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Helping Amy

Amy's boyfriend told her she was lousy in bed. He was wrong.
My doctor and my wife were both nagging me about stimulating my mind since I retired at 52.

"Your brain is going to turn into mush!" was my wife's favorite barb. "Volunteer,” she said.

Not having any grandkids of my own, I decided to help out at the neighborhood school near my home. I went into the office and told the volunteer coordinator of my thirty-seven years of service back in the Galveston Independent School District and even though it was not classroom related, I still knew my way around the halls of a school. The volunteer was elated.

"We have a first year teacher in our prekindergarten class this year. I am a bit concerned Miss Amy is in over her head," the coordinator said.

"I'd be happy to help in her class and see if she seems in control or not if you like," I volunteered.

"Awesome. When can you start?he'she asked.

We decided on a date and this is where my fun began. I arrived early the following Monday ready to do whatever was needed of me. I got my ID badge and was directed to Miss Amy's class.

I found her class and was just getting ready to enter her classroom when out bursts this mass of blond haired beauty slamming right into me and dropping all the papers she was carrying. She looked ready to cry. I helped her up, introduced myself as her new aide and promptly squatted down to gather all of the papers she had dropped.

As I was gathering everything I looked up at Miss Amy who had buried her face in her hands. I sucked in a gasp as I realized I was looking right up her dress. She was not wearing schoolmarm undies, Miss Amy had on the skimpiest pair of white undies and they were so sheer I knew she was a true blond. It has been a long time since I have seen a beautiful young woman’s panties and these were the best I ever saw, I felt a twitch in my groin that I knew meant trouble if I didn't distract myself and quickly.

"It's really okay Amy. Is it okay to call you Amy?" I queried.

"Sure I guess," she sniffed.

"What can I do to help you get yourself back in control before the kiddos arrive? They are like animals. If they smell fear, you are in for a long year," I offered.

We discussed a course of action and every day she became more confident in herself. Being the dirty old man that I am, I was always able to position myself to get the best view up her dresses or down her blouses when she stooped down to be on the children's level. I was in heaven.

Amy was 5'6" tall or more so there was always a lot of leg showing. She was a bit skinny for my personal taste and she had small breasts. 32 or 34b cups at the most. What she lacked in breast size she made up for in ass. Amy had a round bubble butt that on days she wore slacks she had trouble keeping that bodacious booty inside those slacks.

About a month later Amy came into her class with red puffy eyes.

"What's up kiddo?" I said walking towards her.

Lips quivering she said, "It's really personal and I am a bit ashamed to say it," Amy choked out.

"I have a daughter older than you are girl. Tell me what has made you so blue."

Amy looked around making sure no one else could hear us before saying, "My boyfriend just told me I'm lousy in bed and he would rather jack off then fuck me."

I got pissed off but tried to remain fatherly before telling Amy to elaborate a bit more. She proceeded to tell me that Ben, her boyfriend, was her first sexual partner. She said most evenings he comes and sits by her and motions towards his crotch indicating he was ready for her to perform oral sex. She went on saying after she had to pull his "thing" out she would try and please Ben, but he rarely said if he liked it or not. He would soon shove her back on the couch, shove her panties aside and shove his "thing" in her roughly. She said it always hurt but he finished pretty quickly. After he was done he just ignores her the rest of the evening.

Amy looked up at me with the saddest eyes and a huge teardrop slowly falling down her cheek before asking me if that was all sex was really like. I wanted to kill Ben. I was angry for him even being part of the male race. I knew I had to help her but I wasn't quite sure how to handle this situation.

"Amy honey, making love can be the most amazing thing people can share with each other," I offered. "You just need a better teacher and you definitely need a new boyfriend."

"Who am I going to find that would be interested in making love with a plain Jane like me? Amy pouted.

"Amy, you are one of the most beautiful, sexy women I know. I have been drooling over you from the 1st second I saw you," I exclaimed.

"You are just being nice Mr. B. I am not sexy or beautiful. No one wants me."

I was ashamed to admit to her how I had been stealing looks all this time but I knew she needed to hear it so I confessed. Amy was shocked at first but then seemed to enjoy the thought that I was aroused by just seeing her panties or breasts on occasion.

"If you are really aroused seeing my panties or boobs does that mean you might be interested in teaching me? Amy whispered.

"Amy every man would be willing to teach you. If I did offer to teach you, you know it has to be very discreet right?

She looked down at her feet then back into my eyes before saying, "Please teach me."

She broke up with Ben that evening. We had made clandestine plans to meet the following Monday when my wife was at her art class. That would give us almost four hours to play. The anticipation was killing me. I couldn't believe I was actually going to make love to Amy and soon at that. Monday arrived after what seemed like a year of waiting. My wife left for her class and I had to work hard not speeding over to Amy's apartment. I climbed the steps by twos. I stood outside with my hand up to knock when the door swung open and there before me was the sexiest vision. Amy was standing in front of me in a long sheer nightgown. It was back lit so her nude form showed through. I gasped.

