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Hello, Sexperator?

Ally makes a call and gets a great night and an encounter with the law!
Ally checked herself in the mirror once more. It's been 45 minutes since she called the Sexperator, a new operator service that hooked you up with a sex partner. She now checked herself in her full-body mirror. She had to admit , she looked pretty good. She was 5'9, a runner, which gave her a lean, sexy physique. She was wearing a sexy scarlet metallic tie front mini dress with matching high-heels. She brushed her long brown hair and readjusted her bra. Ally started preparing the house. She lit scented candles, poured two glasses of red wine, and turned on the jacuzzi. She threw rose petals in it and little bit of bubbles. When she was done, she went up front to where the wine was, and sat on the sofa. Just as she finished placing napkins, the bell rang.

"Come in."

She almost choked when he walked through the door. He was a hunk!


Ally almost dropped her wineglass. She said something unintelligible and he sat down next her. Ally handed him the wineglass and they looked into each others eyes.

"Your eyes are beautiful."

"Thanks, what's your name?"

"Tom, and  you, sexy?"

"Ally, Ally Smith."

Ally started to draw closer to him. They kissed lightly, but the more they kissed, the more they wanted each other. They both laid back on the couch kissing each other and getting more and more sexually aroused. Ally started to feel Tom getting hard while she was on top of him. This made her only more determined. She started to moan and felt Tom getting harder. Tom started to feel her body. Passing his hands over luscious breasts and her erect nipples. He went down her  back and squeezed her firm tight ass. He passed his hands over her nipples again. He started to play with them through her mini dress and Ally started moan in sheer pleasure. He kept on playing with them twisting them, flicking them, and massaging them. Allie's moans got louder and desperate. She couldn't taken anymore, she wanted him.

Ally got off of him and told him to follow her. She led him to her bedroom and she closed the door.
She approached him again and they started to kiss. Tom wrapped his hands around her waist  and descended to her buttocks. he squeezed her ass cheeks and she giggled. He slapped them twice  and she pulled away, shocked, but happy. She rubbed her ass.

"What was that for?"
"You don't like it?"

"Are  you kidding, that felt pretty good!"

She got back into his embrace and kissed. She put her hands in his pants and squeezed his ass cheeks. She looked up at him smiling.

"That feel good?"


Tom started to play with her nipples again. She moaned again and again. Ally  started to feel a warmth between her legs. Tom kept twisting and Ally kept moaning. Tom started to pull the knot that tied the top part of her halter mini dress. She pushed him onto the bed. he looked up surprised.

"I want to do it."

Ally slowly began untying the knot. She exposed her red lace bra for him. She started to sway back and forth. She stepped out of her mini dress and also exposed her sexy matching red lace thong.

"You like it?"

"Oh my God..."

She jumped on the bed with him and started to kiss him again. Tom couldn't believe his luck. He started to rub her pussy through her panties. She moaned and he rubbed harder. She moaned louder and louder. he rubbed even faster. She screamed out in pleasure. This encouraged Tom. he rolled her over onto her back and started rubbing her as fast as he could. She started to moan and groan.

"Yes...yes..right there..."

"You like that Ally?''

"Don't stop....ooh...yeah..."

Tom got harder the more he heard her moan. Ally noticed this when he felt it with her hip. She got up and started to take his shirt off.  She wanted him. She took of his shirt and was amazed when she saw his torso. He was fucking gorgeous! She passed her hands over his chest, abs and arms, to see if they were real. They were. Tom unstrapped her bra and set free her beautiful breasts. Now it was his turn to see if they were real. He squeezed them and jiggled them a few times. He then pulled off her panties. Fuck was she hot. She was shaved with just a little bit of fuzz on it. Tom could tell she was tight. He would have to loosen it up before he could stick his cock into it. Ally then unbuttoned  his pants and pulled off his boxers. He was huge! He was a good 9" and thick. Ally put  her pussy on his face and started to suck Tom dry. She took in his full length and started to play with his balls.

