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Helping a Friend the conclusion

An evening of story telling leads to better things
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“Do you remember the first time you saw a naked girl?” you asked.

“Sure. Who could forget something like that? I have been captivated by the female form ever since.”

“Will you tell me what it was like?”

“I was driving so I must have been seventeen, she was a little older. I think it was the car and the freedom that it offered that attracted her more than me. Do you really want to know?”

“Yes” you answer lowering your eyes as you reach for your wine.

“Well I would have been in grade nine. My first ‘real’ girlfriend was a girl named Kathy. She was a bit of a bitch in hind site but if we were alone she would let me open the buttons on her shirt and I could hold her through her bra. I remember one day when I got her buttons undone she had on a very shear cream coloured bra. I could very clearly see her nipples through the material. They were dark pink against the white flesh of her breast. As was her habit, she would lean her back against my chest sitting between my legs and allow me to fondle her from this position. I suspect it made her feel like she had some amount of control, as I could not get up unless she did and I was limited to where my hand could go. If I tried to slip inside her bra she would pull my hand away and remind me that I should be satisfied with what I have. We spent many hours, me stroking her breast and us talking about all kinds of things as if I wasn’t touching her at all. One night after I had caressed her for what seamed like hours and her nipples were very hard I got brave and slipped one of her shoulder straps down her arm and kissed her shoulder gently. I was surprised when she allowed me to do this and I slowly pulled her bra cup from one of her beasts. This was the first time that I had actually seen her boob completely exposed and I knew that I would have to be careful how I proceeded. I remember her nipple was small and puffy and I longed to suck on it. Every so gently I lay over on my side pulling her down with me, complaining my back was starting to hurt. When we were reclined I moved her onto her back and kissed her fully on the lips her warm firm breast in my hand. We kissed for some time before she asked me if I would like to kiss her somewhere else. That was all it took and my mouth was around her nipple. I still remember the thrill I felt as my tongue touched her soft skin for the first time. The feeling of her hand in my hair pulling me closer and the excitement of knowing it was actually happening. A small moan escaped her throat as I kissed and sucked for all I was worth. What I lacked in experience I made up for in enthusiasm. As quickly as it had started it stopped when she pushed me away and did up her shirt. No matter I was hooked and have loved the female form and all of it’s secretes to this day.”

“Sorry it was not very exciting,” I concluded. ”Care to share your first time?” I asked hoping to explore your past just a little deeper.

“I’m not sure I want to tell you about the first breast I kissed.” you answer with a smile. Did you ever get into her pants, or was she just a tease?

“She was just a tease. The first pussy I ever saw was a lovely girl I dated named Tammy. She was fun and easy to get along with. Unlike Kathy everybody liked her. For the life of me I could not figure out why she was dating me. We would spend countless hours on my dad’s sail boat in the summer enjoying the lake and the sun. At first she would ware very modest swim suites but the more we went out the smaller they got. One Saturday we were out on the lake and the wind dropped off. Tammy moved from the cockpit of the boat up onto the deck to catch a nap. The boat had a cabin and she could have gone down to the berth below like she had done many times before but she said she wanted to work on her tan. I watched as she slipped around the mast and stretched her towel out on the forward deck. She lay down on her stomach and asked if I would put some suntan lotion on her back. Happily I took to the task. Starting at her shoulders I massaged the cream into her working my way down her back, my cock getting harder as I went. I suspect in hind sight that see could see up the leg of my shorts to my growing problem because she reached out and ran her hand up my leg. I was surprised and excited when her fingers disappeared into my shorts and she took my shaft in her hand. “Careful,” I said, “a move like that could get a pretty girl like you in trouble.”

“I have never seen a real cock before. If you let me explore you I will let you explore me.” In a flash my shorts were off and I was sitting on the deck next to her. It was a bit surreal with the sails lightly flapping and the gentle rocking of the boat. She shuffled over beside me and took my now very hard cock in her hand stroking it up and down. “How am I doing?” she asked. I repositioned her hand slightly and encouraged her to carry on. She stroked me for a while periodically stopping to play with my balls. She seamed to be content with just exploring. I on the other hand wanted to get her swimsuit off but she said “No. This is my turn, your time will come. For now you just sit back and enjoy.” So I laid there the sun beating down and her hands moving like magic over me.

“Will you cum for me?” she asked.

“Would you like me to?” was my reply.

“Very much so.” With a smile she tightened her grip slightly and picked up her pace. It did not take long before she made me cum, great pools of it on my stomach and the deck. I was still coming down from my orgasm when she put her hand to her mouth and licked some of my cum from her fingers.

