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Help With His Home Renovations

John gets some quality help from Allie on his home renovations. Enjoy!

John walked into the foyer of his house loaded down with paint rollers, tarps, and paint brushes. It was the first day of his home renovations and Allie would be there any minute to help him with color choices and some painting. In his rush to get things ready, he stepped on a rubber chew toy abandoned on the high-pile rug at the front door by his spirited three-year-old boxer mix. The dog was now safely out of the house and with John's brother for the day, but the damage had been done. He narrowly avoided landing in a heap on the hard stone floor of the foyer, but the unsteady pile of paint supplies he carried was not so lucky. Tools and canvas went flying everywhere, to the tune of the squeaker in the rubber toy that shot away as John kicked it aside.


“Dammit,” he mumbled, as he began collecting the flung tools into a pile by the front door. Just then, he heard a knock at the kitchen door. John sighed and gave up collecting the tools. He walked into the kitchen and smiled as he recognized the girl on the other side of the glazed door. She seemed to be doing her own version of the same juggling act he had just botched. John walked over and opened the door for her.


“Hey, Allie. Looks like you came armed for bear.”


Allie looked up from her load of color samples, window treatment swatches and floor blocks and gave him her million-watt smile. It never failed to take him a moment to acclimate to her all-encompassing presence. Today, he was blessed with an even more stunning vision than usual. The day was hot, and Allie was dressed for it in a baby pink, ribbed tank top and cut-off shorts that covered just enough of her toned, curvy body to make it legal for her to be outside. In deference to the work she was helping him with, she had shirked her typical summer sandals, wearing instead pink and heather-gray ankle socks and ratty, old Keds that may have been white once. Her short cap of mahogany brown hair was tucked under an old, paint-stained ball hat. While John enjoyed the delectable display before him, it was her big, bright, brown eyes and wide, plump lips that usually got him worked up. Her face was naked today, the way he liked it best. He fantasized often about those naturally rosy lips doing all sorts of interesting things to him.


Snapping out of his momentary stupor, John held the door wide and stepped aside so Allie could walk by. The soft scent of a spring bouquet wafted into his nose as she passed into his kitchen and to the island to put down her quickly unbalancing bundle. John felt himself tighten all over as desire punched through his senses. Down, boy, he mentally cautioned. He and Allie had been friends for years and he enjoyed that relationship too much to let his testosterone brain screw it up. He would just have to suck it up and keep his thoughts, and hands, to himself.


John closed the door and turned in time to watch as a sample book fell from the counter top to the floor and Allie bent over to pick it up. Good god. Her silhouette as she bent over was perfect. He could just imagine wrapping his hands around those rounded hips and pulling her lovely ass against the rebellious hard-on in his pants. John closed his eyes and scrubbed his hands over his face, mentally slapping himself over and over. Allie straightened with the book in her hands and turned to smile at him. For a moment, John thought he saw a knowing sparkle in Allie's eyes as she grinned at him, as if she knew how much he had enjoyed that little show. Then, her smile was the same as always and John walked over.


Allie said, “So, I brought you lots of samples. I know you said you don't know what you want, so I figured we could hunker down and try narrowing it down. We could go one room at a time and see where we end up. That sound okay?”


Allie was pulling out books and samples as she spoke, and suddenly John was mentally overwhelmed by the myriad options before him. He blinked a few times and handled some of the samples gingerly, like he thought they would jump up and eat his face. He was sure a few nonsensical noises had come out of his mouth as he imagined a slow and painful death by paint chip. John started when Allie laid her hand on his arm and squeezed reassuringly. He jerked his head and looked into her warm chocolate eyes, and felt himself calm down.


She smiled slowly and said, “It'll be alright, John. I promise, it won't be as painful as you think.”


Feeling less sure than she did, he nodded and they got to work. It turned out to be a much quicker process than John thought. Allie would pull out color swatches first, then she'd add a sample of the floor that John had decided he liked the best for the hardwoods, and finally she would overlay a few options for window treatments. They worked through the entire house in two and a half hours, had lunch, then decided what room they would work on first. They got the paint for the guest bedroom and bath to start with, as those were smaller rooms and easier to practice on.