Meanwhile, Tom was licking Ally like crazy. He began to nibble her clit, sending shudders through Allie's body. He pressed his face into her vagina, pulling her ass cheeks to get ass deep as he can. He shakes his head back and forth voraciously, licking and nibbling anything and everything. Ally starts to thrust her pussy into his mouth, wanting him to create nerve-destroying pleasure. She took his cock out of her throat.

"Tom, oh my god!! Fuck me, fuck me Tom! Harder and faster! Ohh!!! Fuck me!! Oh fuck Tom, I'm gonna cum!"

Tom licked faster, he was merciless, he was nibbling and licking crazily, he couldn't stop, he wanted her to cum in his mouth, wanted to taste her sweet pussy juices.

"Tom, I'm getting an orgasm!"

Ally started to shake uncontrollably, Tom held her down by her ass. She cummed into his mouth and all over his face. He lapped her juices while she was breathes hard  on top of him. Tom can't believe how sweet she tastes!

Ally rolls over in a heap onto the bed. He turns around and faces her. He starts to caress her face. Even though her face is flushed, he can see the pleasure and thankfulness in those sexy eyes of hers. She scoots over closer to him and starts to kiss him. Ally wraps her arms around his neck and Tom wraps his hands around her waist, pulling her pussy closer  to him. he sticks his cock into her vagina. She moans when he reaches halfway. He slowly fills more of himself into her. She winces slightly when his full length is inside of her.

"I'm sorry".

Tom starts to pull out his penis, but Ally pushes herself back into it. They were now one. Ally started to move her hips back forth, slowly. She turns him on his back and slowly starts to ride his cock. She starts going faster. Soon she's jumping like crazy, and Tom's getting harder hearing her scream in pleasure and see her  sexy breasts flying up and down. He starts to thrust up when Ally comes flying down. Ally has never been penetrated like this.

"Oh my God Tom!! Mmm!! Tom! Fuck!"

Tom is starting to get excited. Now, as soon as Ally comes down, he shoots up with all his strength.

"Fuck! Ahhhh!! Oh Tom!!"

Now Tom's starting to feel the pleasure. He feels his balls tighten.

"Ally, I'm gonna cum!! Fuck Ally, hurry up and get off!! Ally!

"Cum for me Tom, send your spunk deep inside me!"

"Ally no! Allieeee!!!!"

Tom shot eight loads deep into her vagina, Ally feels the cum swimming inside of her.

"Shit Ally! I cummed in you!!"

"It's alright Tom, I'm on the pill and I foamed up when I was getting dressed just  in case."

Still breathing hard from the experience, he didn't argue. Ally pulled him off the bed and stood him up. She bent over the bed.

"Fuck my ass."

"Tom stuck his stiff cock into her tight asshole. She winced audibly.

"Fuck Ally your so tight! I gotta loosen you up."
 Tom stuck a finger into her asshole and wiggled it. He then stuck another, and then another, and one last one in. Tom had four fingers in her asshole. He slipped out his fingers and stuck his cock into her asshole. He started to pump in and out . Ally had never done anal, she thought it was sickening, but now she saw how much pleasure it gave. She started to moan when he went all the way up her anus. Tom soon increased the speed. His balls started to flap and slap her skin. He went faster and faster till he couldn't go any faster. Ally started to scream in pleasure. She was screaming at the top of her lungs. Soon she felt the stinging slap of Tom's hand. She cried out in pain and pleasure. Tom was merciless, he kept slapping harder and harder. She was screaming even louder and tears were falling down her cheeks onto the bed. Tom didn't stop. Oddly, he felt extreme pleasure from seeing her red ass, the tears, and her breasts flying which way.

"I'm Donna fuck this little ass like there's no tomorrow bitch!"

"Fuck! Tom! Stop! Your hurting me! Tom!!"

"Shut the fuck up, your my bitch!"