“I have often wondered what this was going to taste like. It’s better than I thought it would be. Maybe next time you will have to show me how to give you a blow job.” With that she got up and headed back to the cockpit. I thought, there goes my chance to see her pussy.

“Are you coming?” she said as she ducked into the cabin. I was off that deck and in the cabin before she made it to the bed.

Without any words we settled into the forward birth. We kissed and cuddled for a while before I undid the clasp on the bikini top. Her breasts were wonderful, full and milky white. Her nipples responded to my touch as I stroked and sucked each one. Soft moans of approval rose from somewhere deep inside her as she lay beside me. I kissed my way down her tummy and nuzzled her pussy through her bikini bottoms. Her legs spread slightly and her hips pushed up to meet me as I work through the fabric. I slipped my fingers inside and brushed her pussy lip causing her to shutter. Without words I hooked my fingers into the waistband and she lifted her hip to accommodate me. As I slid off her bottoms I got my first look at her womanhood. Soft light brown hair framed a perfect pink little pussy. I ran my fingers lightly over her lips. Her legs opened as if involuntarily exposing all of her beauty to me. As much as I wanted to just look at her I could not stop myself from tasting her. My tongue delighted in the taste of her wetness. I ran it up and down the sides of her lips sucking them into my mouth as I went. I licked and sucked and explored her with my tongue until she was panting below me.

“Push your finger inside me.” she moaned. “I think you are going to make me cum.” Slowly, I pushed one then two fingers inside of her pussy, her soft walls gripping me. Her hips were moving in time with my fingers and her breathing was coming in short gasps. I took my other hand and pressed my index finger against her back door. Not entering her, more massaging her. Pressing hard enough that she could feel me but not wanting to push inside. Sucking her clit into my mouth and circling it with my tongue I felt her tighten around my fingers as she started to cum. She came and came and I thought she might never stop, but eventually she relaxed and pushed my mouth to one side.

“That was wonderful, but you have to stop now. I am just a little too sensitive.” We lay in each other’s arms for a few minutes before I noticed the time on the clock on the bulkhead. We had been enjoying each other for four hours and I would have to get going if we were to be back at dock before nightfall.

From where I was sitting piloting the boat home I could watch her sleeping. Her naked form resting after an eventful afternoon. It was one of the most beautiful things I think I have ever seen.”

“Sorry I got a little carried away there” I said. “I can not believe I just told you all of that. Must be the wine talking”

“That is quite a story. Wish I had been there. Shall I clear your plate? We might as well retire to the living room.” You add before I can respond to your statement.

We each carry a candle and our wine into the living room where you light several more candles to compensate for the size of the room. Like the kitchen there are still boxes to be unpacked so seating was limited to an ottoman and the sofa. We sit together at opposite ends of the sofa facing each other enjoying our second bottle of wine and its effects. How lovely you look in the glow of the candle light, your eyes sparkle as we talk.

“You have peaked my imagination.” I say

“How’s that?”

“You have kissed a woman’s breast before and you are just going to leave me hanging? I am not sure that that is fare.”

“Not all things in life are fare, and I was drunk.”

“Maybe I will have to keep plying you with more wine tonight,” I say with a grin “and see if I can loosen you up a little.”

“If you want to loosen me up maybe you would consider rubbing my feet?”

Although not exactly what I had in mind I agree knowing that this may be the only chance I have to get a little closer to you. You jump from the couch at my agreement and retrieve a bottle on massage oil from a nearby box. “Thanks, your very sweet.” you add handing me the bottle. As you swing your legs up onto my lap your skirt rides up your thighs ever so slightly and I can not help but look. Catching my glance you ask, “See anything you like?”

“I like everything I see. You may want to remove your stockings or this oil is going to make a mess of them.” I expect you to get up off the couch again but I am delighted when you reach up under the hem of your skirt and undo the clips on your garters.

“I have done the hard part, now you can remove them.” you say with a smile.

My hands tremble slightly as I inch above the hem of you skirt touching the soft flesh of your inner thigh. Sliding your stocking down your legs I caress your caves as I go. Pouring a little oil in my hands I start on your left foot, rubbing the soles and balls of your feet. I work around to the top taking my time to ensure that no part is missed then I work my way to your ankle then up your leg above your knee to the hem of your skirt. You spread your legs ever so slightly allowing my fingers to work in the oil. All the time you are watching me as we discuss the work you would like to complete on your new home. Refilling your wineglass I notice your nipples pushing against the fabric of your shirt. “Now it is time to start the other foot” I announce “I don’t want you to be unbalanced”

“I already am. You have magic fingers.”

