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Helping Linda - Part One

Sperm donation
This is a true story.

I was a virgin when I met and fell in love with my wife, whom I will call Alice for this story. This is despite me being 26 at the time we met. Alice who was 20 when we met was not a virgin, but had only slept with one previous boyfriend. This story tells how Alice and I went from a very conventional relationship to swinging with two other couples after we had been together about 10 years (and married 7 years).

Part 1

My wife had and still does have two very close friends from school, Kerry and Linda. She never lost touch with them and as they met and married we all ended up being close. With Kerry’s husband Mark and Linda’s husband Colin becoming good friends as well. Alice and I married first and within a couple of months of each other both Linda and Kerry married a couple of years after we had. Kerry had her first child around the same time Alice and I had our second. Sadly there was no sign of Linda getting pregnant. After trying for over two years they had sought out medical help and sadly it turned out that Colin was sterile. There was virtually zero percent chance of him fathering a child.

This was a major blow to Linda and Colin and they considered various options, but in the end as Linda was perfectly fertile they decided that she should get pregnant with the help of a sperm donor. Now this is the part where I do not have all the details because the three girls came up with the idea that rather than doing this through official channels or by Linda arranging one night stands that both Mark and myself would donate sperm, which would be introduced to Linda via artificial means at the same time with the idea being that no one would know which of us was the father.

This was tried but sadly did not work. Hardly surprising as none of us were doctors. This continued failure was again hard on Linda and it was one evening when all six of us were together, just after our second failure to produce a pregnancy that my wife Alice said, “Perhaps the only way to get this to work is for us to do it the way nature intended.”

Linda replied, “What you mean….”

“Yes I mean that Mark and Simon should just fuck you until you conceive.”

I was rather stunned; to be honest I think everyone was. However much to my surprise Colin after a few moments told everyone that if it allowed Linda to have a baby that he could live with it. Alice obviously had already given her blessing for me to fuck Linda, but it was a few days later before Kerry phoned to say that she had considered it and that Mark could also fuck Linda.

It was all arranged for when Linda was ovulating. I would spend the night with her and then the next night Mark would have her. The order was decided by the toss of a coin. The deed was to be done at our house as Colin was not comfortable with us fucking his wife in their own bed.

When the day arrived I was full of nerves. Alice was the only woman I had ever had. I had to admit that the butterflies I had in my stomach was not all nerves, I was turned on and excited as well. Linda is a stunning girl, with a slim figure, great legs, long blonde hair and a well above average pretty face. I had been expecting Alice to tell me to just fuck her quickly and be done with it, but she instead had given her blessing for me to have fun doing it!

When Linda arrived it was obvious that she was also nervous, but Alice chatted to her and also told her to enjoy herself. Once Alice had headed out with the kids, I sat beside Linda and after chatting for a moment I took the initiative and began by complementing her on how sexy she looked. We then began to kiss. As her lips parted and our tongues met, I let my hand slide up her skirt until my fingers brushed against her panties. She tensed but did not pull away, and so I pushed my fingers up unto her pubic mound and was delighted to feel that her panties were damp.

“Linda I have wanted to fuck you ever since Alice introduced us.”

Linda just moaned and I felt her hand grab my erect cock through my trousers. I took my hand from between her legs and caressed her small but perky breasts. As I did this Linda pulled my trouser zip down and managed to pull my cock, which is a respectable 8 inches out. I shuddered with the intensity of the sensation of having a new woman touch my cock for the first time. I started to unbutton her blouse has she slowly wanked my cock. I soon had her topless. Her breasts were much smaller than Alice’s, but were firm and with perky dark coloured nipples. I give each one a suck before Linda slid down unto the floor and began to lick my engorged cock. I was transported to some type of heaven as she pulled my foreskin back and swirled her tongue around my helmet, tracing he slit opening. She then licked her way down the underside of my shaft before she looked up at me and said, “Your trousers are in the way.”

I quickly stood and stripped naked. As I did so Linda also stripped leaving just her panties and her 6 inch high heels. She was a fucking sexy eyeful. Once naked I sat back down with my legs spread. Linda again kneeled in front of me and started to lick my cock. When she got down to the base she lifted my heavy balls and gently squeezed them before taking them into her mouth. Oh my god but Alice had never done this, and I was so stoked up I was worried that I would cum and waste my precious sperm (although I have to confess the longer Linda played with my cock and balls the less actually impregnating her seemed to matter). Only after letting my balls plop out did she begin to slowly suck my actual cock.

Now Alice has never overly liked sucking my cock and never takes more than 3 or 4 inches, but to my surprise Linda took my whole cock into her mouth and throat. As I looked down at this beautiful girl, her mouth stretched around my cock I couldn’t help but think that this had to be a dream. Dream however it was not. Linda could sense when I was getting too excited and stopped sucking my cock and standing up turned and walked upstairs and into the bedroom that I share with Alice. Once in the room she asked, “What position do you want to fuck me in?”

Now I have always liked doggy best and so Linda positioned herself, not on hands on knees the way Alice would do, but on her knees and elbows. This really opened up the cheeks on her arse giving me a great view of her naked pussy and her little shit hole. I got behind her and positioned the head of my cock against her pussy lips. I paused for a moment, savouring the fact that this was a new pussy. I pushed into her marvellously tight but juicy cunt.

“Oh fuck Linda you are so tight.”

As I fucked her, Linda moaned and groaned and occasionally said, “Fuck me, fuck me harder!”

I pumped into her as hard as I could and it seemed like no time until my cum spewed out into her cunt.

“Yessss, fill me with your seed.”

We stayed like that with my cock slowly softening to give my sperm as much a chance to not run out as possible. Eventually we did collapse together onto the bed. As we cuddled Linda admitted that she had had the hots for me as well and whispered that she hoped that it would be my sperm that impregnated her. After a while I asked her if she could suck me again. I told her honestly that she was much better at it than Alice. She laughed and obliged me. I was soon stiff again and I hoped that she would suck me until I would cum in her mouth, but Linda had other plans. She got up and straddled me and to my surprise guided my cock not to her pussy but to her shit hole.

“I love having a cock in my arse.”

This was completely new to me, Alice and I had never tried anal. As Linda rode my cock I marvelled at how sexy she looked. I played with her tits as she bounced up and down. Linda rode my cock with her anus until once again I reached orgasm! It was only after that, that I got my original wish fulfilled when she again sucked me (yes straight from her own asshole) until I let fly for the last time in her mouth.

Afterwards she dressed and headed home. There was no doubt about it, Linda was not just beautiful she was a first rate fuck as well, quite the dirty little slut.

In the next part I will tell how this developed into full blown swinging.

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