside. You are trying to stay in character, but, I hear a soft moan escape your lips "MMmmmm! It felt real good when he petted it," you smile.

You withdraw your fingers from your near-dripping pussy and bring them to your lips. You tongue licks your fingers seductively. "It tastes real good. Wanna taste?"

You offer your fingers to me. I can't help myself. I open my mouth and let you slip your fingers inside. I suck your sweet nectar form your fingers.

"Please continue."

After he petted me for a minute, I told him I wanted to see his special lollipop. He said he kept in a secret place. Do you want me to show where it was?"

"Yes, please do."

You slide from the chair onto your knees in front of me, your beautiful breasts still free from your shirt. You reach out and unzip my pants. You reach in and find my throbbing cock. "Oh, my! Your lollipop seems much bigger than Dickies! Can I take it out and see it, Sir? Please?"

"Oh, by all means!"

You pull my engorged cock out and look at it in seeming amazement. "It is much bigger. And it looks much tastier too!"

Before I can think of anything to say, you stick out your tongue and lick the entire shaft of my cock from the base all the to the head. My cock involuntarily jumps from the sensation.

"It is much tastier!"

You run your soft tongue up the under side of my cock again. When you reach the head, you open your lips and take it into your warm wet mouth. You continue down the shaft. I almost pass out when I feel the head enter your throat. You pull back your head until only the tip of my dick remains in your mouth. Your tongue circles the head before you take it all in again.

My hands instinctively reach out and grasp your head, my fingers entangled in your dog ears. After three strokes, you draw your head back and remove my hard cock from your mouth. While still holding me firmly in your hand, you continue to tell your story, "That's when Sister Mary came along and grabbed me by the arm, pulled me up, and said I was going to have to come see you. She said she would take care of Dickie. The last time I saw them, she was leading him by the lollipop toward her office! By the way sir, what does Fuck mean?"

"Excuse me?"

"When I was licking Dickies lollipop he said he wanted to Fuck me. What does that mean?"

I was trying to come up with a good answer when you let go of my cock, got up from your knees and looked at me with big puppy dog eyes.

"Are you going to punish me? Are you going to spank me?"

You bend over my desk and raise your short skirt to show your sexy, satin covered ass. I put my hands on your hips and pull you back into me. I love the feel of the satin panties rubbing against my throbbing cock. I reach around you to cup your full, ripe breasts in my hands, rubbing your hard nipples.

"Instead of punishment, I think this should be about education. I think I should teach you something. After all, this is a school. Would you like me to teach you about fucking?"

"Yes, Sir"

I quickly drop my pants and sit down on the straight backed chair you were sitting on. You come to me. We are both so hot now we can hardly stand it. I pull the little panties down and you step out of them. I put my hands on your waist and pull you toward me. You straddle me and the chair. You take my cock in your hand and slip it inside. Your pussy is so wet you easily slide all the way down my cock. I feel you grind your clit into my pelvis. I grasp the cheeks of your ass in both hands and pull you into me as I raise my hips, trying to go deeper.

You moan loudly, "MMMMMMMMMMM!"

Your pussy is so tight and warm. It feels like hot butter. You raise yourself with your legs until only the head remains. You slide back down my shaft until your ass slaps against my legs. You begin to bounce up and down on my cock , rubbing your clit against me with every down-stroke. I take your hard nipples in my mouth sucking and licking them with abandon.

The feel of you sliding up and down my cock is overwhelming. "That's my girl! Fuck me, Baby! Fuck me hard!" Between my hands squeezing your ass, my mouth on your tits, and my cock pounding your tight, warm pussy, it doesn't take you long. "Ohhhh God , I'm going to come!" I feel your body tense. Your pussy tightens around my cock. "Come for me, Heidi! Come for me!"

Your orgasm takes over your body. You shudder and begin to squirm on my cock. "MMMmmmmmmmmm!" I feel myself erupt inside you. Filling your pussy with come.

As our orgasms subside. We roll off the chair onto the floor breathless. "Thank you, Sir. That was very educational" We both begin to laugh hysterically.

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