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Her Blue Eyed Guy - Part 1

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A fantasy that I wish were true
She couldn’t stop thinking about him. It didn’t matter where she was, or what time of day or night it was, he was all that was on her mind. She couldn’t believe that a man who she had only met briefly on set could do this to her. What was it about him that made women go mad over him and did he even realise the effect that he was having?

Sarah reached her flat and put the key in the lock, and her phone bleeped with a text. She took it out of her pocket and looked at the number, but didn’t recognise it and stuffed it back in her pocket. It could wait until she was in the comfort of her own flat before opening it. She dumped her things on the table in the lounge and went into the kitchen to make herself a cup of herbal tea.

She flopped down on the couch with her mug of tea and proceeded to open the text message. She felt her heart miss a beat when she saw who it was from. She looked down again and read what it said: Hey gorgeous, r u up to anything tonight? I want to take u to dinner. Let me know asap. Love Daniel xxx.

She could feel butterflies in her stomach, she was so excited. She replied to him instantly: How did u get this number? But no, I’m not up to anything tonight. Tb Sarah x.

Well that was it now; she was well and truly under his spell. She ran from the room, straight to the shower. She had to make sure that she was looking her best for tonight.

Later that evening

Sarah opened the door of her flat to let Daniel in. He looked amazing. His eyes looked even bluer than she had ever seen them before, but maybe it was just what he was wearing. He had on dark blue jeans, brown suede shoes and a tight looking black t-shirt with a navy chunky cardigan. He looked so casual, but so smart at the same time. She realised her mouth was hanging open and shut it quickly and let Daniel come in.

“You look amazing. Even better than I imagined you would,” Daniel whispered in her ear, as he gave her a kiss on the cheek.

Sarah looked at him and blushed. No one ever paid her compliments like that; she was always seen as the ugly duckling.She smiled at him shyly. “Thank you, Mr Hayler, I mean Daniel,” she stumbled. He smiled at her in a way that told it was okay, don’t worry about it.

She led him to the lounge and told him to sit down and make himself comfortable, she would only be a minute finishing her make-up. He nodded and sat down on the squidgy black leather couch. She left him there and went to add the finishing touches to her make-up. She looked up in the mirror and standing in the doorway leaning casually against the doorpost was Daniel. He gave a smile and she smiled back. He pushed himself off the doorpost and made his way towards her. She turned from the sink to look at him.

As he reached her he took her in his arms and kissed her gently, yet firmly on the lips. It was for only a few seconds, but it was enough for her breath to be taken away. She had dreamt of those lips kissing her for the past few nights, but this time it was no dream, it was really happening.

Once she had regained enough composure to look at him, she did and saw that his eyes were twinkling and he had a slight smile playing on his lips. What a gorgeous man he was. She could feel herself falling more and more in love with him as the moments passed.

“I guess I better let you finish your make-up so we can get to this table that I booked. That is, if you still want to go?” Daniel said, letting her go gently.

Sarah looked Daniel straight in the eye, before saying coyly, “Why what else could we get up to instead? I’m sure that you will have more than enough ideas as to how we could fill this evening together.”

He laughed and nodded. “Well if you have no objections, Miss King, I would rather stay here tonight and get to know you, shall we say,” he said, with his eyes glinting mischievously.

“Well, I can’t say that I have any objections at all. But please call me Sarah. We’re not at work now,” she replied cheekily.

He laughed again and smiled and dazzling smile.

He picked her up in his arms and carried her through to the lounge and laid her gently on the couch. He looked down at her with a look that she had never seen on his face before, lust. He removed his cardigan and threw it casually over the back of the single chair. Sarah just lay still watching him. She couldn’t take her eyes off his and he never took his off hers. He slipped his shoes off.

At this point Sarah stood up and Daniel turned her round and undid the halter neck of her black dress and let is slip to the floor, leaving Sarah standing with only her heels and knickers on. She could feel his breath on her neck and she gave a shudder of pleasure. She turned to face him and kissed him fully on the lips, while wrapping her arms around his neck and then working her way slowly down to his ass and then round to the belt that he had on. She undid the buckle, button and zip of his jeans. She gave then a gentle pull and they fell to his ankles. Daniel stepped out of them as though he did this often.

He kissed her again and worked his way down to her thong and took it off in one swift movement, which caught Sarah by surprise that she gasped. He smiled at her and pulled off his t-shirt to reveal his beautifully toned body. She ran her hands over his stomach which caused his to shiver.

“Well there’s only one item of clothing left to remove. Shall I do the honours or shall I let you, Sarah,” Daniel said with a smile.

Sarah looked at him and smiled. She moved her hand down over his white Calvin Klein boxers and gently rubbed Daniel’s visible hard on. He moaned slightly and kissed her this time with more force than before. Just hearing that for Daniel was making Sarah wet. She could feel her juices starting to run down her thigh. She crouched and removed Daniel’s boxers. Her eyes were like saucers, she had never been with a guy that big before!

Daniel pulled her up and kissed her more passionately. He moved his hands to her thighs and lifted her as though she weighed no more than a feather. She wrapped her legs around his waist and could feel the head of his cock gently probing at the entrance to her now dripping pussy. She gave Daniel a look that told him she was ready.

He kissed her and thrust his now throbbing cock into her. She moaned with pleasure and kissed Daniel. Daniel started thrusting gently at first, before gradually building up a rhythm. Sarah could feel her orgasm building inside her slowly and knew that Daniel was going to give her the best one she had ever had. By now Daniel was thrusting quickly and she could tell that he was close. Daniel let out a groan as Sarah shrieked, as the orgasm coursed through her. They came together never taking their eyes off the others. Daniel put Sarah back on the ground, but had to catch her as her knees gave way.

“Oh Daniel, that’s the best I’ve ever had,” Sarah gasped. 

“Ditto, darling,” he replied.

They kissed and Sarah led the way to her bedroom where they both curled up together and fell asleep.

To be continued

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