“Care to share to story of your first breast yet, or should I stop?” I ask.

Pondering the question, or building up your nerve I’m not sure which you look away. “It was no big deal.” you start. “I had just caught my boyfriend cheating on me and went to my girlfriend’s house to bury my pain in a bottle of cheap wine and feel sorry for myself. When she answered the door she knew instantly that something was wrong and as her folks were home, we retreated to her bedroom. My girlfriend Kelly and I had snuggled under the covers of her bed and discussed everything we hated about boys. As we neared the bottom of the bottle she told my how stupid my boyfriend was and how pretty I was. She said that if she were my boyfriend she would never cheat on me, and then she leaned over and kissed me on the lips. It was a very gentle kiss at first and I responded to her without even thinking. She was soft and tasted of sweetness and wine. She kissed me like nobody had ever kissed me before. She kissed me like she knew every part of me with a kiss full of tenderness and lust all wrapped up together. Her kisses traveled down my neck and as she undid my shirt, she explored my nipples with her mouth. The sensation was unbelievable. I had never been with another woman before and could not believe that she knew just how to touch me and how to make me very wet. We soon found ourselves both naked and we shared each other’s bodies. It was the first time I had ever orgasmed orally and it was out of this world. I was happy to return the favor and we fell asleep in each others arms. I do not know if it was Kelly’s first time and I did not care. She knew how to make me feel like a woman and how to feel good. It turned out that Brad cheating on me was probably the best thing he could have done for me. Kelly and I were best friends at a whole new level and we supported each other through good and bad right up until she moved out of town to go the college.”

As you relayed the story your right hand had moved to your left breast and you were gently massaging it through your shirt. I could tell that your juices were flowing as I could feel your thighs shifting and rubbing together. I continued to massage your feet and caves enjoying the story and watch you squirm. As your story came to a close your hand drifted from your breast to you lap. “I can’t believe that I just told you that. I’ve never told anyone that story before. “

“Well I’m so glad you did. It’s one of the sexiest things I have ever heard. Wish I had been there.”

Getting up from the couch you retrieve your cell “I had better call Justin and tell him I can not come and get him tonight.” And with that you walk back into the darkness of the kitchen to make your call leaving me sitting on the couch my cock hard and my balls looking for relief. Unknown to me you can see me from where you are standing and you watch with some amusement as I reposition my gear trying to relieve the discomfort. Smiling at yourself you know that ‘you still have it’ and it makes you feel good. Your mind drifts back to earlier today when you were changing. Had it been me outside your bedroom door, or was it your imagination? Pondering the thought the little tingle that has been brewing between your legs grows as you consider that I may have been watching.

As you enter the living room I hope that you can not see the bulge in my jeans. “Can I get you anything?” you ask.

“I don’t think I need anything else to drink” I say “but I would take another story if you are offering.”

“I don’t think so. I don’t want to share all of my secretes. If you don’t need anything else I think I will call it a night. Will you be alright on the couch or would you like to sleep in Justin’s room tonight?”

“The couch is fine.”

“Let me get you some bedding then. It’s just upstairs in the closet.”

“Can I help?” I ask

“Sure you can carry it down.”

We head up the stairs together and stop at the hall closet outside your bedroom door. You hand me two sheets, a blanket and a pillow.

“Good night then, and thanks for your help today.” With a kiss on the cheek you turn and enter your bedroom closing the door behind you. As the door closes I reach out without thinking and give it a little push to see if it has latched. It opens a couple of inches and I watch as you light candles on your nightstand and dresser. Out of the corner of your eye you see that the door is not closed and are about to return and latch it when you get that little tingle between your legs again. Why not you think to yourself, what could it hurt? So ignoring the door you light several more candles filling the room with warm light. The storm is settling down now to a moderate rain and the sound on the roof reminds you of younger days making love in a tent.

Standing in front of your mirror you remove your blouse and camisole. You take off your shoes and remove your skirt. Standing there in your matching blue lace bra and panties you search the reflection in the mirror for any sign that I might be outside the door. It is to dark to tell but you imagination runs wild as you picture me there. You turn to the bathroom taking a candle with you and close the door. A few minutes later the door opens. You hesitate asking yourself if this is really a good idea, but the two bottles of wine we have shared have left you feeling daring and horny. What the hell you say to yourself and head back out into the bedroom. Looking at the door you are convinced that it is open a little further than it was when you went into the bathroom but you pretend not to notice.