They split up into separate rooms, and John rolled on paint while Allie cut in the corner, floor, and ceiling edges. She was fast and steady with her brush, and at times John found himself standing at the door of whatever room she worked in watching her move steadily along the ceiling or floor edge. He enjoyed the way she held her body tense, how she calmly breathed through every brush stroke. When she was up on the ladder he had a great view of her creamy thighs, and that rounded, cut-off-clad ass was right at face level. He had distracted daydreams about walking up behind her, reaching around to undo her shorts, and pulling them down, then spreading her ass cheeks wide to make way for his questing tongue. He imagined her surprised moan and the way she would hold on to the wall and press herself back against his mouth as he tongued her to a wicked orgasm.


When she worked on the floor edge of the wall she knelt over so her ass was in the air, and those damned cut-offs climbed high up her thighs to the bottom of her cheeks. They would shape themselves to her curves and folds and John imagined he could see the outline of her pussy lips against the denim. This position also pulled the shorts' waist down her back and displayed the blue, lacy thong she was wearing underneath. John wanted to rip her clothes to shreds and pound himself into her until she came, then keep going. He felt like he was going slowly mad as Allie worked her way around the rooms, always giving him the most amazing and tantalizing view.


By the time they finished with the guest bedroom and bath, John had the worst case of blue balls he'd ever experienced. He'd been in one state of arousal or another for the better part of ten hours and he could feel the tightness in his balls with every step. He walked into the guest bedroom just as Allie straightened from her last brush stroke. She set the brush into a well-used water bucket, capped the paint can she had been working out of, then stretched her arms up and over her head. The stretch moved down her luscious body, vertebrae popping as she curved her back to lengthen sore, cramped muscles.


John just stared, his mouth slightly open, unable to feign indifference any longer. He watched as Allie ran her hands down her sides, fingers just grazing the sides of her breasts, down to her curvy hips. She arched her neck left and right, using her fingers to massage the obviously tight muscles there. John's breathing had gone staccato and his hands were clenched at his sides, as if he was holding himself in place through sheer force of will.


Allie let out a soft moaning sigh and the sound went straight to his stiff cock, causing it to pulse against his paint-stained jeans. John had to get himself under control before Allie noticed his obvious state of near delirium. He stepped out of the room, leaned against the wall by the door, closed his eyes and tried to take slow, deep breaths. He was startled when Allie spoke, “John?”


He opened his eyes, afraid that she had turned and seen him before he'd stepped out. His throat was dry and he cleared it before answering, “Yeah.” John heard Allie moving to the door, then saw her step out into the shadowed hall. In the half light she looked exotic and sultry.


“Hmm. I was wondering if you were going to do anything about that.” Allie pointedly looked from his eyes to the bulge in his pants, then back up, a slow, teasing smile curling her lips.


John let out a startled breath and stepped away from the wall and away from her. “Allie, come on. We're friends. I like what we have together. I don't want anything to come between us.”


Allie took a step toward him and his breath got caught in his throat. She had a strange, dark gleam in her eyes; it made her look devastating, and hungry.


“Who says it has to come between us? I've waited for you to make a move for long enough. It's my turn.”


John had been taking steps away from her while she had been moving towards him, the sway of her hips a hypnotizing sight. He had forgotten about the bend in the hall and found himself pressed against the wall watching as she came closer. Allie walked to within a hand span and then stopped, her sparkling, smiling eyes roaming over his face, his chest, and down to his crotch.


John felt the look as if it had corporeal form, his entire body screaming for him to take the delightful gift Allie was offering. His eyes roamed over her body, from the tousled, finger-combed hair, down to the hard tips of her well-shaped and perky breasts poking into her tank, then lower to the waist of her frayed cut-offs. His hands were still clenched into hard fists at his sides in an effort to keep them from recklessly running over her body.


John looked back up into Allie's eyes and couldn't deny the desire he saw, looked down at her luscious lips and ached to fill himself with her taste. He took a shuddering breath and whispered, “Allie...” It sounded like a plea for permission, for her consent. Then he felt the fingers of Allie's left hand caress his clenched right fist, wrap around his hand and pull it toward her. She brought his hand to her waist and pried his fingers open, then placed his hand against the textured material of her tank. John held his breath, feeling the heat of her body through the thin cotton like an inferno against his palm.


Allie pressed her hand over his, then slid her hand up to grip his wrist as if shackling him to the inevitable outcome of their mutual desire. She smiled and whispered softly, “Yes...”


