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Helping The Tutor Out

Frank was a college student that was like most college students and enjoying life to the fullest. But he wasn't too keen on the work that he was getting from all his tutors. It was a little like they all had it in for him. Nothing was going to stop this guy from partying the night away.

Two months into college, he was feeling a little drained, from not only getting all the work done and out the way, to all the parties he'd been to. Everyone expected him being there, it was like he was the life of the party. But for the first time he was considering not going to the latest party that was going to be held. That was until he found out one of his most hated tutors had announced he was leaving the collage. Life had sprung in this guy and he'd gotten his 2nd, 3rd or even 4th wind in his sails. He was going around the collage bouncing and dancing all over which was making everyone laugh shouting out.

"Wooooohoooo Mr. Steiner is leaving!"

That was until he danced into Mr. Steiner. Damn the look on his face was enough to make even a baby cry.

"Oh sorry Sir, I didn't see you there."

"I bet you didn't!"

"For that you can help me for the rest of the day cleaning out the form room and also helping Miss Clement, as she's going to be taking over as your new Arts tutor!"

"Oh Sir, I've got other things planned for today and I can't be late for that!"

"You'll just have to cancel your plans then won't you? Come to the form room in 15 minutes and don't be late!"

With a smirk grin on his face looking at Frank, it had just made Mr. Steiner's day.

Frank was now swearing and cursing Mr. Steiner, thinking how the hell can this day get any worse. Walking off and having to let his mates all know he wouldn't be able to get to the party until later.

15 minutes later Frank walked into the form room and spotted Mr. Steiner sitting at his desk, clearing up the last of his things and taking one more last look around the room.

"Sir, what do you want me to do?"

"Well most of the cleaning has already been done by the cleaners, so I guess it's just sorting out those piles of books over there."

Pointing to the biggest pile of books that Frank had ever seen, damn it was huge, even for an arts class.

"I don't know how or where she's got them all from, but it’s an impressive collection! But you'll have to wait for her to come in as I think she's got a system, she wouldn't even let me mix them."

So Frank just sat there waiting for this so called Miss Clement to arrive. He decided to have a look at the books anyway, seeing as he's going to be moving all of them. When he noticed one of the books 'The Body of Art', opened it up and couldn't believe was he saw, naked women posing in all different positions.

"Daaaamn, Mr. Steiner would never have anything like this on his shelves!"

"That's why I'm here, to open up the possibilities of all you."

Frank turned round and he was like in a daze, as there stood this gorgeous brunette, with a figure to die for. His mind was going bang-boom-ka-ching doing the measurements of her figure in his head '34D-23-35'. This was Frank all over, he knew his figures so well. That's one of the reasons he was the life of the party, she must of been only 25 or 26 but what a figure.

"Sorry Miss. Clem......"

"Oh, don't be sorry, Frank is it?"

"Err yes Miss. I was just looking, sorry reading the book! I’ve never seen anything like it especially in this college. Mr. Steiner wouldn't allow anything like this."

"Well if it gets all the students working better than before then I am up for the challenge."

Frank just thought if the guys saw this there will be more than one thing working harder this term! He then started to put the books on the shelf.

"Oh no Frank, don't put them there, they go in alphabetical order. Plus, I like them to start on the top and work down."

Not the only thing that likes to work down, Frank was thinking to himself. I'd love to work all the way down you, Frank snapped himself out of the dream like state. Grabbing hold of the step ladder and moving over to the book case so he could reach the top shelf. Frank climbed up the step ladder and put the first few books up. He then turned round and there beneath him stood Miss Clement in all he glory looking up at him, in what he didn't notice before was the low cut top. 'How the hell did I miss that?' he thought.

With a puzzling look on her face she asked him if he was alright.

"Oh sorry Miss, I'm just not used to being up here."