Returning to your mirror you remove your bra. Your breast ache to be touched and you give each a little squeeze, your nipples respond instantly to your touch. Then removing your panties you turn to face the door looking over your shoulder at your reflection in the mirror. “Not bad” you say if a quiet voice. I watch as you move to the bed. I must move if I am to see you and the floor protests as I do. I hope that you have not heard me over the rain. On the bed I expect you to snuggle down and go to sleep, but you retrieve a book from the nightstand and sitting up begin to read. You have made no effort to cover your body and I watch as you caress your breasts, tummy and thighs as you read. Slowly your legs part and your hand wanders to your smooth little slit. I watch in awe as your fingers probe and delight your tender flesh, turning small circles beside your clit. I am so excited watching you that I do not even notice that you are not turning any pages. I am mesmerized watching hoping that I will not give away my position. Of course you had heard the floor squeak when you got into bed and know well that I am there. This show is for my benefit and the thought of it makes you even wetter.

You put down the book and open the drawer of your nightstand. Inside you select one of your many toys, a rabbit. Taking it from the drawer you draw it to your lips sucking it into your mouth making the end wet with your saliva. Then lowering it to your pussy you turn it on, low at first, and start to work it up and down between your lips. Not entering you pussy just teasing your lips with its length. Then slowly you change the angle and insert the tip at the entrance of your little hole. Its width stretches your sensitive skin as you work it past the initial restriction of your pussy. Looking straight at the door you work its length slowly into yourself, massaging you nipples with your free hand. The thought of me on the other side of the door makes every part of you tingle. What am I doing you wonder? Am I just watching or am I stroking myself to the sight of you? The floor squeaks again and you know for certain that I am there. The feeling of my eyes on your naked body is too much for you as you work your rabbit to just the spot that will send you over the edge. And then it happens, wave after wave of pleasure pass through your body causing you to lift your hips from the bed to find every drop of pleasure the experience has to offer. You pussy now completely exposed to my view you ride the waves until exhaustion overtakes you. I watch as you remove the rabbit from your pussy you drift off to sleep in the glow of the candles, satisfied and exhausted.

From my position in the hall I watch you sleep for what seems like and hour but is probably only five or ten minutes, listening to your breathing getting heavier. My desire is to enter your room and drink in the scene before me, to explore your body with my eyes and my mouth. I imagine breathing in the sweetness of your juices as my tongue explores the soft folds of your pussy drawing you from sleep to conciseness, but I know I can not.

With a final look I turn and head down stairs. I consider stopping at the bathroom to relieve the pressure in my balls, but decide instead not to, hoping that the added tension will work it’s way into my dreams and that I will be able to relive tonight in my sleep.

I strip down to by boxers and settle onto the couch, a thin sheet covering my body. My mind races from the show I have just enjoyed and my cock pulses. Slowly I drift off to that place between sleep and conciseness my boxers pulled down and cock in hand.

I allow my mind to wonder over today’s events. You laying on your bed, your pussy spread before me. I enter your room as you work your rabbit in and out of your pussy. Approaching your bed, you feel my gaze on you and you open your eyes. My cock strains against my trousers as I approach, you see it and smile. We kiss and our tongues dance with each other as if they are old friends. My hand moves to your breast. The fullness of your soft flesh and the hardness of your nipple compete for my attention. Breaking free of your kiss I work my way down your neck and across your chest leaving a trail of kisses as I go. Taking your nipple in my mouth my eyes travel to your pussy. You are still working your vibrator in and out as I consume your breasts.

“Let me taste your cock,” you say. “I need it in my mouth.”

I release your breast from my hungry mouth and undo my paints letting them fall to the floor. Then sliding my boxers down I expose myself to you for the first time.

“Come closer.” you say, and I move so I am standing beside your bed next to your pillow, your mouth just inches from my shaft. With your free hand you reach out and stroke me, and draw me to your lips. I watch as your lick the tip of my cock tasting the precum that has gathered there. You lick my shaft from top to bottom and suck my balls one at a time into your mouth. Then work your way back up to the tip. You can sense my need to be in your mouth as you wrap your lips around my head, swirling your tongue around and around. Slowly you start to bob your head up and down taking a little more of me each time. The feeling is exquisite. This is too good to be a dream.

You have not been asleep long maybe 30 min when you wake with a start.

