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Helping Out the Teacher Chapter Two

“I know a girl who is a bit on the plain side and she needs to get laid”
Becky and I had been dating for six months when she came home one evening in a very agitated state.

“What’s up, babe?” I inquired.

“I know a girl who is a bit on the plain side and she needs to get laid.” Becky told me.

Seeing that she wanted to tell me more, I asked her who her friend was and just why is her getting some dick any concern to Becky. After prodding for quite a while, I had the basics of this poor girl’s plight. Amy is a teacher at Becky’s high school, a recent college grad, and homely as the day is long. Becky went on to say that Amy was a bit plump, naive and a prude.

“What bait are you going to use to snare a man for Amy?” I asked.

“Me,” was all Becky said.

“Ummmm babe, I don’t share well,” was my reply to that statement.

“Well I thought.. um.. perhaps.. um couldfuckusboth,” she said as one word.

My face lit up at the prospect of a threesome but trying to appear casual about it at the same time.

“You are all the woman I need,” I cooed, as I crossed the room and squeezed her in a bear hug.

Becky reached down and gently squeezed my growing dick as she said “your penis betrays you, my dear.”

“Damn horny bastard. I was betrayed by my own dick,” I said, laughing as I break our embrace.

So we hatched a plan on how we would seduce Amy. Eventually we came up with the idea of inviting her over for a home cooked meal and either some board games or television. Little did Amy know that she would be the real game.

Amy accepted the invitation and we would see her on the following Saturday, we could hardly wait for our plan to work. Saturday eventually arrived and Amy arrived at 6:00 on the dot, wearing a hideous frumpy dress that made her even plainer then Becky had described.

“Hi Amy,” I said, greeting her with a hug.

“Honey Amy is here,” I called out to Becky who was in the kitchen preparing our meal.

“Pour her some wine dinner is almost ready,” was her reply.

I got down three wine glasses and poured three very generous glasses of red wine.

“Here you go, Miss Amy,” I said, smiling, as I handed her one of the drinks.

Amy giggled, then took the offered wine and sipped a tiny drop.

“Surely you can do better than that,” I chided before taking a healthy drink from my own glass.

Giggling again she replied that she wasn’t much of a drinker.

“We are going to fix that tonight.” I laughed, as I tilted Amy’s glass up for her to drink some more.

Amy had managed to finish two glasses of wine before Becky joined us in the living room. Becky grabbed her own untouched glass and drank a little. By now Amy’s complexion was taking on a pink tinge and I knew that after one more glass Amy would be loose and ready for action.

Becky had dressed for seduction, wearing one of her shorter skirts that barely covered her beautiful ass. I love her skirts because I can walk up and slide my hands under her skirt and fondle her thong covered ass, which is exactly what I did. Amy’s eyes grew wider as she watched me fondle Becky right in front of her. Becky wiggled her ass and grinned seductively.

“Honey we have company. Don’t be rude, you can’t ignore our company or Amy will feel neglected,” she told me.

I walked over to Amy who was frozen in place, then reached down and fondled her ass through her frumpy dress. Amy stood there as if she were hypnotized.

“It sure would be easier if she didn’t such a long a dress on, Honey,” I said as I continued groping this plain Jane’s ass.

“We can fix that in a heartbeat,” Becky called out, and disappeared back into the kitchen.

She returned with a pair of scissors behind her back and grabbed the wine bottle in the other hand. Crossing the room to where we stood, she poured more wine into Amy’s almost empty glass. Amy gulped the offered drink down in one huge gulp, so Becky refilled her glass again.

“Amy baby, I want you to be more comfortable in our home,” Becky purred.

 “Be still for a second while I alter this dress for you.”

Becky then cut Amy’s dress off just below her plump round ass. I lifted the dress exposing Amy’s granny panties.

“No ma’am that will not do,” Becky sneered before cutting them completely off Amy’s ass.

Amy gasped but remained frozen in place. I reached over and started rubbing her ass slowly and lightly testing the waters. Her skin was silky smooth and cool to my touch, so I leaned over and kissed one of her ample ass cheeks. A slight moan escaped from Amy as Becky reached over and fondled Amy’s huge tits through her dress. I slid my hand between Amy’s thighs nudging her legs apart as I moved my hand up towards her crotch. She obliged me by spreading her legs a bit giving me access to her pussy.

I cupped her pussy and squeezed it as I started nibbling on Amy’s neck from behind. Becky joined me from in front kissing Amy’s neck, nibbling a trail towards her ear at the same time cutting the front of Amy’s dress in half from the bottom up. She ripped the dress from Amy’s shivering body and started kissing down from her ear towards her cleavage. I took the reverse course and kissed my way down her back until I ended up kissing, nibbling and sucking on her creamy ass cheeks. Then I slid a finger into Amy’s hot wet slit as I continued kissing and kneading her ass with my other hand. My rock hard dick wanted release.

She shocked Amy again by cutting her bra off then feasting on her newly freed tits. Then Becky reached down between her own legs and started rubbing her pussy. Amy was moaning louder and louder while we kept servicing her. I stopped long enough to take off my shorts and underwear, making my dick much happier to be free. Grabbing my cock, I slid it up and down Amy’s ass crack. Noticing my lack of pants, Becky reached down to spread Amy’s pussy lips apart, then guided my dick into her friend’s pussy. I plunged into her with one thrust and sank my dick balls deep. Becky leaned over and claimed a nipple sucking greedily.

I had just worked up a good rhythm when Amy said, “cumming, oh God, I’m cumming!”

Pumping faster inside her, Becky alternated breasts while fingering her own pussy. I felt Amy’s pussy start squeezing my cock as her orgasm started. I loved feeling her cum while pounding away from behind her. Then I felt a finger join my dick inside Amy’s already stuffed pussy and wiggle around. Amy was screaming now and thrashing wildly and clutching Becky’s head to her breast.

As Amy’s orgasm ebbed she looked down at Becky’s smiling face and said, “you’re next.”

“I can’t wait,” Becky replied.

Thank you my ghost writer :-)

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