Grabbing the other books from her he turned around quickly as not to stare down her top at her gorgeous breasts. But I guess it was too late, as he could feel something growing inside of him. His cock was starting to betray him. If she sees that I'll be so ashamed. So he tried to hide the fact of his cock trying to push itself through his jeans. 'Think of something else, ah think of Steiner!' Frank started to think to himself, trying to get his cock under control. But it was no good, his cock was getting bigger and harder as he couldn't get the image of Miss. Clement out of his mind, it wasn't helping that she was stood right behind him either.

So Frank decided to get down the step ladders without her noticing his big raging cock trying to push through.

"Something wrong Frank?"

"Just feeling a little light headed Miss. Don't mind if I sit down for a bit do you?"

"No you sit down, you look a little pale."

Frank went and sat down, still trying to get his cock under control. Sitting down at the desk did help a little for him as it was hiding the bulge he was really getting, but because his jeans were a little tight now due to his cock growing, it was trapping the cock against his leg. When he looked up he saw Miss Clement climbing up the steps, he just thought to himself why she has to do it to me.

"Can you pass me those books Frank?"


Walking over to the pile of books, while still trying to hide his bulge was one of the hardest things that Frank had to do all day. Picking up the books and handing them to her she reached down and tried to take them from him without looking. That's when she slipped and fell off the step ladder, fortunately she fell directly into Frank and he dropped the books on the floor and caught her before she landed on the floor. Her body slammed against his body and her leg hit his cock.

"You alright Miss?"

"Yes Thank you Frank, next time I'll have to look where I'm reaching out to."

That's when she noticed the bulge sticking into her leg. She backed away from Frank and looked down.

Giggling to herself, she said to Frank, "Aaah is that why you weren't feeling too well, too much blood going to that?"

Pointing to his cock, Frank just looked shocked that she'd found him out and that his cock had betrayed him. He couldn't believe it. The one thing that he didn't want to happen had happened.

"I'm sorry Miss, I didn't mean to, it's just with that book and the way you look, it didn't help!"

"Oh no need to apologize about that, it's a part of nature. I would be offended if I hadn't given you a hard on."

"By that bulge I'd say you've got an impressive piece of equipment there Frank."

"Well I've had no complaints yet."

'What the hell did I just say?' Frank thought to himself. 'Has my cock taken control of my mind as well?'

With that, Miss Clement looked at Frank with a surprise look on her face.

"Oh haven't you now!"

Moving Frank backwards she got Frank to sit down at one of the chairs, then went over to the door and locked it. Walking back over to Frank this beautiful woman looked like she was now on a mission and nothing was stopping this woman.

Miss Clement bent down in front of Frank and got him to stand up, unzipping his fly and unbuckling his belt, whipped down his jeans and let his cock spring out like it was the 4th of July.

"Not a bad looking cock that Frank, question is can you use it as good as it looks?"

With that she took him by the balls and started to pump his cock with her other hand. Fondling his balls with her hand she looked up at Frank and smiled with a lick of the lips and planted her cherry red lips around his cock sliding down the full 7" of this hardened cock. Her tongue was running all the way his shaft. He'd never felt anything like it. Oh girls had given him blow jobs, but nothing like this, this was in a whole new class and style. Coming back up his cock Miss Clement made a popping sound with her mouth off his cock and flicked the head of his cock with her tongue, which gave Frank a shudder. If felt great, then she did it again, and all Frank could think was this woman was driving his cock crazy. He just wanted to lift her skirt up and ram it in her sweet juicy box.

Miss Clement looked up at Frank and spotted the look of electric that was flowing through him and smiled, she knew she had him right where she wanted him. With that she stopped and told him to follow her to her new desk. He wasn't going to stop this at all and would just about anything she asked, and she knew it. Sitting on the desk she lifted her skirt to reveal that she had some black silk panties on and hold up stockings. There is one thing than Frank loved and that was stockings. She told Frank to get down and start licking her and if he was good enough she'd allow him to put his cock in her. Frank didn't need telling twice and got down between her legs. He could smell the sweet warm smell coming from her. Moving his hands up her legs stroking her long beautiful legs, he gently moved his hands to her panties and softly started to rub the outside of her panties. Miss Clement loved this and put her head back in expectation of the panties being moved. As Frank saw that, he grabbed her panties from the sides and slowly slid them off her and there it was the sweet glistening view of her pussy. She was ready and wet for him to start licking.

