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Help with Good-Bye, Part 2

After getting extremely turned on by web chat, fiance has had enough foreplay
“My face is covered in her cum, want to lick it off?” I asked her. My fiancé was getting hornier while she continued to go up and down on my cock. “She’s wishing your fingers were in her pussy right now. She’s playing with herself and pretending it’s you while she sucks my cock.”

My fiancé decided she had enough playing so she grabbed the keyboard and said “bye now he needs to bend me over and pound my pussy now. I will send you pictures later. Thanks so much for helping me cum. Hopefully you can do it for real sometime.”

With that she turned around and buried her tight wet pussy on my cock and started to ride, letting me watch that sexy ass bounce up and down on my dick.

“We need pictures for Charlie, honey” I told her. “Besides this is too sexy to miss out on “

“Fine, just don’t stop fucking me” she replied with a moan.

Grabbing the camera off my desk, I powered it up and tried to take pictures. Of course the batteries we dead, so I had to try and reach into the drawer and grab them while still focusing on giving my fiancé the pleasure she was demanding. Good thing the office chair she was riding me on had wheels.

After swapping out the batteries, I begin to take pictures of the nice round ass going up and down on my dick. “Here, take some from the front” I said and handed her the camera. She grunted and reached out taking a nice up close shot of my dick going into that clean shaved pussy of hers. Funny, when I watch porn, I hate close up shots, but I have to say I love it when it’s my dick covered with her cum. Then she held her arms out and took one of her breasts (this is posted on our profile if you want to see). She handed me the camera back and started to get down to the serious business of giving her the orgasm she wanted. Being the nice guy I am, I decided to help her along by slapping her ass and then reaching around front to grab her nipples. “That’s it my dirty little slut, cum for me.”

“Fuck, I am Coming” came out of her mouth a few short pumps later and then she turned around with the intention of riding me cowgirl style. Well, I hadn’t had time to pay attention to her amazing breasts yet, so I latched onto a nipple, making her moan and toss her blond hair back. I then stuck my hand down to her clit and starting to frantically rub back and forth hoping to make her lose control. “C’Mon baby, cum for me, cum all over me.” I knew that with her being multi-orgasmic, that once I got her going she would lose complete control.

“Oh fuck, here it comes” and with that she started squirting all over my hand and the leg she was straddling. Luckily I had planned ahead for this night and put down a towel, knowing that she can make quite a glorious mess once she gets going.

“Mm, that was fucking amazing” she said as she leaned back against my desk in all her naked glory. “But now it is time for you to take me upstairs and fuck me properly.”

“Lead the way” I said with a smack her ass just so I could see it bounce.

As we walked into the bedroom, she threw the covers on the floor and rolled onto her back and began stroking her pussy. I took a second to appreciate the sight and then reluctantly interrupted her. “Sorry honey, Junior needs some attention before we get going.” She got off the bed and I took her place and then watch as she attached her mouth to cock and began to rapidly suck up and down. In seconds, I was back to full hardness and ready to go. “Get up here and fuck me. You get to ride me for one orgasm.”

“Oh yeah, what happens then” she questioned, as she positioned herself over my dick and sank down.

Moaning at the sheer pleasure of being buried inside her, I replied “then I am going to bend you over and fuck the shit out of you.”

With a moan, she sped up her hips and started to grind back and forth over me while leaning back and playing with her breasts. Watching her female hands caress her breasts, I couldn't’t resist tormenting her a little more. “Did you like honey? Do you wish Charlie was here right now playing with your breasts? Do you wish she was sitting on my face, kissing you while I ate her pussy?”

The only answer I received a steadily increasing series of moans followed by an, “Oh fuck, I am Coming again!”

After letting her relax, I flipped her over on her knees. “I told you only got one orgasm and then I was bending you over.” Then I buried myself all the way to my balls in her dripping wet pussy. Now it was my turn to groan in pleasure. Slowly I dragged myself out of her and asked “Is this what you want? Do you want me to fuck you nice and slow?”

“No” she shouted. “Nice and slow is for making love. I want you to FUCK me. Pound me hard, grab my hair and slap my ass.”

Not one to disappoint, I did just that. I wrapped my hand around her pony tail and slap her ass as I sawed back and forth as fast as I could. Fifteen-twenty strokes later, I was rewarded as she started to tense up and I recognized the impending signs of her orgasm. Wanting her to lose control again, I pulled out of her, pin her to the bed, reached around and started stroking her clit as fast as I could. I was rewarded with another furious soaking of the bed as she let loose a scream and came several times in a row. I gave a brief second, grabbed her by the shoulders and buried myself right back in her pussy. “Oh fuck you are a good little slut. That’s it baby, fuck me just like that.” Unfortunately, I didn’t have much left and soon collapsed on the side of her, completely out of energy.

But that wasn’t stopping her. I was still hard, so she was taking full advantage of it. She pushed my legs together and faced away from me and bounced down on my dick. Being able to just sit back and watch my dick in and out of her again, I brought up her fantasy once more. “Mm, that’s it honey, ride that cock. Now imagine Charlie straddling you, pushing that dirty, slutty little tongue deep into her pussy. Would you like that baby?” The only answer I got was her throwing her head back and picking up her pace. Finally after a couple of minutes, I was rewarded with her Coming on my cock one more time.

She then spun around and buried her face in my lap, licking at my balls and then sucking furiously on my cock. “Okay honey, you have five minutes. I will do whatever you want for the next five minutes, that’s all I got left in me.” I told her. We had been at it for over two hours, and I was just getting plain too tired to keep going. With a glance at the clock, she resumed sucking as hard as she could. Not quite what I planned. I figured she would want me to eat her out again, or put her legs over my shoulders and go to town, but she had other ideas. After about two minutes, she glanced at the clock again and straddled me one more time, burying my cock deep between her legs. Throwing her head back and moaning gloriously, she road me like a woman possessed. “Fuck me baby. I want your hands on me all over me.”

So I complied, grasping her breasts and squeezing for all I was worth and then making my way down to her clit for a quick stroke and finally grasping her hips in both my hands and fucking her as fast as I could. “FUCK YES, THAT’S IT!” was her response. Dragging her back and forth over me, grinding her clit on me, she started to cum again and again. That’s when it started to hit me, I felt my balls starting to tense up and my own orgasm swell. Recognizing the signs, a vicious gleam came into her eyes, “That’s it baby, fuck me faster. Fill my pussy up with that hot cum!” Seconds later, I did just that losing all control, feeling my legs shake uncontrollably as I filled her full of cum.

Collapsing on top of each other we passionately kissed each other as we both came down off our orgasm highs.

“Oh fuck honey that was amazing.” I said. Purring like a contented cat, she cuddled up into my arms. “Yeah that was pretty fucking good.” She replied.

“I am going to have to write a story about that to thank Charlie for her help.” Wondering what kind of response I would get, I looked over at her. She just snickered and said “Don’t forget to send her the pictures you took too.”

As I sit here typing up the end of this story a couple hours later I thought back to what I told my fiancé I wanted for our last night together. Oh well, I guess I can live without TV.

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