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Her Aussie Vacation

"Anna! Anna!"

Who the hell was it that was calling her? She didn't know anyone here- this was her getaway trip to the other side of the world, who could it be?

"Anna that is you, isn't it?"

Well it was obviously a male voice. She slowly opened her eyes and lifted a little off her beach mat, she looked at the gorgeous Australian who had called her and a weird suspicion passed through her mind.

"Jon?!" she asked in an unsure voice.

"Yes babe it's me", he smiled at her.

"Well this is a surprise", she said.

Both were looking at each other incredulously. They had chatted on lush quite a bit a while back but lost touch, and when she decided to take her trip she didn't even think of telling him and now here they both were in the strangest chance meeting ever!

She couldn't imagine how he had recognized her. He on the other hand couldn't believe it was really her. When he first saw her on the beach he thought he knew her but couldn't quite place her, and now when he knew it was really her he was stunned. Neither knew what to do- especially after the hot cyber sessions they had shared in the past.

"Well, sit down", she giggled and patted a spot next to her on the mat.

He sat down next to her and his eyes were scanning her hot body in her black bikini- her ample breasts were pushed up and looked like they would burst from the bikini top any second, and the bottoms of were so tiny he could see a large part of her ass cheeks. Her skin was still white despite the time spent in the sun and the faint suntan lotion scent that came from her smooth creamy skin hinted at the reason to that. His skin on the other hand was tanned and quite dark, he was wearing light blue beach shorts and his muscles looked like they were carved out of rock. As they sat looking at each other both felt the electricity and attraction, his cock was already hard as he remembered they're talks and she was feeling her pussy responding to his presence.

She smiled a cheeky little smile and without saying a word reached her hand to his lap and touched the bulge in his shorts, he looked at her hand in his lap and then looked into her eyes and it felt as though all those chats have come true. He wrapped his arm around her and crushed her to him.

"I'm going to fuck you right here", he grunted in her ear as his hand was roughly squeezing her ass cheek.

"Oh yes…" she moaned into his ear as she was biting it gently.

He pushed her onto her back and rolled on top of her, the weight of his body on hers and the smell of sun and sand that came from his skin felt amazing.

"Oh baby…" she moaned, "fuck me hard please!"

He chuckled, and lifting off her slightly, let her push his shorts down and reveal his big hard cock- the cock she knew so well despite never having touched it in real life. it looked even more delicious than it did in the pic's they had exchanged, he rubbed it against her skin and she felt that she couldn't wait anymore, her pussy was already soaking wet and she knew her bikini bottoms would have a big wet patch when she took them off.

He pulled her bottoms off and the sight of her bare silky pussy made him lick his lips, he didn't know what he wanted more- to fuck her or to lick her. He ran his finger along her slit and it was immediately covered in her juices, he licked his finger and her sweet taste made him bend down and run his tongue along her slit to get more of her amazing wetness. She moaned as she felt his tongue on her skin, her hands went to his head and pushed his face deeper into her wanting pussy.

"Oh Jon…" she moaned, "I want to taste you too".

He lifted his head and lay down next to her, she quickly positioned herself on top of him and lowered her pussy onto his mouth, at the same time her soft lips touched his cock. She kissed it all over, licking it and swirling her tongue over the head every few kisses, while he lapped at her pussy, drinking in all the juice he could. She was now licking his balls, getting them all wet and then sucking each into her mouth. The feeling of his balls in her mouth made him think of all they're cyber sessions, when he had wished that she would do all the things she described to him- and now she was- he still felt like it was a dream. When he felt her tongue between his ass and balls he yelped slightly into her and she wiggled her ass, grinding her pussy on his face, he stuck out his tongue in response and flicked her clit- she shuddered and moaned loudly. She licked back up his balls and shaft, and then ran her tongue on the underside of his head which made him shudder and lick her clit more insistently. She felt that if he kept doing that she would explode and he too felt how his tongue affected her because her pussy was running with moisture.