"You look amazing. How can I be so lucky?" I croaked out my throat suddenly dry.

"You like?" Amy spoke in a low husky voice I had never heard from her before. She slid her hands down the sides of her gown stopping at the swell in her hips. I was standing there with my mouth hanging open in a trance. Amy reached out grabbing my hand and pulled me in to her for an embrace while closing the door to ensure some privacy.

I looked into her eyes and asked if this was really what she wanted. Amy licked her lips then pulled my head down for our first kiss. It was a slow kiss long and sweet. I let my hands wander up and down her back for a minute before I cupped her ass in both of my hands. I squeezed gently at first but the longer we kissed and the harder my erection got, I started squeezing and pulling her into my hardness. We broke our kiss and I started kissing the side of her face down to the nape of her neck. I sucked and nibbled her neck and was rewarded with a low moan. I released her ass and claimed both of her tiny tits. I kissed my way down the front of her gown until I found her newly erect nipple on her right breast. I sucked through the material and scraped my teeth over that nipple while pinching the other. Another moan escaped Amy giving me delight.

I decided to move forward so I kissed my way down her belly as I dropped to my knees in front of Amy. As I reached her womanhood, I reached down and raised her gown up from the bottom. I slowly slid my hands up the back of her thighs while doing so. When I got to her lovely ass it was time for my first surprise. Amy wasn't wearing panties.

My hands claimed ass flesh as I kissed her pubic mound through the front of the gown. Amy decided that she wanted real contact and she pulled the gown up and over her head in one quick motion. I rewarded her boldness by diving into her pussy. I licked and kissed up and down her lips noticing her clit growing erect. I flicked my tongue lightly over her clit a few times before trying to shove my tongue as deep into her now dripping pussy as I could. Her knees were shaking so I kissed my way back up kissing each rock hard nipple before I let Amy taste herself with another long deep kiss. I slid one hand in front and slipped a finger into Amy. She pushed forward into my finger.

"Where is the bed? I begged, as I scooped her up and carried her in the direction she indicated. I laid her on her bed and climbed back between her legs kissing, nibbling and sucking my way up her sharply calves then thighs before I feasted on her cute blond snatch again. Amy grabbed my head with both hands and shoved my head into her as she bucked up with her hips. She was throwing her head back and forth a steady moan emanating from somewhere deep inside her.

I slid a hand under her ass and kneaded that while letting my other hand caress her tits alternating left right then pinching her nipples. Amy started bucking wildly so I sped up my assault on her pussy and was ecstatic that my second surprise was a face full of her cum. Amy came and shot a gallon of cum into my face. I drank and slurped as much as I could but her bed was wrecked. Amy kept shivering and shaking as several more blasts of her sweet nectar just kept coming. She was gasping for air grabbing the sheets with both hands every muscle in her body contracting until her orgasm waned. I stood up and quickly tore off my clothes in an attempt at keeping them dry before climbing back into her arms. I let my rock hard neglected manhood lay on her thigh,

Every now and then Amy would shiver in an aftershock mini orgasm. When her breathing slowed I asked if she liked that. My third surprise followed. "That was fucking amazing. Did you see that shit spray out of my pussy?" Amy cusses like a sailor I learned.

"Hasn't that happened before kiddo?

"No fucking way," Amy gleamed. "What else you got you old motherfucker?"

"Ever ridden in the rocking chair?" I asked before pulling her up and into my lap. I slid my dick into her balls deep and she just grinned and ground down onto me. I started rocking back and forth. Amy, having been so deprived of good feelings, was too impatient for the slow course so I let her bounce on my dick as I rocked her back and forth. She had this wild look in her eyes. I leaned forward and sucked her entire right tit into my mouth. Amy grabbed my head and screamed, "Harder! Fucking rip my tit off with your mouth."

I did suck harder and she started almost jumping up and down on my dick and whoosh, another flood of hot cum drenched me. She was pulling her own hair flailing screaming, "Yes! Fuck me! Fucking argh!"

I flipped her little ass over and started pounding into her. She was scratching my back and biting my neck as I started pumping my cum into her. Our mixed fluids were squishing out. I again claimed a tit and sucked as hard as I could as I pumped blast after blast of cum into her. I collapsed beside her sweating and heaving. When I got my breath back I rolled back on my side and looked at her beet red tit.

"I'm so sorry Amy. I got carried away."

"Fuck that. That was awesome, amazing, fantastic, stupendous and fun," Amy bellowed.

I figured everyone in the complex knew what we had just done. Amy jumped up on the bed and started leaping up and down like a kid. I guess she really is a kid but she is definitely not a lousy fuck. Amy dived on me and started kissing me everywhere. Frantic kisses. She grabbed my face with both hands staring into my eyes and grinning from ear to ear.

"Can we do this every Monday?” She pleaded.

I might have to check into my health insurance. "Sure kiddo, I would love that.”

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