Finally after 20  minutes of slapping and anal fucking, he shot nine huge loads into her asshole. He waited for the cum to come back out. Allie's ass was red and raw. The cum came back out and Tom massaged her ass with it. Ally layed on the bed, enjoying the massage after the painful experience. Tom pulled her up, and kissed her passionately.  Ally dropped to her knees and started to suck him dry. She deep-throated him, taking his full length, She started again to tickle his balls. He felt him shudder with pleasure. This made her work harder. She played with his balls faster and sucked him even faste3r. He moaned out in pleasure and his  legs started to weaken. She felt his balls tighten and she stuck his cock all the way down her throat. He cum med again , a huge load. Spent, he fell onto the bed.

"Ally, I'm done. That was the best time of my life."

"Ok Tom, you don't have to go, sleep here, with me. Please?"
Tom couldn't resist those eyes and those sexy breasts.

"Fine, I'll stay."

"Thank you!"

Ally snuggled into a spooning position and stuck his cock into her ass.


"Hmm..", almost asleep.

"I love you."

"I love you to Ally."

Then they both fell asleep in each  others arms, spent. 

Sometime later, Ally got up. She took Tom's semi-hard cock out of her ass and got up quietly.
She went to the kitchen, still naked, and made some coffee. She started to think ow lucky she was to have a night like this. The kettle started whistling and she quickly took it off as to not wake up Tom. She started to drink. when she was almost finish, she saw red and blue lights flash in her house. She looked in the window and saw a police cruiser in her driveway.


Ally thought why would they come. She remembered her spanking. She was screaming and crying at the top of her lungs and was screaming "your hurting me" . Someone probably heard me and probably Tom screaming shut up and called 911. Ally for some reason was still hungry for some action, but she didn't want to wake Tom up.

Now a crazy thought crossed her mind. "Maybe I can seduce that cop into fucking me..." The cop then knocked at the door. Ally opened it and with her most angelic voice asked,

"Is there something wrong officer?"

"Yy-yy-yess th-there is"

Even in the darkness Ally could see the officer was blushing.

"Someone called dispatch saying there was a chance of domestic vio-"

"Officer, I'm cold."

With that, Ally walked up to him and pressed herself against him.


Ally  put him out of his misery with a kiss. She could his penis getting hard.

"Oh you dirty little pervert, you want to have sex with don't you?" she said in a no longer angelic way but devilish and seductive.

"Uhh nn-nnn-noo.."

"Shush, I don't listen to a man's mouth, I only listen his penis.

Ally unzipped his pants and let his cock out. She inserted it into her pussy and started moving back forth.

"Put one hand here, and the other here."

She had directed one hand to her ass and one to her breasts. She slowly kept thrusting her hips into the cop's penis. Ally started to moan in pleasure. The cop was flabbergasted by what was happening. Ally increased the force and speed of her thrusts. She was close to a full-blown orgasm.

"Officer! I'm gonna get an orgasm!"

"Hang tight baby, I'm gonna cum in you!"

The cop shot his spunk into her vagina just ass he thrust into his penis and went through a shattering  orgasm.

"Thank you officer."

"No t hank you ma'am, haven't had that kind of time in awhile!"

"Then maybe you should come next Friday?"

"I'll be glad."

As he walked away, she slapped his ass and ran back inside. Ally couldn't believe it. Two cocks in one night and got cummed in every hole in her body. Now it was her turn to be spent. she slipped into bed with Tom. He was hard. She wondered if she was dreaming about her. She put  his cock in her  vagina and fell asleep with her lips on his.

The following morning, Ally and tom had sex for another 4 hours. Ally made Tom breakfast and right when he was about to leave, Ally pulled him in again and had sex for the rest of the day. Tom slept over again, cock in Allie's ass.

"Fuck Ally, your the best shit that's happened to me. I love you baby."

"Tom, I love you too, and right now I'm gonna prove it!"

Tom noticed the devilish gleam in those sexy eyes that first attracted him and got himself ready for what was coming.

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