Her mouth was expertly sucking the head of his cock, her tongue poking into the little slit on top. He thrust his hips up and she opened her mouth wider and took him as deep as she could, he licked her pussy and stuck his tongue deep into her slit as she was sucking him. She was taking him deeper each time; he felt his cock repeatedly hit the back of her throat. It felt like they were spinning out of control, their movements more feverish with every second, both were moaning loudly, not caring about the fact that they were on a public beach. All they could concentrate on was the intense feeling of pleasure they were feeling, it felt like they would never stop climbing higher and higher, like there would never be a limit, then suddenly he sucked her clit into his mouth and she felt as though she was exploding.

She screamed with his cock in her mouth and he too felt the explosion, his cock spurted stream after stream of hot cum but she didn't even notice. Her orgasm was so strong that she actually wanted it to stop- it felt so intense that it was almost painful, she thought she might actually faint. As she kept screaming his cum went all over her face and tits and he too felt that this was the strongest orgasm he had ever had.

She collapsed on top of him, gasping for air, spasms shaking her body- only half aware of where she was. He let her regain her proper senses before he helped her to lie down next to him, she nestled into him. Her hand went to his cock which she assumed would be soft after the way they had both just cum, but to her surprise she found it was still hard, she giggled nervously as she wrapped her fingers around it.

"You're just as insatiable as you always were", she told him with awe.

"You're the only one that makes me react that way", he whispered into her ear.

" Mmmmm I'm glad…" she moaned as his fingers were roaming her hot skin.

She was languidly stroking his hard cock, just teasing it slightly as he was playing with her nipple. She kissed his chest and shoulders and her hair tickled his nipple which made him moan.

"Oh baby fuck me", he grunted.

She giggled- that's exactly how they're chats had gone, this felt so surreal yet amazing. She swung her leg around him and then in one elegant movement she was on top of him, his cock against her pussy lips, straddling him. She ground her hips and he moaned in pleasure, she lifted up a bit and he held his cock for her to sink onto it. She slowly lowered herself down and his cock head entered her pussy, she held that way for a second then sank down unto him; he moaned and griped her thighs.

"Wow baby, you're tighter then I thought", he grunted.

She laughed and flexed her pussy muscles, which made his eyes roll back, and his grip on her thighs become painful.

"Oh fuck", he grunted.

She started grinding on his cock and he couldn't believe the way her pussy felt, her inner walls were like second skin and yet she was so wet. She pinched his nipple as she rode him and he started thrusting up, meeting her motions, increasing speed. She looked like a nymph, her skin glistening with sweat and his cum from before, her dark eyes glazed with desire, her big breasts bouncing as she rode him, her nipples hard and puckered. He watched the way she moved on top of him, she was the sexiest woman he'd ever seen. He touched her clit and she shuddered and moaned, her pussy contracting again, he couldn't believe it could be so tight- he felt like she was squeezing him. She felt so full with his big swollen cock in her, she loved the feeling of being full, it felt like his cock was completing her, like it was the missing puzzle piece.

He kept rubbing her clit as she rode him and she was pinching her own nipples, she looked like a sex goddess as she did so- all that mattered was the pleasure.

"I'm close", she moaned and her pace increased.

She was riding him with abandon now, her goal in sight.

"Yes darling", he grunted, "cum on my cock".

"Cum with me", she moaned, "please…"

His balls felt tight and he knew he could cum with her, "Yes baby, I will".

He pinched her clit between his fingers and rolled it and she went wild, she thrashed on top of him and her moan was more of a howl of pleasure. Her pussy was spasming and flooding his cock, he thrust into her wildly and felt his cock swelling and bursting inside her. The pressure of his cum in her tight pussy was incredible, the more he filled her, the stronger it was- he couldn't believe the sensation it gave him.

When she collapsed on his chest spent and happy he was still spasming, he felt like it might never stop- her pussy still griped him.

"Oh babe", he cooed in her ear as he pressed her into his chest with his powerful arms, "I'm never letting you go".

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