John heard himself growl as his lust pushed any sanity he had left out of his head. He pulled Allie to him, crushing her against his entire body, his other hand coming to grip the back of her head and guide her lips to his. He caught her full lower lip and sucked and nipped, his blood beginning a fast boil when she moaned into his mouth. He took her lips then with a vicious open-mouthed kiss, his tongue delving into the wet heat of hers to claim and ravage.


The hand John had at Allie's back moved with a mind of its own, first gripping her hip, then moving around to cup her full ass and press her against his delighted cock. John felt her arch her body into his, the erect tips of her breasts rubbing deliciously against his chest through the layers of fabric. The hand he held at the back of her head gripped a handful of her soft, sassy hair and pulled her head back, exposing her soft throat to his lips, tongue and teeth. He trailed hot, nibbling kisses along its length, first up to her earlobe, then down to her collarbone where he ran his teeth over the thin, sensitive skin. Allie moaned and sighed as her hands ran up John's arms and her fingers dived into his hair, urging him on.


John used his teeth and tongue mercilessly on her skin, feeding on her pleasure sounds and the taste of her. He curled his hips into her and felt her hips respond with a maddening undulation. She was as ready as he was, but he wanted to draw this out more. John had fantasized about just this moment for far too long to give in to his impulsive desire too quickly. He wanted to savor her.


With an almost careless strength, John slid his hands behind and under her ass cheeks, between her thighs, and then lifted Allie against his body, letting his hard-on nestle into the vee at her crotch as he again curled himself against her. Allie held on to his shoulders and threw her head back in a startled moan as John continued his exploration of her throat, enjoying the heat that seeped into his sensitive cock from her body. His mouth reached the neck of her tank, preventing further advancement unless he took care of it. With Allie saddled on his crotch and his hands holding her steady, John moved away from the wall and walked the short distance to his bedroom.


At the edge of the bed, John set Allie down, letting her slide down the length of his cock slowly before letting her feet hit the floor. She groaned in appreciation and ran her hands down his chest to the waist of his pants. John felt her fingers curl into the waistband and pull playfully, then her quick hands found his belt and he watched those slender digits pull on the tail and undo the buckle.


His cock responded with a quick tug at his loins, and John said, “Mmm, Allie. You're so devious. Are you in such a hurry to finish this?”


His lips caught hers and he kissed her until his head spun, his hands finding the hem of her tank and slowly sliding it up her body, fingers trailing along her heated skin. Allie raised her arms and let him drag the offensive piece of clothing over her head, and then she was standing before him in her little cut-offs and a sexy, sky-blue, lace bra. She looked positively sinful.


She grinned at his appreciation and said, “I'm not in a hurry. I just want to know what it feels like to wrap my hands around your cock.” John inhaled sharply and he felt his entire body hum with impatience. “And after all,” she continued, her fingers returning to their task of removing his pants, “you owe me a piece of clothing now.”


John smiled and stood still as she worked his jeans open, then gasped when her hands dived into his now open pants and gripped him through his boxers. He thrust his hips into her grip and felt her hand slide along his length through the thin cloth. His eyes closed and he reveled the exquisite friction of her sure fingers handling his cock. John's hands crept slowly up Allie's toned midriff, his thumbs sliding along the bottom edge of her lacy, enticing bra.


Just then he felt Allie slip her hand down further and cup his tight and overly sensitive ball sack. He gave a quick inhale, then made a strangled, gurgling sound as her fingers began to roll his balls gently from side to side. John felt his eyes roll back in his head behind his closed lids, hands gripping Allie tightly as she continued her ministrations, holding on for dear life while she tortured him so delightfully.


“Mmmmmm, a little sensitive here?” Allie squeezed his sack and John grunted, his entire body jolting like she was conducting a current through her fingers. He opened his eyes in time to see the hungry look in her eyes as she looked down at her target, then heard her say, “Tell you what. Let me help you with this little discomfort...”


John felt momentarily nonplussed as Allie moved lightning fast; she slid her hands up his tight abs and caught his shirt, tugging it up his chest. John released her long enough to take the shirt off and toss it in a corner, while she gripped the waist of his sagging pants and the elastic of his boxers and pulled them down past his knees. His cock sprung out and bobbed a little, John's excitement evident in the size of the thing and the way it throbbed like it had a mind of its own. His first thought was that he hoped he wouldn't scare Allie with his thick eight-incher, but as John quickly found out, he needn't have worried.