Planting his face in her pussy juices he started to lick and suck at her pussy, tasting it like he was sucking on an orange. Pushing his tongue up and down the slit, this was driving her wild and she knew now he was just the guy to get stuck into. Frank kept sliding his tongue up and down her pussy lips and sucking the lips dry, then inserting a few fingers inside her. She didn't expect that and grabbed his head and pulled his head harder into his pussy, wrapping her legs around his head too, he had nowhere to go. Sucking her pussy as and trying to breathe, all he could smell was her hot body that her pussy was giving off. That was it Miss Clement had to have his cock inside her.

Pushing his head away from her, she said, "Where the hell did you learn to do that? You'd get an A* for sex class if I were teaching you."

Without so much of a reply Frank just smiled back, she turned around, flipped up her skirt and told him that to do her doggie style and not to stop. What could Frank say, when he's got this gorgeous new teacher bending over a desk with her sweet pussy showing? He looked down at his cock and planted the full length slamming hard. Both their bodies slamming up against the desk, it was so hard that it started to make the desk move with a screech. He loved the warm feeling of her pussy walls around his cock, which was making Frank pump harder inside of her. She was grabbing into the desk with both hands from the powerful motion of his cock. She had to move her legs further apart so that he could go deeper, which he was able to do with no hassle.

Thrusting his cock harder and deeper inside her, he moved his hands up her body wanting to get a grip of her breasts, he unzipped her top which allowed him to freely move his hands around to her breasts and pinch on the nipples. Miss Clement let go of the desk and took her arms out of her dress which fell onto the desk and now he could see her black bra, but this wasn't stopping him, he unclasped her bra and took it off. There she was in all her beauty, soft and warm panting naked body, well except for the dress that was around her waist. From the view it made him want to thrust even harder inside her and gave a huge jolt into her pussy. This made her gasp and moan with sheer delight. That was it she couldn't take it any longer.

Pulling him out of her pussy she let her dress fall on the floor, grabbed him and lifted her leg up to his side, just falling against the wall, and there it was, his cock just knew where to go and slammed directly into her pussy. It was just heaven for her and she wrapped both legs around his waist and whispered in his ear.

"Cum for me now, make this wall move!"

Not needing to ask twice, he grabbed her backside and planted her against the wall thrusting his cock harder and faster in her, with her moaning breath breathing into his ear. He could see that the force of the thrusts were making the books fall off the shelf and pictures be ripped off the wall, but who cares? He was giving this woman what she wanted. With every intensifying jolt of his cock in her pussy, he could feel her pussy walls closing in on his cock and it felt great. She was nearing to an orgasm and she wanted more, taking her legs and locking them into position around his back she used her pussy to take a huge grip on his cock strangling all the life out of it. Frank hadn't felt this type of heat before and boy did it feel good. So he kept thrusting even harder as he could. Moaning into his face and grabbing hand fills of Franks hair Miss. Clement came, and all the juices poured around Frank’s cock which made him pump his cock deeper inside her and electricity shot through his body down through his cock and he released all it was worth into her pussy.

They were both out of breath and just stood there breathing hard into each other’s faces, she was just about to say something when Frank stopped her with a hot wet kiss. She responded by shoving her tongue down his throat. A few more pumps into her pussy and that was it, his legs couldn't take it any longer. They both fell to the floor in exhaustion.

"Why the hell didn't I meet you sooner?"

"I don't know Miss, but that was one of the best lessons I've had at this college!"

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