Was it a dream, or had you really put on a show for me? Your rabbit lying next to you and your door ajar confirms that it had not been a dream. “Fuck me!” you say to yourself. “I can’t believe I did that.” As you lay there replaying the events in your mind you can not stop your juices from flowing again. You reach for your rabbit but decide that this just will not do. I have seen you naked, but you have not seen me. Is this fair you wonder? No. But surly you can not be so bold as to go down stairs for a peek? I’m sure he is asleep you argue with yourself. He worked so hard today fixing my door and we did have two bottles of wine. He must be asleep. But what if he isn’t? You make a plan to slip silently downs stair just to see if I am awake. If I am you will make some excuse about needing a drink of water, but if I’m asleep you will see what your options and nerves will allow you to do.

Slipping on a silk robe you make your way to the stairs and hold your breath. Not a sound, it’s now or never so you ease into the first stair. Gently like the mist on water, you glide down the stairs and into the living room. The street light outside casts a ray of light across my body, as I lay motionless on the couch, the outline of my hard cock clearly visible under the sheet. You slip a hand inside your robe and gently finger your aching pussy. How good would that dick feel inside your tight hole you wonder? With shaking hands you slowly lift the sheet. My member lays against my stomach, hard and inviting, carefully you reach for it. The heat of my sex feels good in your hand and you know that you must take it in your mouth.

This dream I am having feels too real and I wake from my slumber. Your mouth is so warm and inviting as you slid up and down me that I do not move afraid that if I do you will stop. I lay there enjoying what is the best blow job I have ever had, trying not to move my hips or give myself away.

“If you keep doing that you are going to make me cum.” I finally say. By this time you are so focused on what you are doing that you do not care that I am awake.

“Is that a bad thing?” you ask and go back to work on me with increased vigor. It is too much for me and I start pumping load after load of thick cum into your mouth. When I have come down from my orgasm I sit up and we kiss. It is not a kiss shared by friends, but a kiss of lovers, filled with passion and urgency.

I can still taste the slight saltiness of my cum on your tongue as my hands move to caress your body. Your breasts, large full and heavy feel better in my hands than I had imagined they would and you respond to my advances.

“I need you to fuck me now.” The urgency of your words surprise even you.

“Soon, but not yet, I have been waiting too long to explore your pussy. Lay down and let me have a taste.” As you sit back on the sofa I drop to my knees on the floor in front of you. Looking down at me you smile and open your legs exposing your most private parts to me. I start at your inner thigh just above your knee and kiss and nibble my way to your pussy. Licking up one side of your lips and then down the other. I am careful not to touch your clitoris. Your hips roll to meet me and I pull both of your lips into my mouth and roll my tongue around your button. As I enjoy your clit slowly I work one finger into you. You are so wet and yet so very tight I wonder if my cock will even fit. As much as I would like to make you cum with my mouth the need to fuck you is greater. I kneel in front of you and press myself against your opening. “Yes.” is all you say and I push harder. In and out a little deeper each time I work myself into you. The feeling is hotter and tighter than anyone I have ever known and I worry that I will not be able to last very long. Once I am all the way in I pick up the pace a little pulling almost all of the way out and then pushing all the way back in. My pubic hair grinds against your cleanly shaven pussy, exciting your clitoris even more.

Pulling out of you I sit beside you on the sofa. “Sit on me,” I say and you swing your leg over me and lower yourself down onto me. From this position I can enjoy your nipples as you work up and down my shaft. Your hands on the sofa back behind me you roll your hips forward slightly every time you reach bottom to maximize the stimulation of your clit. I do not know how long we stay like this, nor do I care. I would stay here forever if I could.

Without a word you dismount and kneel between my legs. I watch in amazement as you take the entire length of my shaft down your throat. You take me in just three times them let go saying, “Fuck me from behind.” This is my favorite position so I jump at the chance. As you bend over the arm of the sofa I enter you and push all of the way in without stopping. I take your hips in my hands and fuck you hard and fast my ball slamming into you on every stroke. Your breasts grind against the sofa causing your nipples to burn with desire. This will not take long as I feel you start to shutter. You’re breathing stops and your mouth opens but no sound comes out. A gasp of air, you moan deep from within and your already tight pussy clamps around my shaft. Load after load of cum shoots into you as you buck against me. My tempo does not change as you experience three then four peeks each a little stronger than the last until you finally collapse in exhaustion.

We lay together catching our breath, until I stand and take you in my arms. I carry you upstairs to your bed where we make gentle and passionate love.

I will finally know what it is like to fall asleep in the softness of your arms.

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