Allie positively purred when she took in the sight of his eager cock. She looked up at John with a grin on her face and a wicked twinkle in her eyes, and to John she looked as if she had just one the lottery. Her tongue dipped out of her mouth and laved her lips, and this had John's cock kicking anew. Then, John watched as Allie knelt down before him, took his cock in her right hand and brought her moist, plump lips to the spongy, weeping head of his shaft.


His hand reached out to grip the short bedpost and his legs locked into place as he watched and felt Allie's tongue slide over the engorged mushroom head and along the sensitive underside of his cock, all the way to his balls. She licked over the tender sack, the sensation of her tongue gently lapping around his balls nearly releasing the orgasm that had been stuck at the base of his cock all day.


John bore down and held himself together by a thread. He moaned Allie's name, wrapped his fingers around her short hair, and pulled her head back forcing her to look up at him. Her chocolate eyes spoke to John of a damn-near unstoppable desire, and when he felt her hand begin to stroke his cock he couldn't help the moan and the rolling response of his hips. Her smile was of triumph and something darker, baser. John recognized it as lust when her husky voice said, “I want to take your cock into my mouth, John. I want to feel you all the way in. Do you want me to do that, John?”


John felt his jaw muscles clench as his brain played the words over and over. The hand gripping her hair released, and he heard a little sound of delight come from Allie right before she opened her mouth and engulfed the head of his cock. His fingers instantly returned to the back of Allies head, just holding her there as her mouth worked to take more of him in. The sensations were of heat and wetness, and a rhythmic suction that had John trembling.


He gasped as Allie tongued the underside of his cock and took him in further, his fingers twining in her hair. Allie began a methodical and single-minded assault on his cock, working her lips and tongue back and forth along his rigid length. John watched her take more and more of him with every slow bob of her head, until he felt the tight resistance at the back of her mouth, where her throat began. His fingers gripped her hair again and he struggled with the need to thrust his cock into the tight well of her throat.


John's breath was coming in short ragged gasps, his entire body tight with excitement and restraint. He wanted so very badly to watch and feel Allie swallow his cock down her throat. Allie looked up at him with wide, half-glazed eyes, her pleasure nakedly evident. She had released his cock to allow further movement into her mouth, and now her hands slid up his taught thighs and around to his ass, where she gripped him firmly and pulled him the rest of the way into her throat.


John groaned loudly as she swallowed the last inch of his cock, feeling the tightness of her throat give way to his girth. He watched her eyes roll back in her head and her eyelids close as she pulled him out of her throat then worked him back in, her chin touching his balls. His hand in her hair became a vice, and he held her head in place as he began to slowly fuck Allie's mouth and throat with his throbbing cock. He heard Allie make strangled sounds of encouragement, her hands clenching his cheeks as his speed increased.


John couldn't believe he was throat-fucking his best friend. He couldn't get enough of the way her mouth wrapped around his cock like she was starved for him. Her nails were biting into his ass rhythmically with every one of his thrusts, and he could see her hips rolling in time with his. It made him think of how much he wanted to pound himself into her tight, wet pussy, and the intensity of her oral assault doubled in sensation. John was dangerously close to coming in her throat, something he imagined would be delightful some other time.


With an iron control born from years of imposed self-restraint, John slowed down his thrusts and then pulled out of Allie's mouth entirely. She gasped for breath and moaned her disappointment, her hands reaching for him again. The look she aimed up at him nearly undid him. It was the look of a starved man who has just had a sneak peak at a filet mignon.


John reached down and hauled Allie up to crush her against him, his mouth seeking her abused lips and tongue. His kiss was rough, his tongue replacing his cock to stake a claim in Allie's mouth. He felt her avid response, her tongue eagerly dancing with his. Her hands were once again reaching for his cock but John pulled himself away from her and then with determined strength, he gripped her by the arms and pushed her back onto the bed.


Allie fell and bounced, emitting a surprised throaty moan. She slid up onto her elbows and shook her hair out of her eyes, aiming a hot, horny look at John; he gave her half of a cocky grin.


“Okay, Allie. My turn.”


With slow determination, John pulled off his shoes and the bunched clothing at his feet, then crawled onto the bed and stalked his way to her. He watched Allie's eyes widen as he reached for her feet and yanked her shoes and socks off with little ceremony. As he disposed of her shoes, John thought he had seen a fleeting look of trepidation in her eyes, but it had come and gone too quickly for him to be sure. John held Allie's right foot in both of his hands and admired the pretty blue nail polish she preferred. His thumb slid along the bottom of her foot and she giggled. He loved hearing her giggle.


John's strong hands squeezed and massaged her foot until he heard her breathy moan of delight, then he moved on to the other one, loving the giggles that were interspersed in her moans. His hands continued up her calves, his lips and tongue coming to pay attention to this spot or that as he made his way up her tanned, shapely legs. She sighed her encouragement again and again, her legs opening wider as he moved further up. When John reached the frayed hem of her cut-offs, Allie was panting softly. John licked and nibbled along the hem to the inside of her thigh, nearly at the apex. His tongue teased itself under the hem of her shorts and Allie moaned louder, her legs going as wide as they could.


With his tongue distracting her, John moved his hands up to the button of her shorts and undid it and the short zipper. Allie's hands found his and urged him to take off her shorts, wrapping his fingers around the hem and squeezing them impatiently. John took her cue and peeled the tight little shorts down her legs, revealing a frilly, lace thong that matched her bra. Discarding her shorts, John came back to her and positioned himself so that his face was just over her barely covered pussy. He felt Allie's hips roll under him and watched as her eyes closed and her hands slid up her body to cup her breasts through the lace of her bra.


He liked the way her skin looked against the lacy blue material and how her hard, enticing nipples made little peaks beneath. John wanted to be everywhere at once, his desire-addled mind taking him on imaginative forays. He smoothed his thumbs along the edges of Allie's thong and pulled the material tight along her slit, exposing her deliciously bare pussy lips and making Allie gasp. He could see that the thong was soaked with her juices and he could smell the irresistible perfume that he would forever associate with her. John let his thumbs slide under the flimsy material, drawing them down her bare Mons to the top of her most sensitive spot, then allowed them to split and follow the skin on either side of her clit down to her exposed lips. Allie was moaning, her hips writhing and rolling, trying to move herself closer to his teasing thumbs.


John was almost crazy with her scent in his nose and her pleasure sounds in his ears. With deft fingers, he pulled her thong out of the way and exposed her pretty, naked pussy. She was creaming thickly, little rivulets of her juice beginning to slide down her slit to the dark crevasse of her ass. John blew softly on her pink swollen lips and watched her muscles clench in response. Then he gave into the raging desire in his head and ran his tongue along her wet slit. Allie arched her back off the bed and called out his name, grasping handfuls of the coverlet tightly. John loved her response and he went back for more, tasting her sweet honey as his lips, his tongue and hands played her with devastating sureness. He tongued and kissed and fingered her little hole until her screams urged him up and over her.


John positioned his swollen and ready cock at her slippery slit and with one last look at Allie's passion-drugged face, he pressed the tip into her tight, wet hole. And she was indeed tight. It was John's turn to gasp as Allie curled her hips up to take more of him, her cries and the tight little spasms he could feel around his head giving away her impending orgasm. John pressed further, drowning in her liquid heat and the tightening grip of her pussy. He felt like he was on fire as he buried himself to the hilt in her, then felt her muscles begin to contract around his cock. She was coming and he lost his control.


John gripped Allie's hips, planted his knees, pulled out and plunged himself back in on a strangled groan. The friction was addictive, so he did it again and again. He could hear Allie screaming her encouragement, could feel her hips moving in rhythm with his thrusts. John didn't know when he had closed his eyes, but he opened them now and beheld her impaled by him, her eyes wide and desire-darkened, her arms splayed over her head, hands gripping the edge of the bed to find some leverage. He felt his excitement kick up a notch as he watched himself slide in and out of that lovely little hole. His cock was slicked in her juices, the excess running down his sack. His imagination was going wild, vividly playing the many ways he had fantasized about taking Allie.


With no conscious decision, John pulled himself out of Allie and nearly ripped her thong off before making quick work of her bra. Allie obliged him when she could, but John felt possessed by some other force that required him to move her faster than she could move on her own. He handled her roughly as he flipped her onto her stomach, then pulled her up onto her knees, her ass high in the air. Allie shuddered and said, “John... ?”


John responded by leaning his face down and licking her exposed pussy, moaning at her tangy flavor and the way she arched into his mouth. His tongue traveled along her entire slit and to the crease of her ass. With his hands, he splayed her cheeks and exposed her tight, brown star; Allie gasped and John dove to taste the forbidden skin. He ran his tongue all around the tightly muscled little hole, dragging startled moans and breathy sighs out of Allie. His thumb dipped into her soaking pussy and brought some of her cream up to slather around the sensitive spot, then John lapped at the cream like a happy puppy. His tongue was insistent, and eventually he felt the strong ring of muscle begin to relax. He lost no time in pushing his tongue into the newly available space, and Allie screamed as he began tongue-fucking her ass.


The feeling of her tight little ass hole around his tongue had John's cock screaming for attention even as he was thoroughly engrossed in the sounds of Allie's increasing pleasure. John's imagination once again kicked into overdrive as he saw himself dipping into that super tight space. Again, he sank a finger in her pussy, this time curling it and finding the rough spot on the top side and rubbing it rhythmically. Allie moaned and encouraged him to continue, her strangled groans and the quick thrusts of her hips telling him that she was close to another orgasm.


John pulled his finger out and once again slathered her tight little ass hole, then he knelt behind her and guided his cock into her dripping pussy, one quick thrust taking him all the way in. She bucked and began fucking herself on his cock, sexy obscenities leaving her mouth on breathy moans. John held onto her hips and enjoyed her enthusiasm for a moment, feeling his balls begin to draw up, that familiar tightness gathering at the base of his cock. But he didn't want to come yet, so John stilled her hips with his cock buried to the hilt.


Allie whimpered and wiggled her hips in his grip, then she gasped as the finger John had slicked with her juices earlier began rimming her ass hole. John applied pressure and he felt the muscle ring relax, allowing his thumb to slide a few centimeters in. He worked the little hole mercilessly while engaging Allie's pussy with a series of hip rolls that had his cock stirring around deep inside her. After some time, Allie was once again doing her best to fuck herself on his cock while John had managed to slide his entire thumb into her ass. He worked it in and out, feeling his thick cock moving on the other side of the thin membrane as Allie rocked against him.


This time, John didn't have the self-control to stop himself. He felt Allie squeeze his cock like a vice, then begin to milk him with tight, torturous spasms and he couldn't hold off any longer. He began a hard, frenzied pounding that had Allie screaming anew, and his thumb pressed further in and out of her ass. With a few more vicious thrusts, John felt the wave of sensation overtake him, felt the tight wad of semen that had been trapped in his balls all day shoot in thick, ropey spurts to fill and overflow Allie's waiting pussy. She screamed again and came one last time around his ejaculating cock, the milking sensation driving him past delirium.




John opened his eyes and found himself laying over the sheets on his bed. Puzzled and a little disoriented, he went to pull the sheets down to get under them, but his arm was trapped under Allie. Her back was pressed up against his chest, both his arms wrapped around her. He marveled that what he thought had been a dream had actually happened. Gently, he ran his fingers through Allie's short cap, then buried his nose in it to inhale her scent. Allie stirred in his arms, stretching her naked body against him and waking up all of him in a single shot. He heard her chuckle softly as his cock began to harden against her ass, her hand reaching around to grasp him deliciously. John moaned and rolled his hips into her grip.


“Mmmm, wow. You're insatiable,” said Allie as John found the exposed crook of her neck and began to nibble.


John grinned against her skin and said, “Looks like I haven't gotten enough of you yet.” His free hand was drawing lazy circles over her abdomen, slowly making its way up to her breasts. “There are so many other ways I want to enjoy you, Allie.”


Allie's throaty moan went straight to his cock, his now fully erect member pressing more insistently against her ass. Allie guided the tip to slide between her already moist lips, then rocked her hips so that he slid along the length of her slit, the spongy tip pressing against her clit. John groaned and captured her left breast in his palm, his thumb and index finger rolling the nipple into a stiff little pebble.


“You're in luck.” Allie gasped as his teeth scored along her neck and his other hand moved down between her legs. “Ahh... you have so many more rooms to paint...”


John licked a trail along her neck, then rolled onto his back taking Allie with him. “Open wide, Allie...” With that, John gripped Allie's hips, split her legs wide with his own and buried himself in her again, a huge grin nearly cracking his face.


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